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Patty Boom Boom

1359 U St NW (at Between 13th Street and 14th Street)
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 629-1712
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Patty Boom Boom - Washington, DC
Patty Boom Boom - Washington, DC


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Yes J-bone! Ras to the BOOOOOOOOONNE!!! Safari massive supporting Jbone each and every Thursday. Crucial music! Kenyan Massive, Big up!!!


Now that DJ Jbone is no longer working with the place, you might as well go on and call it "Chez Whitey". From what I have seen and heard, the place only wants to cater to the whi...

Only for whitey 3/31/2010

Now that DJ Jbone is no longer working with the place, you might as well go on and call it "Chez Whitey". From what I have seen and heard, the place only wants to cater to the white elite and really do not care whatsoever about the message in the music. Its good that DJ Jbone is gone because his talents were being wasted on a bunch of elitist jerk-offs who like to play 'rasta' and really have no idea what it truly means to be 'rasta'. Good riddance to Patty Boom Boom. The place sucked anyway. DJ Jbone was their saving grace and they don't even have him anymore. more

Ras to the Booooone! 1/31/2010

Yes J-bone! Ras to the BOOOOOOOOONNE!!! Safari massive supporting Jbone each and every Thursday. Crucial music! Kenyan Massive, Big up!!! more

FINALLY! A place to hear real reggae music (part III)! 1/30/2010

The music became too 'pop', too 'blingy', and the people ate it up. They drank the Kool-Aid, so to speak. The music you get to hear on Thursday nights at Patty Boom Boom reminds you and brings you back to a time when 'singers and players of instruments' were using reggae as an outlet to speak for the poor and oppressed. And thats what I meant by "REAL reggae music'. But its not all political, you gotta leave room for the love, and on Thursday nights, you will hear some of the baddest 'Lovers Rock' ever put down! Tunes that'll make you want to groove all night and take your lady home for some good loving! And thats REAL reggae music too! But dont take my word for it - go down there on a Thursday and see for yourself. Peace, love & Ras-pect. more

FINALLY! A place to hear real reggae music (part II)! 1/30/2010

In my humble opinion, the only other DJ in DC that has more knowledge of reggae music - and its history - is Papa Wabe. I stopped going to 'reggae clubs' because I was tired of hearing Shaggy and Sean Paul. I was even more tired of hearing bands like T.O.K. and all their 'Chi-Chi Man' BS. The same goes for Capelton and the rest of that whole crew that wants to 'Bun the Chi Chi Man'. All that 'More Fire' BS was just promoting hate. The music you get to hear on Thursday nights at Patty Boom Boom is 'REAL reggae music'. Its lyrical content promotes unity and love. But it also promotes standing up for your rights and fighting down oppression. Dancehall reggae took a turn for the worse in the last several years... more

Patty Boom Boom Review 1/30/2010

It seems that the majority of these reviews are focused less on the club itself, and more on the music/DJ's playing there. So I'll keep to that format. I will say as a disclaimer that I do not know who DJ jbone is, and had never heard of him before I read this article. But I was there last Thursday and have now figured out that he was the DJ playing. And the other reviewer was right, you are not going to hear Shaggy or Sean Paul. What you will hear is this: Steel Pulse, Jacob Miller, Alpha Blondy, The Congos, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, LKJ, U-Roy, Johnny Osbourne, The Abyssinians, The Tamlins, and a ton more of the originators of reggae music. So if thats whats you like, then I would say that you should definitely check the place out. more

FINALLY! A place to hear real reggae music (part I)! 1/30/2010

This space limits me to only 750 characters, so this 'review' will have to be in two parts. Yes, the place is kinda small. And thats my only real complaint. If it was a bit bigger, not only could more people enjoy it, but those same people would have more room to dance. Because trust me, people are dancing! I titled this review "real reggae music" for a reason. And that reason is DJ J-Bone. There are a ton of DJ's in and around DC that either play only 'reggae' music, or include a short list of 'dancehall hits' in the middle of their pop-style hip hop sets. I've been a fan of J-BONE since State of the Union; and listened to him religiously when he was on WPFW. As a side bar, since he left the airwaves, I don't even listen to WPFW anymore. more

THE REAL DEAL 1/29/2010

This is it. The real deal. Reggae like its supposed to be played. Reggae like its supposed to be heard. Real reggae. Lyrics and rhythms. Joy and happiness. Consciousness. Moving and grooving. And we want it played LOUD! Shouting it out! Dancing till you sweat! It all happens at Patty Boom Boom. And DJ J-Bone brings it every Thursday. I'm becoming a regular, and I hope to see you there. more

da place rocks bloodclot 1/28/2010

Eric Hilton and DJ JBone have brought roots reggae back to downtown Washington. PBB's reminds me of the Roxy from years past. We need this music back in DC because that awful hipster indie rock junk has completely taken over...and the music is mediocre at best. Long live Roots, Rock, Reggae!!! and a small note to the author (Fritz Hahn), the Old State of the Union club is right next door to PBB's, not down the block. you idiot. more

J-Bone brings the BOOM BOOM 1/28/2010

I've written a review before on the clubs Facebook page, but wanted to do so here as well - primarily in response to the first reviewers post. Make no mistake; Patty Boom Boom is the real deal. Well, at least on Thursdays - that's the only night that I've been. And I've been there for the past four Thursdays since they opened. I'd only heard of J-BONE before from word of mouth, I'd never met him or seen him play live (he does have some GREAT Podcasts on iTunes, though) and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that he is the BEST FOUNDATION DJ THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD! His sets are incredible! If you're a fan of real, classic reggae, make sure to be at Patty Boom Boom on any given Thursday. You won't regret it! I promise! more

Reggae is back on U Street!!! And I'm loving it!!! 1/28/2010

Reggae is back on U Street! In the words of the mighty Dirty Harry - this is a takeover! I've been waiting for a spot like this to open for the last 10 years - ever since U Street died. With State, Republic and Bar Nun gone, U Street became a ghost town. And the only thing abouot a ghost town that I like is the tune by The Specials!But having Patty Boom Boom open has reenergized me to the MAX (go Shinehead)! Like the other reviewers, Im all about Thursday nights. Ive been following J-Bone since State of the Union days and am madd excited to be able to hear him play again - especially on the clubs soundsystem - its RIDICULOUS! Bass in your bones! Big up to the owners for making this happen. Thursdays at Patty Boom Boom is my new home. more

Hardcore Reggae 1/28/2010

I had read a bunch of reviews about this place on other sites and finally got a chance to check it out on Thursday. The place is definitely a cool setup - if not a bit small. They have a little food counter downstairs where you can grab like 10 different kinds of beef patties (vegetarian ones too), but the action is one more flight up. Let me tell you, this place BOOMS! The sound is killer! If you like to 'feel' your reggae, then this is the spot for you. Alot of the reviews that I read talked about DJ J-Bone running the joint on Thursdays so we decided to check it out. Let me tell you, this dude does not dissapoint. He plays REAL reggae music! No fluff. No BS. Stuff I havent heard in years! My Advice? Dont miss a Thursday. And I'm out! more

Lots of Boom but no Bass 1/25/2010

The patties sold at 7 Eleven are much tastier than these over- priced no taste concoctions($3.50 is way too much for a pate). We were looking for a place to dance and vibe on good reggae music and were very disappointed. If you are from the Caribbean or any Island of the Caribbean and looking for a place to chill, have a few drinks and vibe/dance to some reggae and dub sounds, this is definitely not the place for you. Patty Boom Boom appears to cater to young yuppies who want to escape to some UK pub that plays dub music. The music is awesome, but the chatter drowns the music out. This place was not what its hyped up to be. more

Editorial review from 1/28/2009

Bar Review Reggae bar makes U Street go Boom By Fritz Hahn Friday, Jan. 29, 2009 The buzz : The newest and hottest bar on U Street is packed with the flavors of Jamaica. Every night finds classic rocksteady and dub or current reggae hits blasting from the high-watt sound system, with bass so strong that it feels as if it could knock you over. Rastafarians in colorful head wraps and hipsters in kaffiyeh scarves groove side-by-side in a narrow, darkened room. "Ring the Alarm," "Murder She Wrote" and other iconic tunes turn into mass singalongs on the packed dance floor and at the bar. Rastas pound the wall as they shout along with the chorus of "Buffalo Soldier." Bartenders whip up fruity rum cocktails (with Jamaican rum, of course) and hand over bottle after squat brown bottle of Red Stripe, the national lager of choice. On the first floor of the two-story building, a deli counter serves up tasty Jamaican patties, a traditional food similar to empanadas and turnovers -- essentially spiced meat or veggies inside a flaky pastry. Upstairs, the party rages. Patty Boom Boom is the newest creation from bar magnate (and Thievery Corporation founder) Eric Hilton, whose group often weaves reggae rhythms and vocalists into its dub-heavy songs. The stripped-down decor -- ceilings open to two stories, old DJ equipment and speakers decorating the walls -- give the place an easygoing island vibe, as does the lack of cover charge or dress code. On a recent Friday night, Melissa Feider, a 30-year-old accountant from Washington, and Brittany Ebbertt, a 31-year-old accountant from Baltimore, are dancing and taking in the scene with a group of girlfriends. "It's the same owner as Marvin and Gibson, so we thought it would be fun," says Feider. "I love the music. And the Dark and Stormy [rum cocktail]. It's awesome -- not too sweet." "It makes me wish I was on an island where it was warm," Ebbertt adds. "I like the vibe in here. It's very positive and very chill."DJs start spinning at 9 p.m. on weekends, and by 10:30 it's really hard to move from one end of the room to the other, thanks to all the couples and groups dancing and to the folks who've grabbed the tables lining the front wall. It can be hard to talk over the music, though. The sound system at Patty Boom Boom is one of the most potent in the city, and you'll feel the bass punching your gut as well as your joints. (True story: On the first nights of operation, the bass was so powerful that it was vibrating glasses and bottles off the bar.) Downstairs, Ryan Daza and Christina Steinbrecker are hanging out next to the picture windows. "It's a rarity to hear this kind of dub and a slow dance on U Street," says Steinbrecker, a lawyer who used to live down the street. "I feel like so much of U Street feels really contrived, but for now this feels really authentic." Perhaps that's why there's a long line of people outside trying to get in, and it's not even midnight. The scene : Reggae is featured every night in a multitude of forms. On Tuesdays, there's a live performance by a band called the Executive Branch. Thursdays belong to the roots, dancehall and dub sounds of DJ J-Bone, who used to rule the dance floor at the much-missed State of the Union club down the block in the late '90s and early '00s. Fridays find the Selassie Sound mixing up vintage roots reggae and dancehall classics. And on Saturdays, VJ John Bowen of the Video Killers mixes up old-school music videos along with the tunes. Against the back wall one Friday night, Ras Israel Dyer and Tess Zerabrun are dancing and grooving to the rootsy sounds. "We needed a place like this," Zerabrun says. "There's nothing in D.C. for this type of music.""It's not [modern] dancehall," adds Dyer, who's sipping a cup of rum punch. "Everywhere plays dancehall. This is the foundation of reggae music." Jeohn Favors, a 25-year-old State Department staffer who lives nearby, brought visiting friends to check out the U Street scene. "Tonight is coming together," he laughs. "I'm enjoying the reggae and the atmosphere. The drinks are strong and very good. I like the old DJ equipment [hanging on the walls]." "I think the most important thing is the feel of the place," says his friend Rosa Avion, 27, who works at the National Institutes of Health. "The crowd is really diverse. It's what U Street is about." In your glass : Red Stripe beer ($5) is the most popular drink in the crowd, though you can also get Heineken and more pedestrian beers. Check the chalkboard next to the bar for a list of rum-based cocktails, all of which cost $7. The Dark and Stormy is very good, but I'd try one of the potent rum punches. There's a choice of white, gold or dark rum; I took my bartender's advice and went for the gold, made with Jamaica's Appleton Gold. The smooth, fruity taste belies the drink's strength. There are a variety of Jamaican rums on shelves behind the bar, but you might want to ask before you order: The 21-year-old Appleton Estate will set you back $28. On your plate : The choices at Patty Boom Boom's deli -- all of which cost $3.50 -- include patties stuffed with spicy goat and guava as well as more expected jerk chicken and spicy beef. For Rastafari and other vegetarians, options include sweet potato (with a spicy kick) and spinach. I've yet to try one that disappoints, and food is served after last call, in case you need a late-night snack. Nice to know : When the lines upstairs are too long, you can head down to the patty counter and order a tallboy can of Red Stripe there. more
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  • Part of the nightlife empire from the people behind Marvin, Eighteenth Street Lounge and the DJs of Thievery Corporation, Patty Boom Boom is a Caribbean experience right in the heart of U Street....

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