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1615 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
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(310) 874-2274
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I have been looking for years for something to fix my restless leg. I have done everything but try the psychiatric medication that supposedly has the side effect of reducing re...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/19/2013

I've struggled with being overweight all my life, and have tried every diet ever created. With most I would lose some weight, only to gain it all back and then some. Then I found Dr. Won and the staff at Sunrise. I needed to lose about 100 pounds, and my first month I've already lost 14 pounds! Their combination of traditional Chinese practices and modern medicine makes for a great combo. Many thanks to you! more

Fixed my restless leg! 8/4/2011

I have been looking for years for something to fix my restless leg. I have done everything but try the psychiatric medication that supposedly has the side effect of reducing restlessness throughout the body. But I wasn't too excited about this option. Patrick was able to target the sources of the problem within our first few sessions, and within a month, it was gone! I have not had any trouble since. I can now fall asleep like a normal person, and don't fear sitting in the car for long periods of time or flying - both which would normally activate my restless leg. I just wish I had done this sooner! more

Life Changer 7/21/2011

When I moved to LA over a year ago from my home of NYC, I knew I would need to find someone great to take the place of my doctors in NY that had been taking care of my neck and 4 herniated discs for 20 years. I was hoping I may be lucky enough to find someone passable, instead I found Dr. Avedissian who has changed my life due to his all around inside-out body care! I swear there is nothing he can't do. From the first, he put my neck back in order, muscle tested me for food allergies, correctly diagnosed me before the lab work came back from UCLA for something, and just the other day put my out of whack ribs and bent out of shape rotater cuff back into place after I had been coughing so hard from the flu I knocked them out and int body agony. I have suggested him to countless people and everyone says the same thing: he really is amazing. And they all keep going back again and again. I've never experienced this level of thoughtful, incisive care before. So much of our body issues are more than just what we think. Dr. Avedissian will set you on a course to improve your health in ways you never imagined. He is unfailingly calm, gentle, and incredibly smart. I can't say enough wonderful things to describe how his care has become an intrinsic part of my life. It's not just about my neck. It's about everything! more

Feeling better and better... 2/26/2011

When I first started seeing Dr. Patrick I was having severe headaches 6-7 times a week (I rated them 8-10 on the pain scale). Normally I would wake up in the morning and feel fine, but by the end of the day I felt like my head was going to burst. The only relief I could get was by taking 6-8 Advils? and even then it was just temporary. After my first few visits with Dr. Patrick I couldn?t feel a huge difference, but as time went on I noticed my headaches were less frequent and less severe. I started visiting Dr. Patrick in October and now I only have headaches once or twice a week and I would rate them at a 4 or less. Not only have my headaches diminished, Dr. Patrick also helped me with my diet. Before I was felt like I had a constant stomachache? now I only get stomachaches when I cheat on my diet. ? I think it is also important to mention that prior to coming to Dr. Patrick I had visited a Gastrologist, two Chiropractors, an Orthopedist and a generalist. I had a MRI taken and was prescribed 4 different medications (a patch to stop the stomach sickness, a pill to immediately stop my headaches, a pill to take daily to stop my migraines and a pill to prevent migraines in the future.) Needless to say, Dr. Patrick has been a life saver and I strongly recommend him to anyone! more

More Than Just a Back Doctor!! 8/6/2010

When I went to Dr. Patrick I simply wanted to improve my posture and take advantage of the chiropractic care my health insurance was offering. Talk about getting more than you bargained for!!! During my consultation, Dr. Patrick uncovered the source to my sleeping issues, life-long acne problems, dietary woes, oh, and he adjusted my back. Mind you, I was simply lying on the table going through his battery of muscle testing. I didn?t even mention any of the other issues to him because I thought I was there just for my back! more

Success! 6/3/2010

The cliff notes of my happy tale: After years of confusion, Dr. P has brought clarity into my world. Seriously. With his holistic approach, he aided in discovering the core source for all my health problems, and how to resolve them. Whew! FINALLY! He's the cool, casual type who is eager to help. If you're particularly curious to know the details of his procedures and the history/theories behind it all -- and are particularly inept in all things biological, like yours truly -- be sure to speak up and ask! He will take the time to go in further detail, when prompted. The full story: My entire life I have dealt with skin issues (acne, eczema, rashes, redness) and digestive problems (feeling gassy, bloated, sharp pains... the works! Sorry, TMI?). I was always under the impression that I was just ""sensitive."" A simple fact I would have to accept for life. Right? Wrong. A few years ago, I took a food allergy exam (via blood test) and realized I was allergic to just about everything (wheat, yeast, dairy, sugar cane, potatoes, mushrooms, chocolate, tomatoes, mangoes, honey, blah blah blah...). I tried cutting all-of-the-above out of my diet, and I stuck with it for 3 months. The result: less redness, slightly fewer breakouts, and more digestive ease. But, truth be told, I didn't feel 100%. A friend of mine referred me to Patrick after having been diagnosed with a Candida overgrowth. What the what!? So I went in and it turned out I, too, was a Candida victim. After a thorough consultation and body exam, Dr. P prescribed a few supplementary pills and an anti-Candida diet. For a few months, I stuck with it -- the pills and dietary restrictions -- and would meet him on a weekly basis, for body realignment and to check if the Candida was diminishing. My symptoms were slowly improving, but the Candida was not going away. Come December, I was starting to lose hope. I pulled a ""slow fade"" on Dr. P, and postponed (and then, eventually, canceled) my appointments. With the holidays, it was very difficult to sustain the prescribed diet, so I caved and I ate every ""bad"" food in sight. As a result, my body switched back to its old routine of breakouts and stomach pains. Nooo! After returning from my holiday vacation, I made a New Years resolution to eat ""clean."" I restarted the anti-Candida diet and taking the same pills Dr.P had given me a few months prior. I stuck with it for all of January and started to feel good again. Dr. P contacted me to follow-up and make sure I hadn't ""fallen off the wagon."" I told him I needed some time for myself, to test my own personal discipline. He understood and suggested I schedule one more appointment just to check my progress. I'm certainly glad I returned. Since then, I have cleared the Candida (Hallelujah! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!) and maintained a balanced diet. No longer do I have to take any supplements, nor do I come in weekly. I have monthly check-ups, where I am tested for any internal issues, as well as physical (Dr. P practices Kinesiology). I sleep better, have more energy, think more clearly... and my complexion has improved significantly, as well as my stomach! I feel right. Most importantly, I have finally learned how to understand my own system. And, with Dr. P's guidance, I can stay on track. For those disbelievers in alternative medicine, think again! Dr. P's holistic approach worked for me, and it just may work for you. Give it a try! Pros: A holistic approach that truly works. Cons: A bit too casual for my taste. Perhaps i'm socially awkward. more

A life out of hell 5/4/2010

I went to visit Dr. Patrick Avedissian after six months facing hell with violent vertigo, vomiting sometimes for 3 hours, 5 to 6 times a month. Diagnosed with Meniere's disease, I had permanent ringing in my left ear, ear loss, blurry vision, and diarrhea. Work meetings, social encounters and commuting felt climbing the Everest. Let down by two ear doctors and a generalist with a box of diuretics and a no sodium diet, I researched for possible cures on internet and set in for acupuncture sessions after having done a RMI. Acupuncture didn't fix the problem. Dr. Suva Loap [Paris, France] insisted that I see a chiropractor. I saw Dr. Patrick Avedissian for the first time May 26. After a month and seven sessions, I was vertigo free. My tinnitus had reduced and my life went back to normal. Dr. P. Avedissian said once that he is an obsessive. His devotion, knowledge and energy might be his secret. His concrete, precise, and skilled work around my neck and nervous system is what seized me free from inferno. Pros: great listening - great commitment - great follow up more

Cured my baby's colic 10/14/2009

Shortly after my son was born, he developed colic. He would cry for hours and hours at a time. We couldn't put him down--my husband, mother and I had to pass him back and forth because he always wanted to be held. We were at the pediatrician once a week, with no relief. We tried every possible remedy. Finally, (why didn't I do this sooner???) I called Dr. Patrick, who had helped me with my own back and neck problems in the past. At my son's 1st appt., he screamed through the whole thing. Dr. P was very patient and gentle. At our 2nd appt., my boy cried a little and wiggled at being manipulated. By the 3rd appt., he was smiling. The colic was gone. Dr. Patrick really knows his stuff--for patients of any age. Highly recommend! Pros: An excellent chiropractor and healer for me and my family more

Migraine miracle worker 4/8/2009

I first visited Patrick for treatment of back pain, and when I mentioned that I also suffered from migraine headaches, he suggested he could treat those as well. I was quite skeptical as I've had migraines since I was a teenager, and had just simply learned to live with them. At the time of my first visit with Patrick in the fall of 2008, my migraines were worse than they had ever been - I had one nearly every single day. I was taking two kinds of prescription medication, and was seeing a migraine specialist as well as an accupuncturist. Within the first month of Patrick's treatment, the frequency of my migraines had signifcantly decreased, and now, several months later, I'm completely migraine free and not taking any medication. My quality of life really has improved from his treatment, and as a bonus, he's a fun and funny doctor to visit - I recommend checking him out. more

So Much More than a Chiropractor! 2/10/2009

My original intent was to find a chiropractor and one that was close to where I work. I must admit that I was curious about Patrick from reading all of the reviews here on City Search. I have been so happy about my experience as I have been getting healthier each week I go. I had a chronic bladder infection that he advised to treat with a supplement that totally cured it saving me from a round of antibiotics. And, I had a terrible problem with my jaw where it was locked up, my bite was off and I had terrible ear pain. Patrick adjusted me and I was instantly pain free, saving me from another possible round of antibiotics which are commonly perscribed for ear infections. Understanding what an amazing resource Patrick is, I have decided to tackle some ongoing problems that I have had for years with my thryroid and adrenals. So far, so good. Have to say the muscle testing is amazing and I found out that I had bought way to many supplements at the health food store that my body really didn't need. I have to agree with many of the people here, his work is really amazing and I am so glad I found him! Should you decide to experience his work, you won't be disappointed. Pros: Muscle Testing, Chiropractic, Supplement Recommendations, Knowledge & Advice more

Healer in Chief! 1/12/2009

I had continuous back problems for years and tried everything until I saw Patrick. It is so refreshing to see a physician that takes the time to really understand what a patient is feeling and find the right individual approach for each case. He also showed me he cares a lot more beyond my back. His holistic approach cured even a nasty flu I was having. Patrick you are the best! Thanks for your all your help. more

He's Fantastic at Diagnosing and Fixing You! 11/20/2008

I?ve gone to a bunch of doctors for dreadful digestive problems, but no one was able to help - more

Excellent doctor. Treats the root cause, not just the symptoms. 9/23/2008

A few years ago I suffered from shooting pain down my left arm arm and chronic neck pain. I wasn't happy with the doctor's suggestion to get two of my neck joints 'fused'. It sounded way too invasive and debilitating. So after a glowing recommendation I went to see Dr. Avedissian for a second opinion. more

Suffering from Panic Attacks no more... 9/22/2008

I was suffering from major panic attacks (called 911 once) - First one took me over with accelerated heart, numb hands and legs, sweating and thought I was going pass out - a heart attack, I thought. It turned out to be a massive panic attack. I followed that up with another major attack 2 days later, and another the day after that. MDs were recommending Xanax and other anti-anxiety medication, but I chose to see Dr. Avedissian. He asked me to give him 4 weeks to get me back to health in the ""right way"". I agreed. Panic attacks are not fun (anyone who has them knows how much they take over your life). He muscle tested me for foods and stimulants that were affecting my adrenal glands. I cut those things out, and saw Patrick 2 times/week. The episodes I was having decreased in both intensity and number, and eventually went away. To boot, I feel better now than I have in a long, long time. I'm sold. If I had gone to the MD rout, I would be refilling yet another prescription instead of writing this. more

The BEST 9/3/2008

Over the last week I've been experiencing ""Brain Fog"" and literally feeling spaced out, tired, headachy and not able to concentrate. I was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity and started taking supplements to deal with it. After 5 days I still felt crappy. I went to see Dr. P for some back issues and while I was there told him about my other symptoms. He went on to adjust my neck and within minutes while still lying on the table the fog had lifted. Apparently my c1 was out of alignment and cutting off oxygen supply and causing me to feel foggy and tired. you may think the power of suggestion is at work here BUT he did not tell me he was adjusting my neck to deal with my brain fog, I thought it part of our regular treatment. Dr. P has also really helped me with chronic back pain and allergies over the last couple of years and he is simply the best. more

Help at last 3/19/2008

I am a professional runner that had been having lots of problems on my left side since breaking a bone in my foot a year earlier. I had seen numerous doctors, massage therapist, and chiropractors over the last year, but could not seem to resolve the pain and alignment issues. At the urging on my sister, I flew down to see Patrick and was thoroughly impressed with his comprehensive approach and knowledge. After one visit, my coach noticed that my form and stride length were much better. I also felt like I was able to run the same times with much less effort. Seeing Patrick twice was definitely a turning point in my training, and I qualified for the Cross Country World Championships several weeks later in Scotland. One month to go before the Olympic Trials Marathon! My only regret is that I am not close enough to see him for weekly tune-ups! more

Patrick to the rescue! 3/18/2008

After consulting with many medical doctors, various chiroprators and sountless healers, I had pretty much given up on ever feeling ""normal"" again. At the young age of 30ish, I was feeling constant aches and pains, digestive problems, mood swings, excrutiating headaches, hives, exhaustion and a whole bunch of other ailments. I was at the point where I just wanted someone to call me a hypochondriac and be done with it. But then I was referred to Patrick. And at the risk of sounding dramatic, my whole life changed. Patrick quickly diagnosed me with Candida. I was skeptical at first because I had seen so many doctors including those who take the holistic approach. Patrick strongly suggested a change in my diet, exercise regime and my overall approach to personal health. The results of his guidance and care have been amazing. I have more energy. The aches and pains, headaches, stomach problems and hives are all gone. I feel better than I ever have as an adult. Patrick's knowledge of the body is impressive. He can pinpoint pain and stress points in the strangest of places. I highly recommend Patrick's approach to chiropratics and medicine in general. It is refreshing to find a health care professional who is willing to listen to you as well as your body to come to some sort of solution rather than just prescribing yet another medication. more

Well Worth The Time 3/17/2008

I was not referred to Dr. Avedissian. I past his practice one day and was simply curious, so I walked in a booked an appointment. I am one of those people who is constantly searching for balance ? physically and emotionally. It was not until my visits with Patrick that I realized how limited my knowledge of the human body actually was. And, it was incredibly refreshing to find that, no matter the ailment, the body always holds within it a key that just needs to be uncovered. Ultimately, this is what Patrick does ? he uses his skill to pinpoint the source (which is often surprising) so that it can be addressed. The results are tangible and often instant. I have learned a great deal from being a patient of Patrick?s. I expected to find a doctor who could help make me feel like a healthier person. However, what I did not expect to find is what I value the most ? I am now more in tuned with my own body and a better listener to what it is telling me. And I have developed an appreciation of the connectiveness of all things affecting the body conscious or unconscious, physical, emotional, or nutritional. There is truly a oneness to the body that I would not have stumbled upon had I not walked through that door. Pros: Practitioner knowledge, a learning opportunity, relief from pain Cons: Cold hands ;) more

Doc Aved Really Cares 11/25/2007

I was raised on Chriopractic Care and have had my share of the good the bad and ugly. With a few car accidents in my life and choosing a carreer that is physically demanding, finding a good chiropractor was more important to me than a regular physician. I started seeing him 8 years ago because of a car accident and have been hooked since. Not only has he mastered his art he really cares about what he's doing w/ you on every level. He's constantly continuing his education and is always up to date on the newest technology in his proffesion. He looks at what you're putting into your body as a balance to what your putting out. 8 months ago he took me on a complete life changing experience but at my own pace. He'd been treating me for years and would always talk to me about the importance of balancing my diet as not to be getting as sick as I was. I've spent the last 3 years traveling at least 2-3 times a month for work so I just equated my getting sick all the time to the travel. As much as I try to trick him into thinking my health was fine he always laughed and said the body doesn't lie. It truly is amazing the result of his care. My job hasn't changed, if anything it's more intense now that I'm in NY, but I haven't gotten sick since he worked with me to cleanse my body and balance my diet. I feel and look better than I ever have. He works with you to better take care of yourself, making you want to go see him rather than feeling like you have to.The first thing on my mind when I come back to Venice is when do I get to see Patrick. It's a breath of fresh air to find a doctor who truly cares. He holds Chiropractic and Holistic beyond the level it's intended. Thanks Doc Pros: ambiance, comfort, service more

Really amazing and cool approach to chiropractic health 9/28/2007

I've been going to see Patrick for about seven years and he has helped me through some tremendous pain. Pros: see review more
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  • Dr. Patrick Avedissian, DC draws from both his education and experience in chiropractic medicine and sports and functional medicine in applying his holistic approach to wellness. Focusing on the biochemical, structural, and emotional branches of the nervous system allows Dr. Avedissian to treat ailments such as joint and chronic pain as well as sports and accident-related injuries. Providing relief and recovery for the central nervous system through his holistic approach facilitates long term healing at a condition's source in addition to the resolution of short term discomfort caused by its symptoms.

    Dr. Avedissian graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles in 1997 and is certified doctor of chiropractic and applied kinesiology.


  • Chiropractor offers a natural, hands-on approach to healing clients; services help with headaches, muscle aches and joint pain.

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