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Dr Patricia Frey

4201 Garth Rd Ste 290
Suite 290
Baytown, TX 77521
(281) 427-2727
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Dr Patricia Frey - Baytown, TX


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This office is very professional and has the latest technologies. I was very impressed with the way they took care of me.


I have gone to this office for about 7 years only because there aren't many options in Baytown. I had an outpatient procedure done by Dr. Frey and she was very patient with me an...

Its about $$ not health, beware if you are self pay!! 4/26/2012

I am new to Baytown and selected Dr. Frey for my annual checkup and to get a prescription for the pill. I called to make an appointment. I indicated I would be self pay and asked for a full disclosure of the cost of the exam, including pap smear costs. I was told it would be $281. When I arrived for my appointment, I agreed to pay an additional $100 for a more in depth pap smear. I waited almost two hours at the office before I was even seen my Dr. Frey and she spent less than 10 minutes total with me. When the exam was over, I paid the final bill (or so I thought) of $381. Now about a month later, I have received an additional bill of $75. According to the billing department, I am being charged for additional lab work that Dr. Frey requested without consulting with me. When I questioned this charge, I was told I would be given a $75 credit toward additional medical procedures. It is totally unethical to perform additional tests and then bill patients later for them. I DO NOT recommend Dr. Frey to anyone, as it seems she is more interested in making money then serving her patients. more

Horrible Experience. Made a special moment terrible 2/21/2012

I saw the reviews but decided to give her a chance anyways for our first baby. HUGE mistake. She made me and my husband wait in the waiting room for hours. When we finally got a room the nurse had no idea what she was doing and did not know if I was 6 weeks or 8 weeks because she did not know how to work the instrument. She also gave us 5 days that the due date could be. After that she asked me to take off all my clothes, put on the thin paper vest, and wait on the table for the pelvic exam. Me and my husband waited yet another hour. This is our first baby and we thought this would be a better experience. When the doctor finally came in she was very cold as other reviewers stated. She never introduced herself, never said a congratulations or anything. She just did the exam, handed us a bag of magazines, and said ""any questions?"" All that waiting for that... she also prescribed me an antibiotic to prevent UTI's and my new doctor said they would NEVER prescribe such medication in a first trimester. I am lucky that nothing happened. She also believes more in money and will tell you that you need a c-section when you do not so that she will make more. I seriously would not recommend anyone to her or believe anything she says. She also was not going to do an ultrasound until I was 30 something weeks. My new doctor is doing it at 18 weeks. Tomorrow!! :) Another huge thing, the staff tries to give information that they have no idea about. My husband and I asked over and over if the blood work would go towards the new year since we did not want to pay 2 deductibles. ( our appt was December 9) She assured us that it would and it would all be covered under our insurance. Instead, we got a bill for almost $800. This is the second time they had told us something would be covered and it was not. As a young couple, we did not want to spend this amount of money. I really hope that no one goes to her, it is not worth the money, and risk to your baby with bad information. Dr. Gayle is much better. I have not met her but we go to her midwife Dr. Hughes. The staff is much more knowledgeable and she takes as much time as you need and cares about you and your baby. We enjoyed our experience with her, and that is how it should be! more


The staff at the window are rude, like they didn't get enough sleep or are having a bad day. It was ridiculous. My first appointment lasted around 3 hours. About an hour for paperwork then I get called in the back and have the nurse take my vitals, try and find a heartbeat. Then its another hour and a half before the doctor came in, to do my exam. She had a student with her which when I was asked I said No that I didn't want them in there, but she brought them anyway. It was a big deal to me because I am a very modest person and I just didn't want a male anyone in there. then it was 5 minutes of an exam with a get dressed and go make your next appointment. The second appointment was just a check up with a its gonna be 3 more weeks before you get an ultrasound because she wont have them done before you are 22 weeks. Then I was told that the tech may not even be able to tell what it is at that time. Really, are they retarded. I am changing doctors just be aware that they charge to send your medical records to a different doctor everytime. It's $25 for up to 20 pages, then 50 cents a page there after. They will not send to another doctor even if it is requested without you paying for them. Then they call you and ask you why you are transferring, what did they do or say that made your decision. My husband had worked with a young woman who had went to Dr. Frey for a D&C and the Dr. Frey didn't do it properly. She left bones in the uterus, when the girl went to the er they found them on an xray and told her that she was lucky that the bones didn't puncture through. Yeah that's who I want as my doctor, NOT. more

Great Dr 12/7/2010

I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Frey and her staff :-) They were all very friendly and Dr. Frey was able to answer all of my questions. I was seen by two other dr's and they could never figure out what was wrong with me but after an ultrasound a some lab work I am 100% better! I have recommended her to several co-workers and a couple of them have already been to see her and they both were very pleased. more

Worst EVER! 1/9/2010

I had my third child with her do to lack of options and I never seen her once until I went in to have my baby. I also had my tubes tied by her. Well 4 years later I found out I pregnant!!! I wouldn't recommend any one to go to her. Cons: never seen her more

Very impersonal and awkward 1/5/2010

I have gone to this office for about 7 years only because there aren't many options in Baytown. I had an outpatient procedure done by Dr. Frey and she was very patient with me and explained everything very well and the procedure went fine. Since then, I have only seen Dr. Frey on two of my well woman exams. On the other occasions I was told only Pamela, the midwife, was available, even though I had made appointments with the Dr. One time, Pamela came into my exam room and asked if this was my first pragnancy... I wasn't pregnant at the time and haven't been yet. I have no idea where she got that from and makes me think she wasn't reading my chart correctly or that someone put incorrect info on it. All of my other visits have been very quick and impersonal and made me feel like I wasn't getting the attention that I was paying for. On some visits she didn't even do a breast exam and has only asked once if I do them at home. Overall, I am very disappointed in the professionalism of this office. And I feel like they don't care about me when they pass me along to the midwife. I asked for a doctor, and I would like to actually see a doctor. more

worst obgyn 10/20/2009

Had the worst experience ever...i was a self pay patient, went on my first prenatal visit and paid all the fees, she didn't even meet me, and a practicioner ran all the test and couldn't even find the heartbeat. they have told me 3 different due dates. So i got scheduled for an ultrasound the following week at which i had to pay another $675 which covered more than the costof the ultrasound which is $390 but they wanted that amount. Unfortunately I had a family death and i called to cancel my appointment and they rushed me into getting a new one so i had to cancel because i was still out of town. Well I called again to make an appointment and they informed me that i had to pay them $1700 because I missed my appointments, well at no point did they tell me this was going to happen if I missed an appointmet, te girl said I had to assume this was going to happen,(as if I could read minds) so as it is natural my husband got upset and told me to hang the phone I didn't I just said I would call them back. I was trying to work it out where I could do something to pay such a high amount of money. So my husband called the next day to set up an appointment and they wouldn't give him any information and they said they had to speak to me, well I got on the phone only to find out Dr. Frey had TERMINATED me as a patient and that they had sent me a certified letter letting me know, her excuse was that there was a man in the background screamig hang up the phone...What a lame excuse. So I got a bill this week of $690 for lab work Dr. Frey requested without my consent. which she didn't have to do because I had paid for all the lab work she had requested. So I have never even met Dr. Frey I paid a practitioner for something she needed to do. I am honestly so stressed out because I feel like I got robbed and now I have to start all over again. I hope all this stress doesn't affect the baby. I always thought my fisrt pregnancy was gonna be so wonderful, but with Drs. without any ethics like her I find it very hard. She doesn't even deserve a star but i have to give her one in order to post this. Cons: she requests lab work without your consent more

Great Doctor 10/27/2008

This office is very professional and has the latest technologies. I was very impressed with the way they took care of me. more

Great bedside manners 5/1/2008

Great doctor. She delivered my granddaughter. I was impressed with the one on one time she gave to my Son/Daughter in law. Pros: Quick waiting room Cons: I can't think of any more

worst ob/gyn I have ever been to 11/13/2007

This was the worst ob/gyn visit of my life .I lived here four years ago and saw Dr Frey moved to El Paso just moved back to Houston.Well it's changed don't expect to see a Dr now you see a midwife who does nothing .I am only allowed a well woman exam once a year on my ins and feel it was totally wasted .I was made to pay my 15 dollar co-pau up front than talked into a new pap smear not approved by ins yet so I paid another 40 dollars than was told i had a std and they would do a test fo another 60 dollars as I have been married 30 years I knew it was impossible but I said ok they made me get my credit card and let them run it while I was in exam room by the way it was covered by ins so I only had to pay another 13 dollars .I got the medicines and they called today and told me the test was neg which I knew anyway. Cons: you pay for a ob and see a midwife more
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