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Pasquini's Pizzeria - 19 Reviews - 1336 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (303) 863-8252

Pasquini's Pizzeria

1336 E 17th Ave
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 863-8252
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I recently discovered the Pasquini's on 32nd and Zuni and as a Denver guy, it is a great find. So rare in this town it is to find a restaurant that delivers on atmosphere, food a...


I can't stand this place and am constantly amazed by the rave reviews of the food. I will admit that the salads and some appetizer platters are pretty good, but way, way overprice...

Complete disappointment 7/19/2011

I recently booked my rehearsal dinner for 40 people at Pasquinis Uptown. I was told that I didn't need to sign a contract or put down a deposit. 10 days later I got a phone call saying that they gave our space to a party 3 times the size of mine. They explained that this was purely a financial decision for them and offered me nothing. I will never again patronize Pasquinis after they mistreated me the night before my wedding. more

A rare find in Denver - complete package! 10/13/2008

I recently discovered the Pasquini's on 32nd and Zuni and as a Denver guy, it is a great find. So rare in this town it is to find a restaurant that delivers on atmosphere, food and service. This is a great place to take a date, wether a first date where you want a hip and somewhat edgy environment to set the mood or a place to meet friends. The pizza is fantastic, somewhat thin crust with a wide array of ingredients. The salads are excellent but perhaps my favorite is the wine list. It is rare to find an excellent bottle of wine in the $20 range but that is exactly what they have. I've been there multiple times and in those instances where I do not want to drop $200 on dinner, this is my favorite restaurant in Denver. Service, atmosphere and value....what more can you ask for? Oh yeah..I am not a dessert guy (usually!) but check it desserts in Denver and I usually split something at the end of the evening. more

pretty average 8/24/2008

The one on 32nd and Zuni, anyhow. I find that food can be a little less impressive than you might think from the veneer of places in Denver, and the service can be more regularly questionable than you'd hope relative to other places. This Pasquini's seems to fit that, more or less. It's a cool space, while the food seems inconsistent with the average being, well, probably average. The service is very casual, meaning it might take some time to get seated, get your order, get the order correct, etc.. It could be much better I'd think, and hopefully it gets there, as Pasquini's seem to be comfortable places to hang out otherwise. Pros: nice space (recycled door panaeling, art deco bar, gym flooring, tile work, etc.) Cons: food seems inconsistent, service can be a bit too casual for hungry people more

overpriced and tasteless 6/21/2008

I can't stand this place and am constantly amazed by the rave reviews of the food. I will admit that the salads and some appetizer platters are pretty good, but way, way overpriced!. The pasta sauces taste like something out of a jar and the pizza is mediocre at best. For the same price as a meal here, you can go accross the street to Strings and have a much, much better meal. Pros: location Cons: prices, service, food quality more

Annoying 2/25/2008

As part of being a transplant from Boston, I like to go out and try different eating venues. High up on the list is finding a quality pizza place with a tell tale crisp, yet foldable slice. Pasquini's had rave revues so I decided to explore. Driving up, the neighborhood was nice and walking in, it was warm and welcoming. That is, until I dealt with the staff. Upon entering, I was just going to order a pizza for take out. Simple enough. Well, there was no hostess to greet me and after 5 mins of standing in front, I had to flag down one of the, count em, SIX waiters just standing around. He told me I would have to order at the bar. Sure thing. Most places, I'd be handled at the bar or up front with a hostess. Sure enough, I walk over to the bar area and am shocked to see only one bartender is manning it. This is around 6:30 on a Sunday so I'm not sure if that's normal for them, but it strikes me odd considering the bar was pretty packed. Anyways, I'm a really relaxed and have an easy-going personality, and I understood the bartender was busy, but after standing at the bar for another 10 mins on top of the previous five minutes waiting to be assisted, I decided Pasquini's did not deserve my money. Of all those waiters just standing around, no one decided to help and the bartender was just as clueless to my intentions. As far as the food, I did see their cheese bread sticks and they looked real tasty but that is as far as I can comment on Pasquini's. Take this for what it's worth, but I would say their service standards did not earn my patronage and I would not go back to try another pointless evening of being overlooked. Pros: Cheese bread Cons: Service more

WORST restaraunt experience EVER!!! 11/30/2007

Although I have not been to the 17th Ave location, which by reading the reviews is a good thing, I have been to the Broadway location, once. Why only once? It was by far the worst restaraunt experience I have ever had. The service was horrible, it took probably 15-20 minutes before even seeing a server after being seated. After ordering we again waited forever for our food. When we got our food my calzone order was completely wrong. Not the biggest deal in the world, but when it took another 25 minutes to get the right one that was cold by the time it got to me, this was a problem. After waiting 25 minutes for the right calzone no silverware was brought with it, so I patiently waited to see our server to get some. Patiently turned to angrily after about another 15 minutes. Once I had my silverware to eat my cold calzone no attempt to ""make good"" was made by our server. Needless to say this restaraunt has been forever black-listed by me and I will make every effort to advise others to STAY AWAY! Expensive, mediocre food with HORRIBLE service. I come from Chicago, so I know a good, or even decent pizza/calzone when I have one, I would hesitate to even call my calzone at Pasquini's decent. Looking for an AWESOME pizza? Try Aurelios at Hampden Ave and Happy Canyon, in the Happy Canyon Shopping Center (same parking lot as Safeway). No, I don't work for Aurelios, but it is by far the best thin crust Chicago-esque pizza I have had in Denver. I also highly recommend Famous Pizza (Broadway and Evans AND Broadway and 3rd or so) for a New York style pie. Pros: Cold water Cons: Everything else, especially food and service more

Worst food and service in Denver!!! 10/30/2007

Pasquini's stinks period. don't go to this overpriced dump. I had the worst resturant experience ever at this place. The service is the worst in Denver!! If you wanted overpriced ""Gourmet""? pizza and liked to be treated like sh*t by a server then by all means spend some of your money here , if you like rude waiters who roll their eyes at you take forever, don't bring you what you ordered, you ask them to fix it, then get rude and talk sh*t to you -come on by this place is perfect for you. If you like ""gourmet"" pizza on a premade and reheated crust (just like a Bobili you buy at king soopers) that is 5 inches wide for 10.00 dollars, this place is for you. But if you have half a brain never step foot in pasquini's go to any italian pizza place and get better food at a cheaper price and get people who will serve you and treat you with respect and a smile. and I am a transplanted eastcoaster! I know Italian resturants and Pizza, I grew up with it, this place doesn't know it's a** from its elbow about italian - go to Pagliaci's if you want italian and good service, it won't cost you any more $. Cons: everythin more

slow delivery, average food, not worth it 10/22/2007

the food is average. you can get much better pizza @ Benny Blanco's on 13th. the staff are pretentious, the managers generally dismissive, and if you order delivery, you can be sure that in the time it takes for them to make your food and put it in a car, you could have walked there, made your OWN food, eaten it, washed the dishes and walked back to your house. i know this because i made the mistake of ordering from them the other day, after refusing to do for about five years (for the same reason). i don't know why they can't get their sh!t together, but after this experience i tore up my delivery menu and threw it in the trash. more

Pretty much a disappointment 5/31/2007

This is a punk-rock pizza joint. Punk rock music blaring, and punk rock dudes staffing the place. On my last visit, the bouncer pushed me with his forearm as I tried to walk past. He wanted to see my ID. I was just trying to get by. He was talking to two of his punk rock friends who were blocking the door. This has happened every time I've been there. They go to see him, block the main entrance, as if nobody is going to walk in the front door. And why is there a bouncer at a pizzeria on a thursday night when there are only 10 people in the whole place? The bartenders are terrible--but they look the part: black t-shirts, black baseball caps on backwards, punk rock service. Which means ""bad service."" These guys work here to be seen, not because of any special talent or predisposition to hospitality. $1 slices? Yeah that brought me in more than once, but my on mh most recent (and my LAST) visit, the lukewarm pizza was served on a plastic disposable plate. It had the consistency of stale cardboard, and was just about burned on the bottom. But, what do you expect for a buck? Not much. The location on Broadway seems always packed, and lacks the poser punk staff. The staff there seemed genuinely friendly on my only visit to that location. At the Humboldt location, I have ALWAYS waited FOREVER to be acknowledged at the bar. On my first visit, there were more employees than customers in the place, and it still took me 10 minutes to get acknowledged. I eventually had to get off the stool, walk over to the group of employees who were standing around talking (to the bouncer) and ask them if they worked there. Ridiculous. It's not a place for good service, or pizza, but a good place to get ignored, or even pushed around. Pros: $1 slices Cons: slow service, punk rock attitude more

Best pizza in Denver 3/29/2007

This place is amazing!! The salads are huge and full of fresh ingredients; the v&o and ranch dressings are quite good-possibly the best in Denver. The salad can be a meal in itself. The fresh breadsticks are full of mouth watering goodness-butter, parmesan...yum!! The pizzas, calzones and entrees are delicious too. Drinks are a good deal and the selection of desserts are wonderful, but I am sure you would have to take it to go! The ambiance is unique in its own. The mosaic tables and different colored plates are not my favorite, but again it?s different. The artwork changes often so it?s interesting to see what?s new. Worth it to check it out, but by far my vote for best pizza place in Denver. more

Bad service, worse food 12/10/2006

Like others who have submitted reviews, I have previously experienced terrible service and not-so-great food when I have occasionally dined at Pasquini's over the last few years. In fact, I did not visit Pasquini's for about a year after being treated very rudely when picking up a take out order. However, for some reason, I decided to give them another chance last night when I placed an order for delivery. Unfortunately, my delivery order was wrong when it arrived (despite the person taking my order repeating the ordered items more than once). Worse, the food was terrible. The stuffed shells were filled with a tasteless mush that looked like ricotta and were covered with a bland red sauce. My husband described his bianca-style Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza as ""burned"" and ""funny tasting."" Needless to say, Pasquini's is banned again, this time permanently. Pros: Patio Cons: Service, food more

Always good & Cheap 10/27/2006

We go here pretty frequently and have always found the food to be very good. Calzones are great, pizza is good, I also like the lasagna. Dinners like the baked or pasta dishes come with salad and everyone gets fresh baked breadsticks. It's always packed and pretty noisy, but there is never a long wait for a table. To avoid the noise in the summer, ask to sit on the patio in back. Pros: value, good fodd, fun atmosphere Cons: noise more

cheap wine and good pizza` 4/15/2006

I visited Pasquini's on a date and was very happy with it. They had several bottles on ok wine under $15 and they bring out delicious bread sticks while you wait for your pizza. Our waiter was very friendly but not overbearing and the pizza was pretty good. It's not really NY style, it's more gourmet style but that's good too. It it's NY style you are looking for, a better bet would be a slice at the place by the snakepit on 14th ave! Pros: cheap , tasty, service Cons: noisy more

Disappointed 1/4/2006

I heard so many good things about this place. The salad with small and did not seem fresh. The pizza was under cooked and not NY Style like the menu stated. They cooked another one for us but I was already in the wrong mode. Maybe I caught them on a bad day, but I will not be back. Cons: crowed seating more

highly overrated 6/13/2005

there hasn't been an Italian near this kitchen in years. Cons: filthy more

Good, but could be great 4/25/2005

The food here is excellent. It's inexpensive and tasty. As mentioned in other reviews, the breadsticks are great. The service leaves something to be desired though. It's a problem with management more than the waitstaff -- when you have one waiter serving 10 tables (not always in the same area) it makes service slow. If management could get its act together, this place would be great... Here's an example of management for you... The manager (or owner, not sure) asked my wife if we wanted to sit outside. My wife asked if it was windy (hence, cold). The manager replied, oh so pithily, ""Not for me, I'm not sitting out there."" Pros: Food, Cost Cons: Management, Service more

BEST ITALIAN 6/24/2004

You can't beat Pasquini's great breadsticks and inexpensive selection of wine! Looking for a good place to have a first date? Pasquini's is the place. With the friendly staff, always busy ambiance and great rotating selection of local artwork, you can't help but find something great to converse about. Try their vegetarian antipasto - the vast choices of delectible edibles is almost overwhelming! Eat there, eat often. Pros: great patio!, inexpensive wine, good specials more

Great Patio 8/26/2002

There is something about Pasquini's patio that just says ""Summer"" to me. Good times, cool ambiance, beer and great pizza. Sad part is, I've never had good service there, not even when I was the ONLY one in the place. I think the servers at both locations are too busy trying to be ""cool"" than to do their jobs. Pros: Cool Patio, Great Pizza/Calzones, delivery Cons: service, parking more

excellent! 5/19/2002

having just moved to the city, i have to say this has become one of my favorite places to dine. the meals are inexpensive, the atmosphere is great (especially the patio dining) and the food is delicious. more
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    Informal and dimly lit, this little joint with a full bar is perfect while the night away with a few good friends, tasty pasta and a glass of Merlot. East Coast transplants...

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