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Pasadena Humane Society - 14 Reviews - 361 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (626) 792-7151

Pasadena Humane Society

361 S Raymond Ave (at 1/2 Block South of Del Mar)
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 792-7151
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We just returned from adopting a couple of chihuahuas at the Pasadena Humane Society and were quite pleased with the great people we dealt with, at the front desk, the adoption de...


Went at least 5-6 times looking for a kitten. Finally found one available however after filling out paper work I checked the box which said the kitten would be alone up to 6 hour...

mike 3/17/2013

The staff of Pasadena humane society, specially the counselors, are there just to keep themselves busy and get a paycheck. Tax payers money is wasted. I have tried many times adopting dogs from this place. With their tight regulations, "I am not qualified" to adopt this or that dog. I could buy dogs, and finally I did. But I wanted to save these dogs from loneliness and take it to great home. One of the counselors with TATTOO all over her body didn't find me qualified, because I mentioned my dog can go in and out. I meant I have a big back yard on the application. They took advantage of that you just should keep the dog in since he is a puppy. I told them, I have a backyard, doesn't mean I will let him alone in that backyard and specially now since he is puppy. I meant when he grows big and wants to go out we have the advantage of a owning a big backyard. They said we have to go with what on application. I told them let me fix it, if that causes misunderstanding or fill out another more

Great People and Wonderful Facility 11/16/2009

We just returned from adopting a couple of chihuahuas at the Pasadena Humane Society and were quite pleased with the great people we dealt with, at the front desk, the adoption desk and the staff person handling the adoption. They were polite, cheerful and attentive people in all cases who were very pleasant to deal with. The adoption person we dealt with was obviously interested in knowing whether we would make suitable pet owners and that is understandable, given the number of abused animals in poor placements. We had a great session as we and the adoption person evaluated the dogs. Pasadena Humane Society's facilities are of course worth a tour in themselves. They are perfect and wonderfully clean and odor free. It's heart-breaking to see the numbers of dogs there who have obviously been in homes and simply yearn to be taken home. We had a great experience and would recommend the Pasadena Humane Society to anyone for all types of pet adoptions, from dogs and cats, to birds, more

Wonderful Staff, Wonderful Facility, Wonderful Experience 11/15/2009

We were somewhat concerned about the Pasadena Humane Society after seeing some negative reviews online about their staff, but today, after dealing with their front desk, adoption desk and adoption person, we found them all to be helpful, cheery and really nice people. It goes without saying that the facilities are gorgeous. They're kept so clean that you can't smell anything. We had great assistance in adopting a couple of chihuahuas who had come in together and were obviously attached to one another. The interview process can be a little intimidating because your suitability as a pet owner is being looked into, but why would a humane society release a pet into someone's custody who hasn't a proper place for it, or may be some creep who hurts animals? I was impressed that they were thorough and caring and I would not want it any other way. What a great place, what great people! Pros: Really nice people, fantastic facility, lots of choice Cons: parking is tight more

disappointed 5/29/2009

Went at least 5-6 times looking for a kitten. Finally found one available however after filling out paper work I checked the box which said the kitten would be alone up to 6 hours per day, in my case possibly 3 days per week. I was told I needed to adopt 2 kittens in order to keep each other company. I didn't want 2 so I was denied a kitten. I wish I would have known or been told this before I wasted all those times looking for a kitten. They probably assumed I would check a different box if I would have known this. Some of the staff were quite rude also. more

Staff and counselors interact better with animals than with humans 3/31/2009

I understand this must be a difficult and stressful job, and that the staff and counselors must be overworked and understaffed.There dedication and caring for the furry and four legged is indisputable. It is a shame, however, that this caring attitude does not seem to apply to animals of the human kind.I have tried twice to adopt a cat or kitten here, and met with nothing but frustration and difficulty. They seem to take every step to assure your adoption experience is as time consuming and unpleasant as possible. Each time I tried to adopt, I had VERY long waits, tedious paperwork, and multiple visits.Their attitude toward prospective adopters is impatient, condescending , and suspicious. I understand screening families to make sure the animals will be well cared for, but not to the point of refusing to let me go forward with an adoption till my 80 year old mother,( who was planning on moving in with us , but at the time was still living in another part of the state), could travel 175 more

Fantastic Humane Society and SPCA 10/13/2008

Very Highly Recommended. Pros: Clean facility, Extraordinary Volunteer Program, Behavior support & training available, Large variety, Ability to preview pets online Cons: Closed Mondays, Number of spaces in parking lot is somewhat limited more

Incompetent Follow-Through of Suspected Animal Torture Case 2/24/2008

Last year in the spring of 2007, I found a black cat that had literally been sawed in half, and totally\r de-gutted, lying out in front of Villa Gardens Retirement Home. Horrified, I called PHS. Got a\r VOICEMAIL. It was a Saturday in the morning, just after 9 a.m. and I COULD NOT get ahold of\r anyone in person right away. I had to call several times, and after several times of going back and\r forth, and back and forth, I got voice mail messages from an hispanic male investigator. Well, he\r could HAVE CARED LESS about this unfortunate situation. I got absolutely NO WHERE BUT \r FRUSTRATION in this matter. And then I was telling this man that I put the body half in a chux\r pad and placed it near the top of a trash bin right outside the retirement village. Then the crowner\r was that the officer told me that if I put it in the trash can, they could/would NOT BE ABLE TO \r RETRIEVE IT!!!! How's that for service? Yes! AND I AM A MEMBER of PHS TOO!!!! I tried to tell\r the man that this looked like the work of some person(s) doing horrendous activities; I DO have\r a forensics background, by the way, but the man was disinterested. I think that Mr. McNall and\r company have a lot of explaining to do as to why they didn't look in to this matter any further\r when it was obvious that this cat suffered a brutal and horrible death while it was still alive. Pros: Provides public with excellent selection of pets available Cons: Apathy and Lack of Follow-Through on Serious Cases more

Wonderful 10/17/2007

I had to respond to the individual about difficulties in adopting the cat. I feel your frustration, however, PHS is only doing due diligence in protecting the animals. I was in the office once, where a prospective owner was interested in adopting a dog. She herself was renting and prior to processing the paperwork PHS wanted to confirm with the landlord. To make it short, the landlord was not aware or did not want her to adopt the pet. They just wanted to assure all the i are dotted and t are crossed. You cannot ask for more. I have adopted two dogs from PHS and I have nothing but great experience in adopting the pets. Yes, the family had to meet the dog, and dog had to meet the dog etc. But its just making sure its a right fit. Our last adoption was a Boxer, I was the third person on the list. I was shocked we were the only one who call for the dog. He the best and adores our first dog (dalmatian). I feel your frustrations, but its all for good reasons and to protect the animals.\r \r Pros: Clean, staff is very attentive to the animals and helpful Cons: Want to take all of them home more

Let's say it again, one more time. 5/25/2007

The place looks very clean and well kept and that's rarely seen nowadays. The office staff, however, isn't so impressive.\r \r I was playing with one of the puppies when the other one got jealous and bit me. Even though it did not penetrate my skin, I still went to inform a staff member to put up a warning sign. I know for a fact that parents bring their children in to visit all the time, kids that love to stick their hands in to pet the puppies; unless there's a sign that says otherwise. Instead of being grateful and putting up some sort of warning, I was treated rough-handedly and spoken to condescendingly. more

Fantastic Facilties; helpful Volunteers; BUT office staff... 4/21/2007

Condescending. The office staff lack customer service skills. I would be fired if I interacted with my clients the way much of the office staff treats the public. \r \r The facilties are clean and well-maintained, and the volunteers- who aren't paid obviously- are the ones who were most helpful and courteous. Go figure. more

At least the Animals are treated nicely! 2/22/2007

I have to agree with several other reviews.....we adopted an 8month old dog from PHS in October (our first time at PHS)....and although I was impressed with the cleanliness of the shelter and the care the volunteers gave to the animals while visiting them....their Office Personnel leave a LOT to be desired. They treat you as though you are the one who will be abusive to the animal, not the one they rescued the animal from. I felt as though they were judging our every move, and the office staff is just downright rude. We adopted another dog from the San Bernadino City Shelter, and WOW what a difference. Those people just want to find loving homes for the animals and are so kind and compassionate. I think the attitude you are met with at PHS might hinder some prospective adopters. Very sad. Although I love the dog I found at PHS, I'm not sure I'll ever go back. more

Pasadena Humane Death 12/27/2006

In the morning, I found a cat in a driveway that was dragging itself along. I believed it was just hit by a car. I took it to the vet who X-rayed it and I was told no bones were broken. The cat was walking by evening. I took the cat to PHS and was told it would be put up for adoption and would NOT be euthanized. Every day for a week I either visited the shelter or called and was told it was still in the "back" and I was not allowed to visit it. When I called the following week, Monday, they told me the cat was no longer there which means they euthanized it on Sunday. It had never left the back room, I asked a lot of questions and got evasive answers. All they could say was that their shelter does not have enough room. By the condition of the cat, it was someone's well cared for pet. I will never take any animal to an animal shelter again. I had considered including this shelter in a trust. Now I will only donate to no-kill shelters. more


On 11/29/06, I found a feral kitten with a severely broken leg. I was able get ahold of it and put it in a box. I brought the kitten to the Glendale Humane Society, and they called the Pasadena Humane Society to come and take possession of the kitten.\r \r The next day, a friend came forth and was 100% willing to take possession of the kitten and pay for all medical care. We contacted PHS, but were told that PHS could not release the kitten for 5 days. The vet would look at the kitten and determine whether it was adoptable or would be euthanized. We drove over to PHS and filled out the paperwork so everything would be in order once the 5-day waiting period was over.\r \r In the meantime, my friend was given the runaround -- she was told that PHS MUST contact her landlord to verify that she could have a cat before we could proceed with the adoption. My friend got the landlord's number, got permission to keep the cat (after shelling out an additional security deposit), and called PHS with the landlord's #. PHS replied that it wasn't THEIR responsibility to contact the landlord, but my friend's responsibility to have her landlord contact PHS!\r \r The staff at PHS have HORRIBLE, SUPERIOR, ATTITUDES! They look at you with disdain, and if you try to ask questions or get more information, they refuse to answer. They are more interested in their self-absorbed lives than in placing animals!\r \r Now it is 12/4. The vet has decided that the leg needs to be amputated, but PHS will not do the amputation. My friend is willing to get the cat medical care, but PHS will not allow her to adopt the cat b/c it is ""under treatment"" in the clinic. \r \r If PHS has no intention of treating the broken leg, what ""treatment"" could this kitten be receiving that's so all-important?!!! And if PHS has no intention of adopting this cat out, WHY AREN'T THEY EUTHANIZING IT AND PUTTING IT OUT OF ITS MISERY? BECAUSE IT HAS TO WAIT 5 DAYS???!!! \r \r PHS is truly INHUMANE!!!! I pray for karma... Pros: The animals are great. Cons: Staff is sorely lacking in any customer service related skills. remember: you are PUBLIC SERVANTS!!! more

""The Ritz"" of animal shelters 8/26/2004

Their website has photos of all the animals they have for adoption (and lost pets too) which is updated twice a day - but as they do not hold animals from phone calls or emails, so if you see one you want, go in person. Adoption screening is between a city shelter (hands you any animal no question) and a rescue (home visits etc), they do let your dog meet with a prospective adoptive dog, and have a beautiful mostly open-air facilty, helpful staff, well-cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, snakes etc. Pros: clean kennels, purebreds, mutts more
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