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Parts Dealership

400 Industrial Blvd
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Parts Dealership - Austin, TX
Parts Dealership - Austin, TX


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I bought a brand new Element in '08. Last Friday, I was just in for my scheduled maintenance and had the best experience!! The service was impeccable from the time I drove up fro...


We recently purchased a used car from First Texas Honda and had differing opinions about our experience. Our salesman was excellent and very informative and helpful but the finan...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/3/2012

One of the worst experiences I've ever had at a Dealership! Theses people are snake-oil salesman. What good is setting up an appointment to buy a vehicle when 5 minutes before you arrive for your appointment they call and tell you they've sold the vehicle to someone else. Then, they tell you they have other vehicles you might like. The old ""bait and switch"". They love to push that they are a ""Family owned business"".\r I would hate to be a part of that family. Something tells me they would sell their own Grandmother if they could. more

Organized, Efficient and Honest!! 9/20/2011

I bought a brand new Element in '08. Last Friday, I was just in for my scheduled maintenance and had the best experience!! The service was impeccable from the time I drove up from the time I left. It was efficient, organized and I appreciate the serviceman evaluating my mileage and tailoring my service fee accordingly. I love my Honda Element and I never dread the service light coming on b/c they take such good care of my car (and me for that matter.) I was able to go to the snack bar and get chips/cookies and a soda while I watched TV in the comfy leather furniture. It felt like I was home. It makes me feel secure in knowing I'm driving the best made car in the world plus it stays perfect b/c of a great team of people who are trained to be the best at what they do so Honda stays on top. This place rocks!! Thanks, Honda!! more

First Texas Honda 8/19/2011

definitely would not recommend First Texas Honda for sales or service. While the buying experience was satisfactory, the salesman continuously reminded us of the ""free services"" that First Texas Honda provided. The salesman stated over and over that they would provide ""free oil changes for the life of the vehicle"". No caveats were stated by the salesman at that time. When we came back for our ""free oil change"" we were told that we would have to purchase another service to get the free oil change. They tried to sell us a tire rotation service (even though the vehicle had only 6,000 miles on it) for a ridiculous price. When I questioned Andrea, the General Sales Manager about this, she was very rude and condescending and stated that we signed a document that stated that the ""free oil changes"" came with the purchase of another service item. We did indeed sign this document during the 50 or so documents that we had to sign at closing but this was never reiterated in a way to insure that the customer understood. All we got from the sales staff was ""free oil changes"". Andrea also stated that this had been a problem in the past but that they had not addressed it yet. Andrea's attitude and lack of management skills ensured us that we would not be buying our next vehicle at First Texas Honda.\r \r more

The Best Honda Prices with No Hassles 3/31/2011

I recently purchased my third vehicle from First Texas Honda but now they have become a No Haggle - No Hassle Dealership. I was a bit skeptical at first but after doing my research, I found that their pricing was the best in Austin and they also offered free lifetime oil and filter changes! The whole experience was no pressure, quick, and pleasurable - not the norm for buying a car. The salesperson, Christian Wright, was knowledgeable and professional and treated me with the utmost courtesy and respect as a female buyer. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND First Texas Honda to anyone needing a new Honda or used vehicle for that matter. This dealership cares about it's customers, their budgets, and I will definitely return for my next vehicle purchase. Thanks to all at First Texas Honda!\r \r Kelly C.\r Round Rock, TX more

Best deal on used cars 1/14/2011

Across from the main dealership is the 1st Texas Honda desleship is their used car lot. I was looking for a used car and as I walked around, I couldn't believe the prices. I had been researching for about a month. The saleswoman came out and told m that they were paid by volume not by price. That made sense. I test drove a Hyundai Veracruz loaded and couldn't believe the price. They let me take it home to show my husband and drive it back later this day. I was able to really test it and take it to a mechanic also. I purchase it three days later and have been thrilled. The price was listed $4000 less than anywhere else and the best part, there was no haggling. Also, the trade in value for my van was better than what CarMax quoted me. Overall, that wacky favorite car buying experinece ever. more


American Honda doesn't stand behind their products. The battery doesn't charge/assist in hot weather (five months/year in Texas). American Honda's answer: ""performing as expected"". MPG: 32 more

Kicks you when you're down. 7/2/2010

I had good experience with maintenance - it seems that they make those prices competitive, since people will shop around. So when my car died recently, I had it towed there. They diagnosed the problem as failure of the ignition coil and igniter. and gave me an astronomical quote. I looked up the parts online and found the parts that they charge $410 for were available elsewhere for $160. These were OEM parts, not aftermarket replacements. No, I don't expect the stealership to match online prices, but charging more than 2.5 times as much is gouging. At first, the mechanic told me that the igniter was not available separately. I had to buy the entire distributor and this explained the difference in price - Honda did not sell the part I needed separately. He said that the part I needed was special to my year and model. He showed me the part I needed in the distributor he had taken out of the car. I told him and the service mgr. that this was not acceptable - that the part was easily available elsewhere by itself. In fact, a search for the unique Honda part number of the igniter he later installed shows that the exact same part is used on a variety of Hondas and Acuras from that time period. It was not special to my car. The service guy, Luis, later called to tell me that the outrageously expensive part was NOT the whole distributor, but was the same part I had priced elsewhere. This, of course means that they had pulled the distributor - and would have to reinstall it - needlessly. The parts that were replaced are simple plug-in electronics. I wonder how much I paid for the extra work. The labor for replacing these plug-in parts was nearly $200. The total bill was $635. I had them do it because my car was in their shop - they had me and they knew it. This ends a 17 year relationship with Honda, though I've never owned another brand. I'll definitely shop elsewhere. more

Worst Attitude from the Service Department 7/1/2010

The service rep I had was rude, arrogant, not helpful, treated me unkindly, lectured me like a child, didn't follow my request, and was untimely in his response to my calls. I had the guy named Caleb Reynolds and he was the worst. He actually sounded so rude on the phone before I met him that I purposefully took my car to another service rep there, but somehow my car ended up under him. I spoke with the manager also and he also thought he could lecture me on how much I didn't know. These people are very rude and it was a horrible ordeal for me going there. I had them fix what they messed up and I'm never going back here again. Cons: bad service more

Excellent sales experience 6/12/2010

I've never bothered to write one of these, but felt I had to after seeing all the negative comments. We just bought a car, and the experience was great. They post the price they are willing to sell the car for on the windshield. In our case, it was about $400 over dealer invoice, and cheaper than any of the other four Honda dealers in the area were willing to go. So absolutely no haggling, and the lowest price. What more could one ask? Well there is more. The dealer does not dress up the cars with mudflaps, window tint, scotch guarding, undercoating, luggage racks, etc. Now when you buy they offer all these things to you, and hand you a price sheet, but no pressure at all to add accessories that you don't really want to pay for. Not sure why everyone else had such a negative experience, but I would go the First Texas to buy a new Honda in a heartbeat. I haven't dealt with their service department. Pros: Up front pricing. Salesmen not on commission Cons: Crossing busy Koenig lane more

Differing Opinions 4/20/2010

We recently purchased a used car from First Texas Honda and had differing opinions about our experience. Our salesman was excellent and very informative and helpful but the financial end of it was a huge headache. We went in with our own preapproved financing and still spent 2 hours finalizing everything. They kept trying to talk us into their financing and service plan after repeatedly saying no; would be nice if they would have taken us at our word and maybe we could have been done sooner. By the time we were through it just made you not want to go back. In addition, we were only given one key (told that was all they had) and that key had a missing metal piece over the button - thought this was very unprofessional and we had to go to Nissan to purchase another key for $295. Pros: Excellent salesman Cons: Finance Dept, second set of keys more

Worst customer Service! 3/10/2010

Nothing against the cars! every time I drove one, it was reliable and they just run very well!\r \r First Texas Honda staff has one of the worst attitudes I've experienced. They make you feel like they are doing YOU a favor by taking your business, no matter if it's buying a car or just an oil change. What I wonder is why would anyone go to a place where they treat you like that, having so many other options?\r \r Gary (the manager) instead of giving the example on how to treat a client, he is the worst of them all...rude and condescending.\r \r Take my advise and go somewhere else. Even for an oil change you'll have to wait 3 hours (and that is having an appointment). I like to give my money to people that deserve it and that are willing to work for it as hard as I do.- Pros: Wi-Fi for those LONG waits Cons: Everything more

I thought it was fine 10/14/2009

I went to First Texas Honda on Saturday and met with Al who was nice and knowledgable about what it was I wanted.. I was actually going for a 2010 Civic when he mentioned (Or I did can't remember) that the 09 models have 2.9% financing with approved credit.. knowing that we had great credit that was really good! When I got there I was looking at the LX models.. not knowing the differences.. Well, just to show me he showed the beautiful red civic in the showroom-You know the always jacked up priced one cause it has almost everything.. Well, the sticker was 22.5k and it was on sale for 20.4k. Well, what no one told me was.. is that since we qualify for the 2.9 we can't get the reduced price.. it was either the reduced price OR the 2.9. (Found this info out at Howdy Honda) So I was pretty upset and I called the dealership and Lois said well, thats right... So, I just asked if I could have both and she said she would get back to me after she talks to the Sales Manager.. Well, needless to say I didn't expect a call back-after all they are loosing money I think. Thirty minutes later Lois assures me that they can do the price AND the 2.9! Amazing I thought! 2 hours later the car was driven off the lot. (After I decided to get a bunch of stuff added) Overall my experience was good. I can't give it 5 stars because I wasn't told about the price/apr thing.. I would and I will recommend this dealership to anyone.. Pros: Price more

RUN!!!! 6/16/2009

We purchased our first Honda vehicle from First Texas Honda yesterday - we regret the whole experience! We found the car we wanted which was limited in availability - and knew we may not be able to go low on our price preference. PPFFT, they 'played with numbers so eloquently' and boy they did a good job of convincing us, ultimately ending in a bad deal. I went back today because we were only given one key and asked for the other/backup one, (which we didn't know until the second we were leaving with the vehicle after papers signed and all) they told us the shop was closed for the day to come back. Little did they mention there would be a whopping $100+ charge for a second key to be made and its not included with the car because 'that's what you get when you buy used.' WOW, other trivial things that were missing/not set right, they did whatever they could to put fault upon the customer and had no interest in resolving customer's concerns. They convinced us that their financing option was better than ours and that we could change it if we find out ours would beat theirs --- what a load of crock that was! DONT BE THEIR NEXT VICTIM! The car is great, the service is horrible, and they DONT have their customer at their best interest. We will DEFINATELY not go back. Pros: Quick! Cons: Price, Service, Serving Customers more


I have been using First Texas to get both our Hondas serviced for quite some time now. They have the express oil change service that is reasonably priced, and their waiting room is both clean and comfortable. However, I have now had two experiences where they found ""issues"" with my car that would cost me hundreds of dollars to fix, only to find out that the ""issues"" were not present to begin with. The first time, they told me my brake pads were dangerously low and needed to be replaced (for $650). My uncle just happens to be a mechanic in town, so I took the car to him to see if I could get a better deal. Turns out, the pads were JUST FINE.\r I let that one slide and continued taking our cars there. Last Friday, I went in for an oil change, and they came up to me with an estimate of $1,723 worth of work that needed to be done to the car (this is not counting the three new tires I supposedly needed, too). They said my two front tires were worn and wouldn't pass state inspection, and that I had a nail in one of the rear tires that was located in an irrepairable spot. Since I have tire warranty at Discount, I took the car up there, and they measured my tread and said the two front ones were still legal, and that they couldn't find a nail in either of my rear tires!! ARE YOU KIDDING??? So then I took my car to my uncle to get the rest of the problems checked out, and it turns out I didn't need the front and rear engine mounts, either. The timing belt and air filters were legit.\r Either way, I've gone from spending $1723 + 3 tires to less than $850.\r Bottom line: the guys at First Texas are taking advantage of people (I'm 8.5 months pregnant, too, by the way) and you should get your car worked on somewhere else. I recommend Carters on North Lamar. Pros: Clean waiting room Cons: Unneccessary recommended repairs more

More trouble here... 12/27/2008

We were VERY interested in purchasing a Honda. Initiated contact with First Texas Honda through the internet and emails. The responding replies of the salesman were sarcastic, demeaning and unprofessional. \r This was a quite limited experience; maybe other personnel are better representatives of their corporate attitude; but we went elsewhere. Just a ""heads up"" to the company and to the public. Pros: been around awhile Cons: may not be in the future more

Great Car Buying Experience 12/16/2008

I recently bought a Honda Accord from First Texas Honda. I went to all the websites of the Honda dealerships in the Austin area to do my research. The first dealership I called had an advertisement for Accords on their website that said all of the Accords in stock were a certain price... Not so true. The car in the advertisement was a completely stripped-down, base model Accord. That car and some others like it were that price, but the advertisement said that all Accords were that price. That dealership was out of the question. Although another dealership advertised some lower prices, I called the Internet Department at First Texas Honda next and I was completely taken back by the friendliness and hospitality of the sales associate who answered the phone. He answered all of my questions very thoroughly as if I was a member of his family. He told me about several different Accords that were available and that I would be able to buy based on the financial information I had given him. From this first impression, I felt like I could trust the sales team at First Texas Honda because they were truely trying to find the best possible car for me. Eventhough I might have been able to find a slightly lower price at another dealership, I knew that the small difference in price would be more than made up for if I received the same great customer hospitiality and helpfulness through the entire sales process and continuing after the sale. My perception was right - I have never had a more enjoyable car buying experience and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be equally satisfied in all of my future dealings with First Texas Honda. more

The Worst Customer Service 7/9/2008

I went in in March 2008 (1 month before my lease was up), to LOOK at new civics. I ended up leaving that day with a 2008 civic that I purchased from Chris Dugas. He worked with me to get me the right deal. I thought the story ended there, but I was wrong. It was the last day of the month, so I knew they were really eager to close the deal. I was told that I would owe 'nothing more on my 2004 accord. All I needed to do was turn it in and pay my 1st payment on my 2008 civic before I left'. Sounds reasonable..... right. Well, starting in June, I started receiving phone calls from American Honda Finance and a COLLECTION AGENCY saying that I still owed on the accord. I called First Texas Honda SEVERAL times. Each time I was told they would 'look into it and get back with me'. I let a week go by with no response from Andrea in Finance. Next I was put in touch with Justin. He assured me he was taking care of it. After still daily harassment calls from collections I had to call American Honda Finance myself & get the info Justin needed. When I called him back he said 'he was waiting on a response from them'. That was a lie because I got the info in less than 5 minutes. He then assured me 'the check was in the mail'. I am still waiting..... .........and still getting daily calls from collections. I just called again and he had the nerve to tell me that First Texas Honda did not 'owe me anything. They were doing this out of kindness. Nothing in their paperwork showed that they were supposed to pay this.' Right...... I would just end my lease early, turn in my car that I still have to pay on and start paying for a new car. That sounds logical. Just something else they screwed up on........... This Honda I have now is my 4th. I love Hondas, but I will definitely NEVER do business with First Texas Honda again. Pros: sales team is friendly & helpful Cons: poor customer service, poor follow through, shoddy business practices more

Service dept ripp-off beware! e-mials below 5/30/2008

e-mails\r No reply?\r It's been 3 months I just had the 03 CRV looked at again, NOT by your dealership. No evident leaks. I have been checking the transmission level weekly since my oil change at First Texas. No loss of fluid. I have had to go under the hood more than usual and every time it irks me that I came within a car ride away of being taken for $400.00. It irks more so that you never replied. If that is how you treat loyal customers I will be sure to share my experience with other Honda owners.\r \r To: jimo@firsttexashonda.\r Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 2:53:08 PM\r Subject: Just FYI\r \r Dear mr. Olmstead \r I brought my 03 CRV in for an oil change last month and would like to follow up. We have 98 and 03 both bought and serviced at your dealership. I have had 2 service incidents lately that concern me. One was about a year ago was regarding a an O2 sensor on the 03 going out a low mileage but after warranty, with out going into detail I did get that refunded from Honda after having it replace at your shop. I gave you the benefit of the doubt on that one.\r The last incident concerns me. I brought the 03 in for an oil change I waited for it. I was told that I had a transmission leak. That it was leaking from both axle seals and that it would cost about $400 to replace both seals and that it could be done right away. I decline and said I would return. I was told that the fluid would be topped off and that I would be ok for few days. Again this car has 46k it seamed strange to me. \r \r I had the car checked a day later at Tarrytown Texaco, I have been doing buisness with them for 25yrs they found no leak. I looked at the seals myself while it was up ck no evidence of leakage? I had it checked month later still no leak the fluid level is has not moved. I am confused? \r We do want to trade the 98 needless to say we are going to try Howdy Honda \r I was also charged $70 and change for the oil change. Was the extra charge for the leak diagnosis? more

used to be a nice dealership 3/27/2008

I bought my Accord there in 2003, pleased with purchasing, they gave me more than a fair price. I have taken it in for maintenance / oil changes to the dealership ever since. Their staff started out as a nice one to deal with, but over the years, I have become more and more dissatisfied with their customer service. Their maintenance people are rude and truly unhelpful these days. I think I am going to start having my car serviced some where else. more

Don't go here 1/3/2008

I am a loyal Honda owner and went to this dealership. They appraised my trade-in $5000 less than Kelly Blue Book and CarMax and made me a ridiculous offer. After I left the dealership, they called and made me a better offer and I accepted (without the trade-in). They asked me to come and sign some papers. When I arrived, they wanted me to pay for the car even though it wouldn't be in for two more days. I said no and they asked for a $1000 deposit. On the day that the car was to arrive, I did not hear anything. I called in the morning and the salesman said he would call back but never did. Late in the afternoon, I called again and he told me he didn't know, went back on things he had said before, and said he would call back. He did not call so I called his supervisor and told him I wanted honesty and to know if this car even existed. He called me back 15 minutes later, said they had sold the car on Monday (the same day I was there and what was the point of the deposit if they sold it to someone else???), there were no more, and I could pick up my deposit. When I arrived, it turned out that standard deposit is $500 and they had charged me $1000 for a nonexistent car. I think they were banking on me paying for the car so they could string me along while I waited for this car to show up some time during the next month. Luckily that did not happen but they wasted three days of my time!!! They also used the tactics of making me wait extended periods of time during the negotiations, good guy/ bad guy and straight out lying and manipulation. I will never return to this dealership. Ridiculous, unprofessional and sleazy. Cons: Everything more
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