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Partlow Investment Properties

1363 Major St
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 484-4446
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I just started renting with Parlow a few months ago and I have been very impressed. I was referred by my friend who also rents from them and he said they are awesome. They have ...


We (my roommate and I) rented from Partlow for a year, and probably wouldn't do so again. While I don't believe they're the best place to rent from, I'm also under the impression ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2014

I also disagree with the negative reviews. I'm currently renting with Partlow and also rented with them in the past (for several years). They've always been very helpful and friendly with me and unobtrusive. Every time I've gone to their office I've left feeling better than when I went into it! I've rented from other companies in Salt Lake but my experience with Partlow has been the best. As long as you're a good tenant, I'd recommend them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/17/2014

I disagree with negative reviews! Partlow has been nothing but helpful and punctual with issues. Even when my roommates had issues, they were still willing to work with me to make my situation work! (Plus I get a sticker with every rent reciept!) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/19/2014

Partlow properties is by far the worst company ever! Where to begin with these idiots? For one we had just moved into one of their properties with a newborn baby. They had not yet switched the a/c on in the middle of June so it was hot as hell! My baby ended up getting really sick from the heat and my wife passed out from the heat inside. When I called their emergency phone number and explained the situation they told me, ""we can assure you in the next ten days it will be turned on."" \r The apartment complex had a nasty old lady (Susan) who literally kept 7 people inside her two bedroom unit. She also invited guests to stay in the garage and camp out in their truck. This lady would play her music until two in the morning and sing horribly to it with her smokers lungs. The complex was also infested with bed bugs no question it was from the pack rats next door to us who would shoot heroin and smoke weed outside on the balcony. When the infestation was brought to partlows attention the only thing we received from them was a suggestion to wash our belongings. AS IF THAT GETS RID OF THEM! \r Later on we would find out that the parking spot we pay for was only used for the neighbors to park their own cars back there. I would come home early from work just to race to get my parking spot. When I told partlow about this issue, they sent me a notice to stop stealing other peoples parking spots. The few times I got my parking space my car was either broken into and stolen or just stolen a total of 5 times within the 1 1/2 years we were there. \r My all time favorite thing was that I would always pay my rent 5 days early and without fail, there was some homeless looking guy who would come knock on my door to give me an eviction warning. The warning said I would have 48 hours to either move or pay the full amount plus an extra $60 for delivering the notice. They would constantly send maintenance workers in our complex to inspect the homes for any faulty equipment inside the unit. Normally this would be good, if the workers would actually fix the faulty equipment. The maintenance workers are also thieves. We know this because when we got back from grocery shopping, there was a notice on our door that said they came in to inspect the unit and our money jar was missing the bills that were in there. \r My biggest regret about renting from partlow is that I did not burn their complex down. If Susannah Cracraft is reading this or anyone who works for partlow I would like to let you know that you are a mistake to this world and you should be given the needle or firing squad. My hatred for PIP is what drove me to write this post otherwise I would not waste my time or yours. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

Partlow is now located at 440 S. 700 E. #203 - come see us today! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

Kirsten Phillips writes: \r It has been a wonderful experience with Partlow! I love our yard, neighbors, and the entire Partlow workers! more

Impressed 12/5/2011

I just started renting with Parlow a few months ago and I have been very impressed. I was referred by my friend who also rents from them and he said they are awesome. They have been prompt on fixing my repairs, curteous, and friendly. I highly recommend Partlow. more

I love Partlow 8/3/2011

I have been with Partlow going on 3 years the ladies in the office are so nice and always have a smile when I pay my rent. When ever I have had any problem they take care of it right away. (Day of usually) I have had a few crazy neighbors but they don't usually last long since partlow takes care of the problems right away. I have nothing bad to say about them also No water sewer or trash plus free parking hard to pass that up. <3 you guys more

Not So Bad, Not So Great 6/27/2011

We (my roommate and I) rented from Partlow for a year, and probably wouldn't do so again. While I don't believe they're the best place to rent from, I'm also under the impression it could have been a lot worst. When we first rented from Partlow, they weren't ready for the date we had set to pick up the keys. We had to wait around for them to get the keys to us. After that, we were told that the owner would be replacing the microwave and we would receive it soon since the one purchased did not fit. Not so bad, right? Four weeks later, one notification letter that we would be buying one in the next few weeks, if they didn't since they had lapsed their time frame of getting us something, we received a counter microwave. (The original microwave being a built in) The maintenance from Partlow leaves nothing to be desired. We had complained that our dishwasher was not getting enough water properly to fill and wash the dishes. Partlow's maintenance claimed that there was nothing wrong with it. After complaining again, Partlow finally compromised to allow an appliance repair come. Before the appliance repair had came, we were able to resolve the issue personally ? turns out the water hose going in was full of hard water. Although we had violated the contract with self repairs, Partlow actually seemed appreciative that we had resolved the issue ourselves. I recommend if you have the ability to claim warranty on the product/appliance, or can fix it yourself without messing it up ? do it yourself before you have to deal with Partlow. You'll probably end up waiting weeks for it to be done. When it comes to getting the money back on the deposit, Partlow will find any way possible to get money from you. We had spent 3 days cleaning everything we possibly could, and still had ~$85 taken away, and a ~$97 carpet cleaning fee. We were charged for 'hard water' built up in the toilets, which is not considered 'clean' in their opinion, but also doesn't state it on their cleaning fee's either. Overall though, I was still impressed by the amount I did receive back. (About ~85% back) Partlow could care less what you actually do inside the house, and will never check in on you. As another review said, even if you're not allowed pets, you could still get away with it. As long as you pay your rent on time, take care of your stuff, they shouldn't hassle you too much. Or perhaps I just got lucky dealing with them ? but I still would not recommend them for renting. Avoid the rental companies, go find a personal rent. more

Thieves! 6/23/2011

I was in the process of moving and I guess I didn't get out as quick as they wanted. I came back the next day to find ALL of my remaining items gone! I contacted them and was told (extremely rudely) that they only took trash out of my apt. I have now received a letter saying they only took clothing and empty liquor bottles out of my apt. I don't even drink! Supposedly they had evicted me and served me papers but, I never received any of those notices. They refused to give be my items back, which by law they have to within 30 days. They took family heirlooms, my wedding dress and many other expensive items. These people WILL steal from you! more

I don't think they are so bad 3/7/2011

I live in the forest park complex and have for about two years. I do not think they are bad landlords. I had an issue with my dishwasher that was fixed within two days when my pilot light went out on my furnace the maintinence man came over that day and fixed it and a leaky faucet took about two weeks. They allow dogs here which I like. I guess I either have low expectations, got lucky with them, or they are not bad landlords take your pick. more

Money Grubbers for Nothing! 10/1/2010

I gave 1 star only because I had to rate them....I have never experienced a management company that really does not care about their tenants. like Partlow. I think the hardest part is that I rented from the owner and I got used to them caring, then Partlow steps in and they just don't care.\r 33 days after paying rent, they came back and said that we didn't pay it. Luckily I had proof. Everything is their word against ours. \r My husband was downstairs and heard someone trying to get in to our place. (luckily he didn't do what one could do had it been a burglar). He opened the door and a lady was standing on our porch, with a furnace filter. According to Partlow, they left a notice stating they would be ""maintaining"" our furnace. We did not receive a notice and neither did my neighbors who live on the other side of the duplex. Basically again, their word against ours. The maintanance person changed the filter but didnt clean it. So I still have dusty, dirty ducts and returns (I still speak with the owners so they will hear about it). About an hour later, my husband noticed that the swamp cooler was blowing hot air, upon checking it, he noticed that while they were here ""cleaning"" the furnace they climbed on the roof and disconnected the swamp cooler. Nothing was mentioned about doing this and if we had not been home, the pump would've burned up and possibly started a fire. I called to complain and the very rude person (rude every time I have had an issue) that I spoke with, had an ""I don't care"" attitude.\r just to have a rent check collected each month. We will be moving soon and I can only imagine the fight that we will have on our hands to get the deposit back.\r GO ELSEWHERE and DO NOT RENT OR USE THIS MANAGEMENT CO. more

Hopefully not the ""best in Utah."" AVOID AT ALL COSTS. 9/15/2010

I do not make it a habit to write negative reviews of companies, but Partlow is completely ridiculous. I don't want to get into the specifics of the hassles I have had with them, since they evidently ""know each person"" who leaves a bad review. So, without getting into too many details, we were nearly electrocuted due to lack of maintenance to the 50-year-old appliances in our apartment. The issue was ""fixed"" a full 2 weeks later after another near-electrocution. The next time we tried to use the appliance in question, faulty wiring again resulted in a fire nearly breaking out in the apartment. When we confronted Partlow with this, we were treated extremely rudely and they dared us to get an inspector from the city to check out the safety issues. Done and done! Best of luck, Partlow. You deserve everything you get. more

Stereotypical Unethical Landlord 7/29/2009

Oh, where to begin with Partlow. They let us rent our first unit without notifying us of a certain resilient insect problem. A week after we'd lived there, we asked them for 'resilient insect' traps and sprays, only to be denied on the grounds that they were going to be fumigating. Fine. Except, whatever fumigating they did had no noticeable impact on the 'resilient insect' population. When we moved out six months later, they retained a vast portion of our security deposit for cleaning charges. I'm not sure if that is even legal in Utah; we cleaned the hell out of our unit but you'd never know it from the cleaning charges. I guarantee it's no cleaner than when we left. We ran out of time finding a place to rent with a different landlord, so we rented again from Partlow in a different location. They never once came for inspection, never insisted on us filling out an itemized move-in form, and came once for repairs (after we put in three work orders and they arbitrarily scheduled us two weeks later). The great thing about Partlow is that you could probably get away with anything while renting from them. You could keep pets without telling them, work on broken-down cars in your back yard, consume illegal substances right in your house and they would never find out. I will never rent from Partlow again. They know taking a $300 issue to small claims court is too much calamity for most everyone, so they deduct about that out of your security deposit. The property does not benefit from it at all. It's like baking $300 into a pie and throwing the pie into the Grand Canyon. Did it matter I rented a hundred-dollar carpet steam cleaner and did the house twice? No. $85 deducted for carpet cleaning. I plan on touring the unit and photographing it, then comparing those photographs to the ones I took right as we left. I bet no change whatsoever has transpired. Pros: Large variety of low-cost units Cons: Terrible customer service more

Best In Utah! 4/20/2009

I am an employee of Partlow and we pride ourselves on the quality of our management services and our good relations with owners and tenants alike. We have been in this business for 20 years and we still love what we do. I just got word we had questionable reviews online and felt this needed to be addressed because we care. I happen to know each person who left a bad review and their individual situation. Keep in mind when reading reviews that generally people tend not to leave feedback unless they are upset- they may not be being honest about their part in the situation. We manage over 80 properties, approximately 450 units. Most tenants and owners are extremely satisfied with our services. We have owners who have been with us since the beginning and we have tenants who come back to rent from us if their building sells. You will love our product. For more information about our management services or available rentals, please call us at 801-484-4446 or visit us at our downtown office on 380 W. 200 S. #101.\r more

Horrible! 12/28/2008

I find it hilarious that the only positive rating is by Partlow themselves, terrific. I find the name also only half valid, as it should be FullLow...not just part. I've been renting for 4 years at Forest Park, which is a property they ""manage"". Under the course of the 4 years the owner has changed management 3 times, each time we've lost some version of what little service there already was. Partlow took over and dug up the flower beds to let grass grow in. I've never seen the tree/bush beds weeded, watering is not a huge concern, maintaining the pool is also not another concern of theirs. I was surprised this year that they bagged some of the leaves, only to still leave them in bags at the side of the building, it's winter now. We've not seen a plow the entire time. I'm excited for whomever of us ""accidently"" slips and falls on the walk-way to prove a long owed point to these money-grubbing slum-lords. The only person I'd suggest to move in, is a militant x-con with a high degree of knowledge in renters rights. Pros: Conditions here will just make you sick, not dead. Cons: You will have wasted your time moving here, just to have to move again. :( more


Partlow Investments has ""managed"" my property for almost two years. I live out of state. I have repeatedly received my rent late, been billed for services that do not apply to my property,(later reimbursed without apology),and treated rudely. I was told the tenants had renewed a 9 month lease only to find out two months later they never signed and the tenants were leaving. They do not return my calls or e-mails and I've had to hire an agent to find out the property status. I am left with no income without warning and a $150.00 water bill that the tenants did not pay. My only recourse is litigation at further expense to me. This has had a huge negative financial ripple effect in my life. I can't imagine they will stay in business for much longer. The most unprofessional business I have ever dealt with. Do not put your money in their hands.\r Good luck. Cons: incompetent more

Best Rental Agencie in Salt Lake City. Bar none. 8/6/2008

Partlow Investment Properties is one of the best local rental agencies in Salt Lake. They are friendly, fair, and helpful. The other reviewer doesn't understand that Partlow didn't raise their rent the owner of the building did. The pool is not going to be open because the owner thought it was a useless expense. The pool guy they hired left the country and hired somone else who was incompetent. They are currently working on getting that fixed. \r \r If you have any questions about Partlow Investment Properties you can call 801-484-9432 or visit us at our new office at 380 west 200 south.\r -thank-you Pros: friendly helpful Cons: hard to get parking at office more

worst rental agency ever 7/31/2008

I have been renting for 11 years, I have never experienced a more irresponsible, unconcerned, self centered, dishonest, money mongering company in my life. For example: In April the rent went up 1 hundred dollars, it took until the end of May to get the pool open, it is now the end of July, the pool is closed, and we are told that it will not be open next year either. No break on the rent though. Pros: fenced complex Cons: everything else more
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