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Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - 18 Reviews - 1719 S Hillside St, Wichita, KS - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (316) 682-5531

Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place

1719 S Hillside St (at

Just South of Harry on Hillside

Wichita, KS 67211
(316) 682-5531
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Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - Wichita, KS
Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - Wichita, KS
Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - Wichita, KS
Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - Wichita, KS
Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - Wichita, KS
Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - Wichita, KS
Parrot-fa-Nalia Party Place - Wichita, KS


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A real fun place to shop. One of my best shopping experiences ever. The sales staff was awesome! They gave me personal attention as if I was a very important person. It made me fe...


The only redeeming factor of this store was the prices on their wedding dresses. the most expensive I found was around $350. Much cheaper than the traditional bridal shop. With th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/31/2014

I have had an awful experience with paraphernalia the first time I went up there it was good, then I had to go back up to have it altered and realtor again and then the final time I went at it still wasn't ready when they said it would be and had to ship it to me and when I got the dress it had a hole in the lace, lace wasn't finished being put on and I also had to have my mother finish the alterations not worth the $600.00. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2013

I would give Parrot-fa-nalia zero stars if it were allowed. All of the previous complaints hold true but what truly frustrated me was the guarentee that they will not sell the same dress to someone else who is at your school and attending the same prom. This is absolutely an bogus guarantee. Not only did they sell the same dress but then they said it wasn't the same dress because it was in a little different shade than my daughter had (aqua (moss green) vs lime green). But what was the most frustrating was the way my daughter and I were treated when we inquired about it. We were told that it was not the same dress because the shades are a bit different. We were called names for questioning their ""guarantee"" and were bullied out of the store. Very unprofessional with terrible customer service. I think the only people that truly like this place have probably never had an issue that they needed the store to help them with. I was at least expecting for them to offer to one of the two girls the opportunity to look for another dress but instead we were bullied, called names and treated like we were in the wrong. Between my two daughters (bought 2 dresses) and we referred their dates there to get tuxedos we had spent well over $1200 and then ended up being treated like a criminal. Never again!! more

Worst clothing shop i have ever been to! 2/13/2012

I went to this place to purchase a dress for my wedding day, the one day girls look forward to all their lives, immediately when i was in there you could smell a musky scent as if you were in a basement, i found a dress that i liked and put 150.00 dollars on it, a short time later while my fiance was looking for something he found the picture of me in my dress, so i went in to find a dress i could exchange it for, all over the walls it states that you can get in store credit if an exchange is needed, they proceeded to tell me that i could only do it after 5 days! i was never told that, and when i asked what i was supposed to do, they told me that maybe he shouldnt be looking around in my stuff! are you serious? who are you to tell me something about my life? in short the workers are rude, it is a small crowed store, and they dont care if your wedding day is ruined or not, they dont care about helping. they pretty much made 150.00 for nothing, they pocketed it and put the dress up for resale anyways... dont go here, they will screw you over..... more

Good Luck.. 2/13/2012

Where do I start? This was my first experience prom dress shopping, and it almost ruined my excitement. Parrot fa Nalia is in a rundown, hole-in-the-wall building. I was already second guessing going inside just seeing it. There's no room to move inside. The entire store is packed with nothing but plastic covered dresses, so much that you can't even get through to look at them. It's a freaking mess. All the dresses on the floor look as though they've been there a few years. Not to mention the smell, which is like stepping into a moldy basement. There's a hallway for dressing rooms (the doors are a curtain that cover barely half the doorway) and there is absolutely no place to family or friends to view the dress you're trying on. The staff is pushy, rude, and extremely in-your-face. I was with my boyfriend and mom, who were standing outside the dressing room hallway. One of the associates physically pushed my boyfriend to a chair and told him to stay there. While trying on my dress, associates would randomly open the curtain and walk in and there is NOT enough room for 2 people in the tiny cubicles. After trying on one dress, I left because there wasn't anything there I was looking for. When asked if I was only trying on one dress, the helper in the dressing room immediately became defensive and argumentative. On our way out, two MORE associates stopped us and were astounded that we were leaving and were very rude and stand-offish about it. Not to mention that you can hear them talking about other girls trying things on, or people in the main room, basically just gossiping away. I wouldn't go back if you paid me and give this zero stars if I could. The store is gross, the dresses look years old, and the staff is incredibly rude and only care about your money (their dresses are extremely overpriced for the quality. The zipper broke the first time I unzipped it.) I suppose everyone has different experiences, but if you choose to shop here, Good Luck! more

Fun Place To Shop! 3/9/2011

A real fun place to shop. One of my best shopping experiences ever. The sales staff was awesome! They gave me personal attention as if I was a very important person. It made me feel really good. I?m thrilled with my new dress. These people truly care about their customers. Yea Parrotfanalia! I love you -- and your parrots, too. more

Best Dress Store I've Ever Been To 1/22/2011

I disagree with all of these negative reviews. I read them awhile ago before I actually went there and I was prepared for them to be complete witches.. It was the other way around. The ladies there were so nice I described the dress I was looking for to one of the ladies that work their and she went and got it for me so I could try it on. & people say they only have one mirror in the store? There was a mirror in every dressing room. They also keep track of who gets what dress from what school and thats really nice, I've never known another store to do that. And they had just about every dress that was shown in their catalouge and more. The only bad thing about the place was it was a bit crowded. more

EXCELLENT all 4 years 12/13/2010

My daughter and her friend started shopping for prom dresses at Parrot-Fa-Nalia when they were freshman, WONDERFUL experience and they were gorgeous on prom night. Their sophomore year, same thing, incredible customer service, wonderful quality and overall AWESOME experience!! The dresses had to be alterred that year so as soon as they were alterred, Parrot-Fa-Nalia shipped them, no stress, no worries! Their junior year I had to go at the doctor for a follow-up which ended up landing me in the hospital . . . Parrot-Fa-Nalia let my daughter try on a few dresses and took pictures of her so that she could come and show me before she picked one out. When she went back and found the one she wanted, she wore it out of the store and to the hospital for me to see!! This is our final year to shop for prom dresses and I have recently moved out of state, we will be travelling 600 miles but it will be well worth it!! We could NEVER go anywhere else for the experience the staff/owners have gi more

worst service ever 4/18/2010

this is the worst place that i have ever been to. i had a great experience up until the time that i came to pay for my dress. the ladies who helped me try on wedding dresses were really nice. on the other hand, the owner is a complete witch. i do not understand how she can own a business when she treats people the way she does. i will never reccomend this place to anyone! when i was walking out the door to leave the owner said to me, ""how do expect to pay for a wedding dress when you dont have any money?"" then she told the girl behind me that she shouldn't buy the dress she wanted because she looked fat in it. seriously? after we left a friend of mine called to talk to someone about the service we had, the owner got on the phone yelled at her and hung up the phone. then 5 minutes later she called me friends phone back cussing at her. definitely not going back there and i suggest that you dont either! Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

Not a good experience. 2/28/2010

This store is exactly as the other reviews have stated. Yes, they have lots of dresses that are so crowded on the racks you can not walk between the racks to even see what they have. However, the quality of the dresses for the prices were terrible. For $300 beads shouldn't be falling of the dresses. The stiching was also poor. I didn't see any dresses at all that looked like the ones in there catalouge. Maybe you can order those, but our experience didn't get us that far. Pros: Lots of dresses Cons: Rude staff. more


Yesterday my mother, me, two of my best friends', and their moms all drove two hours to Wichita to specifically look for a prom dress at Parrot-Fa-Nalia. I regret ever stepping into that place. The people working there were so rude to me and my friends that we had to leave after trying on just a few dresses. I dont think that when you walk in to someone's place of business to spend a good amout of money there, that they should call you fat. We spent over $1,000 in Wichita yesterday and that money was intended for Parrot-Fa-Nalia until we were treated the way we were treated. They're exact words were ""Maybe you should try JC Pennys because they would have more dresses in your sizes."" The website says that they carry dresses from size 0-32. I am FAR from a size 32, I actually wear a 16, and the dresses fit me just fine, but we were so rushed that we didnt even have time to decide whether we liked the dress we had on or not. I only tried 3 dresses on before they were asking me if I was there to buy a dress or just try dresses on. Every one of us was very offended leaving that store. A store that needs an awesome review is Foggy Bottoms. Their service put Parrot-Fa-Nalia's to shame. It was way more organized and the people working there made you feel good about your self, like clothing associates should do. Not to mention they had clean floors, unlike the bird poop on the floors of Parrot-Fa-Nalia. Parrot-Fa-Nalia was horrible and NEVER AGAIN will I go back there or suggest it to anyone. Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

Great Shopping Experience for Dad 9/20/2009

The shop was a little small, but the employees made the dress shopping very hassle free. The employees bent over backwards to make sure you were comfortable and attended to the wants and needs of the shopper. NO high pressure sales, employees continually brought dresses to try on and returned them to the racks, all we had to do was watch our shopper come out in different dresses. We were asked at least 10 times if we would like something to drink or seats, this was also done on a busy Saturday afternoon. I will return the next time my daughters need formals or wedding dresses. The attention we recieved was far above any place we had shopped before in OKC, Tulsa of Dallas areas. Pros: Hands off shopping Cons: Small Shop more

You Have to Want the Experience of Parrot-fa-Nalia in order to ENJOY IT! 9/24/2008

The title says it all. Pros: Everything Cons: If you lack of motivation to find ""That ONE Dress""... Go somewhere else more

Inexpensive wedding dresses, but finding one you like is like digging for burried treasure. No Class Shop 7/29/2008

The only redeeming factor of this store was the prices on their wedding dresses. the most expensive I found was around $350. Much cheaper than the traditional bridal shop. With that said, the place looked real cheap from the outside, and didn't look much better inside. Pros: Wedding gowns are inexpensive. If you find something that fits that you like, it'll be a real find. Cons: Small, overpacked, staff is inexperienced and not that knowledgeable, hard to see what kind of dress you're grabbing, Cheap, Not a classy store. more

AWSOME 5/14/2008

This place was so awsome. Yes the store is packed with dresses but the service there is unbelievable. My daughter found this place her senior year of high school and wished she would have found it earlier. They waited on her and made her feel like a princess. When buying prom dresses you must start early, like Jan or Feb if you want to beat the crowd. We will go back when she needs something for college! more

Worst Experience 3/23/2008

This place has turned my daughter's first prom into a horrible experience! Lots of dresses packed into a tiny seedy building. The dress my daughter wanted had to be special ordered. They took her measurements and said it would be in a week. Not! When it arrived it was 3 times too big. They assured me that they would alter it and it would be fine. Not sure what the point was in them measuring. The alterations were not fine. The sales ladies are very rude. Took the dress to a professional and they said it was the worst alteration job ever seen. They had ruined her dress. They would not exchange the dress because it had been altered. Wish I would of known then what I know now. Cons: Rip Offs, Bad Alterations, Rude more

not that great 3/9/2008

I went in to Parrot-fa-nalia to get a prom dress. When i went in, all i saw were plastic bags. The selection wasnt that great and it was hard to see the size of the dress because the dresses were packed in so tight. I saw the prices and i left. They wanted almost 300 bucks for a dress i could have gotten at jcpennys for $130. I ended up getting the dress that i liked at jcpennys and i went there right after leaving parrot-fa-nalia. Overall, not that great of a place to shop if you dont know what you're looking for. Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

Low Quality 10/10/2007

I would not reccoment this store to my worst enemy. As soon as I walked into the store all I could smell was a raunchy odor. I dont know if the dresses were 20 years old or what, but it stunk! I dont know about you but I sure dont want a stinky wedding dress! Cons: All more

Bad customer service and they are shady!!!!! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES 8/29/2007

This place has the worst customer service! They do not communicate with each other. When the bride picked out a dress from one of their catalogs the employees could not locate the catalog when the bridesmaids when in to be measured so she had to pick a different dress. They told her the dresses would be in by 08/18/07 and when she called on that date they said the dresses wouldn't be in until 09/08/07 ( the day of the wedding). When I called to see if the dress was finished being altered they asked me, "" when did they say it would be finished?"" They also told the bride they ordered green dresses instead of navy like requested. When the dress came in I paid for it in full but it had to be altered because it was three sizes too big and they proceded to charge me 25.75 because they had to order a dress that was over size 18 AND charged me over 50 dollars for taking the dress in three sizes. Cons: every thing about this place more

Only if you are looking for a prom dress 10/12/2006

This was more of a prom store. They had some wedding dresses but they all looked very old or maybe used. Cons: Hard to find, mostly prom stuff more

Great Selection 7/27/2005

Great selection on Prom & formal wear dresses. It may not look like alot from the outside, but it is PACKED with dresses & accessories! There is something for everyone. They used to keep a registry for dresses, so no one from your school would show up to prom wearing the same dress. I'm not sure if they still do it. Staff is very helpful & Friendly! more
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