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Parker Animal & Bird Clinic - 14 Reviews - 2129 W Parker Rd Ste A, Plano, TX - Animal Hospital Reviews - Phone (972) 607-3253

Parker Animal & Bird Clinic

2129 W Parker Rd Ste A
Plano, TX 75023
(972) 607-3253
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Dr. Whetstone is incredible! She is the first vet that my lab, Chewy, had ever visited where he didn't shake, rattle and roll!!. She always gave him great care and attention. Th...


I've been to the Parker Animal & Bird Clinic for my cat and my dog, and have never had a problem. But with a recent event dealing with my sister's dog..I will NEVER go there again...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/2/2016

I would NEVER take another animal to this awful place. I had been there twice with my pets when my beloved cat, Daisy, got sick while I was out of state. The person watching her for me had no money to pay for treatment and even though my cat was SCREAMING in pain, they wouldn't take my credit card over the phone. They would only take it if I was standing in front of them. My poor, sweet cat had to be driven 45 minutes away to a vet I did business with in order to get treatment. I'm sorry to say that she passed away. Would Parker Animal have been able to save her? We'll never know because they chose to let her, a cat they had seen before and treated...suffer. I hope no one ever treats them or their loved ones so callously. Don't go here if you love your pets. They truly don't care. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/23/2016

Everyone at Parker Animal and Bird Clinic is amazing. We've been going to them for over 16 years and made sure when we bought our new house it was near them. Dr. Thedford did an amazing job on my dals bladder stone surgery and he is a new dog now. You can't even see the scar. We use Dr. Whetstone and Dr. Thedford but have seen all the vets at one time when neither of them are there. Will only take my babies to them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/15/2013

I've been going to this vet for the past couple of years because the prices are much better than the other vets in the area. I love Dr. Whetstone, and the ladies at the front desk have always been nice to me, even while handling a huge number of appointments, walk-ins and animals. I found out today that Dr. Blonien is the owner of the clinic. I've only seen him once and Dr. Singh once, and they both seem very uncaring and don't ask the standard questions that you'd expect vets to ask. I time my visits to when Dr. Whetstone is there but sometimes I need to take one in and she's not on duty. I may have to start going back to my previous vet, even with the higher prices. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/9/2013

The only good thing about this place is Dr. Whetstone. She is very sweet and caring, but unfortunately, there is a lot more to a vet clinic that the vet. \r \r The front end staff is rude, unprofessional and downright unpleasant. They charge MORE than retail for their prescriptions and when you ask for a paper script to take elsewhere, they make it clear they think you are horrible for buying from ""those online pet meds websites"". They are always super-busy to the point of utter chaos and even picking up meds is an ordeal. \r \r We gave them 2 years, but finally left. I suggest you steer clear. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/6/2013

I am amzed at some of the negative comments here. I have had a 17 year relationship with this clinic and have taken 2 dogs and 2 cats here over the years. I have always been treated courteously and the staff has seen us through the death of my beloved dog, Ben, a Labrador retriever, and the care of all our animals. Most recently, my cat who is getting older has been having issues, and I just did a walk in - I was seen within minutes, even though they had a full office. Dr. Beth is wonderful. I have dealt wiht most of the staff and always was treated as if they cared - so I am not sure what happened in some of the cases below. I give Parker Animal & Bird Clinic 2 thumbs up! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/9/2013

I am not a person who usually writes a review on a place, but on this place I felt the need! Dr. Blonien has the worst way of treating animals. Our dog has seizures and one night he started with one to finish out at 13. We first took him to the Animal Hospital off of Custer. They took great care of him. The next morning we went to Parker Animal Clinic. We started to tell Dr. Blonien about our dogs history. He asked if he was up to date on his shots. Which of course I admitted I was an irresponsible pet owner and no he was not. So Before he would go any further with our dog he automatically says I am going to treat him as if he has rabies. He wrote out a waiver and had my husband sign it. He said he would administer the seizure meds, but Lucius would go into quarantine and we would go from there. He showed no care with our dog who was on sedatives at the time. He grab the leash and started dragging him through the other door. Lucius ran into the table and the Dr still showed no sympathy! After 6 hours of waiting and us having to call the Dr back... He said we could come get him, because he had not had another seizure. When he called us back into the room he left the door open, and proceeded to tell us he still thinks our dog has rabies and if he bites anyone and they die it is our fault. He gave Lucius potassium bromide and phenobarbital. Hmmm is that not what you treat an epileptic dog with. He said he was cleansing out the toxins, but still rabies was at the top of his list. Our dog has not bit anyone nor has he been attacked. I also told the Dr. Blonien this and he said he hears that all the time! We are taking our dog today to another Vet. The girl on the phone was very positive and understanding! I do not recommend this clinic to anyone unless you fit the profile that is acceptable to them. My dog and my family were treated will unwarranted disrespect! Also this man apparently has no problem with letting dogs with ""rabies"" leave his establishment. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/29/2012

I've used Parker Animal clinic for years, but found out yesterday that they cannot tell a cat's age. I have a kitten that's 5 months old and not a day older and the vet said he was a year old. They used to be cheaper than anyone else, but not anymore. $80 for neutering a 5 month old kitten is way over priced. I will be looking for a new vet and a closer one to home. more

I've been to the Parker Animal & Bird 6/5/2012

I've been to the Parker Animal & Bird Clinic for my cat and my dog, and have never had a problem. But with a recent event dealing with my sister's dog..I will NEVER go there again and I will certainly NEVER allow my animals to be taken care of by Dr. Blonien She took her dog to get a routine heart worm check, so he needed his blood drawn. They were told to muzzle him several times, it was even on his chart that he has high anxiety. Well, they didn't muzzle him and a tech was bit. Whose fault is that, really? They talked down to my sister, blamed her for the situation that COULD have been prevented and were extremely rude. They kept him over night in quarantine and did not feed him that morning him or take him out to go to the restroom. When they picked him up his behind was covered in his own feces. It's one thing to keep an animal in quarantine, and it's another to leave an animal in filth. Especially in a place that is supposed to take care of animals. A lot of people go here because it's affordable and easy. But I personally am willing to pay a little extra money to assure that my animals are being taken care of properly with the attentiveness and care that an animal clinic is supposed to give. more

Dr. Bethany Whetstone~the best ever 5/20/2012

Dr. Whetstone is incredible! She is the first vet that my lab, Chewy, had ever visited where he didn't shake, rattle and roll!!. She always gave him great care and attention. This past Friday, Chewy left us for the heavens. Dr Bethany was so kind, caring and careful with him. As a result, he was so peaceful. Up until now, I have had a dog in my life for over 38 years. I have had a number of vets who have been very good. But she tops them all because she is focused on what is going on in front of her no matter how many patients she may have waiting. She showed us compassion and didn't rush herself or us. I cannot recommend her highly enough~~~an amazing lady for sure!!!! more

not all is made out to be 4/25/2012

…as I write this, I feel sick of my stomach knowing that I may have put to sleep an animal that could have been saved, but we will never really know. About 2 months or so ago, I brought a feral cat to Parker Animal and Bird Clinic at 2129 W Parker in Plano. I thought I had found a great clinic. Wow, was I wrong, I found one great vet in Jennifer Thedford, but not a great clinic as you will see. Today I had to bring in another feral cat to the clinic, but this time Jennifer was off. I was assigned Dr Blonien, what a mistake. From the start I saw he had an attitude towards the feral animal, then, when we entered the room he removed the really weak animal onto the table, first by titling the cage and then just lifting it and allowing her to flop onto the table. What a disgrace and lack of care. During the “so called” exam, the Dr. did not draw any blood, did not take her temperature, nor did he do anything to the animal…did not even touch her, he was surely thorough in charging for the exam. In conversation he said he felt surely that she was at “death’s door” as he put it and should be put down. Told me how much it would cost and that was it. I was afraid to release the feral animal in her weak state and have her die during an attack by another animal, or hide and the linger with the suffering so I went along with it, as she was lifeless . During my first visit with Jennifer it was pretty much a similar situation, but she took the animal’s temperature and even suggested a less expensive test that though could not confirm anemia 100% would show the likelihood of it. She cared about the animal and although I left the office sad, I felt we had done the right thing. No so today, Dr. Blonien may be sure, I am not and how would he know…he just looked at her on the table, never even touched her once. I called the office back to let them know how bad the vet was, only to be shocked and find out that Dr. Blonien is the owner of the clinic, shame on him, he should change his line of work. I will never use him again, end of story. Dr. Blonien, these ferals may not mean much to you as it was obvious today, but to us, the feeders that use our own money, go and see the animals in hot weather, snow, ice, rain each and every day for many years and sometimes in not so nice or safe environments, they mean something to us. more

Great vet; Great value 3/8/2012

My local vet in a very nice neighborhood has very high prices and many on staff didn't seem to be overly concerned with my pet or my own welfare.\r \r I was told to try Parker Animal & Bird Clinic off of Custer and Parker. The whole staff was very friendly, concerned and helpful. Just as important, they were VERY reasonably priced. They delivered the services with love for my dogs and yet also found ways to save me money (double up one dogs meds instead of two charges for both or telling me that they have specials on Thursdays for neuters). All in all my costs were more then half of the other vet I looked at and the service, compassion and care was better. Plus, I am an Aggie and two of their vets have degrees from there. No better credentials then a vet from Texas A&M...Gig Em!\r \r Thanks PA&BC! I will be using you regularly now! more

Fantastic Vet! 1/29/2012

We have been going to this vet since we came to Texas in 2009. Awesome clinic! Very insightful and caring! We have 2 cats, and 4 dogs and wouldn't think of going any where else. more

Fantastic Care & Great Prices too! 12/22/2011

We love this vet! Can't say enough wonderful things. Dr. Whetstone usually takes care of us, but we've also seen Dr. Singh. This entire staff loves our pets as though they were their own. When our cat had kidney failure, they cried with us. When our puppy was bleeding from her eye, Dr. Whetstone even called us back after hours. I could write a novel - these guys just go above and beyond. They are very busy because they are very GOOD! :) more

Best rat care ever! 9/30/2011

Dr. Thedford is a loving rat owner herself: ALL RATS SHOULD COME HERE. She provides sound guidance and a compassionate perspective on rat treatment. Dr. Blonien, though not a rat specialist, called me on a Friday evening when the clinic was officially closed and I had a rat emergency. Their staff are caring and sweet to all animals. Their waiting room is crowded for a reason: these people know and love animals. Their treatment costs are more than reasonable -- you know they're in it for the love, NOT for the money -- but everyone in this line of work deserves to earn a living. more

Great Vet Clinic 6/14/2011

This clinic is awesome! I have taken all my animals there. The front desk staff is very friendly, the doctors are all very kind. The prices are unbelievable for Plano! Do expect to wait as they are always swamped, but never very long even as a walk in. They have been top notch and I say this after trying several other vets in North Dallas and Plano and feeling very taken advantage of more

Wonderful Vet!! 6/10/2011

I called this vet after failed attempts to get an appointment with 3 other avain vets. Parker was only low on my list because I live pretty far from the clinic. \r \r Anyway, it took a few tries to get through, but the lady was very nice. They do walk ins in the mornings until 10a and then again from 2-4p. This was somewhat of an emergency, so she said just to come and they would get me in. \r \r It was very busy when we arrived. We were still greeting and helped immediately. The staff were all extremely nice. We did have to wait a while, but since we were being squeezed in - that didn't matter. And really the time went pretty fast. \r \r The vet came in and checked my bird's injury. She was super gentle with him. Since we had already been to the ER vet, she checked what medicines they prescribed and said we were good to go. She did say she wants to see him again next week just to make sure the wound is healing okay. But then she added she wouldn't charge me another office visit to check it - just to bring him by one afternoon. I went to check out and my total only $30. \r \r I was so blown away by the friendliness of the doctors and the staff. The reasonable office visit fee was a much added bonus. I will definitely make the drive to use them as our vet from now on. more

Rude customer service 6/8/2011

I spoke to Carly this morning and she was very very rude on the phone. \r She could not give appointment until Saturday .\r please change your front office people and you would get more customers for sure. more

very impressed 1/28/2011

my tiny toy poodle went to the groomer and they called and said she had a nose bleed. NOT A GOOD SIGN! She is a couple medical conditions and had fallen about 3 ft to a tile floor and suffered a serious head trauma with massive seizure. She seemed fine until we went ot the groomer one month later. Dr Blonien saw her and seemed very interested in her case. This was the 1st time i had been to this clinic. He ran a few test and asked me if i would be willing to have all her medical records sent to him to study. I wanted to cry, no one ever takes the time.. they charge me $$$$$ and write a new RX for everything. I had got her off all her meds a year ago and she is better than ever.. the fall was a huge setback "" for both of us""!!! She is a 3-4lb tiny baby and only 4 years old. She is happy and plays, but we have to take extra care with her. WE know all the neuroloist, internal vet, country vets, local vets, dermatologist.... I'm so glad i at least found someone who is interested in her case. Rather he helps or not it's just nice to know someone cares. also he didnt charge me a arm and leg to get out of there and saw us without an apt.! more

Dr. Shelton opens his own clinic and we followed him 8/21/2007

For the past 10 years Dr. Shelton has taken care of our own family's animals as well as rescue animals that are under our care at any given time. He has this amazingly intuitive nature with the animals and is a people person to boot. You don't always get that combination in a doctor whether it's one for you or one for your animals. We have provided him with some of the most complicated and rarest cases and no matter what he handles the care of our animals with the utmost concern, confidence, and knowledge. No one else touches our animals as far as vet care and even though it is a slightly greater distance for us since he now opened his own clinic, we follow where he goes. \r \r Either a straight shot north on Custer and about 3 miles east on 380, or on north on Hwy 75 and one mile west, it's only a few minutes more than it was to his previous location. The clinic is located on the south side of Hwy 380 in McKinney, hence the name, and he has invested in some of the highest tech equipment to ensure the best possible care for your beloved pets. But don't let the high tech equipment fool you, his rates are definitely competitive and the staff are as warm and welcoming as the quaint building in which it is located. The environment is immaculately clean while both casual and comfortable for pets and owners alike. He scored by the fact that Parker Animal Clinic's A-1 top-notch vet tech, Liz Durbin, went with him to open his practice. I know that no matter whose hands my animals are in there, they care for them as though my pets were their own. We do not compromise on my pets care, even if it's a few miles more. See for yourself what a difference a phenomenal vet practice can make in the lives of your animals and in your own wallet. \r \r I had a hard time locating the address and number, so here it is for any of you that want it: Dr. Michael Shelton, DVM, 380 West Animal Clinic, McKinney, (214) 544-7881. They are closed on Tuesday so that they Pros: An amazing vet that gives you and your animals the highest care for the best value Cons: a little bit further from his previous location but he and your animals are worth it! more

Fantastic Veterinarian 8/8/2007

My husband and I absolutely adore Dr. Michael Shelton and were so disappointed when he left to head up his own practice, 380 West Animal Hospital at 4701 W. University Drive in McKinney, 75071, 214-544-7881. If he?s not too far from you, he?s well worth the trek to McKinney. He has a true understanding that your pet is an important member of your family and takes as much time as is necessary to properly diagnose your little one. He takes the time to look beyond the symptoms and is always willing to spend as much time with you and your little one as is needed. He's also really great about returning calls or taking your call if there is a crisis.\r \r At Parker Animal & Bird Clinic, I highly recommend Dr. Singh. He is really great, and, like Dr. Shelton, takes the time time to look beyond the symptoms. Dr. Blonien, who's practice it is, is really good but it's too difficult to get an appointment with him. Pros: Knowledgeable, friendly staff Cons: Very busy practice, difficult to get an appointment more
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  • Parker Animal & Bird Clinic provides a wide array of medical, dental and surgical care for Dogs, Cats, Birds & Exotic pets. We are located at 2129 W Parker Rd in Plano and our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 8-6 pm and Saturday 8-Noon. We also provide a Low Cost Vaccination Clinic on 1st & 3rd Saturday of month from 1 pm-4 pm.