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Paramount Acceptance Corporation

4725 S Holladay Blvd
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
(801) 272-8623
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Remove PostTony Gutierrez Golds Gym is the biggest ripoff gym I ever had to deal with. Thier contracts are totally unfair. Dont sighn one, they will rake you over the coals and s...


This place is the absolute worst, most bullying agency I've ever heard of. Five years ago, I had to deal with them when I moved out of the area and canceled my Gold's Gym membersh...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/3/2013

james kirksey [BABF-11359] will like to cancer my services,wit paramount acceptance [riveria fittnes more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/7/2013

Just found out how they act and I'll be contacting the new Federal agency that polices debt collectors. Its the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Thanks to the Dodd-Frank financial reform act more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/2/2013

Avoid this company!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gold's Gym of Utah is evil. Right now they are attacking me because they wouldn't let me cancel. Now they are trying to get over a thousand dollars from me and they are putting negative reports on my credit. They will try to force you into a contract, even if you live more than 20 miles away from any gold's gym. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/1/2012

Not willing to work with you, or gather any ""updated information"". They've been trying to contact my mom's phone to get a hold of me, even though my phone number (which has never changed) is still current and able to receive anything (texts and phone calls etc.). I haven't received any emails and I've tried to get a hold of them numerous times, but they're times are not different from the working person. Which makes it difficult to get a hold of anyone after work hours. Listen to everyone's tips and ask before signing up for anything. This company will screw you over and then some... :( more

Absolutely the worst 5/10/2012

This place is the absolute worst, most bullying agency I've ever heard of. Five years ago, I had to deal with them when I moved out of the area and canceled my Gold's Gym membership. They were terrible then, constantly calling and threatening lawsuits. After paying them, I didn't expect to ever have to deal with them again. But for the past two weeks, they have been calling me twice a day. FIVE YEARS after I closed my account and paid it off. It looks like they've renewed my account when I specifically requested it be closed for good. There is no excuse for this agency's behavior. They need to be investigated for their practices. DO NOT join Gold's Gym and it looks like you might need to consult a lawyer if you ever come into contact with Paramount Acceptance. more

Fraud, Bullying and scam 3/6/2012

Paramount Acceptance is horrible. They can't give me an account number for the charges, they bully and harass me into giving them money and then they do it all over again 3 weeks later with new charges! These guys shouldn't be in business or operating and should be charged with fraud. Once they get your card # they rack up charges, rack up late fees then they renew your account without your consent. You try to cancel and they say they don't have record even though you've faxed, emailed and sent letters. I closed my card# because of identity theft and they charged me 6 mos in late fees even though I updated them with the new card on 3 different occasions. When I said my contract should of been done in Dec they said, no they auto-renewed and it was up to me to cancel even though my contract said for 1 year. These guys are crooks, they are bullies and they try to make money by scaring ppl. Gold's Gym needs to wise up and cut these fools loose before they lose more customers. HORRRIBLE! more

yep another pissed customer 2/7/2012

watch out when your golds gym membership is ending. they will claim that a gym improvement fee just ""happens"" to be due at the last date and so you will pay an extra approx. $20. how many unhappy people before they finally run out of customers! more


If I could give a company a MINUS TEN rating, then this is what Paramout would get, more

Total Ripoff 12/1/2011

These people collect for Work out Anytime. It's supposed to be month to month but when you quit, they will dog you for extra month, improvement fees etc. They will call you incessantly! more

Be aware when you are doing any business with them 11/9/2011

Paramount Acceptance is the payment processing for the EFT persoanl training facility at my local Gym. I think they are both together running a scam. Even though after mentioning several times that I only want to sign up for 3 motnhs they enrolled me for 1 year. All the other paper work clearly indicate that I want to enroll only for 3months. And once I noticed they charged for more than 3months they would change it back, it took me several phone calls to cancel my contract and I still overpaid $720 than I wanted to. They say they cannot refund that money even though I did not use the services. more

BEWARE, Do not give them you account number 9/15/2011

As a banker I often see people get frustrated with Paramount Acceptance's poor accounting or dishonest attempt to take money. Often my customers did not comply with the fine print and Paramount was legally, but not morally, justified in taking the money. more

Avoid Paramount Acceptance At All Costs 7/29/2011

I worked for The EFT Group (effective fitness training) as a personal trainer out of a gym in Jessup, MD. Paramount handled our billing. By the way EFT is an awful company as well please avoid them at all costs. Paramount however ripped off more than half of my 40 clients. One women signed up for a 3 month contract with EFT. The manager went back into her file and forged her signature on an electronic contract, then entered a false address, a false drivers license number, and phone number. And then changed the contract to 12 mnths. For some reason she was not able to come to the gym for several months and she returns Paramount has continued to bill her some $200 a month. She goes to some kind of claims court through Paramount and they say because her signature is on the contract they will not refund her even though the signature was clearly forged and her address and drivers license number were incorrect. She was charged over $1000 dollars because an EFT employee scammed her and a greedy dishonest Paramount unjustly persecuted her. PLEASE do not deal with either of these companies! This is only one horror story. I have dealt with 15 or more people at this gym with very similar stories. more

Avoid a contract at any health facility that uses paramount 7/18/2011

I was assured when I signed up at my local health club that I could cancel when I moved if there were no facilities available in my new locale, which there were not. I notified Paramount right away of my move, but they would not take a rental agreement or any kind of signed statement, only a bill, but I had no bills, as I was renting just a room for two months. When I finally had my own place, I faxed them proof with a copy of the bill and each time they said they got the cover letter, but not the proof. A month later they finally said, oh we have the copy of the bill, but it doesn't match your name (I have a double last name and Comcast failed to put both names) so sent them a copy of my social security with numbers blacked out because it shows both names and guess what? Again, oh we got your cover letter, but not the copy of the SS card. So I started faxing it every day for over a week, but then they sent my a bill for over $1000 to ""close"" my contract and sent me to a ""collection"" agency owned by them using the name Federal Collection. Read the fine print, not related to the federal gov. at all. So this time I sent them certified letter with copies of everything and they got it, no denying that one, but now say I owe 250.00 and have turned me over to a legal agency to collect! It is ridiculous that they get away with this! I will not be paying them anything, as I was paid in full when I moved and notified them right away that I was moving. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!! Go to a different health club or show your health club owner all the bad reviews! They are definitely getting reported to the BBB from me! more

Avoid this company at all costs! 7/6/2011

Avoid this finance company. Anytime signing a contract, ask who handles all finances, if Paramount Acceptance is mentioned, walk straight out. I had a contract with World Gym in Idaho Falls, ID. In the contract they mention if you move away how easy it is to cancel your membership. What they don't tell you is how many steps you have to go through and how many unrefundable monthly charges will appear on your card because it took them so long to cancel your membership. What they also don't tell you is they take out unexplained charges from your account that take months to get refunded because YOU have to provide proof they did not belong rather than THEM providing proof they were legitimate. Like every other review I have read, they are the text book definition of a scam artist company. more

HORRIBLE company, just like Gold's Gym - STAY AWAY 6/20/2011

I went to put my account on hold SIX weeks before the billing cycle I needed to freeze since I was leaving the country for 4 months. After I was already overseas nearly 2 months later I get a phone call telling me I am past due on my Gold's Gym membership. Seriously??! I kept the freeze paperwork. My MOTHER had to go into the gym, sign another one-year freeze for me b/c apparently PARAMOUNT didn't file the freeze. Hence why they wanted my money. Now, over a year later they are still trying to get $15 ""late payment"" fee out of me. Screw Paramount and Gold's Gym - you bunch of incompetent people!!!! more



Golds Gym is a Rip off!!! 4/4/2011

I went in on a promotion for couples each person for $17 a month and I ended up paying $25. They changed the terms when they wrote up the contract. Then I allowed for the fees to be taken out of my bank account and when I was dont paying off the three year contract I wrote them and told them i did not want to renew. they renewed it anyways and continued to take money form my bank account. I had to cancel my bank account and open a new one to get them to stop. Then they started to call my house trying to collect money for a new contract that I specificall told them I did not want. Open your eyes people. If you want a good fair and honest gym got to 24 HOUR FITNESS. AVOID GOLDS GYM!!! more

Gold Ripoff 3/7/2011

Remove PostTony Gutierrez Golds Gym is the biggest ripoff gym I ever had to deal with. Thier contracts are totally unfair. Dont sighn one, they will rake you over the coals and screw you up the whazzoooo. They are like a bank, and charge unfair fees and frivoluse user fees you dont know about. They are legal crooks. 2 seconds ago ? Friends Only ?LikeUnlike ? Write a comment... Press Shift+Enter to start a new line. Golds is worse than a bank. There are hidden fees they dont tell you about when you sighn up. They hang up on you when you call in to talk to them and they charge you even after you officially, make known your intention not to renue. more

If you are a Workout Anytime member, you should know this. 3/3/2011

Workout Anytime contracts Paramount Acceptance to do their billing. My wife and I opened two memberships on a same day at a local Workout Anytime and set up the recurring payments with a single credit card. A few months later my wife went out of the country for a few months, but I kept her membership active, since we didn't know when she will be back exactly. For whatever reason, my card was billed for only a single membership for the past half a year. I have no idea what triggered this change. But a couple of weeks ago I received a letter from a collection agency, attempting to collect the amount equal to two annual memberships at Workout Anytime. My wife's phone was off since she left, and we never received a single letter notifying us about our delinquency. Now Workout Anytime sends me to Paramount Acceptance with all questions, Paramount Acceptance sends me to collection agency, and collection agency has no legal right to talk to me, but only to my wife. Classic catch 21. No help from Workout Anytime, none from Paramount Acceptance. Great service! more

Contact BBB/ report as fraud to your credit card 10/13/2010

I've been trying since July to get a contract cancelled. I have moved and am about 100 miles from the gym. Under the terms of the gym's contract I am able to get out of the contract without any fees since I have moved. But, like all the other people writing reviews I've been given the run around and outright lied to. more
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