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Paper Paper

142 S Solana Hills Dr
Solana Beach, CA 92075
(858) 481-8883
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After finding them in their new location in Solana Beach, I spoke with Judy about some birthday invitations I needed in a hurry. My daughter was turning 7 and she gave me specifi...


I already spent too much time dealing with terrible customer service . My suggestion is DON'T WAIST YOUR TIME ON PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS! Pros: Large selecti...

What Snobs! 5/26/2011

I have tried to go there for over 8 years since both locations were convenient for me. One lady who works on the Scrap section is fairly pleasant. However, the rest are horrible. This morning I had to run out to the Barn and take care of my horse; and on the way home I popped in to pick up some paper. One of the women, looked me up and down with disgust (okay so I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt but does that matter?) and let me know she felt I couldn't possibly be from around here....she even made a snide remark to me as I left. I was so shocked I just smiled and pretended to not be offended but I will never go back. more

Excellent Service - Nice Cards 4/28/2011

After finding them in their new location in Solana Beach, I spoke with Judy about some birthday invitations I needed in a hurry. My daughter was turning 7 and she gave me specific instructions on an ocean sea shell party invitation, but NOT the Little Mermaid. After explaining my predicament, Judy brought me over to the section of invitations and gave me two great options. She was very helpful and was appreciative we re-found her in her new store since they moved from Del Mar. When it seems more and more small businesses like this are failing during these tough times, it is nice to see that some people still care about the customer, personal attention and making you happy. I will be back! more


I already spent too much time dealing with terrible customer service . My suggestion is DON'T WAIST YOUR TIME ON PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS! Pros: Large selection of cards. Cons: Unpleased people to work with and VERY expensive. more

Horrible Service, Wrong Invites delivered 10/20/2009

That star is only bc I was required to give them one- and I guess there actual cards to deserve one- have they gone thru new managent or something?\r I have been getting my invites, thank you notes, and gifts there for years. I recently ordred Crane personalized thank you notes in anticipation of my son's b-day as well as buying the invites there. \r When the thank yous arrived they were the wrong card- I ordered fold over cards and these were flat but they did have my name printed on them. After going thru all sorts of annoying phone tag trying to get them to fix it the woman (claiming this came from the owner as she refused to let me speak to an owner or manager) said- ""well you will pay for the replacement cards, right?"" UMMMMMM NO!!!!! you ordered the wrong cards- I pointed to the cards I wanted in your catalog and was very clear- you got the wrong ones whether by transposing the order number or other issue (htey only asked me to check the spelling of my name on the order nothing else). \r Accidents happen and that is ok but she wanted me to pay for their mistake- she would not let me buy a small portion of the ""mistake"" cards (that had my name on them so what were they going to do with them) so I could start writing my thank yous. \r I asked her what she could do to help me out due to my party having already happened and needing to get these cards out and she said nothing- they would do nothing (ad was really rude during this and all other conversations till I finally asked my husband to take over as it was making my mood sour to talk to her). \r They promised the new cards in a week- a week and a half later I went in and they claimed the cards had not been ordered yet(the woman behind the counter didn't even know what we were talking about and when she called the other woman there was a flurry and an ohh we will order the now). Somehow they claimed it was Crane's fault. Paper Paper promised the cards in another week- again they were not there. \r It took more than a month to get the replacements. They never even said ""sorry for the inconvenience"". \r \r More than that they were rude and implied that they should not have to eat their own mistake and I should be paying for the replacements. I gave them the incorrect cards back btw- they did not allow me to buy even ten of them so I could get thank yous to my grandparents in a timely manner. Even if they had said ""hey we have some thank you notes on sale for a really great deal- would you like me to pull them aside so you can get some cheaply"" I would have appreciated it, it wouldn't have cost them a dime, and they might have kept me as a customer- but it was like they did everything they could to be rude.\r My husband attempted to talk to them (Having worked as an executive at a paper company)- he couldn't believe the incompetence or rudeness. When he got off the phone he asked in all seriousness if perhaps the woman had a mental disability which caused her rudeness. I wouldn't recommend the to my worst enemy, well maybe my worst enemy... : ) Pros: adorable invites Cons: crap service, worst I have ever encountered I think more

*****DO NOT GO HERE******* 6/14/2009

They get one start because they DO have great invitations to choose from. I cannot give them any credit though for being helpful, creative, or understanding. I bought close to 100 beautiful invitations there and wanted to get them printed as well. THe OWNER of all people would not give me the time of day. I wanted to meet with her to go over what i wanted on the invite (fonts etc.) She said she doesnt meet with anyone. How is that possible!? So i dropped in during the week and she was there and refused to come out of the back to talk to me. So i just decided to TRY and do it via phone/fax. She would NOT do what i asked and then after a couple weeks told me to go somewhere else because she cant help me. WHAT?! She owns the place and she cant do my invitation? So now she has left me with all my invitations and i have to start all over somewhere else with time getting close. I will NEVER EVER go there again. Pros: No pros Cons: Worst customer service and RUDEST owner! Blown Away! more

Great choice of gifts, cards, paper, and invitations! NO problem with service here! 8/17/2008

I have been purchasing gifts, gift wrap, cards, imprinted party invitations and holiday cards from Paper Paper for several years now and have NEVER run into the problems listed below! I am wondering if these people went into the same store as I did! Judy is a perfectionist and I think that is to her credit...she has been in business a long time and knows her suppliers, what works and what doesn't! If you want the very best service, make an appointment with Judy or Lori DURING THE WEEK, sit down with them and tell them what you are looking for. Their selection is unbelievable! They do not work weekends because they have a life too! There are only a handful of privately owned GREAT stationery stores left in this town and if you want regular run-of-the-mill invitation or cards, do it online or go to Hallmark. This is not your store! These are professionals who know their business and take pride in the products they produce! Pros: Great selection, great gifts and quality products more

Unprofessional 8/9/2008

When looking for a wedding vendor to do my wedding invitations, I walked into Paper Paper. I was not greeted, and there were some young high school aged children working the register. They didn't know the price of one of the items I was purchasing, so one of them suggested to ""just charge (random amount)"". Totally unprofessional. I don't think I'll be going there again. Pros: Location Cons: Unprofessional. I don't trust them more

Judy is exceptional 11/1/2007

I have worked with Judy a few times now and she has always gone above and beyond. She is a wonderful person who sets high standards for her work and spends extra time so it will be perfect. In the wake of the terrible firestorms San Diego saw last week, Judy, who was evacuated from her house and did not know if it was standing, opened her shop for me (which was also in a smoke filled area) to get my programs and placecards done for my wedding that was happening in a few days! she worked on them till all hours of the night so they would get done, sacrificing her own personal comfort. I dont know anyone that would have done that. She also printed up my invitations in a matter of days when I was short on time and has always gone the extra mile when needed. Her and her staff have always been polite and helpful, even when I changed my mind a million times. I would recommend Paper Paper to everyone for their quality of work and the ability to print beautiful pieces. more

Terrible service 8/31/2007

I agree with the post below. No one greeted me (or any other customer that came in after me), I had to search for help and she was not kind to me at all. Then the two women that were working there fought (and I mean FOUGHT) with each other about answering the phone in front of about 7 customers! more

Great Customer Service. Went Above and Beyond! 7/30/2007

Boy am I glad I don't believe everything I read. Clearly some of the negative comments in these reviews had some issues (personal or otherwsie). I actually asked the store owner about them and if she was aware of the reviews. She told me the customer in question (she actually knew who I was referring to because I guess she has never had too many negative customer experiences) and she told me that the customer was being completely unreasonable. The problem with the order was she couldn't make up her mind, and once she finally decided, she wanted it done overnight and no company could do it, as that is not the type of order that is done in house. Judy was very helpful to my wife in ordering some announcements. She made some great suggestions we were happy we stopped in and didn't listen to the other reivewers. In this day in age where more and more small businesses are failing, it seems like her little store is thriving, and it wouldn't be if the comments expressed above were the norm. I think she did a great job for us, and we were pleased. I would hope people would be able to look past the ""issues"" other people have had and go in with an open mind, as you will be pleasantly surprised. \r \r (Just a side note, this is only my opinion, but it looks as if a couple of these accounts were created to give her multiple negative reviews. Could possibly be a former disgruntled employee trying to get back at Judy or something. I respect peoples opinions, good or bad, but it really seemed like some of these reviewers had a serious axe to grind.) Pros: Great location. Very knowledgable and helpful. Cons: Not inexpensive, but I guess you get what you pay for. more

Great place for invitations 6/13/2007

Paper Paper is an upscale place to get invitations and has great quality stock to choose from. Although there has been some reviews, no place is perfect. I can only speak from my experience and have to say I have gotten invitations there before and was very satisfied with what results came from it. Judy was the printer and she helped give great insight to the wording and layout of my birth announcements. \r \r For those who wrote negative reviews, you sound like you had some problems, but you probably should have gone to Hallmark, if you wanted Hallmark quality. Paper Paper is a step above and beyond any other store and I would recommend going there for you invitation needs. \r \r Pros: Good location, Good selection more

Find another place 5/29/2007

I recommend finding another stationery store. I felt very uncomfortable when I went in there one day and heard the owner reprimanding one of her employees. I was surprised the girl didn't just walk out and and quit on the spot. I think it's very unprofessional to do this in front of customers and I think so many other stores in town are more worthy of a loyal clientele. Not to mention, the place was a mess! more

you all dont know what youre talking about 5/23/2007

first of all i have been going to paper paper for years and i have never had a problem. the girls there are great and judy has never been rude to me in any way. first of all the people there are there to help you, not to write your invites for you. judy makes SUGGESTIONS and they arent CHANGES. these CHANGES are SUGGESTED so you dont look like an IDIOT when you send out your invites and youre grammar or wording are incorrect. and as far as the ""ill-trained"" employees, god forbid someone make a mistake!!!! how is it you walk into a store and expect the person helping you to get everything right and know EVERY answer to EVERY question you have? sorry theyre human but how else are they to learn if you treat her like an ""ill-trained"" employee as soon as you walk through the door? I think all of you are POOR CUSTOMERS not the other way around. more


This goes way beyond just a rude sales clerk on an off day. If you ever wonder who the ""printer"" is here that everyone in the store refers to, it's the store owner. The inexperienced girl I worked with messed up the order by putting several contradictory things on it - like upper/lower case and then a comment on all caps & then another comment, do it like the sample, the latter two were put on after I reviewed it and left. She was trying to correct many of her errors and added some in the process. When I got the proof, it was done WRONG - even specific things I requested were altered based on the printer's opinion. I just recreated and faxed it to them saying, make it look similar/exact to this. They told me that they will charge me for another proof & do not feel they made an error. And they wanted another charge for re-typing. When I called on the phone I spoke with a sales clerk -as the owner/printer, in my experience, does not take calls even though I ask to speak to her. The clerk told me that the owner said that she is now refusing this print job & that I can come & pick up the blank invites. When I got there, she was rude & bizarre. Even though I asked her how she came up with her proof when there were 3 different instructions on the order form & why did she not question & call to clarify, she just kept pointing to one commentary & repeating ""I was right"" and ""I did it right"" in a repetitive robotic fashion. I told her she had a problem & that I did not agree with her business ethics to which she stuttered, in front of my toddler, to not let the door h*t my.....a** on the way out. There was a gross void in professionalism & concern. And what store owner raises their voice & speaks in profanity in front of a small child? Over a proof? THAT SHE DID INCORRECTLY AND CAN'T ADMIT TO. It's very disturbing. \r \r For the wedding invite person below - go somewhere else, don't wait to find out who knows what! Stay away from BEYOND POOR TREATMENT! more

Appalling!! Owner should be ashamed of herself!! 5/8/2007

I very rarely seek out a forum through which to express a negative experience, but our experience with Paper Paper was so appalling, I felt it ultimately necessary to inform potential customers of the outright abusive treatment we received by the owner, Judy. Long story short, the printing my friend ordered for my baby shower invitations was not correctly formatted on the proof. The order, taken by a less than experienced clerk, was ambiguous and NOT what was ordered and she asked to have it redrafted without having to pay the $5 fee. Instead of assuming responsibility and redrafting it, we were told the ""printer"" (owner Judy) REJECTED our order and would not be printing the invite at all, and to come and pick up the unprinted invites. As anyone working with invitations knows, time is of the essence so this put us in a bad position. My friend went to the store with her 2 year old daughter in her arms to receive a refund for the prepaid printing, and Judy further debated this topic, insisting she was right and my friend was WRONG and told my friend that she didn't want to WASTE her time redrafting it only to have it rejected again. My frirend expressed how horrible her customer service was and she said, verbatim....""Don't let the door h*t you in the a** on your way out, sweetheart."" This was clearly beyond inappropriate to say in front of a child, let alone something appropriate to say to a customer.\r \r After my friend explained this to me, I went to the store myself and told Judy she should be ashamed of herself for treating people so abusively. She could only repeat that my frirend was WRONG, and cited her ""29 years of experience and positive reputation."" I think you can see for yourself from the other postings, that Judy is quite mistaken. She's not only incapable of delivering customer service, she's the most abusive store owner I've ever encountered. Paper Paper should be avoided at all cost!!!! Pros: Hard to remember after our experience Cons: Abusive treatment more


This is my first time writing a negative review...I cannot tell you how frustrating an experience it has been ordering my wedding invitations from Paper Paper. We were told it would take a week to get our has been 4 now and still no invites. The took liberties and changed some info on our invites because they thought it ""looked better."" I have been given different information every time I have called...I am truly terrified of what is going to be fouled up when I get the actual invitations...because of them we have no time for error at this point...BUY YOUR WEDDING INVITES SOMEWHERE ELSE! more

Horrible 4/25/2007

Paper Paper is understocked, poorly staffed, and lacks any semblance of customer service. My experience there was horrible and inconvenient. My rush order came in a 100 pieces because an ill-trained employee failed to mention that I had to pay for assembly. The only thing worse than discovering that my order was incomplete and late was management's brusque brush off. I would rather burn my money than shop here ever again. more
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