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Panzer Allan J OD - 34 Reviews - 4760 Beechnut St, Houston, TX - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (713) 664-4760
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Panzer Allan J OD

4760 Beechnut St
Houston, TX 77096
(713) 664-4760
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Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX
Panzer Allan J OD - Houston, TX


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If you are struggling with dry eye syndrome, run, don't walk to see Dr. Panzer. After hitting 50, I developed a dry eye condition that made it impossible to wear my contacts for ...


I guess the other reviewers are his favored patients. I had an appointment and I waited and waited. He actually saw someone who just walked in before me! When I finally got to the...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/13/2014

Dr. Panzer has been a valued and phenomenal asset to me. I am a patient with Keratoconus and have had less than desirable vision for numerous years. Not being a candidate for Lasik surgery and my eyesight continuing to decline in one eye, it has been nearly impossible to find contact lenses or glasses that provided clarity. Dr. Panzer discussed the sclera lens with me and allowed my to test a pair in the office to see it may be an option. The sclera lens provided a level of clear vision that I have not had in nearly 10 years. Sclera lens can be quite costly and insurance companies prefer not to cover the expense. Initially when it was submitted to the insurance company, the result was a denial but that did not deter Dr. Panzer and his team. He and his team quickly challenged the denial and took the time to write and provide the medical documentation to the insurance company to show the medical necessity for the lenses. After several weeks of working with the insurance company, Dr. Panzer as able to obtain approval from the insurance company so that I could obtain the lenses. The insurance company not only covered the lenses, but they also covered the fitting fee as well. Taking the time to work with a patient and taking time with the insurance company to get the lenses covered is just one of many outstanding traits that demonstrates his caring, compassion and dedication to his patients. Over the years, I have consulted with several optometrists in the Houston area for 2nd opinions and each time, I returned to Dr. Panzer with his recommendations for care. I am a lifetime patient and would not consider anyone else to care for my vision.\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/14/2014

I have suffered for many years from the long term effects of both RK and Lasik surgeries. I was honestly wondering how much longer I would be able to work or drive as my eyes were getting so bad. I had tried different lenses and glasses to no avail. I had been to Dr's in both Colorado and Texas and nobody could help me. Nobody that is until I found Dr. Panzer here in Houston. He was very personable and took his time in explaining to me what was really going on with my eyes. He assured me he could help me even though I was skeptical at first. He fitted me with Scleral contact lenses and I can say I am blown away! I can see better than I have in many years. It has changed my life and taken away so much anxiety I was having about my future vision limitations. Dr. Panzer is amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/17/2014

Went to Dr. Panzer's office today for a second opinion about an eye exam that I had and the doctor said there was a chance I could have glaucoma, but at his office it would be really expensive to further check it out. So I went to Dr. Panzer for a second opinion. Walking into the office, everything was so neat, the people at the help desk were so nice. DR. Panzer himself was very nice, he spoke to me and I told him what happened, and why I was there. He told me I could do a scan so they could see what was wrong and I told him I didn't have money for it, and he helped me and did it for free. I haven't seen any Dr. that has done that before. He scanned my eyes, and he explained everything to me. Turned out there was nothing wrong with my eyes to start with, I was so happy I decided to get a second opinion, and extremely happy that I chose Dr. Panzer's office, he has a kind heart and is very professional and straight to the point. I DEFINATELY recommend him to anyone more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/31/2013

I took my mom to Dr Panzer's office for an evaluation, and after discussing with him I was relaxed because of his disposition; the way he addressed us and his high level experience in the profession. He made us feel at home, and professionally instructed us on the best thing to do at that moment, and the results were amazing. \r \r Dr Panzer is a definition of what professionalism should be.\r \r Good job, Doctor.\r \r I recommend him to any body with eye needs. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/26/2013

I am a new patient and am very happy with his demeanor products and services. I came from Soper Bros and have a special condition - keratoconus in my left eye and blind in my right eye. I am the guy who is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. Surgery is not an option. Dr. Panzer laid out my choices and knew right away what would help me. I selected this hard, thick contact that goes over the front part of my eye - I forgot the name. We discuss how I could afford it. I now see very clearly and my eyes are not as sensitive to the light. I always had a problem with tears getting in the way of what I was looking at, especially the fine detail - that problem is gone. I never thought I would be able to see this clearly. Thank you, Dr. Panzer! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/28/2013

Dr. Panzer has been my eye doctor for over 12 years. My experience has been very positive. The staff, as well as, Dr. Panzer have always shown me great respect and professionalism. He has taken excellent care of my vision problems and I feel very comfortable with his care. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/20/2013

I was having dry eye and double vision and a physician friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Panzer. I was very impressed with his compassion and knowledge. His drops relieved my dry eye symptoms immediately and the suggestions he made for me to continue in my search for my double vision problem helped as well. I highly recommend Dr. Panzer for your eye problems. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/20/2013

April 20, 2013\r \r I was recommended to Dr. Panzer by my roommate. I found the office staff very friendly and professional. Dr. Panzer looked at my eyes and knew what I needed before I could tell him.\r \r He has given me clear vision which I haven't had for a long time. He explained what was wrong clearly and worked with me to give me the best vision possible. I am enjoying driving without haloes around lights. I also am enjoying seeing things that I have missed for a long time. I also highly recommend him without hesitation. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/27/2013

Dr. Panzer is a very knowledgeable doctor. I was referred by a friend. I has LASIK many years ago and I have been having dry eyes. Dr. Panzer was very honest with me and told me that LASIK surgery leaves you with dry eyes permanently. Trying every drop in the market without any success, Dr. Panzer tested me for dry eyes and of course they were dry! He prescribed me his own made eye drops called Pantest for dry eyes. My eyes were 318 and after a week of use my eyes got tested again and were 309 that's an improvement!!!after many years suffering with dry eyes 24/7. Dr. Panzer thank you!!! I recommend anyone with severe dry eyes to visit Dr. Panzer you will not be disappointed! Excellent doctor! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/24/2012

It was wonderful to find an Optometrist who is as knowledge as Dr. Panzer. Using state of the art equipment Dr. Panzer is able to do a thorough ophthalmic examination without dilating my eyes. By not having my eyes dilated to do a thorough eye exam does not take as long as it did at the Ophthalmologist I used to use. I am no longer having to try to drive back to work with dilated eyes. Dr. Panzer prescribed me glasses that allow me to see extremely well even in dim light. It is extremely important to me to be able to read the fine print, something I was not able to do until prior to finding Dr. Panzer. He is constantly striving to find new therapies to better serve his patients. When Restasis eye drops were not helping, Dr. Panzer prescribed Pro-test Opth Suspension which has relieved my dry eyes. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/23/2012

I have been going to Dr. Panzer for several years. He and his staff are always very pleasant. Unlike many Dr.'s, there is little to no waiting at Dr. Panzers office. When they give you a time for an appointment, they mean it. Additionally, Dr. Panzer takes time to go over all the procedures, what they are for, and what the results plain english. \r \r Now I consider myself to be a fairly ""fashion forward"" male. This goes for my frames as well. Fortunately, Dr. Panzer has all the newest designer frames and they dont break my budget either.\r \r Overall, ""eye"" see the value in having a Dr. like Dr. Panzer! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/4/2012

I had some glasses from somewhere else that were supposed to be intermediate distance so I could see my harp music, but they didn't work, and Dr. Panzer took one look at them and told me what was wrong. He made me some new lenses in ten minutes and they work great! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2012

Dr. Panzer is an incredibly knowledgeable doctor! He is the only doctor who has helped me with my dry eyes. I had suffered from dry eye syndrome for four years and exhausted every option I could think of. I have seen numerous specialists and also tried Eastern practices in hopes of relieving the pain and discomfort I was constantly experiencing. To my frustration no one was able to help and the search was infuriating. I discovered Dr. Panzer and within a few months of following his treatment my eyes were better! I am able to wear contacts again and am no longer plagued by the pain of dry eyes. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Panzer. He knows his stuff and cares about his patients. He spent more time speaking with me than any of the other doctors I had seen combined. He is a miracle worker! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/20/2012

Very informative and thorough work is done by Dr Panzer. he is genuinely interested in the overall well being of his patients, his ideas and suggestions worked wonders for my sleep apenia, which he actually pointed out, and when i checked with my PCP, turns out that Dr Panzer was right.\r highly recommended. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/10/2012

In the mid eighties I had RK surgery in both eyes, that corrected my vision for about 10 years. Then I had to wear glasses again. In 2005 I had cataract surgery, a toric lens was implanted in my right eye to correct my astigmatism. This did not work as hoped for and I could not make out images with my right eye. I had four PRK laser procedures on my right eye, which enabled me to see objects, but they were blurred. I could not get a prescription for glasses or contacts that would enable me to see clearly out of my right eye. Dr. Panzer prescribed and fitted me with Large Diameter RGP lens. For the first time in over seven years I can see clearly out of my right eye. Something that I was beginning to believe I would never be able to do. It is great to see the world clearly again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/28/2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Panzer's for many, many years. He has treated me for both the normal, ""run of the mill"" yearly exams, but also for very serious iritis flareups that I would get a few times a year. These incidents would be *intensely* painful, and Dr. Panzer would treat me quickly, and often after-hours to make sure that I had the medications to get out of pain as soon as possible. He has all the latest technologies, and he is knowledgeable about more than just your eyes. He knows how the whole body affects your vision. He even saved my mother's life by diagnosing her pituitary tumor! He's been our family eye doctor for years, and when I had to move to Pennsylvania for a few years - I really missed having Dr. Panzer as my O.D. p.s. He also has the latest and greatest eye glass frames. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/26/2012

If you are struggling with dry eye syndrome, run, don't walk to see Dr. Panzer. After hitting 50, I developed a dry eye condition that made it impossible to wear my contacts for more than a few hours a day. Dr. Panzer has diligently and patiently worked with me to find a solution that will allow me to wear my contacts so that I have the acute clarity I need to read documents all day and be able to wear my contacts for days, not hours. Dr. Panzer is passionate about his patients and his practice. He is the most knowledgeable eye doctor I've ever met. (And, I confess, I did seek two other doctors in my quest to find a workable solution to my dry eye problems and came back to Dr. Panzer because no one knew as much about the condition as Dr. Panzer) . He recently prescribed a new eye drop that has been incredibly successful for me. He has offered to meet me at his office on Saturdays when I've been having eye issues but travelling during the week. How many doctors do you know that will do that? Probably none. His commitment to his patients, his passion for finding solutions to eye problems and his commitment to his professional service is outstanding. His rates are reasonable. HIs staff is competent. When you call with a question, he personally calls you back. I'd give him ten stars if I could for his dedication to his patients and practice. more

Dr. Panzer is a very professional man. 6/4/2012

Dr. Panzer is a very professional man. He takes as much time as needed to do an exam. He will answer any questions that you have concerning your eye exam. He has the up to date equipment to help with a faster and more thorough exam. I drive from Oklahoma and will continue to drive all the way to Houston as long as Dr. Panzer is there. I highly recommend his business to anyone with optometry needs. more

Panzer's a dedicated eye doctor 5/16/2012

On several occaisions Dr Panzer made time on off- hours or squeezed my wife or I in when we had an eye emergency.\r \r You generally don't have to look for second opinions because if he is unsure he has no issues with sending you to the required specialist to double check a diagnosis. more

Dr Panzer 2/23/2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Allan Panzer for over 15 years. He is a fantastic therapeutic optometrist who always goes the extra mile. Dr . Panzer is the best at what he does. He is very honest & trustworthy. He goes above & beyond for his patients & their health.The service at his clinic is very exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone who needs eye care, he even available for emergencies.I can remember him opening up one Saturday just to take care of my eye needs! more
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  • I am committed to providing quality personalized eye care for your entire family. Our office accepts most major medical insurances as well as most vision plans. We do accept Medicare for eye exams. I am a certified Optometric Glaucoma Specialist and I also specialize in the fitting of bifocal contact lenses. I enjoy helping post surgical patients who have difficulty seeing after their vision correction. Helping children with their eye sight problems - especially those who have special needs - is one of my main priorities and interests. I also provide contact lenses and glasses for those who have color vision problems. Our on site laboratory makes it fast and easy to provide your eye wear needs and we have literally hundreds of frame styles to choose from in every price range -- from very serviceable to the latest high fashions. I recognize that we all live in a fast-paced environment with busy lifestyles and schedules, so I work hard to make sure that my patients receive personal attention in a timely manner and that my staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained. We provide treatment for minor eye infections and injuries and also for Dry Eye Syndrome. I invite you to visit us. I believe that you will enjoy our professional and comprehensive eye care services. We always welcome new patients and we always appreciate your referrals! Yours truly, Dr. Allan Panzer Therapeutic Optometrist

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