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Palmerosa Ranch - 8 Reviews - 5790 Lumley Rd, Mesquite, TX - Horse Riding Stables Reviews - Phone (972) 222-2732

Palmerosa Ranch

5790 Lumley Rd
Mesquite, TX 75181
(972) 222-2732
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This place is AMAZING!!! Mike, the owner, is one of the funniest, nicest guys I have ever spoken with. Bill and Leon are so knowledgeable and helpful. I am in re-entry mode in ...


The list of con’s goes on….This stable is badly maintained and poorly run. There is no pasture management and the arena and round pen is not graded or kept up. The pasture for the...

Best Boarding Facility - 4 Hooves Up!!! 8/18/2011

This place is AMAZING!!! Mike, the owner, is one of the funniest, nicest guys I have ever spoken with. Bill and Leon are so knowledgeable and helpful. I am in re-entry mode in the horse world, having been out of it for 35 years, and these three guys made me feel right at home and were so patient with me trying to relearn everything. Bill and Leon are always there tending and tending and tending and keeping the place a beautifully clean and safe place to board. You have your choice of arenas, a wash area, beautifully kept stalls, runs and pastures, a gorgeous clean spring fed pond, the best feed and hay for the full care boarders, and the stalls are kept meticulously clean and safe. There's a comfy pavilion for hangin out with a coke machine and beautiful scenery all around. If you want to know how good of a facility this place is, just take one look out at the herd of happy, healthy frolicking horses and there's your answer. I wish Bill and Leon's charges could write their own reviews. They'd tell ya. These guys rock, and it's a friendly safe community of knowledgeable horse enthusiasts to hang with to boot. Thanks Mike, Bill and Leon for everything, and for giving our new baby Jo a place to live and enjoy!! more

One of the Best 7/7/2010

I moved to Texas 2 years ago. And let me tell you, It was definitely a change from what i was used to up north. I had never been to the place, and at that time they didn't even have a website to view the facility. I was to say the least coming in blind. Bill, the barn manager, couldn't have been more helpful in my decision to come. He took pictures and emailed them to me, He took all of my dozens of calls, with all the questions I had and couldn't have been more truthful about the place. I only had 2 weeks to make a decision as to the place my babies where going to live, and after several days, and hours of looking on the web and calling every facility in the DFW area, I chose the Palmerosa. It was the best choice I made. Any repairs that need to be made are done. And if I CHOOSE TO MAKE THEM MYSELF, Bill, Leon or whoever else is working always seems to find their way in to help. I have never seen junk lay around or garbage laying around, and as far as the pasture holes and rocks, all I can say is welcome to TEXAS. What exactly is pasture management? The Palmerosa did not choose to have the ground that was placed at their feet, it came with the territory. As far as the Bad review about being Shoddy, whatever! You really can not have not seen shoddy. I have been all over boarding, in this state for the last 2 years and couple other states in this country. Your opinion is yours, but maybe this was not the primadona ranch you needed and you needed moved on. Which was your choose. That however does not give you the right to make untrue statements, or more or less slander. If you are going to state details make sure you have your facts straight. Cause really, a horse had a heart attack because of the firing range? If you are going to complain about your experience then tell your experience. Not a bunch of bull. No barn is perfect, no manager has perfect attitudes, but as far as being unsafe, un-kept, management not caring or helpful, that is crap. As far as the horses coming in hurt all the time, horses will be horses. But they are not sledging through garbage to get that way. There are a lot of caring people at this ranch and we all look out for each other's horses. EVEN MANAGEMENT, Because why? WE ALL LOVE OUR HORSES. I would much rather have this kind of atmosphere. Just look at the reviews and see the ralley against the bad shoddy place. Don't let one ingnoramous sway you away check it out for yourself. more

Best Horse Boarding Around CONT. 7/7/2010

now to respond to Ms One Star: yes the pasture is natural and has some rocks, creeks tend to have that. Show me 100 acres of perfect, holeless, rockless pasture and i'll show you a bored, clumsy horse. its a great place to practice trail riding, or ride to the pasture and have a gallop around the lake. as far as the swat team is concerned, a horse did NOT have a ""heart attack"" when the bombs went off, it broke its leg (one that u actually mentioned yourself), and it was not Palmerosa Ranch's fault, it was the SWAT peoples fault, and they were notified and now call the ranch every time so the ranch alerts people to keep their horses up! it was a tragedy, yes, but get your FACTS STRAIGHT! as far as the outhouse, you make it sound primitive but it actually has a toilet, light, toilet paper, and handsoap, and that ""someones trailer"" comment, that trailer is the ranches who they rent out to a former employee. jeez. There are several vets and several farriers who will come out to the barn, organize it so that people dont have to pay more for routine vet visits by coming out and seeing several people at once! There is even a guy who brings hay to the barn that you can buy for LESS THAN 5 BUCKS/BALE! quality, certified hay right to the barn. I feel so much better knowing my spoiled baby is safe, that people are always around and will call you ASAP if they think your horse needs to be seen. as a side note, there was one case where an owner was not caring for or feeding a horse they had just got from a rescue and the ranch paid for a vet to come out, and fed its own hay and grain to the horse until the rescue was able to come down and pick up the horse again. That is because they care deeply about horses. I have seen the owner walk thru daily and make sure each horse is looking well fed, healthy, and feet trimmed even tho this is the owners responsibility! Each worker and owner has a couple of horses themselves, and are seen babying them after work, so they are there 12 hours a day caring for horses! they even all come out every holiday to get all the work finished quickly so everyone can go home and spend time with their family! Every horse is well loved, and are happy! Horses will be horses and might get a scratch or two but that is the business. Again I want to emphasize that this is a wonderful place to be a horse with caring workers and great ammenities. You cant get much better than that! Pros: friendly staff, easy access to hay/vet/farrier more

Best Horse Boarding Around! 7/7/2010

I support PETA, am an vegetarian and a huge animal lover having adopted several pets myself. I checked out other boarding facilities in the area and the horse stalls were small, the pasture was 10 acres for 80 horses, there was no arena to ride, the staff was rude, etc. Palmerosa Ranch was amazing! Stalls: Each (12 x 12) stall has a 12 x 12 run attached which makes your horse have twice the room! Plus each has an individual tack room big enough to store 20+ bales of hay or all your saddles, grain buckets, and other tack! ammenities: It has a big arena with barrels, a large holding pen, a hot walker, a round pen, wash rack, and a gazebo complete with fan and 50cent coke machine to watch all the action. Pasture: 100 acres of pasture with creek, lake, trails through a wood section, and open pasture! thats right, one hundred acres! workers: being a first-time horse owner (and life-long horse obsessed kid) i was impressed by the staff who took the time to answer every small dumb question i asked, gave suggestions for which feed store to use, which vet, farrier, hay, supplement, etc. maintenance: i have seen the maintenance guys treading thru the creek fixing fences, replacing dirt, removing trash, thru wind, snow, pouring rain, burning heat. They will hire extra help to get a big job done if needed. They are very quick to replace pannels, doors,and whatever else you need fixed. cost: 110 bucks a month for self care! tack room, run, pasture all included! i would have paid three times for that! and if you are on vacation they will bring in your horse from the pasture and feed them for a small fee which is great for people like me who have no horse-loving friends! environment: seems like there is always a group hanging out, chatting, having a party at the gazebo, organizing a trail ride around the area, or to nearby trails, sharing trailers for playday (but they have one to rent if you need it!). I have made lasting friendships here! TO BE CONTINUED Pros: huge pasture, trails, lake, private tack room, run well more

Horse boarding 7/7/2010

The Palmerosa Ranch, is the best place I've found to keep my horses..I've looked at everything affordable and other than this ranch, the others either overpriced, or to run down..\r I cannot find fault with this ranch. I keep my horses in self care, and whenever I needed a door repaired or advice on keeping a horse happy, the staff are always willing to offer assistance.\r It's a good place, and there is usually a waiting list for folks wanting to board their horse. Pros: great place for a horse on a budget Cons: only my daily drive more

Incredible horse ranch! 7/7/2010

I found the best place in the DFW area to board my horse! I own the grand daughter of Sonny Dee Barr, and I see one happy horse, running and interacting with other horses, interesting how social she has become. I have nothing but the highest respect for the owners, ranch foreman, staff and quality of the care they put into the constant maintenance of this facility. I find the staff always working hard to maintain the highest quality of care for horses, and constantly working on all maintenance. I am so pleased with the Palmerosa, I can't imagine moving my horse anywhere else. I looked at many boarding places in DFW area, and few mustered up to anything even close to this lovely place. My stall is roomy, with its own tack room, and the area for the ""full care"" horses is kept up so well its hard figure out how they squeeze so much work in everyday. I never see the staff sitting around unless on a break, and the ranch foreman is extremely talented, fixing things immediatley, assisting people, assigning his staff what work is to be done for that day, and the great thing is if its a holiday all the staff including the owner, ranch foreman, and staff all come in to help get things done so that everyone gets to spend family time on Christmas, easter, thanksgiving, etc. I have had my horse out there for several years, and I can't think of a thing I can complain of. I have seen these men out in torrential rains checking the creek for anything that might impede water flow, and are constantly making sure that creek has no trash that has flowed down into it in the area of the ranch...the pasture and round ring are always maintained well and they have planned family activities, fun celebrations for all to participate in like a hay ride, but best of all I know my horse is in the best of hands when I am not there. The owners are compassionate, kind and have gone out of their way to help anyone at the ranch with accomodating any special needs or concerns. I give this facility an A+++++. Pros: Great place to board my horse more

Quite the Opposite of a Shoddy Excuse of a Boarding Facility 7/6/2010

This ranch is a quiet piece of the country on the edge of the Metroplex. It has a quality and a feel to it that reminds me of where I grew up. There is a great sense of community amongst the boarders, with a wide variety of horses and disciplines amongst them. The pasture for self-care is huge, with lots of room for a horse to be a horse with large trees for shade, a big pond, and acres upon acres of grass. Having trail ridden through the property on numerous occasions, I can honestly say that I have never seen anything dangerous or harmful to the horses in the pasture. There is the normal level of debris from high winds and heavy storms, occasionally some things that have washed up through the creek, but they're horses. Not babies. And most of them are smart and savvy enough to step around until the barn management can remove it. As far as the gun range is concerned(as also mentioned below), I am aware of its existence only through the management informing self-care boarders of the need to keep the horses up once day out of the year when the SWAT team does their yearly practice. I have NEVER heard a single gun shot while on the property, and I do spend a fair amount of time there maintaining my stall and working with horses. The horses, from what I can tell and have seen, are nothing if not peacefully quiet and happy throughout the day, every day, with little to no disturbances. And as far as self-maintenance is concerned, the barn management is not responsible for the regular cleaning and upkeep of a self-care stall. However, if something is structurally wrong with your stall, most of the time the management is already aware and has taken steps to correct it. If not, they are extremely quick to resolve the issue once informed. In all of the time I have been a boarder at this barn, I have never had to mention anything that has been wrong in my stall, as it is usually corrected before the words can leave my mouth. As someone who is very picky about where their horse resides, I can safely say that this is a place I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a place to go. All I can say is that you can't please everyone and that if you like a nice, big stall with decent sized runs, a decently large arena with good footing, a large pasture for your horse, and a lot of good neighbors and friends, then this ranch is a good place to be! Pros: Big stalls/runs, personal tack rooms, frequent maintenance Cons: A little out of the way. more

Shoddy Excuse for a Stable Facility. 4/30/2010

The list of con’s goes on….This stable is badly maintained and poorly run. There is no pasture management and the arena and round pen is not graded or kept up. The pasture for the horses is dangerous with lots of holes, hard rocky ground and trash that has cut up and injured several horses. Two of the barn manager’s own horses have died due to broken legs. The pond and creek have tires and other junk like bathtubs and metal from sheds in them and the horses are allowed to roam freely in this mess. The bathroom for people is an outhouse in front of someone’s trailer. Horses come in from the pasture frequently with injuries and vets are always being called out. I think vets probably make a lot of money off the boarders here. Many of the stalls are in poor condition with panels falling down or nail’s popping out. The boarders have to take care of repairs themselves since the management is unwilling to fix things. It is next to a police gun and swat training range, which is active and has given one horse a heart attack. I highly suggest finding another place to board your horse if you love them. Pros: friendly boarders, a coke machine, trees for shade Cons: Management, arena footing, building structures, management more
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