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Palmer Social Club

601 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 627-3508
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They Need 2 Check- Them- Selves 9/12/2009

I was invited 2 a bday party @ Palmr's n I haven't been there n maybe 10 yrs, n it's 4 good reason. With my fisrt encounter with the first staff member, she took my id 2 check 4 my age. Win she seen that i was 30... She laughed n said I hope u have fun! Ok I no i"m older than the usual crowd, but don't make me feel some type is way 4 wantin 2 party. The second person was the women that checked pocketbooks and bodies 4 weapons. She checked my purse, every part from top 2 bottom. I thought I was visiting someboby n jail! She than started 2 pat me down n felt my bra n asked what was n it n I said padding n she made a noise like ahmmmm. I than asked her y did she make a comment @ all. She then waited til I went up the steps n sayed I'd KNOCK THE MESS OUT OF HER!!. At that point I just went up the stairs, so I could get a drink. The music was Great, but by the last half n hour there, the bartender came over 2 me n asked it she could have my stool, while I was sittin n it!! I reminded her that I was using it, she looked @ me n said, I work her n I need it 2 sit down. At that point I looked @ her n said ur RUDE AS Heck n take the stool so u can sit down 4get the guest.. I left, I'm not going 2 let people treat me n that manner!!! Pros: No Pros What So Ever Cons: The Whole Staff Is Horrible more



The bad and Goods about Palmers Nightclub 9/26/2008

ok if ur gonna go make sure its a staturday and not friday cuz then it s really dead!! and aint nobody in there.. ok what can i say about palmers?? hmm i never wrote a review before so here we go. i like palmers because its stays open ftill 3:30 in the morning... i mean if ur gonna pay to get in u wanna stay and get ur moneys worth....i ive been there about 6 times and i only didnt pay friends take forver to get ready.....but anyway the music is alright except that time they went back to the 60s and 70s.......and they be playing the same thing in the same order every week. most people stay in th emiddle floor because they cant really dance to i be up on the third floor a lot. the men DO touch a lot and like sumbody else said WILL do whatever u let em do.....the chicks are basically not dressed in there no matter the weather, they be looking nasr=ty as hell like u cant go out wit all ur goodies out, thats trifling!! the men aint all that fine and the decent looking ones basically dance with each other!! and the ugly ones always wanna dance wit u and then stalk u after that one dance....and none of them broke behind dudes ask to buy a female a drink but they will follow u allll night and try to get ya phone number so ladies be aware of me i kno....i turn down about 20 every time i go there lol......anyways i usually dance on the sides because that dance floor stays wet and it be looking slippery.....i dont really buy drinks in there but my friends say that they are decent, and they do have a lot of types of decor, them couches do look nasty as hell so i wud never ever sit on any.......once again prepare to see nasty desperate no dignity nondressed gurls over there lol........but hey tonight is saturday and i iwill be goin there after working all week long!! Pros: well it stays open late an d i love being out till late 22 an dthe crowd is around my age and older i like that Cons: wet floors cheap men nondressed desperate females more

HOT HOT HOT 6/28/2008

I am new to the Philly club scene, but this place is ok. BUT, you must be able to stand the heat. It will fog your glasses in there. The music is descent. Wish there were different styles on the different floors, but...The crowd is beautiful. Hot men, georgous women. Young, mature. Thick and thin. All races. Some grimey, some classy. ou chose who you wanna be! Drink specials are good, but if you get the wrong bartender you will be drinking sour mix. The men will do ANYTHING you let them so be on the watch for that! (but that goes for anywhere) I agree with many of the other posters. Women get in early and stand around and hold up the walls until the boys show up. (so boys come early for best selection with the least competition. There are plenty of bars so you dont have to wait long for a drink (a good thing) DRINK LOTS OF WATER IT GETS HELLACIOUSLY HOT! No where to sit, other than some old nasty couches in the lounges (they really grossed me out) Lots of people standing around staring around the room. Although there isnt that much room to dance for all of the people in there, and no where for them to sit either. No dress code that I could tell, lots of security, but not too pushy. Decent place, can't wait to check out some of Philly's other hot spots. Pros: Good Drink specials, Party crowd that didn't seem to be full of Haters. This place would be NOTHING without the crowd. Cons: Dangerously HOT! Old and dirty, cheap decor. more

hottest place to be on saturday night (seriously)!!! 6/7/2008

well if you can get over the fact that this place is like 600 degrees but like 1am, you can have a great time. i had a blast. its all hip hop, and hosted by 100.3 the beat philly. the dj is live, and it was ballin for real. my friends went out for their 23rd birthdays(and my 21st) and i did the damn thang. my only thing is that if i would have known it was more of a dance club, i would have worn something a little more, well, less!!! fun fun fun. oh they also stay open until 330 so get in where you fit it. i think its free before 12 but i got there at 1100 anyway. all i can say is if this is your scene, like it is mine, party like a rock star. Pros: the best looking dancing dudes around(sexy mens) Cons: them girls dont know what the hell to wear anywhere let alone outside (fashionista) more


Last night was my first night at Palmers. I enjoyed myself. This is a after hours club. The doors open at 11:00 p.m. And ladies are FREE until 11:30!!! They have 3 floors and 6 rooms to dance in. The music was great, the place was packed and the drinks were sweet! Also all of the workers were very nice. The saying that Palmers is a "sweat box" is sooooooooooo true! Once the crowd is in the place, it gets very humid and floors get wet. Also the bathroom are very small. Those were my only 2 problems. Pros: Great music, nice and packed, ladies in free until 11:30 p.m., lots of rooms and floors, nice people. Cons: Extra small bathrooms, very humid and wet floors. SWEAT BOX more

a good after spot 2/22/2008

If you don't have anything to do or go on a friday night then this is the place to be. There are three floors so you get more of a selection of music as well as more breathing space. There are also enough bars inside so that you can order your drink. They normally have drink specials until 12, which are pretty descent. Pros: free till 11:15 for ladies and stays open late Cons: 15 after 11:15 more

Enter at your own risk 4/26/2007

it's an alright club, if you like the house party scene. your gauranteed to dance with someone, It has three floors, the first floor " DEAD" , the second floor to darn crowded, you can hardly make it from one side of the room to the other, it's so hot you can't breathe if you have asthma this is not the place for you, oh and the drinks are NASTY and OVER PRICED, and the third floor GOOD LUCK getting up there 'but when you do buy yourself a bottle of SPRING WATER, your going to need it in HELL, it is way to freakin' hot , big girls if your out there you want to shed some pounds the third floor at this club is for you honey you will sweat away at least 15lbs. after one song that's how hot it is in there, but if you like being hot you don't mind not being able to move then GO PARTY BABY! Pros: see new faces, good music Cons: too hot, to crowded, watery drinks, drinks to expensive more

Great if you get in free and don't drink much 11/28/2006

This club features much too expensive watered down drinks, poor customer service and the same old songs you hear on the radio all week long plus some old stuff you heard on the radio all week long a few years ago. Mostly the crowd is filled with people looking around to see who else is there looking around. There are some dancers - whew! But if you don't get in before midnight ladies, and have to pay the $15 it is definitely not worth that. You will also be harrassed by security at the door and forced to throw away ink pens and many types of hairstyling combs (even plastic ones) or anything else they can say you might creatively be able to use as a weapon. The first floor is a wash and is just some mostly empty lounge area. The second floor is where everyone is most of the time until late and the third floor starts filling up. Both floors play the same music as each other at alternating times (think 100.3 and Power 99 - you flick away to avoid hearing a song you don't like on one channel, only to hear it played right after the song playing on the other channel). There are way too many females in here on any given night so much time is spent waiting on men to arrive unless you like dancing with your female friends (and hopefully have some to dance with!) Overall, I say if you can find something else to do - go for it, but if not, make it in while it's still free. Pros: Get in free, dance to songs you know Cons: Same old songs, drinks, service, crowd more

Okay yes it is a Sweat Box 11/18/2005

I like this club because there are 3 different floors for you to go to. The 1st floor is like the lounge area, there's a bar, places to sit and chill along with pool tables and some games to play. The 2nd floor is a dance floor with a seating area to chill outside of the dance floor and a bar. The 2nd floor plays mainly hip hop and r&b and sometimes reggea. The 3rd floor looks close enough like the second floor, there are two bars, a seating area to chill and a dance floor. They play mainly spanish hip hop, reggeaton, merengue, bachata, salsa and reggea music. Pros: Good Music, Atmosphere, Dance Floors Cons: Bar, Crowded more

"Sweat Box" 6/16/2005

Palmers a.ka. the "sweatbox" is what my friends and I named this club. Sometimes it is so packed that you can barely walk through the crowd to get to the bathroom. Also it's going to take you about 10 minutes to get from one side of the room to the other, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. The drinks are a bit overpriced and it takes forever to be served. Bar is under staffed, usually only one bartender serving. O.k. place to go to after all the other clubs have closed since Palmers doesnt close until 3:30. Plan to leave up out of there sweating. There are 3 different floors. The second floor always appears to be the crowdest. If you wish to go to the 3rd floor, it will take you 5 minutes to get up there and about 10 minutes to come back down. Overall average scene. Pros: after hours Cons: too crowded more

User review by joifullness 5/13/2005

Palmers is the kind of clubs you chill at when you just want to go out. The music is good people are nice. The second floor is where everyone hangs out. Three floor is the best too me. It is never too crowd. If you really need to go out and are bored then go to Palmers, Pros: music Cons: drinks more

The Hip-Hop Hotspot 8/11/2002

For all of Philly's ballers and shot callers, SPring Garden's Palmer's Social Club has a great atmosphere. Whether you want to party, dance, and sweat all night, or chill out with friends, you can do all of that at Palmer's. Also, for you celeb watchers, Palmer's is a great place to catch AI or any one of the Eagles. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, Palmer's is the place to be. Although you don't need to be a member to get in, remember, membership has its privleges! Pros: Atmosphere, DJ's Cons: Not good drinks, expensive drinks more
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