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Palais Casablanca Authentic - 22 Reviews - 2488 S University Blvd, Denver, CO - African Restaurants Reviews - Phone (303) 871-0494

Palais Casablanca Authentic

2488 S University Blvd
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 871-0494
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This place was amazing. The GPS found it and checked the website and could not pass it up. The lamb was very fresh and not wild tasting at all. The Couscous wsa great!!! I would r...


After having a bad experience I read on a number of sites that many have had the same type of experience. These sheisters need to be taken to court and get a taste of the legal s...

After having a bad experience I read on 2/4/2012

After having a bad experience I read on a number of sites that many have had the same type of experience. These sheisters need to be taken to court and get a taste of the legal system. I purchased a Living Social coupon that was $52 for two people for the four course meal. I was treating my young daughter and boyfriend to what I thought would be a fun night out. First, they advertised belly dancers on Friday & Saturday night, and there was none. No big deal. I received a frantic call from my daughter that they would not honor the living sociial coupon and insisted they didn't sign up for that deal and would only give $20 off the total bill. Just like the aforementioned... $35.95 each somehow ended up being $91.17. I got on the phone with the guy at the restaurant who had a thick accent and I couldn't understand, except for the fact that he was NOT going to honor the coupon. He kept interrupting me and I couldn't finish my sentences. Finally after getting nowhere, it was obvious he was absolutely refusing to honor the $52 for two coupon. We even got Living Social on the phone and the restaurant still refused to honor. They basically were holding my kids ""hostage"" so I had to pay the $91.17 with my credit card. I am now going to dispute the charge and feel like I was a victim of ""bait and switch"". They didn't even gibe the $20 off that they said they were going to. Living Social agreed to refund the $52 I paid for the coupon, but I am writing their corporate office so they know of this scam by the restaurant. Don't go here, especially if you receive a coupon. Don't do it!! They are total scammers with this coupon business, refusing to honor them as promised. Plus, yes, dinner for two at $35.95 coming up to $91 with no explaination that anyone can understand. I totally feel scammed by these people and have never had an experience like this before. I must admit.... A ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCE ALRIGHT!!!!!!! more

Terrible Service 10/30/2011

I was not impressed by this place. It has nice decor and the food was good but we went on a Saturday night at 7 pm and we were the ONLY people in the entire place. You would think this would mean excellent customer service but you would be wrong. The waiter gave us the hard sell on the four course meal for $35. We opted to do the ala carte menu and he was visibly upset when we chose that option instead. Then after that I told him my order was for the salmon tagine and he rudely told me that they don't have any salmon tonight. My husband wanted to order the shrimp and at that point we learned there was no seafood. I am curious though if we had ordered the four course meal if there would have magically been seafood. And if something is only available occasionally then I think that should be indicated on the menu somehow. Our ala carte meal came with soup and mint tea after dinner. We never saw the after dinner mint tea and my husband had ordered some before dinner which we were charged the full $6 for even though it was supposed to come with our meal. Finally, when we went to pay we had two of the yelp $10 for $20 deals. Now I would have understood if he said we were only allowed to use one of the coupons because that is stated on the terms and conditions of the coupon. However, we were told flat out that we couldn't use them because we hadn't ordered the four course meal. Don't go to this place. Go to Mataam Fez instead. more

Chi-Traveler 8/1/2011

This place was amazing. The GPS found it and checked the website and could not pass it up. The lamb was very fresh and not wild tasting at all. The Couscous wsa great!!! I would recommend this as a night out or a weekday meal. The decor was fantastic as well. The owner was good at expaining the meals and his recomendations were spot on. Be ready though it is home style Moroccan yet not spicy. Lots of flavor to go around and protions are very generous.\r \r more

the great Moroccan restaurant in denver 12/8/2010

its very nice restaurant ,I really liked the meal, how we receive and also the way Restaurent seid Benjelloun how we spoke he was very gallant. i love it s .I do not mind that everyone take a dinner Over There because I see that it is among the best Restaurent\r I will visit again and again because the tagine was good and also kabab... more

The best Restaurent 12/8/2010

It is one of better restaurents that I visited in all my life the food is great everything is wonderful really great I am always going to visit her more

The best Moroccan restaurant I have ever tried 9/18/2010

I went to the Palais Casablanca restaurant last weekend with my best friend. I have tried Morocaan cuisine in different lacations of America. When I came to Denver with my best friend for vacation, the hotel manager recommended us to go and eat in the Palais Casablanca which is nearby the university. When we got there, we were surprised of this fantastic restaurant. We felt like out of the world. The tent was nice design and tables were special style. The server was a young girl with beautiful smile. She asked us to have a seat and introduced the menu.The lamb and chicken were very delicious and they cooked in a healthy way with olive oil and fresh meat. Since there were non-alcohol in the restaurant, we ordered the fresh mint tea which was very nice. After we finished the dinner, the server gave us rose water to wash our hands. The rose water smelled very good because it was real rose made from Morocco. They chef came and asked us how about the food. He is a nice person and a gentleman. He went to other tables asked everyone about the dinner, and all customers were happy and had a good time with bally dancer. It was anamazing experience for us in Denver. I will recommend all my friends this restaurant when they come to Denver,and obviously, I will come again. more

An absolute outrage! BEWARE! Sleazy, unethical owner. 8/26/2010

Decided to take my boyfriend to this place for his Birthday. Neither of us had been to this restaurant before but read the ""good revues"" from City search so I made the Reseverations. ( in retrospect felt completely duped & after my awful experience with the owner.. I wouldn't put it past him to have written the positive reviews himself ( or Have his family/friends write such false claims)\r My boyfriend & I arrived early to have a cocktail before sitting to dine but the owner promptly insisted to go ahead & sit at our table that "" we could take our time & enjoy our cocktail"" before having to order. This was fine since WE WERE the ONLY Customers in the place. Our 1st couple of sips of WINE ( which is all that is served or offered), A young, timid server asks for our order. We told her we would like to finish our glasses of wine & texplained "" what the owner"" had said & agreed to do. Still within a 15 minute timespan- she came by 4 more times requesting ""our order"" with her expression looking more & more stressed. We watched her go back into the Kitchen & could hear the owner berating, belittling her about being more forceful with us to order food. Finally he came out with her to our table & started reading the menu items to us. I interrupted him to ask if they had full reservations or expected a large crowd. He replied ""no"". We were still the Only Patrons in the joint.\r The poor server seemed very embarrassed & My Birthday guy appeared uncomfortable by all the pressure, so we went ahead ordered our food. 5 minutes later the owner came to our table to tell us "" We would be getting A different appetizer, not the one WE ordered but the appetizer he feels is best. We objected to his selection 1) it should be our choice- we are the customers 2) the food item the owner selected my boyfriend hates sooo we told the owner to skip the 1st course. 10 minutes later- our server comes out places the ""appetizer"" we didn't want or order . She profusely apologizes to us. I told her to get the owner. He came to our table to tell us ""you might as well eat it because it's included"". Not wanting to ruin My boyfriends- I simply moved on & asked for the wine list so we could have a bottle of wine with our meal. Guess What? No one list! however the owner eagerly hustled over to our table to tell us his inventory of wines. I asked the prices of the wines but he was evasive. I distinctly told him to bring the least expensive wine. He stated I will take care of you. \r The Evening & experience consistantly detoriated just too numerous to write down so below I've summed it up.\r Bottom line- The owner humilated his servers, our plates were removed while we were still eating from them, the owner tried to force my boyfriend to feed me food from his plate, The owner litteraly rushed & bullied us, Making my boyfriend's birthday dinner the worst dining experience for both of us. As we left "" this high pressured rip-off thug"" There was only 1 other table with customers & this was on a FRIDAY night so what does that tell ya?\r Best of all-""That least expensive"" bottle of wine cost $125.00 total of our bill was a whopping $ 275.00\r I was seething, disgusted & appalled that this Restaurant owner treated customers & employees so atrociously & could still be in business. \r Do yourself a favor & take your business elsewhere if you don't want an awful experience. More importantly don't get suckered by the "" supposed"" positive reviews or you'll be left feeling ROBBED twice! Be forewarned & beware! more


We received a gift card for Palais Casablanca, initially were enjoying ourselves but thought the food was OVERPRICED and not WORTH the money. Then when we went to pay the owner told us we could only use 50.00 of our 100.00 gift card. Clever, he replied ""this way, you get to come back again."" So a little frustrated my husband got out the credit card to pay the difference. We left a cash tip and then a few days later realized the SCALY OWNER had charged an additional 16.00 to the Credit Card. I have read the other reports and it appears this wasn't the first time he has done this. I WOULD NOT recommend this place and if you must go here, pay in cash. We were excited to celebrate our anniversary only to leave feeling scammed. If you want to be scammed and eat overpriced food which is okay in taste this is the restaurant for you! Also on a FRIDAY night at 8pm there was 2 other tables there, I guess that is why he feels the need to take extra money. Pros: An authentic morrocan experience?? Cons: Overpriced food, owner who over charges credit card more

tasty! 8/5/2009

\r Casablanca is the sort of place you talk about for months afterward. It's tucked away in south Denver, and the owner is one hell of a character. I came here on a Tuesday night to find that only one other table was being served. He explained quite a lot of the menu while we lounged on a couch that took up an entire wall of the restaurant.\r \r The food was tender, spicy, and several standard deviations outside of the Americanized norms of north African restaurants. My date had spent several years in various parts of the Middle East and North Africa and talked about how he hadn't eaten something like that in the years since he left. It is tremendously tasty and hard to replicate.\r \r The owner also made the meal an experience! Dishes are explained in detail and eaten with ones (right) hands. Casablanca seeks authenticity away from S. University from the hanging tapestries to the hookahs. more

Too expensive 5/22/2009

We should have read further into these reviews, the price for two of us was $110! And we didn't get the most expensive items on the menu! The food was okay, but NOT worth the money. Expect to pay at least $40 per person. $5 just for tea. Also, don't expect any spice here, the food is mild to the extreme. Pros: Different expierence Cons: The price! more

Take a romantic journey to Morocco.. Excellent! 3/14/2009

For those that know me from VH1's The Pickup Artist or from my video blog w w w . ASKJDOG . c o m ..I'm all for wonderful experiences, especially with the the company of the right girl. Last night it was around 9:30pm, and my girl and I were hungry so I did a search on my iPhone Urbanspoon app. We were close to this Moroccan restaurant, and by coincidence had been talking about Moroccan food earlier.. so we thought we would give it a try. From the empty parking lot, and cleared away patio we thought it was already closed.. I tried the door.. it was unlocked.. I pulled it open slowly and peered inside to see a lush tented room, lined with lanterns and pillows.. with lush colours of various shades of red, accented with gold. I grabbed my girl's hand and lead her into.. Morocco :) It really was like escaping to another land. Our host greeted us, and showed us to our table. ""Sit be comfortable, take your shoes off and put them under the table"" he suggested. A quick word of warning is that the dinner menu is a fixed 4 course meal, so for two with wine it cost about $125 + tip. Was it worth it? Hell yes! The fantastic food, atmosphere, and slightly bizarre, albeit romantic customs of our friendly host made for an amazing experience. It's probably been 10 years since I've had such a fun and romantic time in a restaurant.. everything was perfect, from delicious and exotic food, to being shown how to feed my ""princess"" with my hands. Take an appetite.. lounge around, and be prepared to go with the flow, and enjoy the mood. Perfect for snuggling up on the pillows together, or having a louder and more lively time with friends. Pros: Great food, great experience, friendly staff, romantic! Cons: A little expensive 4 course set dinner menu. more

Horrible experience. 9/9/2008

I can't believe some of these 5 star reviews! I really think the owner and/or employees put those up. I mean, read them...""I wish I was there right now""? Really? C'mon. Notice that most of the high star ratings don't show the pros and cons? Notice the user names are all similar and the reviews are all written in a very simialr way? That's the owner for ya! I went there with 2 friends on a Saturday night and there was nobody in the restaurant! This should be the busiest night, but it wasn't. Once I saw the prices in the menu, I knew why it was so empty. \r \r The host was VERY PUSHY! He kept pushing the tea, even when we ordered coffee and said no to tea! He was showing us how to eat with just our hands, which is fine, but he then proceeded to hand feed my friend! She shook her head ""No"" and he insisted and put the food into her mouth with his fingers! I was just appalled. This isn't very sanitary and is just plain rude! If he would have done that to me, I would have smacked his hand away! The food was the only positive part of the experience. It was tasty, but way overpriced! The cheapest meal was $35! It was a four course meal and I told the owner that I couldn't eat that much food, he replied, ""Don't worry, the main course is a small portion"". Bullsh#t! The main course was enormous and I literally only took one bite of my lamb before I could explode. \r \r If you have a BIG appetite, have a lot of money, and love strange fingers in your mouth, then this is the place for you. Otherwise...don't even bother. Pros: Tasty food Cons: Everything else. more

Good taste, experience, decoration. Menu is all or nothing (4 course dinner only) which doesn't make it flexible 8/8/2008

I had gone 8 years ago for lunch and thought it was awesome, so I decided to go again and try again.\r I have mixed reviews.\r The food was great, very original, good portions and very tastefull. The decoration is very detail oriented and makes you feel you're somewhere else, which was part of the purpose of going to an ethnic restaurant. So, those 2 things were great.\r The part I didn't like was that the menu doesn't give you flexibility to get 1 main dish only, or a dish with soup only. You have to get their 4 course dinner (salad, soup, sweet dessert, main dish, plus a flower tea). I did want to eat a lot, but my wife only wanted 1 or 2 things....... but that's not possible. Also, the prices (for dinner) are all from $36 to $45 (prices for lunch were much more cheaper), and it seems like they didn't want to give you a cheaper option other than the 4 course dinner. So, all or nothing............\r PD: The owner, who was doing the waiter job, is very helpful and wants to show you the whole experience, but doesn't seem to be very patient when we asked a few questions.......last time it was the same Pros: Taste of food, ambience Cons: Only 4 course dinner..... no option to eat 2 course or just 1 dish, more

great food and service 12/11/2007

Im a big foodie .this resturant is really an unique experience ,I love it the food is great and I Love b'stella and lamp with prunes it is four course meal or a la carate Pros: food .service Cons: out of this word more

food 12/10/2007

I took my girlfriend for a special night and had a great time . the food was delicious and belly dancing were very entaining . I will definitely come back more times . more



great place. great food.great people 11/29/2007

ibrought 9 friends of mine frome colorado springs to palais casablanca moroccan cuisine for my birthday we had agreat experience .i found evreything chang the food ithe decor and also the belly""s great the restaurant is not to big .but an unique experince compard to other restaurant. ,what a cool way to sample so manydeferent foods in one evening .i think we counted about 12 different items.ihad lamb tagine with apricots it""suit plate yamme is good \r if you want to eat a good food go go to this restaurant it "" awesome more

my husbandloved it 11/29/2007

i HAD THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME WITH MY HUSBAND AT PALAIS CASABLANCA MOROCCAN DINNER WAS EXCELLENT WE LOVE THE FOOD WAS ISGREAT AND ROMANTIC ,FOR SURE IT WILL BE MY DESTINATION""s for new year""s eve .it""s expensive but it""s worth .and also they have belly dancing\r it""s great place more

the best never forget 11/29/2007

this restaurant is not any more casablanca now it is palais casablanca moroccan cisine ,my evening there was great .the food was excellent the belly dancing was out of this world .the ambiance takes you to onther country .we were 35 peopel there for my birth day . i will never forget .I met the owner he's a great guy .and the servise was excellent\r I'm coming back with my boyfriend for romantic dinner /divid/ more

Sweet food is no sweet deal... Height of Disappointment 11/6/2007

I and my friends were looking for a nice place to eat and started searching the Garmin for international restaurants. The name ""Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant"" tempted us to go here. And when we got there, wow... so many lights and found the restaurant quite small but very well decorated with nice ambience. \r Everything was good and exciting so far but that was the end of excitement.\r We got the menu card and if you've ever been here you would know what I'm talking about. All entries are $37 to $43. We started looking here and there and were not sure if it is for real. We thought this might be combo price and there might be some cheaper alternatives but no, that's what they got. \r So let?s see what $40 without tax and tips can buy you... \r Starts with ""cultural"" hyped salad. Just another salad and nothing special about it and infect with some weird sweet dressing. Ok probably the over hyped lentil soup would be great. What do you think? It?s just boiled lentils (thankfully no sugar). Then comes another ""cultural"" hyped appetizer. Damn, even appetizer is sweet and really tastes bad. \r Thought the main dish would be less disappointing. But they were consistent in disappointing again. The main dish is sweet too... Chicken dish and Lamb dish in sweet syrup. \r Very disappointed we asked for check and when the guy (owner, waiter same guy) swiped credit card, he cleverly overcharged the final amount by $30. That was outrageous. And we told him about the mistake he hesitantly fixed it without apologizing for mistake. \r \r I will never ever go here again to this restaurant. Pros: Nice Ambience Cons: Food, Expensive more
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