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Pablo Blue Window Tint - 18 Reviews - 410 Old Galveston Rd #31, Webster, TX - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (281) 554-4063
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Pablo Blue Window Tint

410 Old Galveston Rd #31
Webster, TX 77598
(281) 554-4063
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Pablo Blue Window Tint - Webster, TX


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Wonderful place! Definitely the best tint job in the Houston/Galveston area!! All my family and friends get their cars tinted here too...Great price and great customer service!


Having numerous vehicles tinted over the years, I am familiar with the

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/15/2014

My fiance tinted my windows for my birthday almost 8 years ago at this place and it was perfect. Flash forward to the present and the back window was impossible to see out of so he called and inquired if the limited warranty covered replacing the tint, which it did. After it was replaced there were still bubbles and a solid horizontal line which is visible externally as well as internally when I look in my rear view mirror. The guy told him to bring it back a week later and he would take care of it, even if it meant re-tinting it. When I brought it back the weather wasn't cooperative so he said bring it back in another week which I did. My mistake for trusting the man but after I left there on my way to work I noticed the horizontal line was still visible. I asked my fiance to call and schedule to drop it off again to have it fixed on a Saturday. When we arrived the guy came out and proceeded to tell my fiance in a raised voice about how 'in 25 years of business he has never dealt with anyone so rude and demanding'. I know my fiance can be picky but when you work in a service industry that is just something you have to deal with. My fiance told him that his family has been doing business with Pablo Blue for 20 years and the guy told him that had he known that he would have treated him differently from the beginning. I was a witness that my fiance had made it a point to tell this guy that piece of information in the beginning. He also continued to tell my fiance that he was lying and was wrong. He told him that he would try to rub the line out one more time but that was all we would get out of him and if we wanted it fixed we would have to pay for it. I was appalled at the lack of customer service we received. He also told my fiance that he was rude from the very start and couldn't believe he even 'questioned' the warranty. He said he knew the line was there when he first did it and said oh well because apparently my fiance was being 'rude'. He also stated that he thought that my fiance was a guy that had 'just met this girl(me) and didn't want her to get screwed over by the tint shop' and assumed that is why my fiance was being 'rude'. Regardless of our relationship status the warranty covered what needed to be done(or so we were told) and should have been executed properly. I work in a service industry as well and no matter if someone is rude or nice your reputation is always on the line. ESPECIALLY if you work solely on referrals for business. more


Wonderful place! Definitely the best tint job in the Houston/Galveston area!! All my family and friends get their cars tinted here too...Great price and great customer service! more

Best place to go for good work 2/9/2012

I have heard the name Pablo Blue since high school (longer ago than i care to mention). I have used other shops in the past with mediocre results just to save a couple bucks, this time i decided not to skimp and I'm totally happy. DARK tint. No voids, short cuts, gaps, just super quality work and a friendly guy to work with. Now i know why he has been here for more than 20 years and is still the name I hear the most. more

Want the best tint? Look no further... 12/29/2011

The owner / installer at Pablo Blue has worked on all my vehicles for over a decade, including a Saleen, several Cobras, misc grocery getters and 3 F150s. He does a perfect job every time. The people who gave him 1 star on here must be off their rocker. Ignore the bad reviews. This is the ONLY place to have tint installed in SE H-town. more

Great job 9/27/2011

I had my Honda Insight tinted by them in 2006.\r There were very few bubbles and they cleared up after a few days.\r The tint was still perfect before I sold the car a few months ago.\r \r Update 10-3-11:\r I had my Sonic by Ted a few days ago. He did a great job on it also. He is always friendly and helpful with advice. The tint looks great. more

Bad attitude and high price = no thanks! 7/26/2011

Having numerous vehicles tinted over the years, I am familiar with the more

Best window tint in houston 5/21/2011

I brought my 2011 Camry last week and they did an awesome job! The owner and receptionist were very friendly. My windows are perfect. I have brought 3 other cars here over the last 15 years and have always been pleased. more

Best window tinter around, don't trust your car to anyone el 4/10/2011

Pablo Blue has tinted all our cars for over twenty years. We have refered them to many of or friends and they have always been happy with the job, We take our cars very seriously and would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone. more

Smoked while working on my car 1/8/2011

As a proud owner of a brand new 2011 Volkswagon less than one week old I decided to get the windows tinted. After hearing numerous good reviews from friends and co-workers who had gone in the past and been very satisified I decided to take a chance and have Pablo Blue tint my car. Dropped the car off on Thursday and they completed it the same day. So far so good.\r \r Opened the door and was welcomed by the stentch of cigarette smoke. I don't smoke and its ruined one of the pleasures of owning a new car, which is the new car smell! Thats gone and only the smell of cigaretts lingers, tried leaving the sunroof open, fabreeze etc. Still stinks. I plan to call and complain as soon as they re-open. This is lousy! you'd think they would know better than to smoke inside someones car.\r \r The window tint job was nothing special. In fact its probably somewhat below average as now 4 days latter there is still significant bubbles in the rear doors.. Hopefully they'll dry out. \r \r This is a lesson to me..... Should had the dealer do it. They were even cheaper than Pablo Blue at $179 with coupon. The dealer unfortunatly was located in Jersey Village and I live in Galveston county and didn't want to make the trip back. Now I wish I would have..\r \r Tinters are a dime a dozen, go to some place where they won't smoke in your car. more

Best Window Tint in Houston Area 7/12/2010

Another great job. I just took my 15th vehicle to Pablo Blue and the exellent work continues. I took my new Corvette to them and they did a great job. I wouldnt trust just anyone with this new machine. Thanks for the great service. People, this guy does a great job. In 22 years and 15 vehicles I have had no complaints.\r \r Over 22 years, I have had Pablo Blue perform the tinting of my car and truck windows. Most recently, I took my 14th vehicle to Pablo Blue to be tinted. I told the guy I work nights and I could bring the truck by in the morning. He met me promptly that morning and as usual, he explained the choices and his recommendations. Not only did he do a great job, but he took my vehicle in first because he knew I had just gotten off from 14 hours of work. The materials he uses have never failed me, his prices are competitive, he has always guided me in the correct direction, and the tint looks great. If you want quality and durability, go to this guy. Believe me, he's worth it. No one else will ever do my tinting. I learned that lesson the hard way a long time ago. Pros: Exellent job, remarkable craftsmanship more

Highly recommended automotive tint shop in Houston! 10/1/2008

Pablo Blue was recommended to me by a colleague who has been bringing his cars to this place for more than 8 years. When I first made the appointment, I talked to the owner who was very patient and explained everything to me including the tint grades and the time it would take to finish the job. He also gave me a out of the door price. I made the appointment for a Saturday as this place was a 40 mile drive from my apartment.\r \r The day before my appointment I called to just confirm it and talked to a nice lady on the phone. When I told her that I will not be dropping my car off but will instead be waiting on it, she talked to the owner who agreed to change my appointment from early afternoon to late afternoon so that my car would be the last one he would work on that day. That way my wait time got reduced by a couple of hours. He in fact stayed later than usual to finish my car. He didn't hurry though it and I could see he was working hard and diligently to do a good job even though it was late in the evening. Small things like these go a long way in winning over customers.\r \r Coming to the tint job itself, my Audi A3 looks awesome. The tint is of high quality and comes with a 8 year warranty. There are no blemishes, bubbles or any other defects. It is perfect. Though this place may not be the cheapest tint place in town, it is one of the best in my opinion. The quality is great and customer service is excellent! Pros: Tint quality, customer service Cons: Distance from the center of Houston more

The ONLY place to go for window tint 7/14/2008

I have been taking my vehicles to Pablo Blue since September 1999. I have had 6 vehicles done over the years and find that both the window film and the customer service attitude to be outstanding and unmatched by any other place. The owner really cares about his craft and strives to do every car like it was his own. No matter wether it is a $15K econo car or a $100K luxury car, you can rest assured it will be done correctly. I was here today not to get another car done, but because, after 4 and a half years, one window in my SUV was looking odd. Called him a few days ago for an appointment and today after no hassle whatsoever, the film was replaced. Thats a service you can't find without hoops and rings and headaches somewhere else. Bottom line is if you get a new car [ or have an old one you want to make look fantastic], get this place to protect your investment. Period. Pros: Customer Service; Warranty; long lasting product; owner does all the work and takes Pride in his work Cons: Owner doesn't have a twin brother, er, maybe he does?!?! No Cons People, get your vehicle done there... or dont and suffer bubbles and tint turning purple on you in a few years. more

Great work by someone that cares 6/22/2008

I had 2 vehicles tinted at Pablo Blue (Yukon & 745). \r \r This was an oustanding job & everything was delivered as promised. This shop obviously cares about the quality of their work and does everything right. Pros: All work is done by the owner. Ted is committed to doing everything right!! more

Bad Review not true....... 5/27/2008

The female who posted a review saying i was rude to her in regard to her 2 front windows being tinted at my shop has a far different recollection of my interaction with her than I have....She came back after 2 days and told me to look at all the dirt and bubbles in her tint job....I looked it over while she told me she had bought a new car every year since she was 16 and she wished the guy who tinted them could have done this one but he had finally got a real job........We had told this female that it would take a week for the tint to dry.. There were a few bubbles left to dry out but they were drying just fine and there was nothing wrong with her tint job... It was perfect...I told her those few bubbles would dry out just like all the others did and that her tint job was perfect and since she insulted me i also told her when she gets her next new car to make sure she does not come back here........Also, she was far more animated and loud than I was ......I've tinted for about 40 thousand people and all of them except this female were very pleased.... more

Excellent work! 5/23/2008

I've used Pablo Blue for three of my vehicles and I have had an excellent experience every time. I recieved a 5 year warranty and had to use it once because the tinting paper began to peel. This was after 2 years of use and when I took it back to Pablo Blue they said they had some bad tinting stock and were having to do several cars over again. They retinted my car in a matter of 45 minutes and it looks great. The service has always been friendly and quick too. I'll be going back if I need tinting done and I strongly recomend Pablo Blue for anyone else that is looking to have their windows tinted. more

Worst Tint Job and Extremely RUDE!! 5/8/2008

I went to pablo blue to have my front 2 front windows tinted. After 4 days i still had large bubbles and some small debree between the glass and tint. I asked the man what he could do about it or if he could retint? He then went crazy telling me NO tint job is perfect and it looked fine to him! I was not happy after asking him if he guaranteed his work he started screaming and cussing me in front of my small children. This guy is a Crazy Freak!! BEWARE!!!!! There are to many places that tint to have to put up with such poor quality and a rude owner!! more

Best Window Tinting in Houston 6/25/2007

This is probably the best window tinting place in the Houston metro area. Unlike other fly-by-night window places who offer off the wall ""lifetime"" warranties and aren't long enough to honor it, Pablo Blue has been in business for over 20+ years. They tinted my first car and many other since from plain Jane sedans to my more cherished vehicles. I had a minor problem with minor bubbling on one of my vehicles after 3+ years. They were extrememly apologetic and re-tinted it, no quesitons asked. They do a great job no dust or debris under the tint, great workmanship in general. \r \r Don't take my word alone. Call them or drop by... this place is popular during the summer months. People come from all over with all sorts of vehicles for their tinting. To sum it up- great work, great customer service, and above all great price. Pros: Great workmanship and customer service Cons: Really far south (Webster) for those from North Houston more

Best Tinting around 11/6/2006

My husband and I have had 6 different cars tinted over the last 14 years at Pablo. It has never peeled, bubbled or worn. My husband is extremely picky and has never had a reason to complain - no dust, hair or debri - no scrathces or short edges. EXCEPTIONAL WORK! Reasonable prices, great service and unbelievable quality!!!!! Pros: up front pricing, service and quality Cons: can't think of a one! more

Best window tinter in SE Houston 7/10/2006

I got my windows tinted in less than 2 hours. The owner is also the tinter so you don't have some contractor doing as many cars as possible. The work was excellent and I would recommend him to all of my friends. The only downside is that he does not take credit/debit cards, but thats ok because the quality of work. Pros: Excellent Quality, Fast Cons: No Credit Cards more
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