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(801) 596-7283
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PC Laptops - Salt Lake City, UT


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I LOVE PC LAPTOPS!! Chris and Phil helped me to choose the greatest laptop ever, I feel like I am a part of something great, the customer service and warranty are STELLAR!!! ...


Sleazy company with a sophisticated approach to marketing. Commission based sales, so you pay your sales representative the most he can get you to for the computer you are buying....

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/2/2012

These guys RULE! This was my first time at PC Laptops and I can't say enough good things about them! The service was awesome and my computer was fixed the same day I brought it in. Doesn't get any better than this! If you have problems with your computer, don't hestiate to bring it in to PC Laptops. You guys rock!!! more


I LOVE PC LAPTOPS!! Chris and Phil helped me to choose the greatest laptop ever, I feel like I am a part of something great, the customer service and warranty are STELLAR!!! Don't deny yourself the very best, be sure to buy your next laptop at PC LAPTOPS!!! more

Very smart people. 6/21/2011

Very smart people. The folks at this store were very nice. They answered all my questions without being pushy. They upgraded my Dell computer with a new power supply and upgraded the video card with a GT560 and even carried the computer to my van. I had a smile on my face the whole time. more

Very very happy. 2/17/2011

Very very happy. I have had my computer for 5 months now and so far I am pleased with the service and my system. My only advice on how to improve is to include free PC Laptops T shirt with every computer Just asking! more

I love these guys! 2/13/2011

I love these guys! Had the laptop for over a year, works great, love it.cs5 rocks it! more

AWESOME SERVICE!!!! 2/4/2011

My laptop is an HP and I got a very bad virus I couldn't get rid of. I called the Riverdale store and Caden took very good care of me and assured me he could fix it. I got my computer back the next day, sooner than I expected. He also recommended the ESET NOD32 and installed it on my computer so this won't happen again. The whole staff was friendly and was an amazing first experience. I will now be a PC Laptops customer for life. more

Very helpful! 1/19/2011

Very helpful! I had heard of PC Laptops through a friend who bought a laptop through them. He said they were great, so I bought my new laptop through them also. It was really nice to be able to talk to someone who actually wants to help. more

PC Laptops RULES!!!! 1/19/2011

I am a total and complete RAVING FAN and here's why: There is only one thing worse than your computer going down and that is when your employees' computers go down. I have purchased all of my company's computers from PC laptops since the day you started selling desktops and have been thrilled with every experience. You won my loyalty by handling every single hysterical time I rushed a computer to you for any service. more

HAPPY! 1/8/2011

Hi Dan Just wanted to thank you for helping me get both my laptop old Dell desktop up and running perfect. They are both working great. I really appreciate it. Thanks Jackie more

Fast wonderful fix 1/8/2011

PC Laptops crew, I sent my laptop in this week because it was not connecting to our wireless network and I wasn't sure what was going on. I wanted you all to know that it is working great and I really appreciate you looking at it and fixing it so fast. have a great day, J.S. more

Went way above and beyond! 12/18/2010

Went way above and beyond the call of duty recovering my files. Had I lost all the data on my hard drive, it would have taken me months to recover. Thanks to these guys for going above and beyond the normal level of service for their customers. Al Hanes more

Sleazy, deceptive company. 12/16/2010

Sleazy company with a sophisticated approach to marketing. Commission based sales, so you pay your sales representative the most he can get you to for the computer you are buying. Minimum value for the money. Will take advantage of your lack of knowledge to provide you with the worst possible computer they can get away with at the price point you have chosen. Sold my brother a computer with a micro atx mobo and no graphics card for $1,100. Utterly despicable. Tried to return the next day, and was assessed a 15% restocking fee. $150 for the privilege of being taken advantage of. more

Very impressed 12/15/2010

I have to say I'm very impressed. I was hard pressed to choose between a dell xps and one of your laptops. I love your free lifetime support and used it again this week to clean a bunch of garbage off my machine. The computer runs great!! Thanks for backing up your warranty! more

Great at First, Terrible Service 12/4/2010

My post is too long to be detailed. I've listed the good with the bad on my full post which can be read on alternate review sites. Ive sent my laptop in twice in the last two years. Both times have been completely separate instances of bad customer service on very different levels. Ive now tried two different PC Laptops locations and have nothing happy to report of either experience. I'll post my most recent service experience. I pre-called the location I picked different from the last one to ask for e-mailed paperwork that theyd need signed to avoid the faxing mess if I could. Cameron at the 745 S State Street location was very polite and apologetic for the mess. He e-mailed me some paperwork to sign for their check-in so that I could mail it with my laptop and not need to deal with the faxing. I received a call from PC Laptops, once again days after the post office had confirmed delivery. The phone call was from Ryan at the 745 S State Street location saying that I still needed to receive a fax with their paperwork to sign regardless of what Id sent in already. This really annoyed me as Id already been assured I wouldnt need to bother with this. Ryan was polite enough to e-mail me the forms they required but said Id need to fax them to their location. I drove to a faxing location and spent the next hour on site. Sent the fax 7 different times to call back and find out (when Id called upon arrival for the number) that their machine wasnt even on. They had told me they needed my signature to begin work but before I e-mailed the signed forms to Phillip at the 745 S State Street location, I had a call from my tech (Anthony) to say that Hed taken the liberty to remove my firewall as he felt it was blocking critical windows updates. My tech had started working on my laptop without my signed release and had removed programs without permission (which isnt a HUGE deal except I purchased that software and IF it were blocking updates, he had admin abilities to remove the block of updates because this software works with Vista, no problem). I never received any other contact from PC Laptops beyond that first tech call. Even though Anthony said hed call me back with more updates after his hardware diagnostic. My laptop came back a week later (with no phone calls and no returned calls from my tech). PC Laptops had wiped my whole computer (meaning they removed all of my programs not Window based: Zune dashboard, VLC Player, Firewall, Firefox Browser including lost all of my bookmarks for over a yearthe list goes on) and just replaced my images and documents. Im still doing damage control and re-downloading all of my data, including being out my firewall. They never called to update me. They never called to ask permission, just wiped my whole computer. My computer that was absolutely virus and spyware free. They lost programs Id PAID for. I didnt receive a status slip along with my computer. I have absolutely no information beyond that of my techs ONLY call about my firewall already being removed. more

the best customer service 5/7/2010

I have had te best experience in long time. of course we all know that customer service means everything. PC Laptops knows the meaning of that. I am computer challenged. I got a huge virus that was way beyond me. I was told even though I did not nunderstand a word that I had to wipe it compltely clean and start over. OF course I freak out I have no backup of my pictures. The good guys saved and recovered my pictures. And even though I have an ""Other"" brand and they fixed my virus and still were able to save everything on my computer all without making me feel bad for having an ""other"". I will be back when I am ready for a new computer. even betterwhen you call you get someone in the US and not some out of the way place more

PC Laptops' excellent customer service 5/6/2010

Dan, in response to your post I thought I'd share my experience with your stores. Although I do not personally own a PC Laptop I have had multiple dealings with your stores while fixing other peoples machines. You see, I build, sell, and repair computers on the side to help make ends meet for my family. As you and your staff well know, oftentimes (most of the time:-)) when you order parts for a build you forget a cable or are missing a couple of screws or other dumb stuff. One time a customer asked if I could install her new CD-ROM drive that she had just purchased online. When I got there I realized that it was an OEM version and didn?t come with a SATA cable. So I called around to the big box stores and they either didn?t have one or wanted $20 for a $3 cable! So as a shot in the dark I called your West Jordan store and asked if they had one they could sell to me. The man told me ?yes, we have one but I won?t sell it to you. Just come in and you can have it.? I told the guy I would be more than happy to pay for it I just didn?t want to get ?robbed? by the guys in the blue shirts! So I went to the store with every intention of buying the cable but the guy wouldn?t take my money and told me to just make sure I spread the good word about PC Laptops. Another time during a motherboard replacement I realized I didn?t have enough copper standoffs to install the motherboard. So I remembered my last experience and called your sandy store. Once again I offered to buy the parts I needed but they wouldn?t take my money and sent me on my merry way. They didn?t even tell me to spread the word, but they didn?t have to either. Since first starting out I have built up my own collection of parts, cables, and screws so I rarely need to scrounge for parts anymore. But I do remember the kindness your stores showed me and now anytime someone asks me for a computer recommendation I tell them if you want quality and excellent customer service go see Dan because all I do these days is repair work. Problem now is they don?t come back because they all have your computers. Luckily their friends and families are still buying Dell?s so there is plenty of work to keep me busy. Thanks for the help! Ellis V. Pros: Customer service, quality, lifetime service Cons: More expensive, but you get what you pay for. more

PC Laptops * Best in Service and Satisfaction 5/6/2010

My friend John S bought a computer from this store when it was Totally Awesome Computer's. When you took over and said you would guarantee Totally Awesome contracts for lifetime service. My friend was delighted. He has physical challenges so his desktop is his way to communicate and look for work from his apartment. He has a habit of catching a nasty virus that crashes his system. He will call me when he needs the computer fixed. When I had my truck...this was easy. With the change in the economy, it has forced me to sell my truck. I use UTA and my bicycle to travel. I will strap on his CPU to my backpack frame, mount my bike and ride from Jeremy and 200 S to the Hub. I would ride bus 200 and get off near the store. I do not know what your employees first impression was seeing this dude coming in with a CUP unit strapped to his back. Maybe it is ""Dude you really need a lap top."" Anyway...I am receive a warm ""Welcome to PC Laptop, How can we help you?"" The next available employee will guide me to a counter to assist me. First, I have to unstrap the CPU and carry it to the counter. I wish I could remember the names of the employees that helped over the years. Each was attentive, patient, knowledgeable and very professional with excellent customer service. I should know...I use to do customer service for a living. The golden rule is regularly demonstrated in spades. The computer specialist will give me an estimated time I can come back to pick up the unit. The paper work is done in a jiffy and the CPU is whisked back to the work area to be fixed. Usually a job will take 2-3 days. I call to make sure I can pick it up. The same friendly, attentive customer service on the phone is the same as in person. The specialist will let me know when it is ready. I come back...and get the same, consistent, friendly service that is the hallmark of PC Laptop. I come in to pick up John's CPU and finish the paperwork for him. I strap on the CPU in my backpack frame and I am given a cherry ""Come back again"" as I leave the door. I enjoy doing business with your company and plan to be a future customer when things improve. Right now I attend UCC across 7800 S from your West Jordan store at 1705 W 7800 S. If this unit, given to me by a friend, ever needs repair or maintenance, I know I will go to this store for service. I am sold on PC Laptop where I know ""We Love You!"" Pros: Friendly greeting when you enter, fast service more

I love PC Laptops 5/5/2010

Like the headline says - I love PC Laptops! They are always friendly and wanting to help you get the most out of your computer. I got My own PC Laptop over a year ago - and when i could upgrade to windows 7 - they called to let me know that i could upgrade at a huge discount rather than buy the new operating system. Chris B. always helps me when i go in - and every time i do, we talk as if we have been friends for years. PC Laptops always gets me the most bang for my buck. I give them my budget and they get me everything i need to fit that budget. And to top it off, anytime i have any problems at all - they have Lifetime service on their computers. Thanks PC Laptops! Pros: Lifetime Service, Helpful employees, Great Prices Cons: No Drawbacks at all! more

Great company 5/4/2010

Having seen some posters on some of the review sites for PC Laptops making statements that the positive posters are PC Laptop employees. I am here to State for a fact I am not an employee of PC Laptops. I am just one happy customer. Recently I went to PC laptops to price a new computer as mine was obsolete. I found the desk top that was more than I need which was exactly what I wanted. I was given a verbal quote and came back when my finances permitted. Upon my return I was told they were not going to be able to provide what was given in the original quote. I found out later that it was due to upgrades to each computer. Frustrated, I sent an email to Dan, the owner of PC Laptops, and the next day I was contacted with information of when to pick up my new computer?. It was MORE than originally quoted for the same price. Not only did Dan honor a VERBAL quote, but he more than exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love my new computer and I would refer anyone in the market to PC Laptops. They are dedicated to customer service. Dan went out of his way to follow up and make sure I was happy with my purchase.The staff there are great to work with and communicates the technical aspects of the computer in a language I understood! Pros: Customer service more

PC LAPTOPS 3/24/2010

Catherine loves her new 636 laptop..very fast.. Jason and Matt were very helpful....explained things so even my cuputer impaired brain understood...well worth the money...a quality american made product..and local...going back for a desktop soon..PC LAPTOPS .they really do love you.. Pros: GREAT PUTERS AND SERVICE more
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