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Oscar's Bar & Grill

400 NE 112TH Ave
Vancouver, WA 98684
(360) 256-7175
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Great food and brews at an easy on the wallet price. Hamburgers are freshly made, not frozen patties. Pizza is also good here. One of the few taverns in the area with Table Shuffl...


Beware of the out-of-control owner who followed us out of the restaurant screaming that we'd better never come back! I drink once or twice a year whether I need it or not and ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/25/2013

We decided to try Oscar's for karaoke tonight and boy were we disappointed. When we arrived it was well after nine o'clock which was when Karaoke was supposed to start. We sat ourselves in the most torn up chairs we have ever seen in the lounge area and were greeted by our server who asked us what we wanted to drink. My wife asked about the after 9 drink specials and was told that the only specials were The Mr Oscar and The Mrs Oscar which are root beer spritzers. I saw a sign for Red Stripe and ordered one and received the dull stare of a dairy cow and a ""I don't know if we have that"" REALLY? Do you NOT know what beers you have? When the server came back with two diet cokes and my Red Stripe we were given some great news. The only food they have on possibly the busiest night of the week is what comes out of the deep fryer. Karaoke kind of lurched along as if it was an unplanned event. The sound system is horrible with the music drowning the really bad microphones that appeared to be cutting in and out. We finally got an order in for food which was an appetizer platter and some clam strips. We found a hair in one of the fried mushrooms and the onion rings were cold before they hit the table which brings the temperature of their deep fryer in to question. We were able to get our song choices up to the DJ and all was well...... UNTIL it came time to put in our songs for the next go round. I understand giving everybody a chance to sing and all that BUT it seemed as though the DJ was a bit lackadaisical about rotation. It seemed as though she was reading our minds because she came over to our table and yelled at us ""If you don't like my karaoke you can just leave"" and then stormed off for a while. We looked at each other in disbelief as if we just witnessed a a mental break down. When my wife went up to the booth to ask her what her issue was ,she apologized saying she had thought she heard us yelling at her because our names hadn't been called in a while. This was completely unprofessional!! Even if we had been complaining,confronting a customer in the manner in which she did is neither appropriate or professional. Then after she half- heartedly apologized she explained that she was doing the best she could. Let's be clear. If this was her best she should not be a KJ. Multiple bouts of dead air or several minutes of really loud Gangsta Rap between singers is just wrong. Needless to say we will not be returning. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/26/2013

STAY AWAY!!! The bartender overcharged my friend by $20, but when my friend asked to see a print out of the itemized receipt the bartender said NO because they were to busy. To make the matter worse the manager on duty told us that she would have to come back the NEXT DAY and basically beg the owner to give her a refund and charge her the correct amount. So be prepared to be overcharged and then have no way to get your money back from when you visit this bar. Also Oscar's charges $36 for three cherry bombs, so their prices are not even competitive. I will never go back to this bar and i hope neither will anyone else. more

Beware of the out-of-control owner who 5/5/2012

Beware of the out-of-control owner who followed us out of the restaurant screaming that we'd better never come back! I drink once or twice a year whether I need it or not and my friend likes to sing karaoke. We are what you'd call lightweights in the drinking department. We simply stopped at Oscar's for a Cinco de Mayo after-dinner nightcap with friends. In return, we received, by far, the worst treatment ever at a restaurant/bar, and would suggest that others avoid this place until the owner takes some customer service remedial training. The only reason we chose this place was that it offered karaoke; it had obviously seen its better days. After we entered a music selection with the DJ, we sunk into the booth seats--many broken springs--and waited to hear our names. Right after my friend entertained the crowd, he was told by one of the many bouncers that there was an alcoholic drink minimum in that part of the bar. Really? Okay. We understand how profit works, but we had been there for a good twenty minutes and had never been offered service from the cocktail waitress. A friend who arrived before us had not even received the drink he ordered. She walked by us several times with her tray of watered down jello shots and didn't offer us a drink or tell us about the minimum drink policy. We didn't hunt her down because we frankly weren't ready to order quite yet. After a large Mexican meal, we wanted to settle in before having a drink. While I was trying to sort out what my friend had been told by the bouncer, the owner swooped down on our table and asked what the problem was. He escalated the situation to red alert with his rude and out-of-control behavior. My alpha male friend did the right thing by deciding to leave immediately before he also lost his cool. Verbal barbs ensued between the two as we were followed out the door and told never to come back; that he was THE MANAGER and didn't need our type who don't ""buy product"" in HIS bar. I was trying to talk to him and he kept yelling ""Leave!"" over and over again in my face. This is appalling, abusive and totally unacceptable behavior from a business owner/operator. I hope others will avoid Oscar's until the owner and his employees learn about basic customer service expectations. This whole situation could have played out quite differently if the manager had even the smallest amount of tableside manners. Courtesy, rather than bullying, goes a long way especially when there is so much competition in the restaurant/bar industry. Wake up, Oscar's, before you, too, will be forced to shut your doors in favor of others who ""get it"". more

I left my phone at this place this 4/6/2012

I left my phone at this place this evening. I instantly called the bar to tell them where my phone was left and asked if they could please pick it up for me and hold onto it until I could make it back to retrieve it. The man that answered the phone was extremely rude and said he could not go get the phone (which I knew exactly where it was) and that when he had time he would pick it up and put behind the bar. Mind you, this is a Friday night and the place is jam packed as I type this review. I told him that I feared someone stealing it and would appreciate it if he could quickly locate it and let me know that it is in safekeeping. He replied that he would when he had the time. Wow! Thanks a lot Oscars! Way to make a customer have faith in your establishment! What would take only 30 seconds of his time could possibly save me $200 to replace my phone and save precious photos of my son! I will not be returning (except to pick the phone up if it is still there). Rude staff, music/karaeoke was way too loud, and they also charged me for a plain soda when we had spent money on several beers. This place is cheap and the crowd was less than desirable. Save your money and stay home. I give it two thumbs down. Update: I just called back and he said that he had it and proceeded to lecture me about not plugging phones into ""his walls"" (it was charging at our table). So therefore I assume that ""his walls"" identified him as the owner. SO RUDE! If walls could talk. more

The worst place I have ever been to. 4/3/2012

The worst place I have ever been to. The owner is so rude. Poor customer service and a slime ball owner. I love the dive bar scene, but this dive bar is not cool. Horrible food, drinks, and a psycho. Not a place to go. more

Very rude owner/manager with equally 4/2/2012

Very rude owner/manager with equally rude customer service people. Don't bother saying anything to anyone here because than he will yell and throw you out. This is the WORST place I have ever been! more

We went here last night because we had 4/2/2012

We went here last night because we had not been here in a couple of years. There were four of us and shuffle board sounded fun. None of us had been drinking before we came in. I didn't want to drink and asked for a seltzer water with a lime. The bartender said no and that I can only have seltzer with a alcohol drink. I said okay and was a little taken back, cause I do this everywhere. My boyfriend ordered a beer and took a drink from it. I didn't want to stay any longer. My brother started to help my boyfriend finish the beer so we could leave. We were talking among ourselves and the owner yelled us and asked my boyfriend if he thought he thought he was a comedian. I said yes. He than became irate and started yelling ""b-bye"" ~ He told us to tell all our friends not to come there either? I am a business owner and so is my boyfriend, this is the weirdest experience I have ever had in my life. I am 44 yrs old and my boyfriend 50? We are not some out control drunk party-ers. We had 3 sips of a beer? As we were leaving he followed us out yelling at us and telling us to tell ""all of your friends not to come back here"" He followed us out to our car. This is the absolute worse business owner I have ever came contact with in my life. I feel sorry for this man. I really think that he has some mental health issues and should get help before he looses his business. Oh ` and rest assured that I am telling all my friends not to go here..... more

what has happened to this place?.....we 4/2/2012

what has happened to this place?.....we went in and ordered seltzer water and were told we could not get it with out ordering a drink. We laughed then the extremely rude manager asked us if we were comedians and told us to leave. There were four of us and he told us to tell all our idiot friends not to come back either and followed us all the way out the door. We had nothing but three sips from a glass of beer and he took that away. This manager has gotten out of control and seems wacked. For the worst experience in your life visit Oscars then come share your review with us. The dude has truely lost it! He should lose his license!!! more

Horrible service and the owner is very 3/31/2012

Horrible service and the owner is very rood! I can???t believe how rood the owners are; as I was leaving a regular said he is always that rood. I will never go there again! more

I had been to this bar many times in 2/3/2012

I had been to this bar many times in the past. Although it was never on point with security as far as the president goes, it had always been any other typical bar in terms of safety. Tonight was my first time in there in about 5 years. After hearing the many negative reviews about the new owner, I honestly assumed the best and assumed the negative reviews had to have been attributed to the transition of ownership. I showed up to the bar at about 11pm for a few drinks after a long day at work. After one beer, I had noticed a sign that said on Friday and Saturday nights, they had Jello shots. I personally love Jello shots. I asked the bar tender about them and she said that they come out every hour. After an hour and fifteen minutes, I asked about the Jello shots again. The bartender seemed annoyed that I was asking and told me that they may be out of them and that she would check on it. After another 30 minutes, I asked again and she said that she didn't know if they had them or not. Now if you had ever been to Oscars, you would know that the bar and the kitchen share a wall with each other, so the question of Jello shots is a simple one. After several inquires and a plea for an explanation, the bartender finally said that she will not have Jello shots that night. I was totally fine with that, but I wish she would have stated that fact when she knew 1.5 hours before than dragging me along as she did. In addition, she was extremely rude during the whole process, and this is coming from someone who spent 7 years as a server and bartender. As I walked outside to leave, the owner was out there. I literally, walked up to him and said politely, "" I had the worst service at a bar tonight as I have ever had."" Before even asking why, he touched me and demanded that I leave. His goons were outside with other people and quickly came there to watch. I told him that I was trying to politely tell him that I had a bad experience and that I wanted him to know. He was incredibly hostile and would not take the customer input. As he walked inside, I climbed in my car an left. Long story short is that this restaurant/bar has an owner that obviously has zero experience and thinks that being a total jerk will help his business. Owner*** --- If you read this, please pull your head out of your below, take this to heart, and start listening to your customer concerns as they come in. Just because you have grease slicked hair and a pile of underpaid goons does not mean that you are a special person. more

Turned and Burned for Being German! 9/26/2011

Entertaining Family from Germany Saturday night, we stopped by here and where told German Id would not be good enough; must have passport. So half the group stayed, and the other half returned with Passports in hand.....only to be told: ""We only take American's and Mexican's"" and shut the door in our family's face! We are appalled at this action! I called just an hour ago to make a complaint with the owner...and he said "" I was the one, and if you don't like it take it up with the liquor control board!"" And hung up on me...this is unbelievable treatment of our fellow humans!! We will never attend this establishment again, hope that our fellow American's will do the same! more

Deceitful, Disgusting DUMP!!!! 7/15/2011

Poor service and rude employee. Skip this place and go anywhere else. As another poorly treated customer posted, OSCAR S IS NOW A DUMP!!!! more

Snookie and The Owner 6/24/2011

This place is a joke. I wrote a review here and they must have had to hire a full time employee to surf the internet to remove all the bad reviews. more

Not impressed!!!!! 4/26/2011

Not being from Vancouver me my boyfriend and his family were looking to play some pool. We found Oscars just by passing by. When enter the place my boyfriend opened the door and took a step back leaning on it to let me go ahead. What happened next was so fast I did not know what was happening. Security got in his face and told him he had to leave. When I asked why they said it was because he appeared to be drunk (Which he wasn't he hadn't even had one). Next thing we knew we had about four men shoving us out the door threatening to call the cops. I was so mad all he had done was stopped to open the door and take in the place we had never been before. Somewhere as unprofessional should have NO support what so ever. I highly recommend not visiting this place. At first I thought it was because we weren't white but seeing we were not the only ones proves there just ignorant people turning away money to be made!! more

Avoid this place at all costs!! 3/23/2011

If I had a choice I would give this place NO stars. I've been to this place quite a few times but since the new owner took over it has gone so down hill that I will never go there again. more

oscars bar and grill 2/18/2011

My sis had a surgery done and cant have carbonation drinks. she ordered a long island ice tea without no cola and instead she would like orange juice in it. she got a drink with carbonation and the bartender wouldn't fix the drink. she offered my sister a beer instead and then she told her again she couldn't have carbonation so the bartender called security. they got kicked out. later that night my sister called me and told me she paid 7 bucks for a drink they she couldn't drink and i was very upset. i called the manager and he told me i he doesn't speak to drunk people. when i am not even drinking. that messed up. i would not recommend this bar to anyone and i would call the police or the better business burro and have there license taken from them... not a good bar. what jerks and being unprofessional about that bar kicking someone out.. more

Avoid this place 2/12/2011

This place was fun, until the manager Jim and his staff picked my girl friend out of the crowed. And began to harrass her and threw us out of the bar saying we were drunk idiots. We were minding our own business playing pool for hours and only had 3 beers a piece. Then we met up with some old friend that when trouble began. The staff said they were gonna X her out we asked why and said we were about to leave anyways. And thats when they grabbed my gf by the arms and threw her out the door with excessive force. And call the cops. do not go here the food is crap the drinks suck. Management and staff are looking for targets when they get bored. I give this place two freaking thumbs down. more

What a bunch of jerks 1/30/2011

Went there last night because my husband wanted to shoot some pool. What a huge mistake. Five minutes after getting our drinks we got tossed, for NO REASON. The so-called manager said we were complaining about the beer selection and wine list so we had to leave. So we paid for a glass of wine and a pitcher of beer that didn't get drank and they wouldn't even give us our money back. I guess you know a place is trouble when they have to have 3 or 4 bouncers hanging around. Used to be a great place but I'll never go back there. By the way, our party is in our 50s and they checked our ID - what a joke. That's probably why they kicked us out...not the pretty 20-something crowd. more

Bring back the old owners! 12/14/2010

Definately liked it more when it was Oscar's Place. Still a great place to go for cheap pool, beer, and awesome food. The management needs to get a grip though. You're taking a Vancouver standard and ruining it! ! ! more
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