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Osborne Chiropractic Clinic - 18 Reviews - 5603 Duraleigh Rd #101, Raleigh, NC - Occupational Health Care Chiropractors Reviews - Phone (919) 571-7311

Osborne Chiropractic Clinic

5603 Duraleigh Rd #101
Raleigh, NC 27612
(919) 571-7311
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Osborne Chiropractic Clinic - Raleigh, NC
Osborne Chiropractic Clinic - Raleigh, NC
Osborne Chiropractic Clinic - Raleigh, NC
Osborne Chiropractic Clinic - Raleigh, NC


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I started having pain down the back of my leg about 2 1/2 years ago. I went to my family doctor and she diagnosed me with sciatica. We went to the beach a few months later and the...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/17/2013

Dr. Osborne provides superb service and he has a great staff that is very friendly indeed. I was involved in an accident back in January of this year. I started going to Dr. Osborne a few days after that and he have been doing some great adjustments on my neck and back. I didn't think I can feel so great physically. I told Dr. Osborne that I think I had carpal tunnel in my right wrist and hand he did some amazing adjustments to my hand and wrist and I can feel the strength as I make a fist which before when I made a fist it seem weak. The man is great at what he do and I have recommended my neighbor which is 52 years of age and walks with a cane. I highly recommend Dr. Osborne for any and all chiropractic needs\r \r Tony more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/22/2012

Osborne Chiropractic sets the standard for superb customer service and chiropractic care. My first day at Osborne Chiro left me feeling supported and motivated. Having only been to one other chiropractor my overall knowledge of the chiro process was limited. After getting back my X-Ray results and sitting down with Dr. Osborne himself, I became fully informed as to the status of my condition and the exact treatment necessary for full recovery. Presently, I am a month and a half into my treatment plan, and can only report that my lower back, which suffers from slight subluxation, has recovered to a much stronger condition. I highly recommend Osborne Chiropractic care to anyone looking to improve there quality of life, as my physical condition has truly changed for the better. more

Saved My Life 1/10/2012

I started having pain down the back of my leg about 2 1/2 years ago. I went to my family doctor and she diagnosed me with sciatica. We went to the beach a few months later and the last day we were there we walked on the beach and that night I was in a lot of pain. We came the next day and I looked on my insurance company's website for a chiropractor that took my insurance. After calling 2-3 different places with no one answering the phone I called Dr. Osborne and they answered the phone. I explained my symptoms to the guy that answered the phone and he said that he felt they could help me. He told me they had an appointment the following day so I said I would be there. The person that I was talking to the whole time was Dr. Osborne. I went in the next day and they had me fill out paperwork, they took xrays of my back and Dr. Osborne did a complete exam. I went back a couple of days later and Dr. Osborne went over my xrays with me and told me that the upper part of my back looked great but the lower part didn't. My one disc was a lot thinner than the rest of them. He said that was why I had the sciatica which caused the pain in my leg. He said he was pretty confident that he could help me. He told me what the plan was and I told him I would do anything to get rid of the pain in my leg. I started having adjustments 3 times a week and about 1 1/2 months into the process I was feeling good. One weekend something happened and when I went into the office that Monday I was bent over and leaning to the side to relieve the pain in my back. He was surprised to see how I was standing and asked me what happened. I told him I didn't know, that I hadn't done anything strenuous over the weekend. He suggested we do our regular adjustments that week to see if it would help but unfortunately it didn't. The following Monday when I went in I wasn't any better and that's when he suggested doing spinal decompression therapy. Basically what it did was elongate my spine to get the spinal fluid to the bad disc and the disc repaired itself without surgery. It wasn't painful just a little pressure from the pulling. He explained the process to me and I told him I would do anything to not have back surgery. I didn't want anyone putting a scalpel to my back and I had heard such horror stories from people that the surgery didn't work. I started the treatments the following day on the DRX machine. I did 24 treatments and by the end of the treatments I was standing upright again. Thank god Dr. Osborne had a DRX machine in his office. The next thing I had to do was wait for my sciatic nerve to heal. It took a few months for the pain to completely go away but it finally did. Dr. Osborne told me that sciatic nerves on heal about 1/4 of an inch a day and my nerve had been enflamed for so long that it probably took longer than usual. I still go once a month for maintenance adjustments and I do the DRX machine every 4 months for a ""tune up"" to keep my disc healthy. If it wasn't for Dr. Osborne and his terrific staff I wouldn't be standing upright and enjoying my life again. Thank you Dr. Osborne.\r more

MY TREATMENT ON DRX000 10/30/2011


Amazing! 10/17/2011

I recently experienced my first bout of severe back pain at age 28. The pain seemed to spring up out of nowhere overnight and was debilitating to the point that it was affecting my concentration and ability to move freely. I decided to seek chiropractic care and it was one of the best decisions I could make in regards to my health and well being. After a few visits my back pain slowly wore off and I was able to resume normal day to day activities that I all but took for granted. An unexpected benefit to my visits with Dr. Osborne was that I noticed that my chronic shoulder tension disappeared as well. I regularly get deep tissue massages to help manage my shoulder tension, but I have not had to visit a massage therapist since starting my chiropractic visits with Dr. Osborne. In addition to superb care, Dr. Osborne and his entire staff are incredibly friendly and take the needed time to assist you with your needs. more

Not just for your back or neck 8/25/2011

I have seen Dr. Osborne for a number of years for neck and back issues, and he has greatly reduced the amount of time I have spent in pain from those areas of my body. I have always enjoyed my visits, and feel that Dr. Osborne always listens to me, and always has my best interest in mind. The office staff are awesome, always trying their best to work with me to make appointments that are convenient for me. They are always friendly and sociable. During a routine adjustment a few weeks ago, I asked him if he could do anything for tennis elbow. I have had this condition since Thanksgiving, and had a cortisone injection in March. This helped tremendously, but only for 3 months or so. He agreed to see me for this problem, and it started feeling better right away. After seeing him for a few weeks, my elbow very rarely bothers me at all. It is amazing to see how much functionality has increased with his treatments. I am a healthcare provider, and as such use my arms constantly. I can now care for my patients and my family without pain! I cannot thank Dr. Osborne enough! more

Very impressed! 5/9/2011

Are you looking for a very professional yet personable chiropracter with a great office staff? Then, I would recommend you see Dr. Osborne at his Chiropractic Clinic. I started treatment here because I had a frozen shoulder and a pinched nerve in my neck. After an evaluation, Dr. Osborne outlined his plan of care with me. He gave me a treatment plan and a realistic time frame for seeing improvement. I am very pleased to share with you that there was a dramatic reduction in my pain in a very short period of time that even exceeded my expectations. Dr. Osborne is a talented professional. I advise you to stop ignoring your aches and pains and take the time to see him. I think you will be glad you did. more

Happy and Active Again! 4/16/2011

As a healthcare provider, I strongly recommend Osborne Chiropractic Clinic. From your initial impression as you approach the welcoming faces at the front desk to your final impression after thorough treatment planning and execution, there is no doubt that you will reappoint with Dr. Osborne's accommodating office. I started treatment in February of 2010 and have been a dedicated patient ever since because I saw results and because the entire staff is so very warm, comforting and helpful. I initially visited due to pain in the neck and lower back, thanks to my dental hygiene profession, which I further aggravated playing tennis. However, I followed Dr. Osborne's treatment plan and felt results within the first month and felt like my happy, healthy self again within 3 months! I did not have to worry with filing with my insurance company, I only needed to focus on getting better. In October, I had an unfortunate setback due to a car accident. My heart was broken because I was back to square one--another ""pain in the neck"" and jaw thanks to a careless driver. Dr. Osborne was very encouraging and indeed eased my initial anxiety. And again, I did not have to endure the stress of dealing with filing with insurance companies--big plus! Dr. Osborne's technique is with ease and his concern for your well being is sincere. Together, we have worked to regain a healthy me! And, as a hygienist who suffers from TMJ pain, headaches, etc,. I can attest to Dr. Osborne's abilities to provide relief. Be confident, not skeptical, in the positive effects you will receive if you will follow through with the recommended treatment, both in office and at home. You will find yourself looking forward to your visits. I'm so glad my dear co-worker recommended I see Osborne Chiropractic Clinic! more

Saved my career 3/16/2011

Dr Osborne is wonderful. I came in with horrible neck pain that went into my right shoulder and middle back and in just a couple treatments the pain was gone. My medical doctor tried loading me up with pain killers and muscle relaxants which didn't really work well and I can't take them if I have to work or drive. I couldn't work as a paramedic cause I couldn't lift my patients with this pain. more

Best Chiropractor in Raleigh! 1/20/2011

Dr. Osborne saved me. I walked into his office with a severe antalgia, horrible pain and a history of bulging discs. I was literally cranked to the side; couldn't stand up straight. After getting an X-Ray, we saw that my spine was curving to the side and my L5 disc was crunched. I honestly can say that I would have gotten surgery if it weren't for Dr. O. He's amazingly patient, thorough, gentle, knowledgeable and one of the best docs I've ever gone to. I had a long road of recovery ahead of me, and along with his fantastic staff, Dr. O got me there. All I can say for new patients considering chiropractic is to be patient with your body. It takes time to heal, and to rush that would just set you up for injury down the road. Dr. Osborne got me straightened out after 4 months of crippling pain. I cannot recommend him enough!!!@ more

The best place in town to get treatment 12/10/2009

I just moved to the area of Raleigh and know no one, so I went to the phone book and came across Dr. Byran Osborne page. What he had on his page was what made me chose him. Pros: The best place to get treatment more

Excellent Experience! 5/12/2009

This was my first full experience with a chiropractor, and it was absolutely great. I was in a great deal of pain and couldn't walk right or sit for very long, or lay down for very long...miserable. Dr. Osborne was suggested to me. His staff is incredibly friendly, sympathetic, but absolutely professional. Dr. Osborne explained why I was experiencing the pain, told me what we were going to do about it, and about how long it would take. He was dead on right. I started feeling better very soon, and I now feel better than I have in years! These folks are good! I'm really glad I went. Pros: I feel so much better!! more

Great Doctor 5/1/2009

I think Dr. Osborne is wonderful and I am so thankful to have him. Pros: Great doctor, great staff and great location...... more

The best of both worlds --- chiropractic and acupuncture treatments 9/25/2008

I initially came to Dr. Osborne requesting acupuncture treatments for IBS. After an initial evaluation and consultation with Dr. Osborne, we decided to go with a combination of chiropractic adjustments as well as acupuncture treatments. I could not be more pleased with the results! My symptoms subsided after the first few treatments, and everything is now completely under control, something which I have never before been able to achieve with prescription medications. Dr. Osborne is very well-knowledged, kind, caring, personable, and compassionate. He takes the time to explain the treatment process and to answer any questions. He has a great personality, and makes you feel at ease and comfortable right away. His staff is also just as kind, caring and personable. Pros: great staff; great doctor; easy to schedule appointments more

Excellent Chiropractor!!! 9/24/2008

I have gone to chiropractors all of my life in the varioust cities I have lived in. I am new to the area, went to Dr. Osborne and he is a terrific doctor, very knowledgable and very caring. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and was in a lot of pain, but felt better very quickly, in a matter of a few short weeks. He is very thorough, has a great personality and loves what he does. He is right up there with the best chiropractors I have seen in Chicago, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Pros: Very professional, excellent staff, nice office. more

Excellent chiropractic care I trust 7/23/2008

I have been a patient of Dr Osborne for a little over a year now and I am extremely satisfied with the treatment I have received there. Pros: Excellent care, friendly and courteous staff, ease of scheduling an appointment Cons: None! more

Best Doc In Town 6/25/2008

Dr. Osborne and Staff has a Great warm and Welcome smile when you walk through the Door. From Front Staff to back staff everyone is great and Professional. I highly recommend anyone with Chiropractic needs to Give them a try. You wont look any further when you walk through the door. Its a down home feeling that you wont find anywhere else in the triangle. I have been a patient of record since 2007 to present. I would not go anywhere else but here for my Chiropractic needs. Thanks Guys for all your hard work at Osborne Chiropractic. You are dedicated and blessed at what you do. Pros: Parking is Great, Staff is Great, Services are great, Turn around time is Great. Cons: No long wait times. Soothing an relaxing office setting. more

Best Chiropractic Service, best location, easy to get in and out and also the most friendliest, courteous and professional Staff in the Triangle. 3/31/2008

Dr. Osborne is so ""caring and knowledgeable"" about each individual patient. This is what I love about him the most. Everyone is treated with the ""upmost care and respect"". I'm a highly self-motivated person that appreciates my awesomely good health and I work very hard at keeping it that way. This is another reason I appreciate the wonderful care that I recieve from Dr. Osborne's Office. I started seeing Dr. Osborne in April when I had a terrible fall off a ladder and it resulted in horrific pain and discomfort. After only 3 days Dr. Osborne had me feeling so much better, I just could not hardly believe it. He's absolutely ""amazing"". I have referrred others to him with one of them being a person that I love to death with all my heart: My Wonderful Husband. He just absolutely fell in love with the care that he recieved upon going to Dr. Osborne's Office; and he could not stop talking about how Dr. Osborne made him feel physically and the knowledge of such a young and caring doctor. He stated Dr. Osborne is definitely in the right line of work. I look forward to my visits with him. He has ""three of the nicest ladies"" that operate his front desk: Dresden, Linda & Maria. They are always so pleasant, caring and courteous to each and every patient that comes into that office. My husband and I often praise them individually as well as informing Dr. Osborne of what a wonderful job they do. They make him look good as well. ""The entire office is so well-organized"". A front desk staff can make or break your business and you can tell that Dr. Osborne is very concerned about his patients in the fact of how he treats each of them and how selective he is about his staff. I would refer everybody that I know to him and I have several co-workers that patronize his business as well and we are always talking about how wonderful he makes us feel. If I could give them a million stars I would. They are ONE IN A MILLION!!! Pros: The Best Chiropractic Service, great location, convenient hours, and the best Office Staff in the Triangle Cons: There are none more

Best Chiropractor in the world 2/8/2008

Dr. Bryan Osborne gave me my life back. I never thought that seeing a chiropractor would help with my situation. I was in so much pain for years with my back. I even had back surgery and I still had problems. It is absolutely amazing. I couldn't even make my own bed or stand up long enough to wash the dishes. I trust Dr. Osborne 100% with my health. I have even sent my mom, sister, co-worker and a friend there. He has helped my Mom out so much. We both have been seeing him for over two years now. I look forward to my visits with him. The staff consists of three of the best ladies in the world. Dresden, Linda and Maria. They are always pleasant and very welcoming. I would tell anybody who would listen to me to just give it a try. The only problem I have is that I could only give him five stars. I would give him a million if I could. Pros: Service is wonderful, great location, easy to get in and out. Cons: There are no drawbacks more
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A local Raleigh and independently owned practice offers private adjusting rooms and gentle hands on care.

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  • A local Raleigh and independently owned practice offers private adjusting rooms and gentle hands on care. When you and or your family visit our clinic, you will be greeted by smiling faces who truly care about your well being. As a chiropractor, we strive to educate you on how chiropractic is benefiting your health.

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