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Original Pancake House

8601 SW 24th Ave
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 246-9007
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Original Pancake House - Portland, OR
Original Pancake House - Portland, OR


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its funny how so many people can complain about this place. Yes the wait can be long. if you dont want to wait dont go in at the very busiest part of the day. Are you grouchy p...


I have always loved this restaurant and have been to many of their locations across the country. I usually get the Dutch Baby when I have the extra time to wait. What I don't un...

Don't understand the long lines! 6/29/2014

Rick Provided by Partner
Don't understand the long lines! Although the most incredible assortments of pancakes I've ever seen... I personally don't get the excitement abou... more

Overpriced and not very nice. 3/13/2010

We went on a Saturday. Didn't even get to eat because they take ONLY checks and cash. Guess they think they are too good for those of us who prefer to use debit cards. From eating there as a child, I do know they are over priced. The wait was long. The hostess acted like she didn't want to be there, and she just assumes you know how their waiting line works. They gave us a stub with a number. Not even a ""good morning"" was said. We'll find another place to go, like Banning's in Tigard. Pros: Apple pancake is good Cons: Cash and checks only, short on parking, staff snobby more

After and absence where did the quality go 10/7/2009

I have been going to the Original Pancake House since the 50's with my grandmother. After a tour in Europe my wife and I went back and what a change in a few years! Crowded, like they squeezed in every table possible, horrible coffee, mediocre food, poor service and way over priced. We will not be going back. Cons: poor quality, crowded, poor service more

Watch out 8/22/2009

We had a cup of tea and a cup of coffee totaling $6.50. Oh and my $4.00 tomato juice. $10.50 in beverages. When I asked what the $6.50 was for, they said it was for the tea and coffee. She also mentioned it was because they have a special coffee. Makes sense when it comes to the ""stash"" tea I got for $3.25. Bet that was a ""real special"" blend just for them! My meal was overpriced as well. I ordered an omlet and I guess it comes with a side of pancakes. That way they can justify it being an $11 omlet. If you want to eat way too much, this is probably the place. Pros: Pancake Options Cons: Beverages and portions more

Rip off 6/5/2009

I have always loved this restaurant and have been to many of their locations across the country. I usually get the Dutch Baby when I have the extra time to wait. What I don't understand is why the prices at the Portland location are 50%+ higher than any other location. I had breakfast by myself and the bill was $20 for a small waffle, a bowl of strawberries, and cup of coffee. While the food was decent, it didn't knock me over, particularly to the point that it justified a $20 bill and I was still hungry when I left (and I'm not a particularly big eater, I usually take 1/2 of my restaurant meals home for leftovers). And this was after waiting 15 minutes to be seated on a weekday morning and being stuck in a corner seat that I could barely get into because of the cramped quarters. I will not be going back to the Original Pancake House again unless I travel back East where the prices match the quality and quanity of food you receive. Pros: Decent food Cons: Take out a second mortgage before you go more

GREAT Food, but where did server go? 1/20/2009

I'm responding to the other inquiry about the server who used to work at this restaurant. Her name is Caitlyn. I asked another server what happened to her on our laast visit, but got a bit of an attitude and no info. Our family has been coming to the Pancake House for years, but after being served by her and experiencing her charismatic and caring attitude, we waited only for her tables/section. It's rare to find good customer service but this girl really shined. I watched as she embraced customers as if they were family, not just to us but every customer. Of course, the quality of food is incredible and the coffee is to die for. Needless to say, this restaurant comes highly recommended. However, without this particular young lady, it seems dull. She used to make such a fun production out of our twin boys birthdays every year! We are saddened by her departure and I speak for our entire family when I say that she will be missed. Pros: Great food and coffee Cons: Saddened by missing waitress more

Inquiry- Can Anyone Answer? 1/14/2009

I apologize for asking a personal question in this particular forum, but I was wondering where a particular server went. Unfortunately I don't recall her name, but she was employed at this restaurant for a few years. I was wondering if she had moved to another establishment. I, along with my family, have been in on several Saturday mornings and she has not been there. If another employee or manager sees this, I'd be pleased to know if she was simply on vacation, or if she had indeed moved to another restaurant. She was so sweet to our family, I can't believe I never caught her name! My 3 year old daughter adored this young lady, so any knowledge about where she went would be greatly appreciated. She had brown hair, average height and always wore a bow in her hair when we saw her. Thanks for any info! Pros: GREAT food, GREAT service Cons: Wondering where GREAT server went more

Worst service ever/too long of lines to be treated so poorly 1/13/2009

My fiance and I came in because of hearing such great things about the food and ended up waiting AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES. We finally got sat down and our server seemed a little off-she wouldn't make any eye contact with us and obviously was new at her position. She didn't know answers and seemed really anxious to get away from our table to help another. It's a really busy place but we were not checked on once. Only when our food and check was brought to us. And she got my order wrong-I didn't want to wait so my fiance just ate it. It was awful service and the food might have been good if the server paid any attention to what I had said. All the servers seemed a little flustered and uncomfortable. It was an awkward environment to be in. Like we were being rushed in and rushed out. It was awful. And I am preschool teacher and babysit all the time-so from the previous reviews, I wont be bringing any of my kids in. Don't waste your time. We had a wonderful experience at the Stepping Stone Cafe in Portland. Very fun, Kid friendly and no scary waitresses. Pros: We got our check as fast as our food Cons: Awful customer service, long waits, overpriced, awkward environment more

GOOD not GREAT 12/18/2008

Let me be perfectly clear- this is a good place. Prices are a little up there, but the quality of food backs it up. I like to go early to avoid the wait, but since this unfortunate economy, it's not as thriving as it used to be. I've been a semi-regular customer for a few years. I was in 2 weeks ago in fact. What I like most, besides the GREAT coffee and food, is the atmosphere. I swear, the place hasn't changed in years. I guess I'm not big on change so it appeals to me. There are so many great things about this family owned establishment, I have only one con- customer service. I'm not singling any one of the ladies out, I've just noticed a swift decline in the way they used to genuinely care about the title of ""customer service."" I don't mean to speak poorly of employees, it just lacks the appeal it once had. If an employee or supervisor reads this, I would suggest some kind of workshop, or lesson on the extreme importance of caring for customers. That's what keeps people coming back, besides the food, of course. If I am speaking with complete honesty, I would rather enjoy my meal alone in silence than listening to, at times, very inappropriate discussions, vulgar language and the lack ( and laughs) of caring for customers. It's a place worth going to, but I was very disappointed in the majority of the staff. Pros: Good food, Good Ambience Cons: Poor Customer Service, Lack of Care, Parking, Long waits on the weekends more

Birthdays, Mothers Days, and Fathers Days! 12/15/2008

This place is amazing. I think this place was the first place my parents took me to get breakfast. Now that I've been to other places I don't want to go to other places. We spend every Fathers Day and Mother Day there. The service might be alittle off, but at least they aren't stuck-up! The food is fantastic, the prices are pretty acceptable, and gosh darn it, if people like it and want to try it, don't stop them! They might like it, they might not! So what! Is that your problam? Everyone ahs different oppinions and I think its pretty darn great! Pros: Good food, normal prices, it was original Cons: Service was a tiny off, but not too bad more

NOT for families 12/3/2008

I, along wih my husband and two sons, have been to this establishment a few times, but regretfully will not be back. My parents were regulars at the ""Great Original Pancake House"" in ""the old days"" and would rave about stellar food and customer service, so naturally I brought my family. Besides the long wait, which honestly was expected, given that it was a Sunday. My family and I were ignored for at least ten minutes before our server even looked at us. I know that this restaurant is busy, so obviously I didn't fuss over it. Our food took (no exaggeration) 45 minutes and we got not one refill of coffee. All of this was NOTHING compared to the language we heard from 2 of the servers, one of them being ours. Our server had short dark hair, and I actually heard her say something about doing white powder, and ""nose candy"", loudly in the kitchen while the other young lady actually laughed about it! Now maybe in some truck stops that language is appropriate around people, or maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, but I know their reputation is tarnished to me, and anyone I know. I'm thankful my sons didn't hear it, but frankly I'm outraged. The food is good, the wait is long, but please do NOT expect good service. NOT a place for children or families, not with that kind of trash working there. Pros: ORIGINAL STRUCTURE IS BEAUTIFUL AND IS A PLUS Cons: HORRIBLE SERVICE, BAD LANGUAGE, POOR PERFORMANCE more

Worst service ever, waitress was sloppy/drunk and it was extremely over priced 12/3/2008

I heard so many wonderful things about the restaurant so I took my two children and husband in to experience the great reputation. After waiting for about 45 minutes, my family and I were pointed to our table and were handed menus. Our waitress came over smelling of alcohol and her appearance was a disgrace. My husband and I could literally smell her evening from the night before, that is a problem. Other than our drunk waitress, she had forgotten to refill our coffee for about 20 minutes, so another kind waitress stepped in and apologized. The food was undercooked, over priced and seemed very disorganized for a restaurant I have heard so much about. I am in public relations and I am extremely dissatisfied with a restaurant I wanted to give a great review. And I will be talking to the manager about the waitress so that no other family has to witness that kind of behavior and disrespect. Cons: Hungover waitresses, long wait, over priced food, overall terrible customer service. If you have children, stay out of that restaurant. more

Not worth the price 10/11/2008

This restaurant has pros and cons. Pros are the friendly service and tasty food. Cons are the prices, the cramped seating and not being able to pay with a credit/debit card. Are you kidding me!? Who doesn't accept credit/debit cards these days? My friend and I had no idea until we received our bill and realized we had nothing to pay with. We ended up driving to the bank, taking out money and then driving back to pay our bill. Irritating. Pros: good food, friendly service Cons: not accepting credit/debit cards and high prices more

Give me a break--fast?! 5/18/2008

Best breakfast in Portland - I don't think so. Marginal coffee for $3, side of bacon over $6 and a mushroom omelet that had a ""sherry"" sauce that could a rival a can of Campbell's cream of mushroom with some gallo sherry thrown in - it was horrible (did I mention bland?). The fruit is fresh but I expect that , seeing as I live in Oregon. Wait is long, tables cramped and the service is marginal. We had to wade through the busy dining area to pay our ""cash only"" bill. I grew up going to the location on Scottsdale Rd in AZ and it was a good family place but as an adult I prefer not to overdose on sugar. In conclusion, with so many options in Portland like Marcos or O'connors a mile away , why would you bother going here? This was a disappointment after my experiences in the past. more

Complainers Go AWAY! 5/11/2008

its funny how so many people can complain about this place. Yes the wait can be long. if you dont want to wait dont go in at the very busiest part of the day. Are you grouchy people just extremly hungery these days. About the prices. Yes it is a tad spendy. but for the quality your getting just such up and enjoy it. The berries are always fresh. The waitresses work hard to serve you to your every need. If your complaining about this food you must not have a tongue. This is definitley the best breakfast restaurant in all of Portland. No wonder its such a huge franchise all over the country. If you guys want cheap food , i heard the homeless shelter is serving split pea soup tonight. So stop complaining people. no one likes haters Pros: everthing Cons: the losers who complain and dont deserve to eat here. hope your table isnt next to theirs! more

Waaaay too expensive 1/23/2008

How much do you think blueberry pancakes, a side of bacon, and a cup of coffee should cost? If you answered $17.50, you'd be right! With tip, that's over $20! Heck, the cup of coffee was $3 alone... though maybe they charged me extra for the sugar and cream.\r \r Not until I see the blueberries picked fresh from a burning shrub, have Jose Superbueno pour my coffee with a smile, served up with bacon (nothing special here, all bacon is fine in my book) will I feel that $20 is a fair price.\r \r Note to Citysearch: update your Meal Price from just one $. Pros: Tasty but Cons: Expensive more

GREAT food and even better service! 1/13/2008

It was our first time at this restaurant after hearing so much about it. Yes, we had a long wait, but were prepared for that. Once we were seated by the hostess, we were greated quickly by our waitress. She said that she knew we probably had a long wait, but the food was well worth it. When we told her that it was our first time there, she made such a fun production about it! She explained the menu and told us that we really couldn't go wrong with anything. She was right! We ordered the Dutch Baby and a corned beef omelette and it was INCREDIBLE. The best breakfast I've ever had, and the service was fresh and fun. I didn't catch her full name, but Cat was on the ticket...must be short for something. Anyways, we will now become regulars at this great place, because of the food and service! Pros: GREAT food and service Cons: Small parking lot, long wait, but worth it! more

Don't Waste Your Time... 10/13/2007

If you like hanging around drunk and stoned people dressed wierd and swearing, this is your kind of place!\r \r Have Kids? Don't even consider this hole. \r \r The food was fine, but in no way was it worth the time to check it out. I'll never be back again!\r \r Pros: Hmmmm... Not Really! Cons: Service Culture Seating Profanity Drunks Stoners Rowdy People Prices Cleanliness more

Go to Miller's Homestead Inn in Tualatin for breakfast!! 10/11/2007

I went to this restaurant because it is literally around the corner from my house. Brought friends, who for some reason heard it was recommended. We waited around 40 minutes for a table and had thin, flabby waffles. Bill was outrageous for waffles worse than Eggos.\r NOW, if you want a great breakfast that comes up practically before you ordered it, superfresh coffee (and full espresso choices), supernice service, and a kid-, family-, biker-, etc.-friendly establishment, try Miller's Homestead Inn. It's 5 miles south of this place, right off I-5 (exit 294), plenty of parking, and open 5:30 am to 9:00 pm, all week. We go there for lattes and breakfast and LOVE IT! Pros: Uh, none. Cons: Overpriced, no parking, food meh. more

Best breakfast in town! 9/18/2007

I have been going here for years and the food is exceptional. It's one of those places that you crave. The food is fresh and great quality. The wait is long at times but well worth it. I always take my guests that come into town here. The servers are so sweet and always go above and beyond eventhough they are packed! Pros: Food quality, Service Cons: Long wait and a little bit on the spendy side! more
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  • In Short
    Founded in Oregon circa 1953, this simply-furnished spot owes its success to its creative menu and fresh ingredients. Batters are made on the premises; a special ""sourdough...

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