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Omni Dental Group

11130 Jollyville Rd Ste 1500
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 346-8424
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I have been a patient of Dr. Amsili for many years. He is very professional and explains what he is going to do. I have had many procedures done. I have had 6 crowns and a nig...


I had a dental emergency and the woman I spoke to in the office was wonderful. But she was at their other office up North. The Jollyville team are dreadful. Running an hour behind...

Dr. Mark Amsili 4/25/2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Amsili for many years. He is very professional and explains what he is going to do. I have had many procedures done. I have had 6 crowns and a night guard made. His office staff at his 3 locations are helpful concerning insurance and what it is going to cover. The offices are clean. His Hymeadow office is beautiful in my opinion. No one likes to go to the dentist but if I have to this is the ONE I chose! George Howland more


Dr. Amsili is a great dentist... He takes dentistry to a new level... Painless, courteous, professional, understanding and patient oriented practice... I have known Dr. Amsil for more than twenty years and would not go to any other dentist... His offices are clean and his staff is very professional... He always keeps up with the newest technology... I could not think of anyone I could recommend higher than Dr. Amsili... more

Dr. Amsili is best dentist I have ever been to!! 4/12/2012

One unique part of Omni Dental is that Dr. Amsili provides nearly every dental service under one roof. Whether you’re looking for restorative, general or cosmetic dentistry Austin dentist Dr. Marc Amsili has the solution you’ve been looking for. His caring staff can diagnose any dental problem and fix the issues you might have. And unlike other dentists Dr. Amsili believes in having all the tools and expertise available at his Austin office. Whether it’s a filling, a dental implant or a full smile makeover Dr. Amsili can accommodate you in a convenient way. I was very pleased with my treatment at Omni Dental. Not sure why others were displeased; perhaps disgruntled ex employees? more

Looking for a new Dentist 2/18/2012

Only went there twice. I should have known it as a sign when there was a woman who walked back in while I was in waiting room, she was livid that the dentist treated her and her son with disrespect. Also, she was upset about improper billing. Anyways, I stayed like a dumb ass and I ended up having a couple fillings done. I had to wait in the chair for almost an hour before the dentist got to me. One of them was a pretty large filling, but honestly it was the most painful one I have ever had and it took forever. The thing that finally got my attention is that they were really trying to get me to go to an oral surgeon and get all this extensive work done that I know for a fact I did not need. They were not even convincing about it, it was just uncomfortable and shady. Poor service, lacking of professionalism from staff and i too had some questionable charges. more


OMNI dental uses billing techniques that are not disclosed to the patient at the time the services were rendered. On October 3,2011 I went to OMNI Dental Group to have a dental Wellness exam which was covered by my insurance provider Humana Dental. After filling out extensive paperwork and they were attempting to get credit iformation which I spefically did not provide since I informed them that I was here ONLY for the covered exam. When I was escorted into the dentists chair they proceeded to take gum measurements and then the did x-rays. At no time was I told that the x-rays were not part of the exam that I had specifically authorized. My insurance covers two dental cleanings and they refused to provide these cleanings unless I went to one of their perodinists. This visit would have been in excess of $100. I took the time to call their office and spoke to the assistant who answered the phone. I informed her that I have had some peridonental issues for over 30 years and have always had normal cleanings done 2 or 3 times a year. My family has had a history of poor teeth. She informed me that even when the peridonist saw me I would by required to have deep cleaning by OMNI. They would not provide me with the service I had asked for. So I canceled the appointment and asked for a copy of the dental records that they had been paid for. I was informed that I would have to pay another $25 just to get them so that I could go to another dentist. They were holding my records hostage in an attempt to get me to use their services. On October 25, 2011 after I had payed the office copay amount I received a bill for $77.00 for x-rays. I called the office and questioned the charge and they said that it was not covered by my insurance and that I was responsible for these charges. When I complained that I had not authorized any charges beyond the normal exam, they asked me if I told anyone not to do this. I said that since OMNI was a preferred service provider for Humana I thought that they knew what they were doing. Evidently what they were doing was trying to milk Medicare patients for services that were not covered and that the patients were never told that there would be additional charges. I am thankful that I did not provide any credit card information since they would charge that to my account under the onerous clauses that they put into the one sided contract as a condition of service. This pattern of fraud is a detreminent to the senior poplulation. I would be glad to testify in whatever hearing that you would conduct. I want to stop these people before they take advantage of more senior citizens. more

Dr. Bodapattis time must be worth more than mine 7/28/2011

When you schedule an appointment with Bodapatti all you're doing is being put on a list to be rescheduled at the last minute for whenever its convient for them. Get your sh!t together. The first appointment i made was screwed up and they acted like they were doing me a favor by ""squeezing me in"". After an hour wait she finally got around to seeing me. The second appointment was cancelled by her since the surgery before mine was going to take longer than planned. Like everyone else out there I work for a living and planned my surgery around work on a Friday to give myself recovery time. So now i am out a full day of pay and still in pain. She wants to reschedule for monday, i loose another days pay and go back to work in construction on Tuesday. Nice. Bodapatti needs to wake up and remember she is providing a service to paying customers. With out customers she cant pay her student loans or house note and will be looking for a new job. more

Hopefully my review will save at least ONE person some grief 1/25/2010

Thank goodness for Austin.citysearch so I can write a review!!! \r \r I had a horrible experience and was in pain for over six months because of them. I was lied to by the front office chick (Jollyville Omni Dental Group location), belittled by the management staff located at (Hymeadow Omni Dental Group location), and when I tried to talk to them they would just talk louder and not let me say a word. Good thing I am stubborn as a mule and did some research on the crap they were trying to charge me for. (Still don't know what an ""Emergency Palliative Exam"" was for when I was in no pain prior to going into that awful place. It does cost $50 though!) Turns out, surprise surprise, they hadn't even done half the work they said they did and they were trying to get me to go to their specialist so they could keep the money in the family I guess. I ended up calling the Texas State Dental Board, My health insurance provider, and the Better Business Bureau on them.\r \r They ended up giving me my money back that I had to pay up front for the work that they only partial did (poor job at that), but they never reimbursed my insurance company, so they only got about $75 bucks out of me in a sense. But overall the pain they caused me and the way they treated me was redonkulous. I know they are cheap, but after all the crap they try to charge you and misery for having to deal with them, it ain't worth it.\r \r I hope that my review keeps at least ONE person away from Omni Dental Group. I will feel like I saved you some grief.\r Pros: If you like to argue they are great to practice with!! Cons: sometimes they yell so you can't argue back..poo more

Great Experience! 7/18/2009

We loved your office, staff and dentists. Thank you and I will recommend you to all of my friends!!!!! Pros: Thank you for a great experience! more

Omni Dental Group is Great!!! 7/17/2009

Omni Dental Group is great! They were extremely helpful and caring about my dental needs. They explained any confusion I had about my insurance. They put together the best treatment plan for me. I\r have heard great things about this group, but I wanted to experience it for myself. I would definitely recommend Omni Dental. They were very knowledgeable and kind.\r Pros: Nice Atmosphere, Great Service more

Worst Dentist Encountered 4/15/2008

Don't go to Omni Dental Hymeadow...incompentent, unprofessional, scarry..... I must have all my work redone, lost time from work not to mention the pain & suffering. Don' t these people have to pass come kind of test? Pros: Good location for me Cons: Work not good more

Like a mad experience at the hairdresser's... 2/22/2008

I had a dental emergency and the woman I spoke to in the office was wonderful. But she was at their other office up North. The Jollyville team are dreadful. Running an hour behind time, when I was finally ushered back to see a dentist, it was like being at a hair salon. Dentist chairs in a line with people running about like headless chickens. Some kid took x-rays of my teeth - and it hurt?! How can an x-ray hurt? The dentist himself did shake my hand, though I've forgotten his name. He literally took one look in my mouth and said he'd need to refer me to an oral surgeon. No explanation, no nothing. I was ushered out as confused as when I was ushered in. The woman at the desk seemed to think I was telepathic - in other words, she provided no further instructions other than a scrap of paper. FORTUNATELY, when I called the number on the paper they were able to help me (Horne and Associates - awesome, awesome people). The idiots even forgot to charge me for the visit - which was soon cleared up when I went to the seemingly more sensible and intelligent office up North for an x-ray (where I saw the nice lady who spoke to me on the phone in the first place). All in all, Omni's terrible. But they were able to see me at short notice... They need to realize that most people fear the dentist - having an atmosphere of chaos is hardly appropriate. Pros: They got me an emergency appointment within 24 hours Cons: Terrible service, terrible atmosphere, terrible, terrible more

If You Like Abuse then go to Omni Dental Group 1/29/2008

DO NOT go to Omni Dental Group. I had a terrible toothache and they wanted me to pony up $700 for a root canal right then and there! The Doctor didn't even seem to care about my discomfort. Once I said I didn't have the $700 the doctor didn't even see me again or discuss other options. He just disappeared. I asked if there was somewhere else I could go to get some kind of treatment and their receptionist (like all their staff) was rude and told me they had no idea of knowing what other dentists charge! The doctor didn't even give me a shot to numb the pain. He did tell me I had a fractured tooth, but he didn't want to treat it. If you need a dentist DO NOT got to the Omni Dental Group unless you like to get abused. Cons: Rude staff, Unconcerned Dentists more

Worthless 5/8/2007

Not only are they always running behind schedule, but their staff is rude and incompetent. So when I called to reschedule an appointment, they stated they were going to charge me $50 to RESCHEDULE (not cancel) because I called within 24 hours. I fully understand that policies are in place to protect themselves but when an office is always running behind schedule I shouldnt be the one punished for their incompetence. MONKEYS CAN DO DENTAL CLEANING!! Whats so difficult about staying on schedule? I had every intention of rescheduling. Its not like I didnt call and didnt show. \r \r I WILL NEVER EVER EVER GO BACK TO OMNI and I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW HOW BADLY THEY SU*K. \r \r They are 100% worthless. more
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