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Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic - 21 Reviews - 2120 W 34th St, Houston, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (713) 682-6351

Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic

2120 W 34th St (at Between Ella & TC Jester)
Houston, TX 77018
(713) 682-6351
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Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic - Houston, TX


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When our cat Halley first joined our family 6 years ago, the rescue place we adopted her from recommended we take her to Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic for regular care.  Since then...


The vets at Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic are careless and indifferent. One of the vets surgically removed a growth on our 23 month old sheltie's lower lip. They told us, after...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/21/2013

After receiving very poor care and bad advice at a different vet, I came to Oak Forest Vet Clinic for a second opinion based on their positive reviews. They were able to get me an appointment for the same day I called and treated me and my cat as if we'd been going there for years. They were very gentle and honest with me about her condition, talking me through her x-rays and explaining things thoroughly without being condescending. Even though my cat ultimately had to be put to sleep, I appreciated knowing that the vet was interested in what was best for my cat, rather than giving false hopes through extreme and unnecessary ""treatments."" The whole staff was so kind to us, which was comforting during a very difficult time. When I am ready to bring home another feline friend, I will certainly return to them for their care. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2013

BEST VETERINARY CLINIC in Houston! \r This has been my family's veterinary clinic for almost 6 years now, and wouldn't even dare think of taking my pets any place else! The staff/techs are always friendly and ready to help, and the vets are nothing but amazing. They have performed three major surgeries on my cat and dog, and everytime they have recovered beautifully. I highly would recommend atleast trying out this place, and I am sure you will see what everyone's talking about! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/25/2012

I moved into the neighborhood 3 years ago from Katy to be closer to work. At the time I researched the nearby vets extensively including visiting them to choose which one I was going to use for my kids. I choose Oak Forest Vet Clinic and remain extemely pleased with my decision. This hospital is great. The staff is very knowledgable, the doctors are caring and the facility, while old, is clean and recently remodeled. I highly recommend this practice for your pets! more

They missed our sheltie's cancer, twice 5/13/2012

The vets at Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic are careless and indifferent. One of the vets surgically removed a growth on our 23 month old sheltie's lower lip. They told us, after a lab test, the growth was probably histiocytoma and they removed all of it. A few weeks later, the lump grew back. After another physical examination, they told us it was the histiocytoma and to just keep an eye on it; the growth would probably just fall off. My wife, Jan, decided we needed another opinion because she found large lumps under Kippie's throat the very same day of his exam at Oak Forest Vet Clinic. Two days later, we took Kippie to the other vet across town. She examined Kippie and immediately found many other lumps in his lymph system and on his skin. A biopsy proved Kippie had lymphatic cancer that had already spread to his skin. By the time we found out, there was nothing we could do about it. The vets at Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic are careless, indifferent, and dangerous. Go elsewhere if you love your dog. more

Nope..won't be going back. 3/14/2012

I wanted to write a good review - I just can't.\r Went today for both of my dog's annual shots/check-up.\r The front desk staff is unfriendly, they were eating at the computer in front of everyone, they all looked upkept, and the place was dirty. Sorry, I understand it's a very old office but at least the front office appearance and floors could be kept clean looking and they could be a little more professional and courteous. \r When were called back to the room there was still ""stuff"" on the floor from the dog there prior to us - looked like pee or saliva drippings, no matter it needed to be cleaned up. While we were waiting for the doctor to show up, I noticed how dusty and dirty the counters were and the cheese whiz can as well on the counter...obviously someone's snack? Just gross.\r The tech that showed up couldn't get a vein in my dog's arm and left all the ""stuff"" on the exam table, took my dog (a small dachshund) and found another tech to draw his blood. At this point I was ready to take both my dogs (full blood dachshunds I paid a very pretty penny for whom I maintain in excellent health). I waited it out.\r The doctor came in and immediately gave me the 3rd degree about how I should one of my dogs neutered - nevermind I might want to breed him and that the previous vet I took him too at that office, whom I loved but left, explained the health risks and benefits for and against neutering...based on HER advice I choose not to at the time...he's only 1. Regardless, this doctor today practically was trying to get me to schedule for the procedure. I was appalled. After the shots were all done and check-up complete I paid and left that nasty dirty place with the unkept office staff and dirty floors. I will not ever return. I found the vet that use to work there, finally after grilling the front desk people, and will be taking my dogs to her. Her name is Dayna Baxter and she's at Central Houston Animal Hospital - look it up.\r Sorry but I just couldn't write a good review...I've read all the others and I'm glad those people like the place and it works for them - personally I need better. more

GREAT PLACE!!! 2/28/2012

When our cat Halley first joined our family 6 years ago, the rescue place we adopted her from recommended we take her to Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic for regular care.  Since then she's been a pretty low maintenance cat, so visits to the vet were thankfully infrequent.  Then about a year and a half ago we adopted our first ever puppy.  I wouldn't say that she is high maintenance, but puppies are quite a bit more work than a cat.  Her first year was plagued by a sensitive immune system and puppy energy that sometimes got her in trouble ,  e.g. torn pads, bumps, scratches, etc.  The docs at Oak Forest Vet were amazing, helping us get through these first puppy years.  We conquered giardia and crytosporidium and our pup has been stitched up with care.  Doctors Moore and Cardenas are smart and methodical and really care about your pet's well being.  The vet tech's are also knowledgeable and caring, you really get the feeling from everybody the entire time you are there that they understand your pets are part of your family.    The vet, like the doctor, is not somewhere you want to have to visit often, but when we have had to they have made the process as pain free as possible for us, and our four legged family members. more

I have the luckiest pets ever! 12/14/2011

I stumbled across Oak Forest Vet Clinic after moving into the neighborhood. I really liked my old vet but wanted someone closer to my new home.  I was shocked to see that my dogs had fleas and the staff assured me that this was a big problem in the summer, and I was not alone. They even taught me about a few options for getting rid of them ASAP and keeping them off. When my pets were due for shots, this was the first place I came to. Dr. Moore explained what each vaccine was for before giving them and even gave me a few tips on cleaning my dogs ears since she has chronic ear infections.  There is not enough room for me to sing her praises. I understand now why they are so busy. but i'd rather wait for the best than settle for anywhere else. thank you, thank you, thank you Oak Forest! You truly do an amazing job. Thank you for all the care and compassion you show! more

A+ for my Cat 10/13/2011

My cat had been having skin issues for the past year, and I was told there was no cure, just steroid shots every month or two. My friend told me about her vet, who had really helped with her dog's skin and ears. I got an appointment with Dr. Jessica and she laid it all out for me. I had to make some minor changes, but three months later, my kitty's skin is smooth and her fur is fluffy again. The staff was really sweet, and I trust Dr. Parkerson - she's thinking of my pet first. I'm so glad to have Oak Forest take care of my kitty-cat. more

We Love This Animal Clinic 10/11/2011

We love this animal clinic. They have taken care of our past three dogs and are wonderful for all types of care and boarding. When boarded, they have a huge grassy yard in bag where the dogs can run and play and they have large runs where all my dogs can stay together comfortably. Terrific people. more

Great Place 4/20/2011

Finally, through a referral, I found the vet I've been looking for. I have been driving out of town, over 1 hr each way, to take my pets to someone I trust in my old neighborhood. My pets are very dear to me, to say the least, and I have had a terrible experience with my previuos vet who refused me help and thereby crippled my cat. You won't have any problems with Oak Forest vets. They are truly wonderful people and they won't break the bank for you. more

Horrible Boarding Facility! 1/9/2011

I needed a place to board my pet & since Oak Forest Vet Clinc is near my home I decided to go by & check it out. I asked one of the receptionist for a tour of the boarding area, it took about 10 minutes for someone to come up & take me back. I realize there are many pets back there, but there's no reason why I should smell the horrible stinch of urine & feces. A mask would've been nice! The ""tour guide"" informed me the front area was for hospitalized pets...not sanitary since there was a huge pile of dirty laundry on the floor. The place has the capability to be nice, but its ovious some people don't care to make sure every kennel is clean. I could see dry pee in some of the large kennels & a few pets didn't have water in the bowels. The backyard is big & I'm sure my dog would love to run aroujnd in it, but there's no way I'd have him stay under those conditions. Granted, my tour was on New Years Eve & they may have been busy but theres no excuse for what I saw. I see good reviews on the doctors, I wish they would take more time to put the same good practice in the boarding they promote as they do in medicine.\r more

Look No Further! 12/1/2010

I have been taking my pets to veterinarians in the United States and abroad for more than 40 years. Oak Forest Veterinary Clinic has the best veterinarians, the best staff, and a very nice facility. A clear indicator of the quality of their service is the fact that they have been in business for about 50 years. Every aspect of their approach to veterinary care is first-rate. In the nine years I have been taking our family pets to Oak Forest Vet Clinic, I have been completely satisfied with the care, treatment, and courtesy I have received. I am especially pleased with Dr. Parkerson and Dr. Moore. So my advice to the reader is this: Look no further! more

Pleasant Expierence 4/23/2010

I admit that I am one of those people that are difficult to please. I love my animals and most clinics usually have not stood up to my standards. Therefore I have been switching vet hospitals continually after a few visits to each one. I recently moved to Houston and went in to Oak Forest Vet Clinic and was very pleased with the service there as well as the reasonable prices. The hospital was clean and smelled nice and more importantly, the doctors and staff were professional and courteous. I have and will continue to recommend this vet clinic to my neighbors and co-workers. Pros: Doctors, Staff & Pricing more

Awsome Place for your ANIMALS 3/10/2010

Every time I walk into the Clinic, the Receptionists greet me and my little ones with a warm smile :-) I never have to wait too long (significantly better than other Vets I've been to) and every Doctor here is knowledgeable and great at what they do! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, and they all love the Doctors! When you take your animal to the Vet and they don't shake, you know you have got a Winner! The prices are quite reasonable, and the MOST important part is that these Doctors are the BEST in town! Your animals will be taken care of every single time & with love! I would absolutely recommend this Clinic to everyone who LOVES their babies (aka- animals)! Especially Doctor Moore, she is just a natural with the little ones!! Pros: Vets & Staff are very Caring more

Greatest improvement in wait time 11/26/2008

Because they are a good deal and do great work, ""old scooter"" used tto go there all the time. For a mutt, he didn't think the wait was too bad. But with the new doctors (2) Dr. Ray has sacrificed profits for service. Sailed right in. Scooter was very pleased.\r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r Pros: Good prices and love of pets Cons: I drive quite a way to get there more

A great place for your pets! 11/21/2008

Oak Forest is a great place for pets! The prices are reasonable and Dr. Ray-Moore has that magic touch. Since they have added a second vet, there has been no wait at all. Kudos to the entire staff! Pros: Attention and genuine care to all the animals and owners. Cons: Parking can be an issue, although spaces open up quickly. more

good people 11/6/2008

i have been a client here for years and even though there is a new staff i find that they are still friendly and very reasonable the doctors are more caring as well as the staff... its hard for me to believe that they would mistake a teeth cleaning for a neuter ..they truly are good people and i wouldnt take my pets anywhere else more

Great new vets 11/5/2008

The new doctors are great. I used to go there and wait . HAD NEW VETS FOR ABOUT A YEAR. YEA !!The last 6months they have really been super fast in getting us in. They truly love animals. Nice Christian people who charge reasonable fees for good work. more

awesome staff 11/5/2008

oak forest was highly recommended to me when i moved into the area . i was very pleased to have been treated with kindness . the doctors and staff were honest as well as courteous ... all of my questions were answered and i left the clinic knowing my dogs recieved the best care .. i will continue to use them and i highly recommend them !!! Pros: great staff and doctors more

I have been going there for years. VaSTLY BETTER WITH NEW VET AND STAFF. 8/11/2008

My old dog got into it with a cat. I took him there and the new desk staff was super kind as was the vet. Vitually no wait as they have anew additional exam room. Got us right in.Good price considering all the stitches. I'm going to start boarding him there as I got a good look at the huge field they have behind the place for dogs boarding there. kennel looked clean. Nice vet, pleasant people good service and prices. Pros: nice people fast service good prices Cons: can't think of any more
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