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Northwest Personal Training - 27 Reviews - 2714 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (503) 287-0655
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Northwest Personal Training

2714 NE Broadway St
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 287-0655
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Northwest Personal Training - Portland, OR
Northwest Personal Training - Portland, OR
Northwest Personal Training - Portland, OR
Northwest Personal Training - Portland, OR
Northwest Personal Training - Portland, OR
Northwest Personal Training - Portland, OR


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I love my gym! The sauna and sun room get me in the door,the fun classes get me to wait for quality machines.Feels like a spa.


I've been a member here for almost eight years and have watched the club go steadily downhill for the last two or three years. When something breaks it can sit for weeks with a s...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/19/2012

I found this place to have very bad manners. On my very first appointment there I called up 8 minutes late and told the lady I was lost. I was really only 2 minutes away but it turns out the lady on the phone was the massage lady so MAYBE she could have given me the time I was late for the massage just this once. But not only that... I overheard her take another massage appointment beginning at the exact same minute mine was supposed to end. I thought, how is she going to clean the room and prepare. There is only ONE massage room. IN the end, I got a one hour massage and had paid for a 1 1/2 hour massage. I complained to the manager and got a free 15 minute massage because even though I was 15 late She still quit 15 minutes early and they couldn't explain that away. I mean honestly... when you first do business with a new client, isn't it better to give a little instead of being so unfriendly?!?! more

I love my gym! The sauna and sun room 2/19/2012

I love my gym! The sauna and sun room get me in the door,the fun classes get me to wait for quality machines.Feels like a spa. more

It's just a place to workout. 11/3/2011

It's an okay place to work out. They have decent machines and are open when you need them. It is hard to get into some of the group classes. Even when you get in, the instructors do not take newbies into consideration much. As others have said the parking is good. Not much fun to walk in NE Portland in the dark for 3-4 blocks just to get there.\r more

A great workout every time!! 5/24/2011

NW Women's Fitness is such a great place to reach your fitness goals! The trainers are AMAZING!! Extremely qualified and motivating! The sessions are challenging but manageable. I have met and exceeded so many goals with the help of the staff and equipment. The class schedule is so diverse that I am never bored! Also the daycare is wonderful as I am a mom of 2 little ones. I have been able to successfully and safely workout through pregnancy and injuries with the help of their highly skilled staff! more

Owner's Response.... 5/12/2011

We are so sorry to read the review by GUIN, especially since we take what we do seriously and are so passionate about health, fitness and our club. Just this last Tuesday we had a team meeting and shared with each other various stories of members who have let us know how much their lives have been changed because of our club. I don't want to sound too defensive but I feel like a protective mother who needs to defend her team. I need to mention that I believe that our current leadership team is the best we have ever had at the club. Alta Acosta-Carter, as our Club Director, is extremely professional, charismatic, intelligent, inspirational and beautiful on the inside and out. And the team that she has pulled together including Kathy Rogers as Asst PT Director, Carol Bobber as Group Fitness Director, Debralyn Cox as Operations Manager and Lori Lund as Customer Service manager are all amazing women and great leaders. I can't imagine thinking that our club lacks leadership when I've got these incredible women running the show! We also just celebrated Debralyn and Kathy's 6 year anniversary with us and we have multiple people in our company who have been with us longer than 5 years and some longer than 10 years. Unfortunately, there is turnover in our industry in general. It can be transient with some going back to school, others move, some move into other industries and for others, it's just not a right fit Regarding your comments about me...I can only guess that you do not have all the information you need to make those types of comments and you don't know me because if you did, I am confident you would not say those things. Trust me, if I was in it for the money, I would never have entered the fitness industry. Most boutique clubs like ours struggle just to break even especially with the increased competition of the big box gyms - and many don't make it. I've been doing this for 20 plus years because I love helping people and empowering them to make positive changes in their life. I am a mother of two young children and am trying to balance motherhood, overseeing both of our studios, our event management that raised over $60,000 for local charities just last year and our fitness education department that educates other fitness professionals and provides them with the tools and resources to help their clients. So yes, I'm a very busy women and can only make it into the club two times per week (Just a friendly side note - how often do you think members of other clubs like 24 hour or LA Fitness see their owners? I really try to do the best that I can.). But that's why I have an incredible team who are fully capable of running the day to day operations of the club. I love our club and I know others do too. We were awarded the Better Business Bureau Business of the Year because of our Customer Service Initiatives, IDEA International Program Directors of the Year because of our exceptional classes, programming and member results and were even awarded cleanest club in the area by an undercover TV report. I know we can't please everyone but I would love to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with you so I could listen to your concerns face to face and also clarify some of the information you have. I am confident that you would have a different perspective. Yours in health and fitness, Sherri McMillan, owner more

Disappointing 3/16/2011

I've been a member here for almost eight years and have watched the club go steadily downhill for the last two or three years. When something breaks it can sit for weeks with a sign on it. Dust piles up and no one cares. The owner comes in a couple days a week to teach group classes but that's it. The running of the business is left to the underpaid, overworked managers who never seem to have the time, funding, or motivation to fix things or clean. Staff turnover is extremely high. It is sad because this used to the cleanest, most beautiful, and friendliest gym in town. It is still warm and inviting but lacks leadership. The bottom line is that all the owner cares about is making a buck. We're just dollar signs in sweatpants to her. This year we were given choices for our ""club enhancement fees""--new flooring was an option. Really? New flooring? Isn't replacing dirty, torn carpet something they should just do? Parking is never that bad here. You may have to park on the street but you can usually find a space within a block or so. C'mon, if you're at the gym you can walk a block! The parking lot and surrounding streets are safe, even at night. Most of the personal trainers and group instructors here are top notch but don't get attached because they often leave with little or no notice. more

Lovely 3/1/2010

I love this place - I've been going for over a year now. It's the first gym I've ever joined and I don't see any reason I'll ever need another ;) Pros: All ladies - great staff Cons: Parking :( more

Outdoor Bootcamp Training 7/27/2009

I started a few weeks ago doing their outdoor bootcamp's awesome! Each day I'm with a different trainer and you never know what they have planned. They pretty much cover all body parts and if there is one specifc you'd like to work, they'll work it in. It goes though September..... I'm looking forward to see how my body transforms!! Pros: Outgoing Personalities more

Great Place to Get in SHAPE 6/23/2009

This is a great gym for any women looking for a clean, quiet and safe place to workout. The staff is awesome... I have been working with Remy now for several weeks and the results have been wonderful! She stuctures are sessions around what I need and want while keeping it fun! I strongly recommend this gym!! Pros: Clean and Quiet... more

A welcoming gym 5/11/2009

I joined this gym a little less than a year ago and am totally thrilled with it. I was ready to begin to make those life changes that we all say we want to make but somehow most of us never get around to doing it. The staff has really helped encourage me on this journey and I am very grateful for that. Heck! even some of the other ladies have been encouraging to me when I took my first step class and when they noticed that my workout clothes were fitting a little looser. This is a great place to workout! Pros: Staff, clients, clean Cons: parking more

I totally disagree!! 5/11/2009

I disagree with the last review, I joined this club less than a year ago and have nothing but good things to say. When was the last time 24 hour fitness actually cared to ask you about your expierence at the gym AND did something about it? I belonged to 24 Fitness for years and the truth is they are a corporate scam and only care about the money you give them. The people who staff NW Womens fitness/personal training actually learn your name and will ask you if you would like assistance. They aren't selling you anything they do actually care. AND if you have a problem with something there talk directly to Sherri and she will be happy to listen to you and take care of it right away. They are a small club and pride themselves on service. As far as machines go... they are mechanical and yeah they sometimes break down. Did you know that when they take a machine out of the club to buy thier members new ones they acutally DONATE it to a rehabilitation clinic or for the police or firemen to work out on. I personally will be happy to pay an addition 25 bucks A YEAR to have the latest and greatest equipment. DO NOT let that review spoil you from trying this great club who cares about thier community, giving back and helping you to personally reach your goals. Pros: Womens Only, Personal Service Cons: Parking at Class time more

Amazing Pilates Class 2/25/2009

I train with NW fitness in Vancouver and love it, but I live in Portland. I wanted a pilates class after work in Portland so I sign up with NW Fitness in Portland on NE Broadway. I am soooooooooooooo happy I did! I have been training with Krista, THE MOST AWESOME PILATES TRAINER. I have been doing this 2 times a wk for 3 weeks and I have gone down one pant size! I love this class and the results! If you want a pilates class try this one, you will not be sorry! Pros: They are all about personal serivce and their staff comes through. Cons: Parking, but nothing is perfect in life and a little walking, what is that going to hurt? more

Friendly, professional staff helped change my life 2/12/2009

I joined Northwest Women's Fitness Club a little over a year ago and had never considered personal training before. Not only is the gym beautiful, clean and relaxing - great music, aromatherapy room and sauna, on-site massage therapists - they are also serious about fitness and their clients. They have tons of group fitness classes an the boutique-style setting offers a more personal touch. It never feels over-crowded and it's all ladies of all shapes and sizes - so nobody cares how you look and the people that go there are very supportive of each other.\r \r They set me up on a personal training program that has changed my life (I love Janice!!!!) and with her help I have lost over 75 lbs! I highly suggest this gym to people who want a special place to turn off their cell phones, spend some time taking care of themselves and working toward weight loss or fitness goals.\r \r I love that they know my name! I love that there's no cell phones in the gym!\r Pros: Great personal service Cons: limited parking more

Beyond Amazing Results!!! 4/30/2008

Talk about great results! It's a beautiful boutique health club with a fabulous private studio! I feel so welcome there and having babysitting onsite is great! So convinient! I feel pampered, prepared for my workout and perfectly pleased! haha It's all around the best couture location ever! They gave me my body back! Pros: clean, intimate, beautiful Cons: none! more

Great Staff - too mellow an environment 4/23/2008

The front desk staff is top of the line. I have never felt so welcome walking into any other club before. Trainers are friendly and well educated. However, the musci is so boring. Who can work out to James Blunt? The equipment is old, when the new owners took over two years ago we were promised new equipment, but the only place that got it was the ""co-ed studio"". This place has more potential than the energy they seem to give it to improve. \r They like to keep you involved in a comunity atmosphere so that is nice, and like I mentioned the staff are fantastic! It feels like they want to cater to an older woman clientell rather than women of all ages. Being a member for over 3 years now, I am begining to ponder if the gym floor environment promotes the motivation I am needing. I love that the staff has noticed when I lost 15 pounds. There attentiveness makes coming every day worth it. Its a catch 22 at this point Pros: Amazing front desk staff and trainers Cons: boring environment targeted to an older generation more

Too small 1/26/2008

The parking is terrible. The machines too close together. The upstairs has spinning bikes, for what 2 classes a week! The place is just too small. Pros: clean Cons: Parking, size more

Limited Parking 2/5/2007

Limited Parking available on site. If you want to take your life into your hands, then tr y to cross Broadway in the evenings to get to the club. No notification of renewal changes, they just charge you more without telling you. Classes are hard to get into. Room is too small. The Eucalyptus and light-treatment sounds much better than it is. It is just a single room that has both and only 3 people can be in there at 1 time. Member for 5 years only because it is close to my house. Pros: Newer equipment Cons: Limited Parking, Everything costs extra more

Great facility, friendly staff and motivating personal training 7/21/2006

If you are a woman looking for a great place to workout that caters to your specific needs this is perfect gym for you. My personal training program was developed specifically to meet my goals and is modified to keep my interest. I get individualized attention and support from my trainer and care is taken to make adjustments each session so that I can achieve maximum value from my workout. The friendly, supportive staff welcome you as you walk in and are always eager to provide service. The atmosphere is clean and the decor cheerful and you are even provided with a good selection of reading material for the cardio machines. I've been a member for six months and my only regret is that I did not join sooner. I would rate the gym a 10 with only one exception. I would like access early Sunday morning. Given all the other great benefits of the gym I can overlook this. Pros: Personal Training, cleanliness, cheerful more

This place does not *smell* like a gym! 7/17/2006

You know the smell! It's been a big turnoff for me when checking out other gyms in the past, and I've never experienced it here! I am pleased to see a gym and especially a locker room being so clean. I've been a member for over 5 years now, and working out is certainly my focus of being a member, but being able to do so in a nice, clean, friendly atmosphere is awesome!! I'm very pleased with the changes NWPT brought with them when taking over the gym! Just the feeling you get when walking in the door now is wonderful! Being greeted by name by one of the staff at the front desk, to the the hellos from other staff members walking through the club, to the chitchatting with other members (since many group activities are now taking place where you get to know other members), is just plain wonderful. I am very pleased with the classes NWPT started offering and the professionalism of the instructors! I've tried many different classes and gotten a super workout out of each and every one of them! I've never been pushed to purchase training sessions or any other service and yes, the membership is higher than most places, but I gladly pay it for the type of facility I get, with its equipment, fitness classes and the other ""extra"" classes that are offered regularly. I'm very much getting the feeling NWPT is in business because they care about people getting fit and healthy, and as much as I know that's not completely the case, it certainly seems that by treating the members well, they're also able to run a financially successful business. I'd highly recommend this place, which has become a home away from home for me, to anyone who would like a more intimate, friendly and behind-kicking place to work out. Pros: Cleanliness, Staff, Classes Cons: Parking (although walking a block or two doesn't hurt anyone) more

Best fitness facility in Portland! 7/12/2006

I have to give a shout out to Northwest Personal Training. I have been a member (or I should say dissatisfied member) of other gyms in town. I have finally found a gym that cares about their members instead of their dues. I so appreciate the excellent customer service, inviting atmosphere and top-notch personal training staff (I have finally lost 25 lbs!) If you want results, give them a try. Pros: toiletries in the locker room, super clean everywhere more
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  • In Short
    With two floors and lots of light, the club has a feeling of upscale intimacy. It offers a host of cardio equipment, including StairMasters, rowing machines, recumbent bicycles...

  • 4/25/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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    Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, Sullivan's Gulch, Grant Park