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Northside Veterinary Clinic

233 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-0541
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I recently moved to NY from Seattle, and the Northside Veterinary Clinic was referred to me by nearly everyone in my building. When my beautiful, previously healthy, 6 year old d...


My dog had a minor issue and I made an appt to see the vet. Upon waiting a long time for my appt, I had nothing better to do but observe the front desk since its right in front o...

Totally compassionate and competent vets 10/19/2011

I recently moved to NY from Seattle, and the Northside Veterinary Clinic was referred to me by nearly everyone in my building. When my beautiful, previously healthy, 6 year old dog became sick and wouldn't eat, I decided to go there for help. When you go to a new place, you know how you can always be a little suspicious that you might be getting ripped off and taken advantage of? Well, this place seemed like the total opposite of that. The waiting area is small, but it is clean and friendly. The doctor was really nice. He took his time, explained everything to me, and gave me options. When he saw me hesitate, he told me what everything would cost so there would be no surprises, and then went on to tell me that if I couldn't afford everything, which tests and procedures were most important to make my dog better. I am still looking for a job, so I need to be careful with what I spend, so I opted to go with just treating without doing any tests. This was no problem. ""I will go with my clinical judgment"" were the words used. ""He doesn't seem that sick"". Wow, right? After getting water under the skin and a couple of shots, I was told to get him off his dogfood and cook for him. Well, no other vet ever told me that, and in fact I always thought table food was bad for dogs. The Dr told me that sometimes dogfoods are old or spoiled and maybe that's why he didn't want to eat it and felt sick! Needless to say I went home and that night my boy loved his boiled chicken! Thank you to my neighbors for telling me about this place! more

Disorganized, chaotic,cold and very expensive 8/30/2011

I have been to this office on 2 other occassions, this being my 3rd. I have always requested the man Dr because I have heard stories in the local parks about the older short woman Dr and her not so nice bedside manner. The man Dr (Dr Lieman) always seemed to be caring and concerned with my baby and that was what mattered most to me. Today was awful!! I came in to ask a question and possibly bring my pet in but the place was chaotic? The receptionist's are always friendly when I call or come in but are always very busy. Today was no different. I patiently took a seat to wait my turn and was totally turned off by the way they treat the staff members. The owner/manager was yelling at the receptionist right in front of us? really nasty like? We thought she was going to cry. Last time I was there it seemed chaotic and busy but always warm and friendly. The lady sitting next to me was appalled as well and told me its been like this for a few months. PLACES CHANGE AND THIS IS ONE OF THOSE PLACES. If your so understaffed why would you treat the really sweet employees like that? Well I overlooked the high prices the know it all rude female technician and the overcrowding but I will not be back to this facilty after today and I will certainly let all our friends at the doggie parks know they were right. The place is all about getting everything and everyone in the door and NOT about care and compassion. If you want info on dog/cat food the info is free on line you do not have to be schooled by an unlicensed animal technician and witness verbal employee abuse. Imagine having to pay for that! Needless to say, I went elsewhere for help. \r \r The 1 star is for that poor receptionist. Do not be fooled by reading the reviews on this place, it's clear they write their own . more

Special Place to Bring a Pet 4/6/2011

Dr. Leiman is just an amazing vet. He has a wealth of information at his fingertips and always delivers professional friendly care. His support staff are very friendly and compassionate. Dr Eisner is also an incredible vet, but Dr. Leiman saved my cat's life via surgery and post-care and so I have a bias. It's almost like going over to a friends house and having your animal checked up while you are there. I have known Dr Leiman since he was only making housecalls and thought the service was terrific. I can honestly say the care has gotten even better at the clinic. I can't say enough positive statements about this place. more

What a great place!!! 3/30/2011

I have been going to Northside for a number of years, I chose them since they have been around for many, many years. I started going there with my cat and an older dog. Dr. Eisner has been amazing with my old dog keeping him comfortable with holistic medications, he went from shaking and barely being able to walk to dancing around like a puppy. Now I bring in my new puppy also who had an umbilical hernia and they took care of him as well. The staff at Northside cares! They cover all the needs of my 3 pets. It doesn't get any better. more

Avoid Williamsburg, go to Greenpoint 3/28/2011

I will not get into the specifics of what another veterinarian did to correct the neglect and oversight of what Dr. Eisner provided...but I will review my experience. The girl at the front desk was a gem. She seemed to delegate the rants of 'manager', the doctor, and two of the assistants while juggling welcomes and check outs of the patients. (She gets the one star from the review) The 'manager' (who seemed more a glorified receptionist with inventory responsibilities) was infuriating. She was rather rude on the phone, (sounded impatient). At the office she verbally stepped into conversations she was not a part of, and usually spoke over staff who was beginning to explain the information I and others asked. Dr. Eisner seemed to let frustrations from past patients carry over into my appointment. I did not bring my cat in to also offer talk therapy to this woman. I do not care to hear of personal conflict with other patients. Additionally, she seemed to give less care and hesitate to interact with lower income patients/owners. I was open minded to holistic medicine, as I seek it for myself and I use to see a holistic veterinarian for my dog while living in Delaware, but she seemed to treat to mask the symptoms rather than actually address the problem. No blood work suggested...which was alarming to me to put an animal on meds without a baseline to judge from. The assistants were kind, but impersonal. I think it's understandable, considering their superiors seem rather taxing. With this being said, staff who can keep up a positive and welcoming energy throughout the day despite the affects of working along side those who are there. The one knew a ton about parasites and nutrition...I appreciated the information. This place is a circus...and not the fun kind where you are entertained... more

recommended 3/14/2011

I've never actually written a review for anything or anyone before, but I feel pretty strongly about Northside Animal Hospital. I have an older, blind cat and a new puppy. Both animals have very different needs, but both animals are extremely comfortable at Northside. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating. They always remember me and always remember my pets. I feel like I'm visiting a pediatrician when we go in; not a vet. The absolutely precious front desk staff refers to our pets as our ""kids"" and the techs come out and play with the animals during the few minutes we wait to be seen. Their facilities are clean, and although the waiting area is small, it feels comfortable. Dr. Leiman is wonderful about breaking everything into terms I can understand so I never have any question about what I should be doing to keep my animals in great health. There is always a staff member with their hands loving on my dog and cat when we visit, ensuring their comfort. I simply will not entrust my pets' health to anyone else as long as distance permits. more

good vet 1/28/2011

the only few vets that actually recommends good holistic dog food, all the others one recommends science diet and royal canine which are nothing but junk at high prices more

5 stars 12/21/2010

As an internist in human medicine, I have to admit, I have always felt a bit condescending towards veterinarians treating my dogs for various medical problems. It is not that I thought that vets were less intelligent than MDs, it is that I felt it would be hard for a person who treats many different species to be thoroughly competent in each one. However, at this veterinary facility, Dr Leiman has treated my Cushingoid diabetic bichone with the skill of a medical internist at a human hospital. This has been a complicated case from the initial diagnosis of diabetes in 2007. At that time, the condition was compounded by a urinary tract infection, a pyelonephritis, that made my dog need higher levels of insulin than would be expected. Although the urinalysis and urine culture were negative for an infection, Dr Leiman still suspected a problem based on the urine pH and mild changes in the differential on her CBC. A sonogram showed some fluid in the kidney suggestive of an infection, an antibiotic was prescribed for 4 weeks, and her insulin requirement went down by 50 percent. About 6 months ago her diabetes became hard to control again. After ruling out an infection in a similar manner to 2007, Dr Leiman suggested that the changes in her liver enzymes suggested Cushing's disease. Although the sonogram did not show adrenal enlargement, a dexamethasone suppression test confirmed that she did, indeed, have the condition. She was placed on a low dose of a drug called Trilostane, and it has helped her tremendously, not only in the diabetic control, but in her whole attitude. She seems less tired, and the panting she had been doing every night has completely subsided. Basically, my dog has been treated as well as any person would be in this difficult case. The care has gone beyond simple diagnostics and drugs. Home made diets have been a big part of the care. I know there are prescription diets for diabetics, but Dr Leiman and his wife, Dr Eisner, thought a proper home made diet would work better and be more enjoyable for my dog to eat. This was a wonderful recommendation. There is more to say, including the quick response to my phone calls, the professional respect that I have been given by the doctors and staff, as well as the obvious kindness they show to my dog. My experience at this facility has been truly wonderful. more

where is the ZERO star rating? 12/11/2010

This clinic has taken a nose dive. If you want your animal misdiagnosed, prescribed unnecessary medications, charged vulgar fees and enjoy being treated with condescension…this is your place. We were loyal clients, who have directly experienced what the neighborhood animal lovers have all been saying for the past 2 years. Avoid this establishment. more

Highly recommended veterinary facility 9/26/2010

You hear of horrible veterinarians who will try to take advantage of the scared ignorant owner and their sick pet. You hear of veterinarians who care more about their bottom line than what comes out of your dog's bottom. This is not the case at this vet clinic! I have seen all 3 doctors with my pets, and I can say, without any question, these are the most caring and honest vets I have ever taken my guys to - even the most cynical pet owner can trust them. The staff is just as equally kind, I have never experienced such excellent customer service from a health care institute, even human ones. I brought my old lady in, who was experiencing troubled breathing, and fainting episodes. Dr. Leiman saw us, and went through a series of tests, and took the time to explain everything to me. He made a referral to a great cardiologist, and now I can honestly say her quality of life has increased ten fold. I will be honest, it has cost me quite a bit, but it really is worth it when my dog no longer has to wake up in the middle of the night because she can't breathe, and that she can actually enjoy a walk longer than 10 minutes long without difficulty. A miscommunication happened, and I came in for an echocardiogram on a day it couldn't be done because Northside hadn't scheduled it in advance. Dr Eisner was extremely apologetic and gave me a free product for her heart as compensation for my trouble. She also spent a good while explaining to me why I should alter what I feed my dog to help her heart- apparently increasing the fat in her diet will be very good for her. I feel that at any other facility, I would have gotten an apology at best and that's it. I cannot recommend this facility highly enough. more

Dr. Leiman SUCKS! 8/17/2010

worst vet ever ...\r \r I inquired for a house-call vet and they have a doctor there, Dr. Daniel Leiman, who does house-calls ... he turned downa a house call to see my dog because apparently I have a tough dog?! ... and he hasn't even met my dog and what is he basing this on? ... he kept blabbing about how he loves animals and he can't help them if he gets hurt?! wtf is this doctor on! ...\r \r You can turn down the house call request but to hastily do it based on no substantial reason is ridiculous and to blab about how he loves animals?! yeah ... that's showing a lot of love right there Dr. Lieman ...\r \r And further more ... he then suggests I bring him in the clinic?! ... DUH?!?! are you stupid Dr. Lieman? ... that's why I'm calling for a house call in the first place! -coz I don't want to bring him to the clinic because the dog gets nervous and anxious when he's there ... but he's not tough and out to get you -wtf?! where'd you get that? ... Dr. Lieman, I will give you a million dollars if this dog comes to even hurting you if during a house visit ...\r \r you turned down the house call which is such an insult to my pet and I ... and YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY!!! is the worst part! ... I called you and within 5 seconds into the conversation you right away said 'your dog is tough and I have to turn you down' and that was it! ... you haven't even met the dog!\r \r I hope when you get sick and before you even see the doctor, I hope they say 5 seconds into your conversation:\r \r 'you're a tough case I have to turn you down' more

Can't Say Enough Good Things 5/11/2010

After a bad experience at another Brooklyn vet, my puppy was a very nervous vet visitor before we found Northside. But Dr. Leiman and the office staff/vet techs put my puppy (and me!) at ease in the first five minutes of our visit. Hudson (the dog) continued to love visiting Northside (seriously he drags me up the steps - must be those treats) throughout a long, pretty stressful series of stomach problems involving lots of poking/prodding and several painful shots. I was really blown away by the quality of care while my dog was sick. After ruling out all the conventional explanations, Dr. Leiman called in Dr. Eisner to consult so we could explore food allergies/alternative diets etc. Both doctors were so caring and available throughout the process: Dr. Leiman called me on several Sundays with test results and responded to lengthy emails promptly at all hours. A few times, I called the clinic early in the morning with an emergency and got an immediate call back. We ran a lot of tests on Hudson because I'm of the better-safe-than-sorry school, but I never felt like I was being pressured into unnecessary tests. Dr. Leiman always explained the pros and cons (and cost) of each test and left the final decision up to me. Hudson's happy and healthy now, and I absolutely attribute it to the great vets at Northside and their willingness to explore every option. I don't think any other vet would have talked me through as many diets/responded to so many emails. The only downside is the small waiting area, which is a pain with a 60-lb., still rambunctious 9-month-old puppy. I just book the first appointment of the day and get there a little early - they usually get me in and out before things get busy. Pros: very competent and extremely caring/available Cons: small waiting area more

saved my dog 1/21/2010

dr eisner is the only vet that told me she can help my dog, who had a kidney problem b/c of lepto i went to five other vets that told me my dog was not going to live much longer dr eisner said she knew exactly how to treat him and he is fine (2 years later!) her holisitic/ chinese medicine/ accupuncture approach to treating my dog really saved his life i am so grateful! her husband, dr. leiman is also amazing they called me so many times after hours, from their home, to check on my dog really good people highly recommended! Pros: chinese herbs, accupuncture, extremely personable more

Professional, competent and helpful with strays 12/23/2009

I can number myself among everyone else I know who is thankful to be clients at this clinic. Although the vet I see most often is Dr. Eisner, I can say that every vet I have seen at Northside has been professional, kind, compassionate and thorough. I had seen Dr Leiman and Dr Eisner with a number of rescues (they actively give assistance to a number of rescue groups) before I started coming here with my own pets. On new or different information thy have always treated me with respect, even when we have disagreed about certain issues. This hospital and everyone who works there should be cloned! Pros: They discount their fees for strays and help out the poor more

very compassionate 12/5/2009

About a year ago, my dog Cheyenne was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and developed a problem in her blood vessels as a result.\r She was given prednisone by a vet in the city and has been told that she will need it for life. I came to Dr Eisner recently, for a second opinion and to \r see if there was anything natural that could be done. The first thing that she did, was give Cheyenne special glandulars for her adrenal glands. She explained that the prednisone could be taxing for the adrenal glands and that the glandulars would help keep the adrenal glands in better shape. Cheyenne is now doing so much better, has more energy and now needs less of the prednisone. At the present time, we are also doing special saliva testing to see if we can get her off the prednisone completely. Dr Eisner has also advised us not to vaccinate our ""baby"".\r We are so glad we found this clinic. With so many vets who routinely give 4 or 5 vaccines at one visit , it is refreshing to find a place like Northside Veterinarian Clinic in New York. Many thanks to Dr. Eisner and Dr. Leiman! \r \r Annie Travaglini\r more

Hundreds of dollars later and my dog's still sick 12/3/2009

I didn't realize when I went here that it's a holistic clinic. Then I found out the holistic vet won't prescribe real medicine at the expense of my dog's health. 6 months, hundreds of dollars, and my dog's still sick. This place obviously has a full-time on-staff public relations person checking these review every single day. As soon as a posted a negative review online, I got a call the next morning a PR agency who sent me my vet records and apologized that I was unsatisfied with Northside's vet care. Then a bunch of positive reviews appeared on Yelp, Citysearch, etc. Their PR does damage control for Eisner, I get it. I know the business, but is it ethical to use the same-old PR strategy when we're talking about healthcare? This isn't a moving company, this is the health of your beloved pet. I went to a new vet in Williamsburg and had my frenchie treated for skin allergies. They took blood and found out exactly what was causing all his trouble, in just a week he's on to better living through chemistry. Thanks to Paws & Claws. Pros: Location Cons: Won't use anything but expensive holistic medicine more

Great Doctors & Friendly Staff 11/6/2009

I'm a volunteer with a national dog rescue organization and have been taking my own 2 dogs, as well as a constantly revolving parade of dogs in my foster care, to Dr Lehman and Dr Eisner for many years. The friendly staff has always provided wonderful service, and my dogs have never received anything but thorough exams and thoughtful diagnoses from both vets. Sometimes they collaborate (they are husband and wife after all) on a particularly mysterious issue to better determine the best treatment. I also appreciate their holistic approach -- Dr Eisner will frequently suggest herbal and natural suppliments rather than going straight to a drug treatment, and both vets' take on nutrition is driven by a deep understanding of holisitc animal health, not just by what commercial food companies want them to recomend. Pros: Knowledgeable Vets & Rescue Friendly more

good vet for checkups, shots 10/30/2009

this is the first vet that did not ask me why my dog is not neutered with the follow up ""well, you know they may have health problems"" (and i've done my own research into rutgers vet school and there is a good paper published (google it) mentioning how neutering smaller dogs is actually not so great for them, and how benefits are minimal/nonexistent). they also told me about the risks and side effects of vaccines, going into detail as to which ones were more ""risky"" in terms of side effects. no other vet did that -- they all just tried to rush past my questions. i was able to explore alternatives to automatic vaccinations through titers. we also discussed food and lifestyle issues pertaining to my boston terrier. although i had to wait in the waiting room for a bit, i ultimately received plenty of time during the visit. this may be due to the fact that i have scheduled both of my appointments as the last appointment of the day. in any case, i appreciated speaking with both dr. eisner and dr. leiman. i have not yet had a serious issue with my pet so i cannot speak on that matter, but generally i will be going back to them for checkups. Pros: caring vets who spend a lot of time with owners Cons: have to wait in waiting room 20-40 mins before appointment more

the best vets 9/27/2009

I first brought my 6 month old puppy, Otto, to visit Dr. Eisner on a recommendation. Otto was throwing up bile every morning and my very expensive and glamorous vet in Chelsea was trying different anti-acids on him without much effect! Dr. Eisner could not understand why he was being treated like an old dog and immediately tested him for a parasite. My former vet in Chelsea had told me parasites could not possibly be the problem. Otto tested positive for parasites and immediately was treated and was fine within a couple of days. I now have two dogs and see either Dr. Eisner or Dr. Leiman who are both fantastic. I really appreciate how they will consult one another if they want another opinion and will give you different options for treatments-either more holistic or traditional medicine. Both doctors make you feel fine whichever way you choose to proceed. They do not behave as my last vet who was a self professed know-it-all god and they have a balanced approach and have given me perfectly understandable explanations as whether to treat my dogs holistically or with medicine. I will admit to being particularly cautious about my dog's health, as a dog I had previously had numerous health problems and died very suddenly. Drs. Eisner and Leiman will always call me back and the office staff and nurse/assistants are so lovely and take amazing care of my dogs (and their neurotic owner). I really feel they care about their patients and are not just a money making business. This veterinary practice gets my highest recommendation. Pros: caring experienced doctors more

The Mystery of Black Ears Uncovered 8/27/2009

I had really given up hope that my two-year old cat would get better. This is the fourth vet that I've seen and the other three were extremely competent. But once I went to see Dr Eisner, within ten days my cat's ears were better. I was skeptical about holistic veterinary medicine and that's why I went to the other three doctors first and we did the following: three different rounds of antibiotics, CT Scan, two months of oral anti-fungal medication, we put her on an ""allergy-free"" diet and constant ear cleansing agents. AND STILL MY CAT NEVER GOT BETTER! Dr Eisner prescribed my cat a Chinese herbal medication, provided me with an herbal salve for the outside of HER ears, began acupuncture treatment, and she changed her diet to rabbit only. After seven weeks, my cat's energy level is high; she's playing, jumping. I haven't seen her behave like this in seven months! I am very impressed and very grateful. more
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