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Northridge Autocare - 22 Reviews - 8290 Roswell Rd Ste B, Atlanta, GA - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (770) 643-1300

Northridge Autocare

8290 Roswell Rd Ste B
Atlanta, GA 30350
(770) 643-1300
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Northridge Autocare - Atlanta, GA
Northridge Autocare - Atlanta, GA
Northridge Autocare - Atlanta, GA
Northridge Autocare - Atlanta, GA
Northridge Autocare - Atlanta, GA
Northridge Autocare - Atlanta, GA


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These guys are the best. Justin takes great care of my vehicles and is honest and trustworthy. I took my car in to have the oil changed and the brakes looked at because I assume...


I took my daughter's car here and asked them to perform a complete check so that I could have the needed repairs done (naturally I wanted my baby driving a safe). They said that ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/20/2014

These brothers are fantastic. They are completely trustworthy and work within my budget to help me strategize when to get work done on the car. I've never felt as if they did any unnecessary work. They're also extremely friendly people. more

The ONLY place I will take my car! 3/23/2012

These guys are the best. Justin takes great care of my vehicles and is honest and trustworthy. I took my car in to have the oil changed and the brakes looked at because I assumed they needed changing since I hadn't had them done since owning the car, but when he called me he said you brakes have about another 10,000 miles before they need changing! What a pleasant surprise.....I have never had that happen. Thanks, guys! You rock.\r \r Stacy more

Hearty recommendation 12/8/2011

I've been in the automobile industry in the past, car dealer and owned a collision repair shop on the West Coast. Justin is my point of contact. He has been honest, caring and always has done what he said he would. I've shopped repair estimates between Northridge and other Roswell area shops and Northridge always comes in less. Repairs have been on time and according to the estimated amount. I've had Justin help my son who is in the armed forces with a repair issue all the way in Hawaii. Justin reviewed photos we emailed him and helped my son make a decision on a major repair. These guys are the real deal. A few bad reviews is nothing. Many folks will take the time to post a problem yet most won't take the time to post a good experience. Try will not be disappointed. I've been a customer for several years. more

Honest auto care 11/25/2011

I have been taking my 2002 Ford Escape to Northridge for about 7 years. Keep in mind this is a 2002 model, a Ford and has over 120,000 miles. All of that adds up to fair number of problems. Northridge has been great. They are fast, fair and friendly. Even without an appointment they have always looked at the car right away and more often than not, made all of the repairs at the same time. When the car engine started smoking and shut down, I took it in thinking that was the end of the car. $200 later I was up and running. They've even thrown in some work for no charge. I highly recommend Northridge for everything from basic maintenance and tires to complete overhauls. I will never use a dealer again,. more

Thanks charging me over $400 to drop my engine 9/14/2011

I took my daughter's car here and asked them to perform a complete check so that I could have the needed repairs done (naturally I wanted my baby driving a safe). They said that they replaced a sensor and a couple other things and told me that nothing else needed to be done but advised me to come back once a week just to check things out. In the process doing these minor repairs they dropped the engine puncturing my steering fluid compartment, they also left an air intake tube disconnected, my clock hasn't maintained proper time since, my interior light no longer works (even with a new fuse) and God only knows what else they messed up. I later took the car to a hole in the wall shop in the Buford area and had a diagnostic done and I was not at all surprised that several major repairs were needed. These were all repairs that I had suspected were needed but just to be sure, I took the car to a dealership and was give basically the same diagnosis as the one give at the Buford shop. These guys don't seem to know what they are doing, surely they weren't trying ensure that a widow would be forced to make repeated visits to have things repaired that they broke. . . I refuse to believe that! If you did intentionally scam me out of my money, I pray that the $400 serves as a catalyst for your demise. more

If integrity matters, Stay Away! 7/5/2011

In short, Stay Away! Bottom line; I questioned a 200% markup on a part, they responded by blatantly lying. Not only to my face but I also have a post marked and signed lie from Jason, the owner, claiming they used the O.E.M. part in response to my complaint and a signed conformation his claim was false from Sandy Springs Ford. I used N. Ridge Auto for 3 years because they were right by my work. I slowly started getting the feeling something wasn't right with Justin but thought Jason was a straight shooter until the following incident. This final straw was when I had a clutch cable fail within a year after having a new transmission, clutch kit and cable put in the car at their shop. After learning I would have to pay a quoted $270 to replace it again, I looked up the part number for the cable that had just gone bad (BK 6151268) and found it retail at NAPA for $59. They had charged me $187 for that cable alone... not including the $105 labor to put it on while doing the transmission and clutch kit (labor for these billed separately). The next morning when I dropped the car off, I questioned the high price for a cheap cable and was given a run around response where Justin avoided the question and instead talked about how they were going to use the better quality O.E.M. cable now to replace it while pointing to another cheap aftermarket cable (still boxed). Instead of arguing before they started working on my car, I decided to just get it changed and be done with them. When I picked up the car the invoice used the real O.E.M. part number but with an aftermarket brand name. I wrote Jason to tell him that the ridiculous markup and Justin's response cost him my business. His reply was not only a signed statement that he used the O.E.M. cable but that he lost money on it because he only charged me $99.87 for the new cable (it turned out to be a $40 Sachs cable p/n W0133-1624297) and included a print out of a webpage listing the real Ford O.E.M. part for sale at $224.09. After receiving this letter, I promptly took my car to the Sandy Springs Ford service department to have the cable inspected. They not only gave me a signed statement that the cable was not the O.E.M. cable but that the clutch kit was not installed properly in the first place. (I wonder why the first cable failed within a year?)(I wonder why they just replaced that failed cable but couldn't tell me the problem could be because the clutch wasn't engaging properly?). This has caused me to look back over their invoices (which I always save) and look up the part numbers used to find what I could buy them for retail. It seems this type of markup happened more than a few times and appears to have started after I had them re-install a fuel pump they suggested I change because of a whining noise but their new one was even louder and coming through the stereo speakers. They weren't happy. What I have written here is just the most outrageous incident I had with them, but there were other smaller issues. If they would like to rebut this or even discuss it I will insist it be done in front of a magistrate judge as I am well documented. There is not enough money to recover to make it worth my time currently but if they want to try and discredit my integrity, it will be worth my time. I hold my integrity much higher than they apparently do theirs and they know who I am from the story described. more

Quick/Honest Service 4/20/2009

Speaking from a femal perspective, I have had several Auto Shops try to rip me off in the past. I have been going to this location for all services on my car for about a year and have absolutely nothing bad to say about the service or the work. I appreciate honesty, especially in this economy-it makes me happy to know I can have work done on my car with out cleaning out my bank account! Pros: Oil Changes fairly prices and Quick more

Great job 2/2/2009

I was in there last week and I must say it was the speediest service I have ever recieved, I dropped my car off for a oil change and also to put a serpentine belt in and in less the time it took to get a manicure it was finished. Very professional and honest. Pros: Fast more

Very honest and professional auto shop. I would recommend it to anybody. 11/23/2008

I've been using this place for oil changes for the past year or so. When I first moved to Atlanta, I used Jiffy Lube for the first couple of oil changes, their service was not great. They charged more for the oil change and then gave you a coupon so you'd only get a fair price the second time. It typically took 30-45 minutes just to change the oil--that's when the shop was completely empty!\r \r When it came time to get my tires rotated, Jiffy Lube didn't have the right lift to handle my car, so I had to go elsewhere. I went to Northridge Autocare and could not be happier. They have fair pricing and they seem to be very knowledgeable and honest. I've since been getting all my oil changes there. Recently they changed my breaks and the whole thing took under an hour, including them test driving my car after they installed new breaks.\r \r I'm very happy with this place and I plan to use these guys for all my car maintenance in the future. Pros: Knowledgeable and honest mechanics. Prompt, honest and courteous service. Cons: I have to drive a couple of mile to get there :). more

great work 10/22/2008

On the recomendation of a job well done i drove all the way from troy, AL to get this outstanding service. Jason and his crew definately know what to do.\r Was in and out as fast and i should be back there soon for another tune up!!!\r Great Job Guys -Its great people like you that make america drive... Pros: Great service more

Service in the face of disaster 9/30/2007

I took my vehicle to Northridge Autocare this past Saturday for and oil change. I happened upon the place by just driving by. When I entered the business they were obviously overwhelmed with the amount of people and car to be serviced. I was first taken back that they may be rushing through things and may not service my car well. However, upon the nice gentlemans welcome inside and his reassurance that we would attend to my car in a few minutes I decided to stay. He took my keys and quickly rushed out to help. I was impresed at the fact that Some people were told that their car needed nothing and some people needed 1 or maybe 2 things done. Low pressure operation exists here as they said to each persons questions a true real answer. I noticed that the team at Northridge Autocare has a policy of checking between each other that all parts of a service are executed. I am sure that eventually they will miss something due to the amount of business that they do. On the same token I will say that they are definately honest and make every attempt at getting everything right the first time. I sat in an office full of people that was cleared out , including myself in less than 20 minutes. Amazing. How these guys deal with this and deliver this service is beyond me. Wonderful job guys. I will certainly be back! Pros: Popular place, knowledge, experience, and just friendly despite conditions Cons: who, what ? more


Thankyou to the staff of Northridge Autocare for your impressive attention and impecable service. What a wonderful group of people to do business with. My office workers have told me that this is the place. I called and spoke with Justin about my problem with my car. He told me that it might take more time than they could devote to the car considering their schedule. He suggested that I bring it in for inspection the next day or two. I did so and they found the problem. What a wonderful and trustworthy place to go. The owner (Jason) also seems like he really cares about the operation. I will gladly refer people to Northridge Autocare in the future as I also was a referral well taken care of. Good luck to you guys and thanks again.\r Sincerely, Brad more

Really professional, quick service! 5/3/2007

Went for an oil change and packed my usual activity kit of work to do while waiting. They took my car and three mechanics worked on it, so I had time only to take out my paperwork and my car was ready. The great thing about this place is it's in a plaza, so there's lots to do. I'd planned ot get my nails done if it was taking a while, but I was able to move on to my next business thanks to the guys at Northridge. A definite recommendation. Pros: Convenient location Cons: Can't even thinnk of half of one! more

so good...and all that 4/8/2007

What a good group of people here. Certain care and expertise are present for you car and safety. I was truley impressed. Thanks guys for a meaningful good job done and a worth while visit to your facility. It means more than you think. You are hereby blogged in admiration!!!!!!!! Pros: good Cons: beyond the expectations...knowledgeable more is true 4/1/2007

I visited this facility this past Saturday on a referral. I checked thes guys out on Atlanta City Search....and wow.....they are good! I was impressed with the upfront show of what I needed and showed in person the conditions of my fluids of my car. I replaced one fluid and will be back for more services soon. These guys push normal services that are needed and show you the proof upon request. They actually care about the customer...unless you are cheap in which I watched an employee disregard a guy complaining about $26.00 for a normal service visit. These guys are for real and need more people like myself in their corner. Wonderful service,,,wonderful staffing...unless you want something for nothing......then you are an idiot and they will make no time for you and spend it with a real it so much...funny.... good job guys....will be back Pros: everything Cons: nothing more

amazing find 3/27/2007

Absolutely amazing...found these guys on Atlanta City Search site. I called the next day and spoke with Justin for an estimate on a major service on my car. He called me back quickly. I was impressed with the professional approach he had and the time he devoted to my sole attention. I made an appointment and the work was done. The work was done to perfection and I am truley satisfied. When searching for a place to service my car I found these guys. I am so proud I did. The drive of 25 miles was worth it. ""A solid operation"" by another previous comment is for sure. Thankyou Northridge Autocare for being what you are. Thanks for the honesty and personal time devoted to customers even if it requires a call back in a few minutes. Forever Yours! Pros: experienced staff.....amazing communication more


Thought that this business was honest upon first visit. A couple of recommendations were made for service. I was unsure at first. I was led out to the service bays for inspection for myself. I truly believe that these guys are for real and honest. It is a nice refreshing feeling after looking for a new mechanic after moving into the area just two months ago. I believe that I have found someone to trust. Atlanta city search has worked in my favor on this one. Pros: upfront pricing and review of problems more


Wow, what a great place. My car was completely inspected during an oil change. Air filter, cabin air filter-that I didn't even know existed on my car and all the fluids were inspected. The air filter was dirty and transmission fluid needed replacement. When I asked about other servies needed they said that there was no more needed. I was impressed with their honesty and will certainly be back. It took me a couple of weeks to get around to this but I feel that this place is worth the effort of a good referral. I searched for their website and this is what I found. I see that other people feel the same. GREAT JOB GUYS...THANKS....ILL BE BACK Pros: HONEST..FAST..JUST GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO more

Wow, my referrals were taken care of 9/9/2006

I am writing this recommendation for Northridge Autocare for many reasons. I decided to try the place again after having a somewhat poor experience with the previous owner. I was surprised to see the change in the business and the friendly atmosphere that now permiates the place. The new change in ownership and management is great..these guys actually give a care...and they are honest...and no pressure. Business with Northridge Autocare has been changed from good service and a attitude to suit to a welcoming experience with the great quality repairs and attention to detail that reassures you that they care. The first person I sent to them was somewhat bothered by the fact that they would install her parts but with no warranty. I backed up the managers statement that they cannot warranty something they do not provide. She was trying to save money...but personally I think in the wrong way. She eventually agreed that they would provide the parts and labor and has been totally satisfied with them. The second person I sent was frankly blown away that someone would tell him what he needed and upon his question they were escorted into the service bay to visually inspect it for his own knowledge. That means more that anyone can possibly expect. He was thrilled with his experience and now refers people to this business. These guys are great. If you dont think they are you are either cheap, don't take care of your car or think that everyone in the auto repair business is a ripoff. I hope that these guys achieve what they are looking for as they left their last jobs as mechanics to open their own place. Pros: incredible staff and management/ownership more

Thank God 1/14/2006

What a wonderful transition of ownership. Jason and Justin are transforming a good business into the business that everyone wants to come to. They have kept the mechanics that know what they are doing and the quick lube team that adds the cherry to the ice cream. After meeting Jason and Justin I am fully convinced that this business is where it is at for sure. They are both mechanics with 15 years under their belt and oversee what is going on there. They do what they say and nothing short of it. Communication is a plus in their corner. My girlfriend and I were there a week ago and we will certainly be back. We have finally found what we were looking for. The shop is becoming a clean and inviting place to be under their control. Pros: Owners that care, new owners and image more
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The Most Trusted Automotive Repair Center in Sandy Springs.

Owner Message

  • Northridge Autocare is a family owned auto repair center on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs.

    Our Sandy Springs auto repair shop has an outstanding reputation for providing honest service and great prices to our customers. We have a full service garage and work on both foreign and domestic vehicles. Our mechanics have been together for years so our work has remained completely reliable.

    Here at Northridge Autocare, we perform scheduled maintenance, brake service, radiator repairs, transmission service, fluid maintenance, engine repairs and replacements, tire alignment and almost any other type of service. We are a dedicated quick lube facility and perform oil changes in a timely fashion.

    We have a 12 Month/12,000 warranty on our work. We offer courtesy rides and loaner vehicles when available. Northridge Autocare exclusively uses Valvoline Oil Filters.

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  • Hours:

    Mon -Fri 8am-6pm; Sat 8am-4pm