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Northeast Boarding Kennels - 17 Reviews - 6503 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (215) 624-8433

Northeast Boarding Kennels

6503 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 624-8433
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i've been taking my pets to the northeast animal hospital for years, and though i admit, dr. GHANIM (if you're gonna complain about someone, atleast spell their name right people)...


You can believe this or not. My friend at the time was hired to work for these two vets here. The woman who's name is Vicky was rude and very harsh the way she handled most pets t...

NE Animal Hospital on Frankford Ave, Philadelphia Pa 1/6/2012

I have been talking my dog and cats to Dr.G since 1991, his prices are great comparied to other vets. He knows alot about dog and cats. I would recommend him if you dont have alot of money to spend on a vet. I would compare his service to the same as the service you would get at the SPCA. more

Inside Scoop 6/1/2010

You can believe this or not. My friend at the time was hired to work for these two vets here. The woman who's name is Vicky was rude and very harsh the way she handled most pets there. I was there to clean and feed the animals. And also had to hold the animals down while the Dr gave them in my opinion too many shots. Now there was a man who had a dog and the Dr kept giving the dog shot after shot. the guy replies' why all these shots? The Dr mumbled something I didn't even get at the time and that was it. The guy started gettting peeved and said don't be giving my dog all those shots. so the doctor walked out of the room and again mumbled something else. the guy shouted he wont be bringing his dog back again. I had seen many times this doctor is rough with the animlas he has no compassion and it's all about the money to him. I had to bring down many of dead animals in the basement in plastic bags, I was shocked! This place is not clean and ""Vicky"" who does the grooming is also rough; one day I sweeping around and made a comment about a dog who just died there he was a German Sheperd. She looked at me with such a mean look and said if you can't handle it don't work here anymore. I said oh I just feel bad he died' She replied and said he's fresh' whatever that meant and she laughed and walked away and told me to clean out a few more cages and get them ready. again in one day too many dogs and cats were put into bags. I got so sick of this and decided not to work there. This place is NOT for your pets so help me. this is the worse place, it may be close to location but I ask is it worth your poor pets life? Many of these vets treat pets like hell. I do know of one of them personally and that is Ghanim first hand. But I would try to look for alternatives. Either there too much or they are simply to rough and have no compassion. Hey it's your baby there it's up to you to listen or not but don't say you wasn't warned here. I know I had worked there for a year and that was too much after I seen the things I did. I have three cats and turtles I wouldn't even think of taking my pets there if they got sick. This doctor is CRUEL. Those little smiles are only a mask trust me. Cons: Too Many Shots more

My kitten died after getting treated by Dr Ghanim 2/28/2009

I dont think that Dr. Ghanim is a really good vet. I always take my dogs there for thir check-ups and shots and i always get Dr. Giampaolo. He is a good vet and he is nicer to the animals then Ghanim. I had 2 male kittens that needed shots and to get fixed and my dad took the smaller one first because we saw that he had worms. Dr. Ghanim had used scissors to shove the worm pill down the kittens throat and he was acting violent with him. Then after my dad told him that we just wanted him to get shots and to get fixed he kept throwing in other things like declawing. When we went to pick up the kitten a few days later Dr. Giampaolo was there and he said that the other doctor had written declawed on the cats papers and was prescribing him pain killers. The cat was not even declawed. When my kitten came home he was really sick and he died a few days later. We had discovered that the kitten was nuetered and it had gotten infected while he was at the vet and he died. I do not recommend this vet and we are not taking my other kitten here either. Pros: not too far Cons: dr ghanim more


signed up just to give this place a rating and review. \r - no bedside manners whatsoever - pushy and very rude\r - cash only with no bill, no cost breakdown, no receipt - what the hell is that??\r - did not provide treatment options for my demodectic mange dog and provided a plan that was ineffective and very costly\r - dog experienced sideeffects that he did not notify me about after his visit\r - developed kennel cough a few days later\r avoid this man at all cost - i now drive an hour to south philadelphia to Philadelphia Animal Hospital (difference is night and day!!!!) Pros: NOTHING but location was easy for me Cons: see below more

If you're gonna take your pet, make sure you see Dr. G. 4/7/2008

i've been taking my pets to the northeast animal hospital for years, and though i admit, dr. GHANIM (if you're gonna complain about someone, atleast spell their name right people) can be a bit harsh, he IS capable. but i definately prefer Dr. Giampaolo. he's friendly, takes his time during the exams and gives detailed answers to your questions. he has a great bedside manner, very personable, and an all around great doctor who cares about his customers. Pros: great hours, reasonable prices, clean enviroment more

Great Vet for my two dogs 1/31/2008

After a bad experience with a local vet by my home, I took my two dogs to the Northeast Animal Hospital and had a painfree and relieving experience. The vet there was able to figure out what was causing stomach problems in my two dogs which was a medication that was prescribed by another vet I went to last year. Dr. Gannon prescribed a better medication option and I have seen a world of difference in my two pups. He took such great care of them and was able to relieve me of my anxiety by answering all my questions in a kind-hearted matter.\r \r I recommended this hospital to my friends out in King of Prussia and they loved their experience as well. They dont' mind the drive to Northeast Philly because they trust the care they get from Northeast Animal Hospital. more

Learn Your Facts 1/31/2008

I have to visit Northeast Animal Hospital regularly for my cat Spunky. He's 13 years old and has diabetes, so obviously his health condition and insulin injections are my main concern. Dr. Ghannon is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He gives me step-by-step instructions on how to give my cat his dosages and is readily available via cell phone in case of an emergency. The people posting below me, know your facts before you post spiteful and slanderous material on this website; his probation standing is due to a licensing paperwork issue that has nothing to do with his vet care. There are many people I know in the northeast area and beyond that will swear he's the best vet in the area. don't slander a good name. Pros: Great Service, Excellent Hours, Practical Advice, Acceptable Prices, Good Bed Side Manner Cons: no parking lot more

BEWARE 10/5/2007

Do not go to this place if you really care about your pets. I was looking for a vet in the area and saw the reviews about this place. This vet named Ghannim is on probation. I decided to walk in the office and asked if his records were in good standing and was informed by his helper he was not on probation.\r Heres the link .................he sure is on probation.\r BEWARE Cons: run fast more

Warning: Do not use this vet, ghannon 9/26/2007

This so called vet is on probation and is being investigated by the state. He only accepts cash as payment and if you are lucky you might get a reciept. nbc 10 investigators did a story for the news on him. the story is under investigators and archives. The title of the story is Vet MAKES CAT TOXIC. he claims he is been in this business to long to make mistakes.... Cons: plenty more

Very experienced Vet for a great price/ great customer service too. 7/11/2007

I took my 10-year old ill cat (Pebbles) to see Dr. Ghannon at the Northeast Animal Hospital after my workday feeling distraught by the idea of losing her. Another vet in my area told me that my cat most likely was suffering from a kidney tumor and that I should put her to sleep. Dr. Ghannon was able to diagnose the problem quickly and put her on a rigorous antibiotic treatment along w/ nutritional support because she was very weak. \r \r He was very caring and gentle with her and he was able to answer all my sobbing questions and concerns in such a kind manner. Within two weeks, the medication was working and Pebbles was back to eating normally. He told me that she had an infection, not a tumor and he returned her to me healthy along with nutritional medicine to maintain kidney health. \r \r My experience there was wonderful. The prices were comparable to other vets in my area and because of their flexible hours, I was assured that my cat would have constant care around the clock. The vet put a lot of emphasis on booster shots which is understandable given that many pet owners are lazy about vaccinations and booster shots but expect cheap veterinary care when their pets get sick. My husband and I are very pleased that our cat is now pain-free, eating normally and back to her old self. \r Pros: Experienced Vet, great value, very satisfied w/ service more

I like this vet 6/18/2007

I took my cat to Northeast animal hospital because she had a urinary tract infection. The doctor gave her a thorough exam. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and gave me medicines to give her, and also gave me some advice on how to avoid future uti infections. Her infection cleared up in two days, and she has been fine ever since. I took her today to get her yearly shots, and everything went fine. I think his prices are reasonable, he has a good manner with my cat, and overall i was very pleased. I don't think it's terrible about cash only, you can't trust people these days, I know a lot of stores that won't take personal checks either anymore. I like that he is open 7 days a week, if you have an emergency, it is a great thing. Pros: Open 7 days a week Cons: office is clean but a little old fashioned, not a real problem more

Great service, consderate staff, competitive prices, excellent care 3/14/2007

I have a pet persian cat, Seiko, that I brought with me to Philadelphia from overseas. Seiko had a lot of medical problems and he was just a kitten on top of that. I brought him to Northeast Animal Hospital and the vet cleaned out his ears (ear mites) and gave him all the necessary shots and vitamins. The vet was very personable and showed a lot of care which I really appreciated. He's very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of good advice in caring for my first pet. As for paying in cash -- I honestly don't think he has a credit card processor and most places in the city doesn't take checks for risk of them bouncing -- so I didn't think much of it. Besides I think his prices were very reasonable and wouldn't think of going to another doctor next time my Seiko has any problems...which hopefully won't be soon, thanks to him. Pros: thumbs up, knowledgeable doctor, flexible hours, clean office, convenient location more


Worst sevice i have ever received from a veteranarian. I bought my 6 y/o dog to this hospital and a Dr. Ghannan treated her for a 103 temp with meds and sent her home and was told to come back in a week. When i bought her back she could hardly stand or walk. I was told to leave her for the night so he could do test and get the results on Saturday. I called to see how she was and was told that she might have lukemia, An hour later he gets the results and calls me saying he had good news..........that it was liver and kidney failure and could be treated with meds. Yet he never took an Xray. The next day i call to check on my dog and was told she was doing ok so i took a blanket and toy to her. A girl at the front door took the blanket from me and was very ignorant. At 6 pm i get a call from Dr. ghannin on his cell phone telling me my dog might not make it through the night. This time i am told she has a tumor on her kidney.......yet no Xray was taken again. He also told me he was gonna stop by in a few hours to see the dog again. I ask him to call me if he went back to the hospital so i could go see her......i'm only a few blocks from there. I get another call at 9 pm from his cell phone that she had passed away. I ask him if he was there when she passed and he said she died 20 minutes ago. I think my dog was allready dead and he was just leading me up for a let down with the previouse call from his cell. After i was told that she passed he preceeded to tell me what my bill was. The next day i go down to pay for cremation and ask if i could see her for the last time and was told very rudely........NO ....SHE'S IN A BAG IN THE FREEZER. This vet is all about the almighty dollar and gives no receipts. Please do your research before you take your pets to this vet. Pros: THUMBS DOWN Cons: his income records should be checked since he only deals with cash more

Great vet with good bedside manner and polite staff, Very convenient hours 1/9/2007

I took my new beagle puppy there today for her first shots, and I don't know what everyone else is complaining about in their reviews. I found the hours very convenient (you don't even need an appointment) being that they are open 7 DAYS A WEEK...morning AND evening hours on weekdays. The vet was VERY helpful, and asked lots of questions about the dog and how we are taking care of her. He took her temperature, checked her fur and felt her belly to check for a hernia or other problems. The whole time he was examining her he spoke to her in a quiet voice, talking to the puppy as if she were a baby or small child (I found his bedside manner completely normal and appropriate for a vet). He cleaned some excess wax out of her ear, gave her her necessary booster shot, advised me as to how often to feed her, and gave me puppy vitamins for free. As for the fact that he prefers cash payments, I can't say that I blame him considering how many people regularly bounce checks in this city. People often buy pets without any thought as to the cost of keeping them healthy. I found his fees to be completely appropriate and competitive with other vets in the area. As for the decor in his office mentioned in one other review, maybe this person should remember that this is a vet's office and not a pediatrician's office. The clinical area was clean, and the staff was polite and helpful. I will definitely be taking Maggie back there for her future shots, and anything else she needs to be seen for. Pros: clean office, good service, polite staff, competitive prices more

Rocky Review Cont. 11/28/2006

He explained to me the visit would cost $95 for the shot and office visit cost. I explained that I spoke to the woman and the desk and was told that it would only be $70. He continued to tell me that Rocky needed a Lime disease shot and a shot for Parvo. Something that wasn't explained to me prior. I didn't put up much of a fuss, I was more concerned to get my dog and my own a$$ out of there before I caused a scene. I paid the man his money and gave a very short goodbye. This place is not one i would recommend. The Vet. has no personality and absolutely no bedside manners or affection toward animals. \r \r Two thumbs way down!\r \r -Billy N. and Rocko Pros: None Cons: Same as Above more

Worst Vet. EVER!!!!! 11/28/2006

I took my 6 year old Doberman to the N.E Animal hospital for booster shots. We're adopting a new puppy from the SPCA and wanted to update all of his shots for the pups arrival. The place at first didn't seem to bad, the decor was a bit out of of date but it was clean. It was my first time there so i filled out a small information form....fine. A few moments later we went into the back examining room to meet with the Vet. The first thing he noticed was Rockys back little toes. He has the kind without bones, aparently some kind of deformity, something very common in Dobe's and labs. Anyway, he says he can take them off and yada yada yada . I explained Rocky's never had a problem with them and that if he's ok with it then so am I. He replied "" Not yet"" \r \r After explaining to him that a new puppy was the reasoning for Rockys shot updates he tells me that I need to bring in the puppy for shots and vaccinations. I explained he's an adopted puppy and all shots are covered by the SPCA for the first year. He simply replied in his thick accent "" Bring him here, I'll give him shots-good price"" or something of that nature. I ignored him and placed Rocky on the table. This Vet. has absoloutly no bedside manner. He was about as cold as a block of ice. He attempted to pet Rocky once and due to his nervousness Rocky backed away a bit, and that was it for his veterinary affection. I held Rockys body and told him it would be ok, pressing my face to his and patting his side. The shot process only took a few seconds and thankfully only drew a slight Yelp from Rocko's mouth. Afterwards i took him down from the table and gave him a big hug and told him what a great pup he was. I snuck him a treat from mom pocket and tunred to the vet, as he was saying something that I wasn't honestly paying attention to. Cons: No bedside manners, Terrible Prices, Vet. is inexperienced more

Worst Vet I've Ever Been To 9/4/2006

I took my dog here when I found a lump on her side. The doctor was so pushy with no bedside manner whatsoever. He pretty much just decided he was keeping the dog overnight to remove the lump without giving me a chance to agree. Then instead of talking about what he'd be doing he talked about how much I'd be paying him- in cash. That was his main concentration. I got my dog back (after another phone call making sure I'd be paying him in cash) and took her back a week later as directed to get her stitches removed. Without looking at the incision, they took them out only for me to get outside and have the cut burst back open into a six inch long very deep gash. They had to put her back under due to their error and restitch her. When I returned to pick her up again (a day later than they said I would be able to) they tried to charge me for restitching her which I refused to pay. They eventually conceded that it had been their fault and that I would not have to pay them. Less than a month later I'm getting a call for a collections agency presumably for that bill. Even the lady at the collections seemed to think that it was shady as there are no copies of the bill or anything.\r \r Avoid this vet at all costs- he's not at all worth it. Pros: hours Cons: everything else, bedside manner, greediness more
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