North Tampa Photography Inc


1020 W Busch Blvd
Tampa, FL 33612

(813) 935-9339
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North Tampa Photography Inc - Tampa, FL
North Tampa Photography Inc - Tampa, FL
North Tampa Photography Inc - Tampa, FL
North Tampa Photography Inc - Tampa, FL
North Tampa Photography Inc - Tampa, FL
North Tampa Photography Inc - Tampa, FL
North Tampa Photography Inc - Tampa, FL
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Located just north of downtown Tampa, North Tampa Photography is the best photograhpy store in west central Florida. Pros: Very good customer service and prices are competativ...


Used to spend a lot of money in there buying gear and several digital cameras, speed lights, etc. Wife went in on a rare occasion to purchase me a very expensive camera bag. After...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/13/2013

We had a wonderful experience at this store. We went in assuming that we would gather information from people more knowledgeable that those at Best Buy, but then go to a big box outlet to buy the product at a reasonable price. It turned out that the prices were extremely reasonable at North Tampa Photography and they did not try to oversell us. In fact they talked us out of spending what we were expecting to spend. They made sure we were able to try the different cameras, learned about what we were using them for and made reasonable suggestions on hardware and supporting products. We recommend going to this store before going to any of the large chains. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/26/2013

Total jerks. If you are not a professional photographer, be prepared to be treated like an idiot. Asking a question of the staff will get you a smug reply and rolling eyes. I support locally-owned businesses whenever possible, but these guys will not get my business. more

Arrogant and smug 8/20/2011

Used to spend a lot of money in there buying gear and several digital cameras, speed lights, etc. Wife went in on a rare occasion to purchase me a very expensive camera bag. After giving me the bag she relayed her impression of the store: one of the most unfriendliest places she's ever shopped. ""How can you stand to go in there?"" she asked. I'm very tolerant, but after going in a few more time I decided I didn't need to take their arrogance and started buying gear online at a much cheaper price. After several years of not shopping there I decided to give them another try the other day. Saw a few new faces but got the same smug, arrogant, unfriendly attitude. You would think that with a bad economy and internet competition they would have better customer service. more

Arrogant Know-it-All Camera Store 7/1/2010

I have to agree 100% with the reviewers who said that the employees at North Tampa Photography are arrogant and talk down to their customers. EVERY time I go in there the employees questions EVERY purchase I want to make. I've been a full time professional photojournalist for over 15 years. I KNOW WHAT I NEED more than some hack that works in a camera store and hangs out all day reading message board threads on Fredmrianda or other photography websites and blogs. I have real world experience pal. If you ACTUALLY knew what you were talking about and were a halfway decent photographer rather than a camera store clerk with an attitude, then you'd be in the field actually making a living as a photographer and not a sales clerk. I've got over $70K worth of equipment that I generally buy online because I CAN'T STAND the attitudes of the know-it-alls who work there. I like too spend my money locally, and I really don't mind paying a little more if it means I'm helping to keep a local shop in business, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I go in there they try to talk me out of what I know I need and they do it with this attitude like they're some sort of photography Gods. News flash camera clerks!! I've never heard of you. My fellow professionals have never heard of you. You are a nobody in the photography world and really, your job is to ring up my purchase and leave me the hell alone. If I ask you for an item, and you have it, then grab it, walk to the register and start hitting buttons. It's not only the fact that they question every purchase, but the WAY that they do it that is so disrespectful. Every time I go in there I walk out SWEARING I'll never go in there again, but then I end up needing a little widget or something and have to be exposed to their nonsenses again. Pros: They have stuff Cons: The clerks all think they're real photographers more


Located just north of downtown Tampa, North Tampa Photography is the best photograhpy store in west central Florida. Pros: Very good customer service and prices are competative Cons: Their hours of being open should be to 6p Mon-Sat. more

North Tampa Photography - Best small business 5/28/2010

I have been a customer of North Tampa Photography since 1999. I started with a Nikon Coolpix and recently purchased a used Canon Digital Rebel T1i. I have purchased Tamron lenses, digital point and shoot cameras, inkjet printers, camera bags, external flash in addition to my digital SLRs. The staff is curteous and knowledgeable. They stand by the products they sell. In addition there are many training opportunities offered by the staff and experts from Canon, Nikon and Tamron. I live in Virginia and traveled to an intermediate digital photography class in November 2009. The presenter was personable and relayed information to the participants in a way that all could understand. North Tampa Photography provides great equipment, new and used. You can be confident that they will stand by your purchase. You will never be just a number which is far different than national retailers and strictly internet retailers. Great small business! Pros: great customer service and knowledgeable staff more


I used to be an avid client of North Tampa Photography. But over the years I have watched their attitude deteriorate into something akin to negative customer service if there ever was such a thing. Today I decided once again to give the shop a try and not only did I receive adversarial attitudes as if I were a basic idiot, I couldn't even obtain consistent information. When I requested the manager's name, I was denied the information. I finally persisted and after 4 calls was connected with the ""alleged"" general manager. It quickly became clear why all the employees attitudes have gone from informative and helpful to smug and snarly. This man was belligerent, condescending, a bully, talked over me, put words in my mouth and then argued against them. I was in utter shock as I really thought perhaps I may entertain buying a fairly expensive piece of equipment from them. It is a pity that Tampa doesn't provide an alternative because I for one will never, never return nor recommend North Tampa Photo. In fact I will caution ""buyer beware"". They may have equipment and some knowledge but they certainly should not expect clients to enjoy the experience of being berated for exchange of their hard earned money with the insults that come along with the products. Pros: Have Equipment Cons: Everything else, especially the people more

North TAMPA Photography is a SCAM! 4/9/2010

Hi.. I like honest business like many others that I had shopped before until I went to North Tampa Photography store. I bought about 3900 dollars worth photography equipment. I was happy until i got to work, I discovered one of my ""Brand NEW"" equipment was broken. Of course, I called the store, some lady who was pregnant answered phone and said that they would exchange within 14 days (I just bought the item couple minutes before I called and went back to work after my lunch break was done) and they had at least around 10 left in the stock in the back of store. An hour later i was done at work and went back to the store. This guy with beard was extremely rude when I came in carrying the item in Nikon bag that they gave me. I asked him for an exchange and he said lets see whats the problem is with terrible attitude, rolling his eyes. He opened it and inspected the item and found the problem was. He took the item to the desk where owner (I think) sat and both were talking. I could hear them talking quietly in the background and they said lets not exchange and tell him that we do not have any more in the stock. So this guy with beard came to me and said we will have to fill out the canon warranty repair card. I asked him why? i thought we would be exchanging for same item since i paid 2300 for it. he said well we do not have any more in stock thats why we are going to fill out the card. I told him that i had called several minutes before and they had in 10 stock. He said well.... ahem... umm.. this item was not broken when after I purchased it. I told him that i just opened it at work and discovered it was broken. He was being an ass. he said well it wasnt broken before you took it out of the store. I told him no one was inspecting it before i bought and the dude just grabbed the box and sold it to me. The store wouldnt exchange when i had called 2 hours before and the lady was not there. They lied to me in the first place that they had 10 in the stock and wouldnt exchange the item for same item. because they ran out of stock (Which was a lie). The dude was standing at looking at me.. just doing nothing... just wanted to dismiss me.. staring at me made me uncomfortable or treating me like an idiot. I am a photographer and I know what to do, and its my living and I made a lot of money doing so. I was out of 2,300 dollars and I WAS SO PISSED OFF!!! I sent the item to canon and they repaired it. I bought used, not brand new item at brand new price!! DO NOT BUY STUFF FROM THERE! REASONS: 1. They are dishonest and run shady business 2. Rude to customers 3. They sell used equipment in brand new box. I would gave this store zero star but i had to use 1... MINUS one star! Pros: Nothing! Cons: RUDE- Robbers- Their ""New"" products are actually USED more

Disappointing 10/7/2009

The tipoff should have been my experience registering for a Canon event held here. I registered with the owner by e-mail and they confirmed my registration. When I arrived after an hour and a half ride, I found they didn't know who I was and did not have any record of my registration. Fortunately there were seats still available. Pros: Easy to find Cons: Pushy staff more

Fantastic and Friendly Store 8/15/2009

I was very impressed with the friendly and helpful sales people. This was our first visit and after reading a few of the reviews we were concerned that as a first time shoppers we might not get help. That was not the case at all. Several people helped us, gave us great advice and even though we are novice photographers, never made us feel like our questions were stupid. Prices are very reasonable. I would highly recommend the store. Pros: Nice selection, great prices and extremely friendly staff more

North Tampa Photography. The only photography store in the bay area that knows what they are talking about. 2/7/2009

I have used North Tampa Photography as a photographer for the last 15 years. I have always found them to be friendly courteous and helpfull. I do my photography on a fixed budget. They have always worked with me to find the right equipment I need for the money I can spend. I have shopped in consignment they have case on many an occasion because I could not afford the new equipment. They have always been just as helpfull to me as they are to the photographers buying new. I have never once felt unwelcome in the store. Once I became able to buy new they were of course more eager to help me. When I upgraded to my 40D they found ways to help me get into what I needed. All of my equipment is now upgraded to the best I can afford on my budget. I would recommend to anyone that if they want to go to a quality store with excellent knowledge of the field of Photography and great customer service. North Tampa Photo is the only place to go. They will get you into what what will best fit your needs for your budget if you are just starting out or a top end pro. They stand behind what they sell. If you are not sure what you need go to North Tampa and they will work to set you up with what you need and can afford. Pros: Knowledgable staff, great selection, They will let you test out what you are hoping to buy right there in the store. If they dont have it. They can get it for you. They want you as a return customer. more

Best Photography store in Tampa 1/26/2009

I have used North Tampa Photography for over 30 years, as a professional photographer as well as for my individual hobby. There was a lapse in time that I did not have a need for their service, but with the new digital advances I was drawn back to NTP and the photography world. I discovered that the same family still owned the store and they and their staff were as eager to help as years before. Over the years, I have looked elsewhere including internet and have found in the long run it is better to support the local store. You can see what you are buying, they stand behind everything they sell, their employees are very knowledgable of the equipment. They do their best to order what you need, if they do not have it in stock. more

Not receptive to outsiders 7/14/2008

I have been in this store a number of times. Everytime I go in, my expierience is worse than the time before. For starters, the hours are not that great. I either have to go in on my lunch break or wait until saturday. Good thing I live and work close. Everytime I walk in the door, I get looked at like someone they would not want in the store, but leagally they cant aske me to leave. No one will speak even though I speak to them. After being follwed or watched for about 10 mins somebody will ask if I need some help. When I asked about a certain camera, I was shown the used equipment. I aked about lighting, and was only shown one lamp. I hate that this is really the only ""Photographers"" store that I can find in the area. I would rather shop at Ritz Camera or shop online. Pros: Selection Cons: Service is so bad that its not worth it to spend your money there. more

Condesending staff, terrible customer service, if you're not a regular there don't think of coming in 8/31/2007

Have been to North Tampa Photography on several occasions, I'm an amatuer photographer and they have a decent selection of quality lenses and photography equiptment.. unfortunately the wait staff is condensending and on one occasion I couldn't even get someone to ask to help me out, even though I was planning on spending $1400 that day. They were too busy chatting it up with people who were hanging out than attending to buying customers. The prices at NTP are high also, and they can't compete with online stores and you won't gain anything in customer service, they don't appear to need your (or my) support. Although they do give deals to ""regular"" customers, just not the common customer. Pros: Selection if you need something in a hurry Cons: Overpriced, terrible customer service, good ol' boy attitude that doesn't care more
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