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Nono Kitchen


293 7th Ave # A
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(718) 369-8348
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I am a gastronomic snob and a chef, so I am not picky when it comes to food , but I am definitely judgmental. I have eaten at the best restaurants all over the US, so believe me w...


Since I love the cuisine of New Orleans and environs I was really looking forward to visiting this restaurant. I was disappointed. We had the sausage appetizer, jambalaya and shr...

Thank God this place shut down! 2/19/2009

Looks like the recession is good for something after all. Lesson to any start-up restaurant: being rude to patrons never pays off. Or if you decide to be rude then you'd better have the menu to back it up. Not sloppy dog food on a plate that you try to pass off as creole. Justice served. more

Great Food - Friendly Staff 11/17/2008

I had made reservations for a birthday celebration with approximately 12 people. The hostess I spoke with on the phone was very nice and the restaurant didn't disappoint. Our waiter was friendly and the food was amazing. The service was a little slow and not everyone got their entrees at the same time, but we were a large party and the food more than made up for it. Everyone loved what the ordered from the shrimp creole to the baby back ribs, which literally fell off the bone!!! I would definitely reommend checking this restaurant out. Pros: Great food Cons: slow service more

mmmmmmelt in your mouth delicious! 6/10/2008

I am a gastronomic snob and a chef, so I am not picky when it comes to food , but I am definitely judgmental. I have eaten at the best restaurants all over the US, so believe me when I say that NoNos is FANTASTIC!!! It starts with soft, sweet, warm cornbread that you get when you sit down. My boyfriend ordered the BBQ Pulled Pork Poor Boy with Cole Slaw(of which he is a connoisseur), and I ordered the 1/2 order of St. Andrew's Ribs. We both actually licked our fingers and our plates clean. Both dishes were made with the restaurants own home made BBQ sauce. The Pulled Pork had a taste bud tantalizing sprinkling of Tarragon with the perfect amount of BBQ sauce and the rib meat, smothered in BBQ sauce, was so tender it slipped right of the bone, and the coleslaw had a delightful hint of horseraddish. Then we, as always, ordered dessert. We had the Pecan and Sweet Potato Pie with Bourbon Sauce, and all that was heard in the SECONDS that it took us to eat the HUGE piece was, "mmm! MMM!" The crust was just sweet enough but not too sweet. The Sweet Potatoes were cooked perfectly, soft but not mushy. Then the Pecan Pie layer was crunchy and soft, and we happily ate bite after bite sopping up the Bourbon sauce that was like caramel with the smokey sweet kick of Bourbon in the background. The service was superb. Our server was honest, recommending that we not order the chicken because it was a little dry that night, and knowledgeable of the ingredients and cooking processes of what was being served. She was friendly, helpful, and, most importantly, didn't leave our food dying in the window. The New Orleans-esque atmosphere was lovely as well. The walls are adorned in the way that proud grandparents decorate their walls, with pictures of their staff and various famous food chefs as well as stars and directors who had visited the restaurant. All that and the prices are fair, not cheap but not outrageous. Pros: price, portion, flavor, service Cons: no bar, pricey wine by the glass more

Authentic & Amazing 5/26/2008

Crawfish etouffee has been my favorite food since I first was in New Orleans in 2002. Living in NJ, I miss Cajun cooking, and I'm not in New Orleans nearly enough. I can honestly say, though, having just had my etouffee in March in New Orleans, that NoNo's is the real deal. I was in heaven, what with that, an appetizer of popcorn crawfish, and a New Orleans microbrew. I'll be back, preferably every week. Pros: Amazing food, terrific staff, great service. Cons: None that I noticed. more

Great Grits 3/27/2008

I went there for tonight for resturant week and it was wonderful. Thank goodness I made a reservation although I did have to wait a bit but it was worth it. You have to have the grits and shrimp. Fantastic!! The only draw back was it was a bit loud and kind of hard to hear our waitress especially with her heavy accent. Pros: Great Food Cons: Noisy, but it was Friday Night more

Excellent Food - Terrible Service 2/24/2008

The food at NoNo Kitchen is Excellent. The chicken is moist, the yams are delectable and the collard greens are tasty. This is the best bbq I have tasted thus far in Brooklyn. However, I only rate this restaurant three stars because the service is really that bad. The servers were rude and unfriendly. In true southern (confederate) fashion, the white waiters sat down and enjoyed their dinners while the latin chefs/bus boys worked hard behind the scenes. The waiters almost seemed annoyed when you asked them to help you with more water, the check or extra sauces. I recommend this restaurant, but ONLY for take out. Pros: Excellent Food Cons: Extremely Poor Service, Dark Lighting more

Pretty good...service uneven 11/17/2007

Brunch was pretty busy but there were free wasn't packed so we're not sure why the service was so uneven. We got our cup of gumbo (which was average at best) 10 minutes before our drinks (it was only tea and iced tea). We requested tea from 3 different people...including the creepy, pretentious host. The gumbo was room temperature. The catfish stew was very very tasty and the blackened tofu salad was also very good and spicy. We had the sweet potato pie for dessert and it was awesome too...but the icecream on the side was mostly melted by the time they got it to our table. I'll cut them some slack because the food was pretty good but it was either late, too cold or too warm due to the suspect service. We live a half block away though and the small bar looked like a nice place to have a drink so we'll give them another shot. Pros: Catfish dish, warm cornbread opener, sweet potato pie Cons: Suspect service, not quite spicy enough (dare I say, they need to kick it up a notch?) more

Great southern food, great beer! 11/13/2007

My husband and I went to NoNO Kitchen for dinner on Saturday. We did not make a reservation, but next time we will because they were packed. The Hostess was very nice and brought us to the bar so we could wait for a table. The bartender was very friendly and got us a couple of New Orleans beers. They have this great beer system that serves the beer at 29 degrees. For now all they have is wine and beer but we were told that they are waiting on their full license so they can serve liquor too. Once we sat, the waitress took care of us right away even though they were so busy. She was very nice and helpful. We had a couple of appetizers which were delicious. That alligator sausage is so flavorful and it goes very well with a cheese sauce they serve it with. We also had the crawfish pie which I never thought it would be so good. I am not a big crawfish fan, my husband is. For entrees we got the stuffed pork chop and the roasted salmon. Both were very very good. We had no room for dessert but we saw this chocolate cake that the table next to us got, it looked so good that the next time we go we are going to have to save the room for that one! We will be back for sure! more

Great food! Great Customer Service! 9/14/2007

My husband and I just experienced NoNo Kitchen for the first time last night while celebrating our anniversary. We met and were married in the south and being nostalgic, we were feeling the need for good Cajun food. We are "foodies" and I consider myself an amateur critic. I easily made reservations. When we arrived, we were seated promptly outside on their relaxing and romantic patio. We had great wait staff the entire meal! Here's what we ate: Cornbread, Fried Green Tomatoes (a special), Okra & Tomato Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Baby Back Ribs with dirty rice and veggies(a special). We washed this down with some great beer from Louisiana called Abita. All of the food was cooked well and seasoned beautifully with the exception of the ribs...I expected a little more of a smokey flavor or rub, however the homemade BBQ sauce was a good fix. The only thing that escaped my meal was trying the Alligator Bits the group at the next table was eating...I didn't see them on the menu, but they were raving about them! I suppose we will have to ask for it the next time! I look forward to going back there soon! Pros: Great experience! Cons: Hard to find street parking. more

So excited! 8/15/2007

I highly recommend NoNO Kitchen. The food was delicious, and the service was very attentive. We had the Crawfish Popcorn and the Baby Back Ribs (Oh, my god-so good!) I can't wait to go back. It is a great addition to the neighborhood. Pros: Convenience, food, service Cons: a little expensive more

Was pretty decent during restaurant week 8/14/2007

I would scoff at the one dollar sign for meal price listed on here; however the food was definitely tasty. Obviously it is not going to be as good as the real thing in New Orleans. A little pricy though for the entrees considering the type of ingredients. Also, traditional creole food is not overly spicy; shrimp creole in particluar is more of a tomato based sauce with celery and onion and a bit of spice. I worked at a four star traditional creole restaurant in New Orleans for 2 years and these renditions of the food were still pretty tasty to me. Offer more prix fixe deals though! Also, if you are going to write about a restaurant you work for or at, at least try a little harder to disguise it. -Overall i give it 3 and a half stars. :-) more

Mediocre and overpriced 7/16/2007

Since I love the cuisine of New Orleans and environs I was really looking forward to visiting this restaurant. I was disappointed. We had the sausage appetizer, jambalaya and shrimp Creole. The sausage was rubbery and tasted like a spicey hot dog. The shrimp Creole had no finesse, it could have been any number of shrimp in tomato sauce dishes...there wasn't anything particularly Creole about it. The jambalaya was a big bowl of rice with some sausage and tasso in a generic spicey sauce priced at $17! The entrees go for $20 on average, very high for mediocre food, retro ice cream parlor decor and a tee shirted sportsbar- type waiter. The service was good, but oddly rushed (there were only three tables filled) ...the waiter wanted to get back to the bar to watch the game. Pros: Amiable, prompt service Cons: Mediocre food. Would be overpriced even if the food were good, which it isn't. more

Not mind altering, but I'll go back for another po-boy 6/20/2007

I'm from New Orleans, and was really really excited about trying NoNO's food. My favorite meal in the entire universe consists of a fried oyster po-boy and an abita I had to get that poboy. It was ridiculously expensive for a sandwich yes, but it was tasty (ok, not the same as in N.O, if I was there I would probably say it was just "o.k"). So, I can't say it was a creative dining expirience for me and I can't judge the more pricy entrees, but I will go back and get another po-boy. I thought the service was fine, but I didn't love the corn bread. All in all, I'd recommend it, but if you are have been to New Orleans, don't expect to eat like you are there. Pros: po-boys, service Cons: expensive for what it was more

weird and creepy 5/20/2007

i'm from new orleans and this food is overpriced and not that good...11 for a po-boy? 17 for jambalaya? are they crazy? also the chocolate bread pudding is HORRIBLE! creepy bartender guy seemed shifty, awkward and weird...screamed so loud at television during yankees game that it startled us...sports bar vibe but entrees are in the 20's??? we also had to wait a long time for the drinks (though we were the only people in the restaurant) and we were sympathetic with the poor waitress who obviously was annoyed and embarrased. dont bother! Pros: service Cons: decor, deserts more

Crazy Customer Service 3/18/2007

My friend and I were regulars at No No. My friend is a local business owner and known. One day, he brought his brother there for brunch. His favorite thing on the menu was the crab cake which is not on the brunch menu. So, he asks his waitress if she can check with the kitchen. She says absolutely not. They do not serve it with brunch menu. The people at the next table hear this, ask their waitress (she actually checks for them, by the way) and they get the crab cake, while my friend had to settle for something else. He said to his waitress, "Hey look. The meal was fine, but I have to tell you, being a regular customer, how disappointed I am that you didn't take the time to actually check with the kitchen regarding my request." The waitress begins to cry! So, on his way out he even said he was sorry if he hurt her feelings and she replied, "You're mean. You embarrassed my in front of your brother!" (who she doesn't know) Last night, because friends of ours really wanted to go there...we conceded to give it another try. After all, this happened at least 4 or 5 months ago. We had a nice meal. Gave a big tip to our waiter...and then suddenly as we got up to leave, the waiter takes my friend aside and tells him never to touch is wife again! Apparently, this women told everyone there that my friend grabbed her! (during the Sunday brunch...that's likely). The waiter got in my friend's face and said that the waitress was his wife and wouldn't even let us tell our side of the story. Has anyone ever had anything so crazy ever happen to them while dining out before? You complain about a crab cake and 5 months later are being accused of physically assaulting someone? If you are scratching your head while you are reading this and thinking, "some part of this story must be missing." Then you really do find this as strange as I did. Pros: Good Food Cons: Crazy service more

All around wonderful dining experience 2/15/2007

First of all I was supposed to be out of town for V Day, but flight was cancelled. I called NoNo the morning of and they happily fit us in for a 9:30 reservation (which is perfect because we like to eat late). My friend is allergic to peppers and going to a Cajun place I was a little nervous. The staff was very helpful, and in fact went out of their way to make sure we chose a few great entrees that we could both enjoy. To start off we had the oysters and a nice bottle of Westside which is one of my favorites, then we had an amazing rib special and the crawfish. The ribs melted right off the bone and the sweet potato fries were also yummy. I cant say enough about the etouffee, very authentic with just the right amount of spice and loads of crawfish. Our waitress was super cute and very friendly and the rest of the staff were also very sweet and helpful. It was a great meal and a very memorable Valentine's dinner. Oh, I almost forgot to mention how great the Key Lime pie was too! Will be back again for sure, and the weeknight special menu looked great as well. One to try if you like Cajan or not and if you love Park Slope it's a must. Pros: Staff, service, food, wine, ambience, location, decor Cons: none - check it out more

Very good food, nice prices, best looking restaurant in the area. 2/10/2007

I go there about once a week. I have had almost every item in their menu. My favorite dishes are the jambalaya wontons, the crab cakes, the rice and beans, the catfish, the oysters, and the shrimp etouffee..... Also the desserts are very good. The pecan tart is one of my favorites. They have a nice inexpensive selection of wines. And when it is too cold to go out, they deliver..... Pros: food, ambience Cons: some times there is a long wait. make reservations more

Nice looking reataurant. Excellent Brunch. 2/10/2007

Was there for brunch again. I can't get over the spinach quiche, the french toasts, and the fried green tomatoes! I am going back this weekend. The service was very nice! Pros: Ambience, Food, Location, Outdoors seating Cons: nothing really. more

Best Crab Cakes in town!!!!! 2/10/2007

I loved the crab cakes, and the oysters bienville where spectacular! Also the coconut cake was really good!!! The service was friendly and the ambiance was cozy and fun! more

Best Jambalaya!!!! 2/10/2007

I really enjoyed being the restaurant. The people were very friendly, and the overall feel of the restaurant is confortable and chic with good prices. The jambalya was one of the best I've ever had. And the duck gumbo is a must have!!! more
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  • Cajun inspired restaurant serves traditional dishes with other Southern specialties.

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