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Noam Corp - 24 Reviews - 5206 16TH Ave, Brooklyn, NY - Real Estate Agents Reviews - Phone (718) 435-5360

Noam Corp

5206 16TH Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204
(718) 435-5360
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Honestly I don't know what the bad reviews are about. I lived in a beautiful sunny affordable apartment with a lovely super who fixed anything and everything on time. He even para...


My building is in Manhattan, I pay my rent on time, and keep my apartment clean. Pros-- The office is generally nice on the phone and the superintendent is very nice and a good gu...

It sucks 8/22/2017

They are the most unprofessional management company I have ever met. more


I am sure the handful of good reviews are written by NOAM staff itself. They are the worst landlords ever. Worst experience in NYC. Not only the apartment was filthy with rodents and bedbugs, but the staff was rude and unhelpful. They least cared about their customer's satisfaction. The heaters stopped working in winters multiple times. They are big cheats, only interested in your money, least interested in giving you their service. I wish I could give them a lower rating than this more


If I could give zero stars, I would. It seems like their life purpose is to make your life miserable. Slow response, you will have to totally chase them to fix your problems. They will asked you for thousands of security deposit. Scammed you over broker fee where they actually owned the company too. Run for your life, do not rent from them!! Pretty sure all the good reviews were inside jobs. more

Worst ever and I've been in NYC for 30 years 6/14/2017

Dirty building and over-priced. They don't care at all. I have had a rodent problem for months and months and they couldn't give a damn. Very slow to react to anything and full of fake concern. Also, because they are religious, they take multiple days and sometimes weeks off and there is no one at the office to address any issues or emergencies. Avoid them at all costs. Id rather live in a shelter. more

save yourselves and avoid this company at all costs 6/7/2017

We dealt with an assortment of terrible things, but I'm just going to give you one telling example: There was a gas leak that was extremely strong and gave all of us enormous migraines. How long did it take them to fix it? NINE MONTHS. more

Worse than you could imagine 6/6/2017

This management company has no understanding of how hard moving can be. They went out of their way to lie to us about our move in date. Every week, a few days before we were supposed to move-in, they told us the apartment wasn't ready yet, and threatened to stop all work if we even moved in one piece of furniture. On the advertisement, they listed a WASHER-DRYER, but after we signed the lease, they told us it was impossible to install it. Lastly, they lied to us regarding renovations- they called us and told us they spoke to the workers, but when we talked to the workers in person, they had no idea what we were talking about. This is the worst experience I've ever had with a management company, and I beg you all to save yourselves sanity and time and avoid them at all costs!! more

Please dont sign the lease with Noam Management 5/21/2017

Please, dont sign the lease with Noam Management if you have other options. It is an extremely shady company and they will always find a way to disobey the laws. The security deposit won't be returned most likely, and when it comes to fixing things that super cannot, they are horrible. I hope this can help your decision making. more

Great experience 5/8/2017

Honestly I don't know what the bad reviews are about. I lived in a beautiful sunny affordable apartment with a lovely super who fixed anything and everything on time. He even parallel parked my car for me outside one time when he saw I was struggling to fit. I ended up being relocated for work and Saul Moskowitz was extremely nice and accommodating with my situation. When I moved in they set me up with a concierge service which had my furniture delivered and put together and waiting for me the day I moved in. Fantastic. I would recommend this management company to anyone. more

They will keep your security deposit 12/22/2014

Noam is an unethical organization - they kept part of our security deposit without cause. When we asked for it back, they said we had to go to court (knowing that court fees would make this prohibitive). There are so many NYC landlords, and while many are horrible like Noam, others are great... or at least acceptable. Don't make the same mistake we did in renting from Noam. more

slow to react, unsanitary/ dangerous living conditions, expensive deposits, 3/5/2013

My building is in Manhattan, I pay my rent on time, and keep my apartment clean. Pros-- The office is generally nice on the phone and the superintendent is very nice and a good guy. Cons- Mail stolen from the mailbox first few months I moved it (people began using PO-BOX's in my building); Take forever to actually fix any problems. The building had a prostitute lingering around for months. She would leave condoms in the hallways and pee on the floor. I had leaks from the upstairs dripping into my apartment repeatedly for 4 months until it finally got fixed. I had to kill over 10 mice I found in my apartment with traps (I asked for an exterminator-- and was ignored), and the quality of the renovation (done before I moved in) was done extremely poorly. In their defense, you can't always see right away that a contractor actually did renovations correctly. The tiles were laid with uneven stucco, so they cracked after walking on them for a while. The bathroom sink was also very poorly installed so if you lean on it at all it separates from the wall. The cabinets were loose, so I had to tighten them. The security deposit was also absolutely ridiculous, so i made sure to note everything wrong in writing with pictures. Deposit was 2 full months rent +last month +broker Which is approx $10,000 in deposits + broker fee. The super is very nice but takes a very long time to actually fix things after he says he will. When i went to renew my lease after the first year (because I couldn't afford to move with all my money locked up in the apartment) I had a basically bribe them to get them to fix the leaks and prostitute problem... They only responded after someone in my building was threatened by a pimp. After living in the apartment for a year, the conditions only got worse, and the landlord increased the rent... But... They are finally improving... They painted the walls, changed the locks, and the prostitute is gone. Will update my rating depending on the future improvements. They are not the worst landlords, but not good more

Classic NYC scumbags 11/11/2012

I live in the Monarch Luggage Blbg, in Red Hook. The dirt bag owners of Noam Corp. have to be the biggest whores ever. Lying, filthy, pigs posing as humans. Saul Moskowitz is their dirty, lying puppet-- I am Jewish, and these people are a true disgrace!!! more

The worst I've dealt with 11/28/2011

432 E. 88th could be a nice building but not when owned by the worst landlord I've ever dealt with. Not even sure where to start: Cheap refridgerator (freezer required manual defrost/de-ice every month or the entire fridge would stop working), leaky tub, embarrassingly finished sticky floors, leaky water heater, no screen on the patio door (mosquitos or oven temp heat at night; you choose), had to pay for my own dead-bolt locks (at least the door was included in the price). Not to mention that they raised the price on the next tentant (I was only three 5 months) after they had already agreed on a price. Wow! Some serious chutzpah and/or just straight-up greed; as if they aren't already making enough on these over-priced apartments. Last but not least have been waiting 60 days+ for a security deposit. more

Great Service 8/29/2011

We've never had a problem. Our building is impeccably cleaned every weekend. The super is always on call. We had one crack in a kitchen tile and they replaced the entire floor and threw in a new stove to boot. No complaints and we look forward to resigning our lease! more

If you're not forced to live in a NOAM building by gunpoint, DON'T! 7/23/2011

I live at 432 E88th St. The building is always dirty. There is animal hair and even trash left in the stairwells for extended periods of time. The elevator has been broken for a month, and I live on the 7th floor. Not so bad until the heatwave started, and the management wrote me in an email: "air conditioning maintenance is not our responsibility." A fixture in the kitchen fell on my fiance and hit her head. The soapdish in the shower fell off and hit me. The sliding door to the balcony has been broken for the entirety of my residence. Previous to living here, I've never resented a property management company. That has changed. The ethos with NOAM seems to be "pinch pennies instead of providing valuable service and attracting loyal tenants. I have reported them to 311 four times, and that is the only point at which they seem to be compliant. If you rent here, its probably because you are unfamiliar or didn't do the research, a mistake I myself made. Rent at your own peril. more

Dishonest and horrible 7/8/2011

Worst management company I've ever dealt with. After living there for about 3 months, already having signed the lease and given them over $8,000 for a deposit, a woman at the company threatened me with eviction because one of the signatures was not notarized on the lease. I had never received a previous warning. One month they "did not receive" the money order for the rent. Panicking, I had to scramble to come up with the extra money and filed an investigation with the post office that I ordered the money order from. 6 weeks later, I received a photo copy of the money order with a Noam stamp on it from the post office. They never contacted me about getting it. I had to call and they grudgingly agreed to take it out of the next month rent without any sort of apology. Not worth dealing with this greedy and underhanded "company." more

Great Company to Work With 11/29/2010

I have been in a Noam owned building for 2 years. Previously the building was run by two other organizations that were terrible. Noam, gave the block of buildings (East 95th St, NYC) a facelift. They repaired stairs in the common areas of all the buildings. They are also very easy to work with regarding leases. In a city of terrible landlords, this group is one of the good ones. more

Great Apartment, Terrible Company 8/3/2010

The apartment I got is fantastic and I love it. But I have been there for under a month so far and they never took care of the repairs they were supposed to before I moved in. Now I have to bother the Super who is obnoxious and has placed me on his bad side. It's a shame because this is a great apartment and I can already tell you I will not be resigning my lease because of Noam Corp and my Super. more

Shady and Disrespectful 4/15/2010

To be honest, I can't really say what they're like as a landlord, because I never got to move into the building. They approved me for an apartment, had me put down somewhere in the neighborhood of $2000 down as a deposit to take it off the market, and set up a day for the. Unfortunately, a couple days before the lease signing, they called to say that they were renting it to someone else who had offered more - without giving me the opportunity to match the offer. Meanwhile, I can't look at other apartments, because all my money is tied up with them under the assumption that it was mine. They graciously offered another apartment with about 60% the size at a hundred dollars cheaper rent. I...passed. Considering how absolutely shameless they were to deal with before even moving into the apartment, and after reading these reviews, I'm counting my blessings that I have signed a lease elsewhere. more

Terrible 1/19/2010

Greedy landlords who only care about the bottom dollar. They will try to squeeze you for everything they can get. And they do not take care of their property. STAY AWAY!!!! more

Will screw you out of your security deposit 6/8/2009

Good: My husband died on Christmas Eve after moving into a Noam Corp unit and put a $10,000 security deposit down, which Noam has no intention of ever refunding. The attorney general's office of NYState has a security deposit fraus squad that is DYING to get ahold of my case, You can call then directly to file a complaint against any landlrod that you feel has doneyou worng.. Bad: Lying and Cheating. Improvements: Jail Time and my money back. Other: I AM GIVING THEM A ONE STAR ONLY SO THIS WILL POST. more
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