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Nikki's Tattoo Studio - 17 Reviews - 9010 Monroe Rd # B, Charlotte, NC - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (704) 537-9205

Nikki's Tattoo Studio

9010 Monroe Rd # B (at Sardis Rd North & Village Lake Dr)
Charlotte, NC 28270
(704) 537-9205
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Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC
Nikki's Tattoo Studio - Charlotte, NC


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I went in to get my nipples pierced by their piercer (Stacy), and I gotta say, I will go to them for all my piercings from now on! Not only was the place spotless and sterile,...


I went in and talked to Nikki about doing a piece. She said she could create it so I went ahead and paid the $25 ""drawing"" deposit. Now this was going to be my 12th tattoo and I...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2014

I came in for permanent eyebrow tattooing I had to do three sessions at 150 each not cheap! I mentioned to Nikki who did the work and is also the owner that when they healed I lost some parts of the work . I had to come in for a fourth time and pay 75 which I felt should have been free. She then started telling me off and acting very rude and unprofessional and did not seem to care or want to listen about her clients concerns . I had called and left her TWO voicemails within a three week timeframe and she NEVER called me back prior to me calling the studio myself to get in touch with her to inquire about getting the appointment booked and then only got to speak to her assistant. I felt that I did not get what I paid for at all instead I got talked to harshly as if it was my fault after I mentioned to her the second time I wanted to make them thicker . I even asked her should I shave or pluck the new growth hairs. SHE said pluck and I did in doing so I lost some pigment. On the 4th time she tells me wait after 10 days none of this mind you is in the paperwork. Then I was told she was not responsible even if none of the pigment took according to the consent form I signed because eyebrow tattoos although suppose to be permanant may or may not take. I understand that but I thought after paying almost 500 she would at the very least do a touch up and return a phone call for free ? NO. Instead you get insulted and criticized for just speaking to her about the problem. I would not recommend this place to anyone looking for permanant make up the prices are way too high and Nikki is a very mean spirited person who is all nice when taking your credit card but all hateful when her customer has a concern or problem with her service. In this case you don't get what you pay for as even leaving today I am still not satisfied I asked her to make them thicker and she refused. I didn't feel like arguing she already took my money what could I do? \r In the future I will go somewhere else for touch ups and be treated with respect and someone who values their customers . more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2013

I absolutely love Nikki's shop and Nikki. Got my first one there on a recommendation from a friend and would NOT consider going anywhere else! Scheduling another one next week! She is an amazing artist. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/15/2012

Nikkis is the ONLY place in town to get a tat. SUPER friendly people, badass art(they will draw up ANYTHING for you), and fair prices. Tattoos are not something to want to GO CHEAP on. Nikki will leave your skin and wallet satisfied. It's clean, safe, and comfortable with no pressure from the artists/staff. They walk you through every step and will always do touch ups if necessary. If you like being treated like family, come to NIkkis. She's done ten tattoos for me and about 30-40 for people I''ve referred. GO see HER or you will be regretful..... :) Good Luck more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/14/2012

My first tattoo with Nikki was in 2005. I already had work done by other artists, which were just okay, but I wanted something bold, striking, and original. I'm an international hairdresser in the runway fashion industry so my work has to look good, and I'm very particular about my body art because a lot of people see it. After consulting with Nikki, she knew exactly what I was looking for and after a few drawings I felt comfortable starting.\r \r In the past 7 years, I've had 80+ hours of work done, probably closer to 100, including both sleeves and a full back piece. She's done cover-up work and corrected tattoos from earlier artists. I've also had permanent eye-liner done by her, which is amazing. Every experience has been first class. The studio is clean and professional. Nothing is too difficult or too much trouble. Tattoos are permanent and I haven't regretted any of mine. \r \r I've recommended Nikki and Stacey to a number of my friends and clients, all of them have been more than satisfied. I continue to get compliments on my work, even the pieces I did 7 years ago still look great.\r \r If you're looking for the best, you should give Nikki and Stacey serious consideration. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/21/2012

Do not waste your time. Nikki is very unprofessional.\r My wife got 2 tattoos there a couple of months ago and we went back for a touch up recently. Unfortunately, the artist is no longer with them and we had to deal with the owner. Nikki said she could do it but for no less than $50, and I quote: ""I don't want to lose money on the deal. I didn't get paid for those in the first place"". How you run the business is absolutely not my problem. Just about every reliable shop you go to gives you a free touch up if needed. The work was paid for and the service was not completed. more

Well if the process I went through is 6/8/2012

Well if the process I went through is any indication of how this business is run, avoid! I contacted this company regarding session for a memorial tattoo for my nine year niece who fought cancer and is no longer with us. Each adult member of our family wanted a small piece to have with us forever. Granted we have not gotten tattoos before, so maybe there are some shops that really cannot accommodate a group or small tattoos but that would be easy to say in the inqury email. After saying they could fit us in, giving forms they needed back immediately, things got strange. The owner revoked a price her staff gave in the forms, then sent me a long rambling email about the profit margin of the shop, made a judgmental statement about how groups act and how long she had owned the shop. When I said we would not be purchasing from her business, she explained even she and her staff were confused by the process. If you own a shop you shoud have a system for these things, right? NOT a good impression, they made it such a hassel for no reason. more

Wonderful Staff, Great Experience!!! 1/17/2012

I went in to get my nipples pierced by their piercer (Stacy), and I gotta say, I will go to them for all my piercings from now on! Not only was the place spotless and sterile, Stacy was super-super nice! I'm very embarrassed of my skin, she didn't say a word about it! Very professional and all around kind. She made sure I was nice and relaxed before doing the actual piercing, talked to me the whole time, and told me some great stories as well! The receptionist was very sweet, and I related to her a lot (we're both geeky). She was honest with me about the level of pain I would probably experience, which I loved (no sugar-coating it thanks, if it's gonna hurt, let me know), and conversed with me like I was more than a customer, like we were friends. Really made me feel welcome and comfortable. My whole experience was wonderful, I couldn't ask for more professional, friendly, genuine people. I recommend this place to everyone who wants either a tattoo or a piercing!! more

highly NOT recommended! 8/26/2011

I'm not sure if all of the bad reviews are getting deleted or what, but I was pretty shocked to see only good reviews for Nikki's. Every tattoo I've seen done by her come out looking horrible. Just do your research and look at her portfolio before you let her touch you with a needle. If you still choose to go there, then you deserve a bad tattoo! more

Awesome Experience - Highly Recommended?? 9/25/2010

I was looking for a shop to do my first tattoo and Nikki's was one of a few that came highly recommended. I checked out two others before visiting Nikki's but the moment I walked into Nikki's studio I knew I had found the right place. Her staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They took the time to listen to what I wanted, something the other two places failed to do. It was obvious that they cared about their customers so I had Nikki work up a design. When I first saw the design I was not sure that she captured what I was looking for but she assured me that once it was transferred to my body that it would look exactly like what I wanted. She was spot on. It turned out even better than I expected. It fits the shape of my body perfectly and I have Nikki's talent and skill to thank for that. It has been a week since my appointment and it is healing very nicely, with minimal discomfort both during and after the appointment. Her aftercare instructions were clear and simple. Overall, I do not think I could have asked for a better first tattoo experience, and it certainly won't be my last. I highly, highly recommend Nikki's Tattoo Studio. more

Love the gang at Nikki's! 11/12/2009

I have gotten several tattoo's by Nikki and love them all. I come to her with my vague ideas and she creates just what I want. She is definitley open to hearing my suggestions and I trust her judgement completely! I get so many compliments on the tattoos she has done for me. it is fun just to go in the shop and chat! Stacy has done several piercings for me as well as smaller tattoos. She is quick and efficient and makes the piercing as comfortable as possible. Sarah at the front counter is very helpful. Overall a great tattoo experience! Pros: Clean, friendly, comfortable, creative and great tattoos! Cons: None! more

Where is he at??? 11/6/2009

I was referred a couple of years ago to Nikki's by some friends, but really wasn't impressed by the work or the attitudes. Since the place was close to where I lived, I'd still stop in occasionally to get jewelry and look around. That is how I found out that she had hired a new artist. I looked through his portfolio and was very impessed and after talking to him, I was completely assured that he could do what I was looking for. I've had 3 or 4 tattoos from Jason and each one has been better than the last. He really took his time and talked to me about what I was looking for. So now the problem. I stopped by a little while back to talk to him and set my next app't, only to be told that he was no longer there. When I asked what happened and if they knew where he was, I was completely blown off. VERY unproffessional. So, if anyone does know anything, could you post it on here? Thanks! Pros: Jason was AWESOME!!! Cons: Nikki 'let him go' and won't tell anyone where he is!!!!! more

Great Tats! 4/24/2009

All of my tattoos have been done at Nikkis. Jason has done all but one. He is such a great artist. His work exceeds anything that I could have ever imagined. He takes his time with you, and really helps to make your ideas come to life. If you are looking for your first tat, or to contine a piece, Jason is the guy to go too. more

Great Place...Great Tattoos 4/23/2009

I have been getting tattoo'd for 8 years and stuck with the same person for my first 6 until I moved out of state from Maine to North Carolina. I love my artist back home so much that I was very hesitant to go anywhere else. I was getting the itch to get another tattoo so I started to ask around, two people I worked with 3 years ago went to a place in Mooresville and their tattoos were really good so I checked out the guy they went to. He was really good and I felt comfortable with him, he took his work seriously and was very much a perfectionist, I went to him twice and got 3 tattoos. Then I found out he was a creep and was soliciting things from girls when they were alone in his room with him, I was never gonna go back there again but I was stuck, where would I go now? I asked around again and no one could give me a decent name so I researched for myself. I live in Salisbury and I looked at places within 2 hours of here because a good artist is worth the travel. I found Nikki's Tattoo Studio. I was so impressed with what I saw on her website that I called and asked when I could drive the hour down there just to show her some of the ideas I had. I had not planned on making any appointments or even deciding yes or no for sure whether I liked the place, I wanted to be sure it was the right place for me. I am looking for a keeper!! Well that day I found it. Nikki is not only spunky but she is AWESOME at what she does, she makes you feel comfortable and she is cool as hell. I am so not a ""girls girl"" but I love that the place is run by women. Nikki is very professional and she really knows her stuff. I went home so excited and impressed with everything I saw I called the next day and made an appointment for a week later. It is so convenient that I can make the appointment over the internet and can do all the paperwork from home and pay over the phone. I got my tattoo and not only was the work so incredible but the cost was so much less than I would have expected. I am so proud of my tattoo and can't wait for the summer to show it off to everyone. I recommend that everyone go see Nikki, she truly is amazing. Pros: Great Artist, Great Work, Great Atmosphere Cons: NONE!!! No Cons!! more

Best tattoo studio I've been to 9/26/2008

Nikki's studio was hands down the best tattoo studio I have ever been to, and I have been too a few. All the staff were extremely nice and easy to talk to. Very clean enviroment and work areas. Jason did my tattoo and did an amazing job. It looks better than I was even thinking in my head. It is obvious in talking to Jason that he enjoys his work and really cares about his clients and pleasing them. I will be going back to Jason for all my work in the future. Pros: extremely clean, great work, and great employees. Cons: The only negative I to say is that I wish I went there for my first two tattoos more

They know what they are doing! 9/22/2008

When I saw my design for the first time, I was extremely pleased. Jason was able to put my exact vision on paper and it looks even better on my body. I have been several places, and no one had done as good of a job as Jason. He was knowledgeable, easy to talk to and paid close attention to detail. I was even given good advice on what to do about some existing tattoos that no longer satisfy me. I will definately go back for new artwork, and to cover up some old ones as well. I would reccommend Nikki's to anyone who is looking to get some ink. Well done! Pros: comfortable atmosphere Cons: Children are not allowed in! I had my daughter with me my first visit and couldn't look around. more

Unimpressed! 6/24/2008

\r I should have looked at their portfolio before actually agreeing to have the piece. more

Cleanest and Friendliest shop in town. 4/12/2008

Nikki's Tattoo Studio is the nicest shop I've ever been too. the staff is friendly and helpful, and the shop is the cleanest I've ever been to. Evrybody goes out of their way to make sure that clients get exactly the tattoo they were looking for.I've been tattooed in shops all over the country, and I have to say, Nikki's is the best run I've ever been to. Nikki designed my back piece, and it was completed about a year ago. Now, she's working on a sleeve design. Go see Nikki. She's the BEST! Pros: Clean, professional, clinical environment more

I will go no where else but Nikki's for my tattoo needs 10/30/2007

I went to Nikki's for my second and third tattoo and I will go no where else, she did an amazing job and made you feel right at home! She is very professional and has the cleanest shop in Charlotte. When people ask me where they should go for an experienced tattoo artist I send them to Nikki. Pros: Professional, Clean, Great Service Cons: None more

First class operation 10/29/2007

i have just moved here in the last year from Buffalo,NY. I was looking for a tatoo studio to have a cover-up done. One of the locale told me about Nikkis place. I can honestly say she is one of the most pleasent people to deal with. Her studio is clean and that staff makes you feel like you have been going there for years. She is a top notch artist and one of the most profesonal people I have ever met. You can tell she not only cares about her work but her clients as well. I have recieved follow up calls and when ever I see her she goes out of her way to say hello. i highly recomened her place to anyone. Pros: very clean more

Excellent, professional, custom artist 10/27/2007

I had a small tattoo done a couple of years ago when she was in her former location and all I can say is that she made my first tattoo experience one that has me wanting more. If her new shop is anything like her old shop then it will be the cleanest tattoo parlor that you will ever see, far cleaner than any other shop in the city. When it comes time to add more ink to my skin I will go nowhere else. Pros: Clean studio and fantastic professionalism Cons: Much like most tattoo studios the Chinese characters on the flash charts are ridiculous more
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Owner Message

  • lOOKING FOR A PLACE THAT DOES QUALITY WORK IN A PROFESSIONAL SETTING? Nikki's is it. We are a comfortable place with safety and sanitation our top priority.
    Permanent Make-up
    Custom Tattoos body Piercing , and Permanent Make up.


  • Female owned and operated tattoo shop creates distinct custom designs and provides skin care services such as microdermabrasion.

  • 3/27/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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    Mon Tues & Thurs 1pm-8pm Fri 1pm-9pm Sat 12pm-9pm Closed Sun & Wed.
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    East Forest, Sardis Woods