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Nikki Beach Restaurant and Club - 49 Reviews - 1 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (305) 538-1111

Nikki Beach Restaurant and Club

1 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-1111
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Nikki Beach Restaurant and Club - Miami Beach, FL
Nikki Beach Restaurant and Club - Miami Beach, FL
Nikki Beach Restaurant and Club - Miami Beach, FL


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Definitely a not-to-be-missed Miami Landmark! Amazing ambiance, beautiful people, great food and drinks. I recommend the Mojitos... Best in Miami!!! Pros: Beachfront Seating ...


Nikki Beach was the place to go for the best parties. Now, its more like the Disney World of Miami. None of the locals go there and it has turned into a run down dump. I would N...

overpriced drinks and rude bartender 7/30/2010

A poorly made mojito and a rude bartender made for an unpleasant experience. The music was cheesy and overall the only thing good about being there was the company I was with but I would not go back there for another occasion if I am the one planning the outing. Parking is very difficult to find in the area and we finally found parking after 30 minutes of driving around that was 7 blocks away. Definitely not worth it. Pros: large place Cons: overpriced and rude staff more

the worst of Miami Beach 6/15/2010

I don't know what Nikki Beach the 5 star reviewers are talking about but its not the one in Miami Beach for sure. This place is the biggest waste of time on the Beach. No girls, no party, no action, old music, lots of wanna bees. Forget the food, forget the drinks, forget the DJs, this place is a dump plain and simple. You couldn't pay me to go back to this rat hole. Pros: seriously nothing Cons: too many to count more

Best Sunday Brunch! 5/30/2010

Definitely a not-to-be-missed Miami Landmark! Amazing ambiance, beautiful people, great food and drinks. I recommend the Mojitos... Best in Miami!!! Pros: Beachfront Seating Cons: None! more

what a waste of real estate 5/26/2010

Just moved back to town from up north and wanted to stop by my old hangout from back in the day. Man what a disappointment Nikki Beach has turned into. This place used to be bumpin. They used to play the newest music with good DJs and piles of ladies running around almost naked. Now the place sits basically empty with some no name DJs playing last years hits. What a joke! The wait staff is all euro trash and this place has some totally stupid club upstairs now that is just awful. I don't know who's making the decisions here but they totally suck at it! I wouldn't want to eat here either will all the pigeons, rats, and roaches everywhere. To top it off they have an unfinished construction project collecting bums and garbage on the property that is just nasty. THUMBS DOWN ALL AROUND! Pros: nothing to report Cons: total waste of money and time more

So like dont go here 5/13/2010

well this place has sure fallen a long way from what it used to be. Obviously they're not interested in locals or Americans for that matter. Everyone here is French, attitude and all. How is it that in the midst of the worst economic downturn in recent history this place hires all foreigners instead of Americans. I'll bet they're all illegals here on travelers visas. Anyways, unless you like be mistreated, ignored, and paying way too much for mediocre drinks, food, and ambiance I think you should go elsewhere. I know I will. Pros: knowing not to go here anymore Cons: wasting time and money finding out not to go here anymore more

Looking for the party, not here, thumbs down 3/30/2010

So as far as the sound system, I've heard better sitting in traffic next to a 16yr old in his honda civic. The sound system here is WEAK! The drinks here are expensive, small, and not worth it at all. BIG RIPOFF! Overall I dont see what all these people are raving about. After 10pm you have to go inside so the whole point of partying there is ruined as soon as the sun goes down. Not to mention that the door staff are Aholes! Get real NikkiBEach, your best days are far behind you. Be glad anyone shows up to park their car there let alone go inside for something. THIS PLACE SUCKS! Pros: Next to the beach Cons: weak sound system, weaker drinks, EXPENSIVE & OVERATED more

Best Brunch on the beach 3/4/2010

i used to always go to Nikki Beach back in the day, but decided to go for the brunch with friends that were in town. I wasn't sure if the place was still happening, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the brunch is still amazing, and actually CHEAPER than before! For $30 bucks, we had a huge selection and were able to eat all day. We were able to get some breakfast, then hang out at the beach and the ocean for a while, then go back and grab some lunch. Still haven't heard of anywhere else you can do that in South Beach. The vibe was still great with lots of energy and people dancing all day.....can't wait to go back again next Sunday Pros: omelets to die for more

Chilled out 3/4/2010

This place is the most chillax place in the world. I went there on a Sunday, they had all this fantastic food laid out, OMG THE FRENCH TOAST is all I have to say. They had these crazy bowls full of fruit and alcohol, like a HUGE mojito- it was freakin cool! I don't know what happened to the people before, but I went on a sunday and had a good time. good music, good service and good fun! Pros: best place to soak up the sun Cons: atmosphere depends on weather more

Worlds biggest rip off 2/25/2010

Nothing about this dump is what it is touted to be. Nightlife: big let down, no one parties here anymore, dont go. Food: overpriced, over cooked, and over rated, not worth it all. This place couldnt be worse if they tried. The furniture is uncomfortable and old. The bars are dirty. The drinks and food are way overpriced. The crowd, non existent, the ambiance, Boring. My recommendation is to go up the beach where the parties are. This place is washed up and probably won't be around much longer. Pros: Not 1 thing Cons: Not enough room to list them all more

Relax in the beach 2/17/2010

It so nice to walk in a place in Miami where things are not fake!!! Thank god the sun was shining, so my girlfriends and I decided to go to Nikki Beach to lie down in the beds and enjoy endless mojitos. It was my first time at the Miami location, but was exited to relive the experience I had in Nikki Beach Saint Tropez last summer. It was not the same; not crowded but I guess is because this place is huge and it was a week day. I loved it, magical place, we had a Pizza in that hidden Garden after taking sun all morning in the beach, I felt like I was at my private terrace at my beach house. (the Pizza was delicious; I had my all time favorite Capriciosa) The music was relaxing and the mojitos kept flowing, we stayed at the beds the whole afternoon chating and planning the weekend Party. I have heard it was the it place back in the day, but it will be for sure my escape of the plastic Miami Beach world. Pros: Access to the Beach, good drinks and food more

This place is a bad joke 2/1/2010

First of all, I went to this place after hearing so much hype for so many years expecting to see a crowd of beautiful people and instead found the place empty on a Saturday night. I don't know which Nikki Beach "Maritza" went to but it wasn't this one, that's for sure. No one goes here to party anymore as was obvious by the complete lack of people in attendance on a Saturday night! I went upstairs to this new Club O-1 they're hyping and low and behold there were 5 people there and Im pretty sure they all worked there. Pathetic! This place is washed up, move along, nothing to see here. Pros: Close to the beach and better places to spend money Cons: where do I begin...see below more

Love Nikki Beach! 1/13/2010

I've been to Nikki Beach on Sundays and always have a good time. Great music, beautiful people and excellent brunch. I went for dinner last Friday and I was really surprised. When I came in the place was magical, the new dining room looked amazing, with a beautiful set up, a dj playing a really cool mix of love is in the air and a sax player playing too. I sat down with my friends and the server introduced himself, and informed us that they have new additions to the menu. So we started ordering a bottle of rose wine and different options from the menu to taste the new dishes. It was really really good, and once again my friends and I had a GREAT time at Nikki Beach and end up going upstairs to the new club O-1... more

biggest disappointment in the world 1/5/2010

This place is such a disappointment I cant even get over it. I'm here on vacation and heard about this place, so we came to check it out and its terrible. Rude service, bad food, cheap interiors, horrible restrooms, and really expensive. This place does not live up to the hype. They have crappy no name dj's that seem like they're new to the job. I've heard better music at a house party. The so called sexy people and amazing sunday party is a joke, its more like fat people and lackluster sunday. They should host trekkie parties here and forget about the clubbing, they're obviously not good at it. Pros: nothing Cons: not enough room to list them all, lets just say everything more

Nikki Brunch A Disappointment! 12/8/2009

I just wanted to let you know how truly disappointed I was with my Sunday Brunch experience at Nikki Beach. It was not the bad weather or the fact that the cost was over $110 for two people who had brunch and a couple of sodas. The fact is I felt like I was trespassing. The service was not what I expected at all especially after seeing all the hype on tv newscasts. The waitress was more worried that I "cash" out with her before anything else and while it took a while to get some sodas to the table she had no problem quickly giving me the tab with her 18% gratuity already added in. The rest of the staff seemed more concerned with huddling in their little groups and hanging out with their friends than answering questions or guiding us to the different areas of brunch. We actually ate and then walked down Ocean Drive to get away from a very disappointing atmosphere created by the wait staff. I truly am not one to complain but when we drive from North Broward to South Beach, valet the car, spend hard earned money on a below average brunch and on top of that feel like we are intruding on the staff by just being there, I feel I have to let people know my level of disappointment. Pros: none Cons: a lot more

WOW what a shock 12/4/2009

Well for starters, the restrooms are disgusting 3rd rate tijuana bus stop quality at best. My girls and I will not be going in this place and consequently will never be returning. I mean how can this place claim to be a hot spot when they can't even provide decent facilities? The public restrooms on the beach are better and they have bums in them sometimes, you do the math. Decor:Beat up old crap that has been here since the dawn of time. Ambiance: Ok but nothing like other better much nicer venues in town. Food: Pricey and mediocre. Crowd: terrible Drinks: nothing special. Catering: good local, terrible facilities, your clients will be disappointed, thumbs down. Better off smashing plates across the street. Happy Hour: waste of time. Nightlife: Overated and disappointing, rude door men at a dive bar, what a joke. Pros: Best dive bar in south beach Cons: Everything but the location more

Horror show 11/29/2009

Well for starters this place smells like someone forgot to clean the restrooms. Thats right, it smells of crap and vomit, just what you want to get a whiff of before sitting down for an overpriced, overcooked, poorly presented piece of whatever your foolish enough to order from this joke of a restaurant. I heard that this place has gone down hill a bit but I just couldn't believe it, this place used to be amazing. But truth be told, it as bad as I was told. The bathrooms are embarrassingly gross. I felt like i needed a bath after going in there. The people, who are supposed to be the hottest anywhere, were no where to be seen. Just a bunch of posers and losers with their collars popped up trying to be cool. There were a few cute girls there hanging onto some fat slobs but thats about it. Mark my words, stay away, far away, you'll be happy you did. Pros: close to better hangouts Cons: everything i can think of that matters more

wish I'd read these reviews before going 11/23/2009

I really wish I'd read the reviews of this festering pit before I unknowingly went there with my friends for Sunday afternoon brunch. This place was terrible. The crowd was disgusting. Fat ugly people everywhere, the only sexy people there were dancing in costume, obviously they were being paid to be there. I'll never go back to this nasty nasty place. The bathrooms were like a truck stop,disgusting! Pros: Not a damn thing Cons: Bathrooms, food, people, djs, servers, pigeons lots of them more

Great place for rat pie! 11/10/2009

I remember back in the day when this place used to rock! Now its just a wanna be hangout. Overpriced drinks, yes I know its the norm on the beach, but c'mon, Paris isn't hanging out here anymore so why should we have to pay for watered down drinks in dirty cups. The food is $$$ and is hit or miss in this place, although they do make a nice pie at the rat shack on the deck where you can get a frosty mug full of decent beer. There seems to be a handful of old timers hanging out there for some reason, really drags the place down when your trying to party, don't wanna knock grandpa down and break a hip. Anyways, they have a happy hour there now thats good for 2 free drinks and some free muchies so thats about the only plus I can see. Hit them up for the free booze and then shuffle on up the beach where the real parties are! 2 thumbs down, Sorry ;( Oh and the door man is a wanker on sundays so pass on it if you can. Pros: half assed remodel Cons: everything else more

it's over! 10/23/2009

Nikki Beach used to be the best of the best... 10 years ago! Now it's run down, it stinks... and the crowd is awful. Last time I was there I paid 3 different prices for the same drink with 3 different bartenders!!! When I asked the bar manager why?? He brushed me off, like if I can't afford it don't come!! It's not about the money, but is it $9, $10 or $12... Sadly it could be a great place, because it's a great location, but the losers running this place are still in the 90's... WAKE UP it's 2009!!!! Actually keep on sleeping you already missed the bus! Don't waste your time and money, there are plenty of other places in Miami Beach... Pros: good luck finding any! Cons: everything more

AVOID!!!! 10/3/2009

If the rude staff even lets you in, which theres a good chance they wont, its WAY OVERPRICED! Food is lousy, drinks are $12.00 +, Staff is rude, people are fake and superficial, Boring crowd. If you are a rich, stuck up a**hole, this place is for you! For the rest of us normal people, dont waste your time. Pros: NONE Cons: TO MANY TOO LIST more
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  • In Short
    On Penrod's ground floor is the Nikki Beach Club, an all-purpose beach club where the less you wear, the better. Sunday afternoons are the most popular at Nikki, a beach blanket bingo bonanza where the fabulous come to see and be seen. At night, tiki torches lead the way to bars and various enclaves and teepees. On Penrod's second floor is the orange-hued, Barbarella-ish Pearl restaurant and champagne lounge, a popular meeting place for scenesters, celebs and wannabes.

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