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Nightmare on the Bayou

1515 Studemont
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 868-3344
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Went opening weekend and I have to say that I barely made it out there alive! 30 bucks was a little much for a haunted house but one of the actors outside the ticket booth was kin...


I agree with everything jessyca1701 said! I felt robbed! I had a group of 16 ppl. Ages 13-40 everyone agreed it wasn't scary & too much money!

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/4/2013

I had a great time....took the whole family n we had a blast....who knows maybe it was a real ghost doing the scare part...I recommend it. more

Not worth it!!! 10/27/2011

There is absolutly nothing scarry about this do not waste your money!!! It was so not scarry to the point that the actors told me I was no fun. I felt like we were robbed by having to even pay to go there. If you really want a scare go to Cutting Edge in Ft. Worth or maybe even take a nice walk through the woods alone at night. more

Not scary!!! 10/18/2011

I agree with everything jessyca1701 said! I felt robbed! I had a group of 16 ppl. Ages 13-40 everyone agreed it wasn't scary & too much money! more

Interesting, although not the greatest in the city 10/8/2011

Nightmare on the Bayou is all right, but not really worth $30. The $30 includes the two main houses plus two trailers afterwards. The first main house is mostly outdoors, with the standard sort of chainsaws and lunatics. There were a few scary moments, but that part was rather disappointing overall. The opening of the first house requires extreme bending over to get through, so anyone with back problems may want to avoid it. Also there's a lot of mist. It was the wet variety, which left us a bit damp. It might be a good idea to put electronic items in plastic bags, and if you're wearing glasses, don't expect to be able to see well. The second part is 3D. You're given glasses before going in. This part is much more exciting than the first. The 3D effects were a lot of fun, and it was incredible visually. This one was also more scary. The two trailers are really quick to go through, and felt kind of unnecessary. The second trailer could be difficult for anyone who has problems with claustrophobia. I'd heard parking was an issue, but we went early so had no problems. There really aren't a lot of parking spaces around there at all, so they wouldn't be able to handle the kind of crowds that show up for Phobia or Screamworld. Overall I'm glad I went. This was the only haunted house in Houston I hadn't been to before, so it was interesting to see, but I still feel like it's not as good as Phobia, and maybe around the same level as Screamworld. more

Ehh 10/20/2010

no line more


Went opening weekend and I have to say that I barely made it out there alive! 30 bucks was a little much for a haunted house but one of the actors outside the ticket booth was kind enough to tell us about the Coupons you can get at the party boy (next door) all you have to do is go in and pick up as many as you need and get 5 dollars off each Ticket. Once we got in we had a blast!\r \r They have you go through the Outside part first, which is rather intense, it's almost rollercoaster intense. The inside is still scary but it’s more novelty and cool as they have it mostly in black light. The clown room however, those people were merciless.\r \r Actors seemed to come from nowhere and would not stop terrorizing us! The guy in the caged hallway had some sort of thing shooting sparks everywhere and chased us for a while. Some of the Zombies we're really scary while others we're really funny. We had one guy that had maggots coming out of his mouth. He hung out out with us for a bit since there was no groups behind us. He was talking about how hard life is being a zombie and picking up girls is awkward, he also warned us about the chainsaw guy and told us "" you don't have to outrun the chainsaw guy, you just have to outrun your friends"".\r \r The outdoor part of the Haunted House had me on my toes the entire night. The Indoor was fun but not as scary. All in all I had a great time and plan on bringing more friends Next year\r \r \r Also word of warning, Chainsaw guy is a beast and he’ll herd you like sheep through a hedge maze. Make sure you don’t wear flip flops or high heels as he’ll have you jumping through hoops (not literally) but you will be making allot of sharp turns. more

Scariest thing ever 9/20/2010

I've been going here for years. They change it every year and it keeps getting better. There's no one part that wasn't scary. Phobia sucks. Screamworld is for kids. Nightmare on the Bayou is a glimpse into the demon world. It's straight evil. I will be going again this year. and every year after! more

Great Haunted House 8/26/2010

My sister and I went on Saturday night last year. It was really, really fun and yes, scary. The first part was the scariest. I thought we'd never get out of there. There were creepy horrble creatures following us, and the guy with the was really fun! It looks like the actors were having a great time, too. We had to put on 3D... glasses in another section of the house, and it really does feel like you are tipping over on that bridge - I know the creatures behind the scenes were laughing at us trying to keep our balance. There were dead bodies in hearses, torso-less bloody bodies...ICK!!! I was a little set back by the $30 ticket - but what the heck. It was a lot of fun, They've made allot of improvments over the years. more

great haunted house for 2009 better than last year !!!!!! 10/5/2009

group and I went out last weekend to check out the haunted house because we have been to the other haunted house in town already and i must say it has changed alot from last year all new workers, and new haunted houses they changed alot totally worth my money not only did they get me in the haunted house but as i was leaving to the monsters were all over the place and some how they new one of my friends names the group in front of us were some big cowboy looking guys and they were running threw and one of there girlfriend was hyperventilating they gave her no mercy the make up was great and gory this guy with a turkey was popping up every were my girlfriend held me close all the way home she was so frightened f i told her ""they were just doing there job ""And what a great job they did it is worth a trip to go and see the haunted house and they added two new shows out in front which are really cool as well so hope you take this advice and see this haunted house its worth it . Pros: owner was nice and talked to us , very scary, fast line more


this place was WORTHLESS!! we went out there on saturday, drove all the way out to i-10 and studemont for a big waste of time and money. first off, the line was RIDICULOUS, the ""actors"" (if they even deserve the title) were terrible! there were maybe 5 actors in each house and it was realllllly lame. you walk through at least 5 minutes of NOTHING before someone pops out or bangs on the wall. another thing that aggrivated me was that the website claims that there are 4 ""attractions"" when there were only 2. talk about a rip off. you pay $25 for the initial ticket and then if you want to be upgraded to VIP, its$10 extra. if you get VIP you get to go to the front of the line (which we did because the line was REALLY long)...but needless to say we were VERY disappointed and wish that we could have gotten a refund. if you want to go to a haunted house that may possibly be worth it, go to the haunted woods. ive never been there but ive heard that its by far the best for your money...just don't go to nightmare on the bayou, it was TERRIBLE!!\r \r \r ugh!!! Pros: nothing. it was terrible Cons: very few actors and they were ALL terrible, lame costumes, waste of time and money more

Waste of money and time! 10/4/2008

This haunted house was so lame. The actors sucked and were not even into it. They also don't tell that you are going to get sprayed by water by a stupid toilet! It sprayed me and my pants were soaked! How is that scary?? They say it's four haunted houses in one but it is actually only two. What a rip off! No wonder there was no one there....Don't go to this haunted house unless you want to be bored and unimpressed and get sprayed by water. I heard Phobia was way better and cheaper to. Cons: Pretty much everything! more

WASTE OF TIME 11/1/2007

Paid $25 for something that was no scarier than seeing a bad horror flick.\r The actors were unemotional and looked bored... sadly, so was I. They would talk to you and break character, which took away from their costumes. They even had a kid chase us around with a chainsaw.\r We ended up getting lost in the house and ended up accidentely exiting it. We missed a lot of stuff because our friends came out 5 minutes later. The owner, instead of letting us go back in decided to fight with us and tell us that once we exited it was over. Funniest part is that one of the ""scary"" characters in the house told us to go through that way. It was confusing because there were no type of order of where to go next... no signs... nothing. It was boring because everything would uncoordinated, you would see everything before it would happen - eliminating any surprise or scare.\r 'm never going again and don't reccommend this place at all.\r Phobia is cheaper and A LOT more scarier.\r \r Hope this helps.\r Cons: EVERYTHING from the bad parking, to the rude owner to the boring actors. more


HORRIBILY RETARDED !!! DO NOT GOO !!! WASTE OF TIME & MONEY ! \r \r I promised the owner which was an #%#&^$^@#% to his customers that I would write a review about this... \r I read the reviews on here and then decided to go .... \r Well the parking was jam packed! This is not a place for kids b/c pple were boxing(fighting) in the parking lot b/c someone said something about someones girlfriend! \r ANYHOW ! THIS IS THEEEEE STUPIDEST PLACE I HAVE BEEN TO IN MY LIFE !!!! \r HERE IS WHERE IT STARTED ! \r \r Me & my friends got lost in the haunted house and exited by accident..... We told the owner that we had got lost and took a wrong turn in return ,The owner came and said im sorry but you cant go in.. then Started to SHOUT @ us when we politely asked to finish the haunted house .I asked for a refund & then after our confrontation , he called HPD which was portrolling .. for no DAMN Reason !!!! \r He threatened us that if we don't get off his property he would send us to jail....... \r $25 for this piece of sH^T ..... Each house lasted like 5 minz .......\r No THANK U ! \r BRING YOUR KIDS FOR A GOOD SCARE ! It was WaCk !!!!! \r Phobia was better than this & thats alright ! lolz \r \r HONESTLY IF YOUR NOT RESPECTED AS A CUSTOMER ANYWHERE .... DONT GO THERE !!!! \r NO CUSTOMER SERVICE ! \r NO RESPECT ! \r TOTALLY A WASTE OF YOUR GOOD TIME & MONEY !!!!! Pros: Police Was Nice.... Cons: DONT GO !!! EVERYTHING FROM THE OWNER TO THE PLACE !!!! DONT GOO , TRUST ME more

Pretty good scare, parking is a mess 10/25/2007

Get there early for a mediocre scare. It was better than Screamworld, not as good as Phobia. Great prices, lines move fast, but parking is a mess. Being next to a real graveyard sure helps! Pros: quick lines, pretty good scare Cons: parking more
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