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Nielsen's Frozen Custard - 24 Reviews - 3918 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (801) 277-7479

Nielsen's Frozen Custard

3918 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 277-7479
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this is a great place! the rest of these reviews are outdated. The kids who work there now are very friendly and helpful plus the custard is amazing. I could eat that stuff all da...


Their product always meets my expectations. I've never had a great experience with the staff. They are slow, bunt, and disorganized. The biggest problem with their operation is th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/14/2012

Absolutely amazing custard, but as others have said, the service is horrible. I've only ever seen teenagers there and they are rude and lazy (they're big fans of closing early). Another reviewer mentioned that we were all teenagers once and should cut them some slack...sorry, but I have higher standards than that. I believe teenagers are capable of being hard working and friendly if we teach them to be and have enough faith in them. Clearly the owners of Nielsen's don't care though. What a shame. more

great improvement 8/28/2011

this is a great place! the rest of these reviews are outdated. The kids who work there now are very friendly and helpful plus the custard is amazing. I could eat that stuff all day every day more

Wonderful Icecream!! 10/8/2009

We bring all our out of town guests here. Even though it's run by kids, mostly we see them working hard, and they don't stand around when we come in the door. \r Wish we could find out the nutritional values...\r They took a Visa card when we were in the Murray store this week. Pros: Smooth, creamy Cons: Cons? They aren't next door!! more

The best icecream in town 9/15/2009

I had the icecream at this place today after reading reviews on this site. Have to admit its definitely the best I tasted in SLC so far. The ice cream is fresh, smooth and a little bit of fudge and roasted almonds on top make it even more enticing. Definitely recommend it. Some people sighted that service is poor coz of highschool kids. We all have been there...lets give the kids a break.. Pros: Fresh ice cream, quick service Cons: not the best visuals more

* 10/10/2008

The custard is fantastic, but the service is horrible. There are usually 5 highschool students standing around talking with their friends across the counter. They are usually more intrested in them than the customers. I have seen them eating the custard out of the machine, I've had my order taken by someone with custard still in their mouth. I shown up many times before closing, only to find the place closed (and the way that you find out that they're closed is by sitting at the window for a couple of minutes before you realize that their ignoring you or someone yells through the closed window at you). I don't know where they find all of these kids with no desire to work, but someone to supervise might help. The Nielson's in Bountiful is much more customer friendly, clean, and you still get the same great custard. So the next time your up north, look for that one. Pros: Great Custard Cons: Poor service, expensive, and no cards accepted for payment. more

Terrible Customer Service, and Lack of Management 8/27/2008

Tonight my family was celebrating a promotion at work. We pulled into the Dairy Queen in Sandy Utah to get ice cream. At this point my nephew mentioned he wanted to go to Nielsens instead. We called Nielsens to ask them their business hours. We were told they would be open until ten. We all piled into the car quickly and sped to Nielsens. (50 Block drive) On our way we called Nielsens again to see if we could possibly give our orders over the phone so that they would not have to stay late to make our custard. We were told they can't take orders over the phone, but that they would stay open for us because we would make it there right about ten. We pulled in with a couple minutes to spare. Nobody greeted us, they just said, ""All we have is Chocolate."" I proceeded to tell them we were the customers who had been calling and left Dairy Queen to come there. They all looked around at eachother and acted as if the phone calls never happened. I mentioned the fact that their hours of operation say until ten, yet their entire store was closed down and they were all ready to leave prior to ten. Being extremely frustrated, I asked for the general managers number. We left, without getting any custard, nor ice cream from anywhere because they were all closed at ten. I called the manager to explain the situation. Instead of apologizing for such terrible customer service, he was more concerned that they had run out of vanilla before the chocolate. He did not offer any discount, coupons, or custard. Just said he would address the issue of being out of vanilla. After reading the reviews, it seems to me that he should address the issues with his staff before he worries about the custard running out. In this day and age with a struggling economy, it's mind boggling that an establishment would have such poor customer service from top to bottom. Being a manager myself, I would be embarrassed to have my establishment represented so poorly. Pros: The Frozen custard itself is good, but not worth the terrible service Cons: Dirty, Lack of Supervision, Extremely Poor Customer Service more

best custard, worst service 8/12/2008

Being from Wisconsin where the frozen custard reigns supreme, my expectations for Utah's variety was not high. Nonetheless, Nielson's custard is definitely the best (if not only?) around. I am a regular customer of theirs, and it is unfortunately quite true that the service is universally poor. I know all local business are staffed by teenagers, but this pack seems particularly bored and sluggish. The lack of seating and cash-only policy is also a downer. Management really needs to wake up to these issues. more

Great product, poor service, and no credit/ATM cards 8/6/2008

Their product always meets my expectations. I've never had a great experience with the staff. They are slow, bunt, and disorganized. The biggest problem with their operation is their decision NOT to accept credit/ATM cards. They are a check/cash only store. I always go prepared with cash, but on one occasion I was informed that they were out of cash and that they would gladly accept my money but would not be able to make change! I left the store frustrated not willing to exchange a $20 bill for $2.75 of custard. Pros: Tasty Product Cons: Service, no credit/ATM cards more

Fabulous Custard served by Teenagers with very little work ethiic 7/8/2008

Went to pick up a quart of custard and a cherry chocolate concrete last night. I have driven by this establishment many times but have never stopped. My family had a craving for a sweet frozen treat and I decided to stop this time. The menu was very plain, not many items to choose from but I can handle that. After I was told they didn't accept Debit Cards I paid with a check and waited. There were 5 teenagers on duty and I only saw one of them gainfully working. The other four proceeded to gossip, play grab butt, flick each other with the towels they used to clean, and one even shot me an evil look. The young gal that met me at the window was nice, she was also the one to make my concrete as the other kids stood around eating ice cream and dinking around. I wondered why they had no supervision and why there needed to be 5 of them. I feel they could have handled the store with 2 teenagers and a supervisor that was mature. The supervisor last night was obviously not cutting it. The custard was fantastic but the service left a bad taste in my mouth. Pros: Tasty Custard Cons: High Prices, Cash Only, Lazy Service more

Surley Staff, OK Ice Cream 6/23/2008

I've been to this pale a few times. My wife usually convinces me to go as I would not notmally give a place like this my business. The staff is unfriendly, slow and at times downright surley. It's ok to let teenagers work in your establishment, but a little adult supervision sometimes might help. And, tell them to smile! No credit cards? Give me a break! This speaks loudly to me that the owner's have enough business and don't care one bit about their customers. And don't give me the excuse about credit card fee's, I've been in business and the fee's are so small that anyone using that excuse is just plain stingy! If they are that stingy I always wonder, where else they are cutting corners?\r \r The place is always busy which defies all logic. The ice cream is good, but not that good. I'm sure there are many delightful combinations available, but try to figure that out from their information display. The only conclusion I can come up with is either the owners have a lot of friends or the place has been around so long that people come out of nostalgia.\r \r Everyone should stay away and let these poeple go out of business. Maybe someone with business knowhow will re-open in the same location.. Pros: Good Creamy Ice Cream Cons: Terrible service. more

Great custard--terrible service! 6/20/2008

This place has great, amazing custard. However, the service is TERRIBLE! I went one evening and saw that the dining area was full of people so I opted the drive thru. I arrived at 9:35 and they close at 10:00. I figured it would be ok because I had 25 minutes to get to the window. There were approximately 6 cars in front of me. I waited 40 minutes until it was my turn to pull to the window. Mind you, the customers in the cars in front of me got served and I watched as customers walked into the dining area minutes before 10:00 and they got served. I pulled forward to the window at 10:15. I figured they would just serve the rest of the customers in line at the drive thru since they served all the customers left inside the dining area. When I pulled forward the employee closed the window and locked it without saying a word. I waited 40 minutes and he didnt have the courtesy to even talk to me and politely inform me that the car in front was the last car! I think that Nielsens needs to difinitely improve the customer service. There needs to be a system put in place that will have a cut off on the cars and inform the cars behind that they will not be able to be served--this way they are notified before waiting fourty minutes for nothing! I sure hope they make some changes that will go towards treating their customers in a more professional manner! Pros: food Cons: service more

Poor Management and Customer Service 6/9/2008

For 20 years now I have driven many miles out of my way to visit Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Holladay, I love the product. However, on a number of occasions I have come to find the service and the facility unclean and the service slow and not very friendly. \r \r In the summer during evenings and nights you will find the wait to order around 20 minutes and more. Then you will wait that much time again for the order. During the day, particularly if you come around the first two hours of opening you will often find that they do not have product ready.\r \r Like today when I visited a bit after noon, driving 8 miles across the Salt Lake Valley (at 4 bucks a gallon gasoline) to get a few quarts and a cup of custard concrete (carmel cashew). I was the only person there (drive up) there was person out in front more interested in slowly putting on her apron. She stood there several minutes before yelling (window closed) be with you in a bit! Then a different person came to tell me the only thing they had was chocolate. \r \r I told this girl that I had driven across the valley and she did not seem to interested, she advised I come back later but could not tell me when they would be able to accomodate my order. I asked for a manager,the same person slowly putting on the apron, whom was even less intereted in me the devoted customer and claimed she worked there for 16 years and had never seen me before. She did not apologize or say come back later and I will give you a discount, she really acted as though she could not give a darn and told me she was very busy and I was keeping her from getting anything done.\r \r The manager did not seem to be educated and not refined in management or customers service would be a gross understatement. I think that there are many good products out there and I am pretty sure that I will find someplace else to spend my money. I am tired of their attitude of ""you should be kissing our feet for even thinking about making the custard"". Pros: Custard is unique and tasty. Cons: Poor service, management, facilities and cleanliness. more

One of a Kind 5/1/2008

Utahans are financial about their ice cream. That being said, you can find a variety of ice cream shops open year round, but Nielsen's is at the top of my list. The custard is Creamy and SMOOTH - My favorite is the Triple Berry Sundae - which separates the flavors of fruit from the custard (unlike a concrete which blends them together) Top it with salty roasted almonds, and you have a perfect dessert! Pros: Fantastic Ice Cream Cons: parking / the grilled food does not compare to the quality of custard more

Best desert around, but stuck in the past 4/2/2008

The Frozen Custard at Nielsen's is amazing on a cone, or in a cup or Concrete. The toppings are delectable and the nuts are high quality, even the service is occasionally speedy. The only real problem Nielsen's has is its lack of a Credit or Debit Card machine, many customers are lost and custard wasted due to some people's inability to pay. Definitely go to Nielsen's for a treat, but don't forget cash or you will be sent home hungry. Pros: Custard, Toppings, Service Cons: Lack of up to date machinery like Debit/Credit Machine or functional Soda Machine more

YAY!!! 10/31/2006

Ok. So I have LOVED Nielsen's scince I was little and its still the same and I LOVE IT! I honestly can't get enough! My husband will take me there for any reason he can think of because we both think their custard is delicious and I hope it will be around for a very long time!!!\r \r p.s. I have gone to other custard places around the state and NONE of them even compare to Nielsen's!...all locations! :D Pros: MMMMMmmMMMMMMMM..YUMMY Cons: the place could use a face lift...also the price is a little high...but you do get alot so...yeah more

Mop, please! 7/26/2006

I don't even remember what the custard tasted like because all I remember is that the inside of the shop was so darn about a mop and a bucket to clean the walls? We went on a Friday night and the staff was all teenaged girls and they clearly weren't told to clean the place.\r \r Shame on the owners for letting this local tradition get so run-down and not having strict cleaning standards. Having heard so much about this place, I was frankly quite disappointed that my first and only impression was that it needed to be hosed down and mopped!\r \r Pros: A reputation for good custard Cons: Couldn't get past the mess more

Best Custard in Utah 3/7/2003

Coming from the St. Louis area and missing Ted Drewe's and Mardio's, this place holds a close second. Only place in Utah I've found real concretes, albeit not the selection of my hometown favorites. Pros: Good Concretes Cons: Limited menu more


Neilson's is a quiet place where you can get the best ice cream and custards for your money. I highly suggest getting a ""concrete"" which is the thickest, richest shake you'll ever have. Pros: great for kids, Inexpensive, In and Out service Cons: limited parking more

This is the taste 8/27/2002

This is it. No question. yup. Look no further. Thick, sensually creamy, and deeeee-licious. It's so sexy, I'm waiting for it to be banned by the church. Cons: closed too often more
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    From St. George to Bountiful, Nielsen's frozen custard is an evening tradition for many Utah families and couples. You'll see a steady stream of them leaving the stand, happily...

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