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New York Bagels & Deli - 18 Reviews - 7909 Falls Of Neuse Rd Ste 121, Raleigh, NC - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (919) 848-1310

New York Bagels & Deli

7909 Falls Of Neuse Rd Ste 121
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 848-1310
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If u dont like these bagels your crazy best ever ask for gabby the blonde she's the best! Bagles are always fresh ans there kosher it dosent get better then that go there you will...


I've been there a hundred times, you'd think for once I'd get acknowledged as a regular customer and receive good service.\r \r But invariably, the service is lacking. \r \r I...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/16/2013

it was discussing.everything about it. the place was not busy. and the employees would not clean it up. dirty floors and tables.the manger named denise.would yell and scream at female customers when they would complain.she told female customers that they are rude and discusting. the manager white and young.the employees would try to start fights with customers.rude,yell, scream at, interrupt them. they would make the order wrong.made the customers pay for it.and refused to correct it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/6/2012

Just wondering, but does it seem funny that 'Gabby N' tells you to ask for 'Gabby', because she is the best!!! more

best bagels ever 5/6/2012

If u dont like these bagels your crazy best ever ask for gabby the blonde she's the best! Bagles are always fresh ans there kosher it dosent get better then that go there you will love it more

Raleigh's Best Bagels 9/7/2011

Now i dint know what the other people are saying but me and my family has been going there for 5 years. People are friendly service is kinda slow but, the bagels are really good just don't go in a rush more

Beware!!!!! Rude and Nasty 6/30/2011

I have been going to the New York Bagels & Deli\r for a few years. It is the one on the corner of Falls of Neuse and Strickland. It is in the Kroger shoppping center. When I first started going there I noticed the rude workers and horrible customer service. Everytime I went in they acted as if they did not want my service or it was a hassle because I wanted to place a simple order (bagel with cream cheese and coffee). However, I bit my tounge and put up with the bad vibe because I really liked their bagels. \r \r This morning I went in there to buy a bagel. The shorter balding guy took my order. It seems that he is the only one in there that doesnt have a attitude. Very friendly guy, I wish the rest of the workers were like him. Anyway, as I was waiting on my order I witnessed some very unsanitary actions. The older lady with frizzy blondish brown hair walked right in front of me and stuck her WHOLE pointer finger in her mouth and sucked something off of it ( Like a kid would do with cake icing). She walked to the back for 2 seconds, returned to the front touching the prep table and everything else. She then rubbed her nose like she had a runny nose and started caughing in her hand. She did not ONCE wash her hands. She just continued to work like it was normal. She did not have any gloves on either. She was touching EVERYTHING with her nasty hands. \r \r I put up with the horrible customer service because I really liked their food. . I will not put up with such unsanitary actions. Im thinking about calling the health dept. I will never go there again and I urge anyone that does go there to watch very carefully while they make your food. more

Good bagels - HORRIBLE SERVICE 6/21/2011

I stop there a couple of times a week,for breakfast and lunch, because this place has the best bagels in town. But to be honest, the service can be HORRIBLE!!! I have seen one employee literally push another out of the way to take an order, because it was 'their customer'. I've gone in for lunch, and there has been one person working, while other employees are hiding in the corner eating and talking. And when the one working asked for help, they were given an attitude - which carried over to the customers. The last time I went in for lunch (and it will be the last time for lunch), I waited for the young blonde, and the girl with the accent to stop having their conversation about doctor appointments, so that someone could take my order. And when I was leaving, I heard the girl with the accent say that if I could not wait until they were finished talking, I should go somewhere else. If you are just running in for a bagel on your way to work, then this place is just fine. But if you are planning on getting lunch, and they do not know you, do not bother. more


My expeirence eating at NYBD is always phenomenal! The girl Gabrielle with the blonde hair makes the best sandwiches ever!!! The Empire State sandwich is my personal FAV!! I love the owners, very nice people and have alot of talent. I recommend this place for ANYONE! mmm good!!!! :) more

Our favorite neighborhood Bagel spot 4/23/2011

Growing up in Raleigh, there weren't very many original bagel shops/deli's. We go here almost every sunday. Always great, fast service, exceptional bagels. the BEST we've ever had (even in NY and eastern PA), great prices. We take our 2 yr old and he loves their cookie selection. The staff is quick, with that NY style of service. We are thrilled this place is here and everyone should go support this LOCAL business!! Actually, headed over there now! more

Rude, Expensive, Not so good 11/18/2010

I wouldn't bother going here again. Have been in a few times and this last time, took forever to make one sandwich, while the lady stood around and gossiped with the other workers, right in front of me while I waited. Then I had to ask 3 times for my cup for soda. Not a great experience. I also found the prices to be high compared to similar places, where at least the employees are trained to greet you with a smile instead of growl at you and act like you are annoying them. more

best bagels south of new york 10/13/2010

i don't know what these other people are talking about..great place to go and have breakfast or lunch.the owners are from new york,and i guess some people don't like it....the owners said they make everything there!!nothing is brought in all made from sratch...even home made hero's!!and pastriesyou should go and see all the italian butter cookies........weekends there's most likely to be a line ....but its worth the wait!! more

Worst Customer Service EVER 12/27/2009

I waited in line for 15 minutes with two people in front of me. The blond gril with blue eyes who waited on me was the most rude, inconsiderate, nasty and unpropfessional person I have met in a long time. She threw my change all over the counter, with her gloves on, and then proceeded to make a sandwich for someone without changing them after she touched my money. No thank you. Nothing. I will NEVER EVER set foot in that place again. New Yorkers can go back home. You people SUCK! Cons: Customer service and clenliness more

They go out of their way to be rude to you 8/22/2009

I used to carpool with someone who would stop in about once per week. The people there are SERIOUSLY rude. Either they are never supervised, or the supervisor approves of the way customers are treated, because I have witnessed multiple incidents of open hostility toward customers. I don't know that I ever heard a thank you or a ""have a nice day"", but I did see a cashier yell at someone for asking for a new bagel when they had given him the wrong one. The guy looked like you could have knocked him over with a feather. Twice, I bought two dozen bagels to bring to my office and both times, the bag held fewer than 24 bagels (once, they were short by 4- that's not just a mistake- that seems purposeful). The blantantly rude attitude is the worst part. As soon as that carpool changed, I never went back. Three months without bagels is definitely worth the lack of agita I got stewing over how people are treated there. Pros: decent bagels Cons: no food is worth my loss of dignity more

Best Bagels in Raleigh! 7/1/2009

If you are like me and relocated to the south from the north and Brueggers Bagels isn't cutting it, you have to try this place out. SO delicious and they also have genuine Italian pastries in there. I could go on and on! The staff is a little moody but hey, you get the whole NY experience in there and if they weren't moody then you wouldn't feel like you were in NY! Pros: Authentic NY Bagels Cons: Moody Staff more

Just Bad Service 2/1/2009

I've been there a hundred times, you'd think for once I'd get acknowledged as a regular customer and receive good service.\r \r But invariably, the service is lacking. \r \r I give it 2 stars. Remember: always treat the repeat customer with respect, because competition is on your heels - especially in this economic climate. See how fast you'll be jockeying around that service counter when another bagel store opens. Pros: Good, chewy bagels Cons: Very slow service more

a mistake to go there 1/5/2009

rude young white male.he was slow to wait on me.talked to me in a rude way.i had to yell at him to get waited on.he walked away from me.not come back without explination.did not say much.gave me nasty looks.talked back rude to me. when he spoke to me.i told him i wanted a refund on a meal.his manager saw it.she pretended not see anything rude at all. the manage,diane from new york. started to yell at me i was a nasty rude person.and she talked back to me rude.i finally told her to stop talking to me. she gave me a surprise look. not say anything at all to me. just walked away. more

If you like being shouted at, overhearing staff's private & loud conversations, being verbally attacked and waiting a long time for your average food, this is the place for you 4/8/2008

The food is reasonable to good - but that's all that is good about this place.\r \r The alleged service is slow and is carried out by harsh-looking women who spend a great deal of their time shouting and all of whom seem to have spent some or most of the adult lives in prison. They are rude, somewhat vulgar, crude and spend their time shouting out jokes and comments to each other, whether there are customers to serve or not. They seem indifferent to whether their customers can hear their private matters or not. Truly appalling and shocking.\r \r The staff are also gruff to their customers and so don't expect any sense of welcome and service here. We witnessed one ""server"" verbally attacking a female customer and her daughter, in an accusatory tone, because there was some mistake with their order. Even if this was true, the manner in which this customer was treated is nothing short of despicable.\r \r If this is what I can expect from New York people and their service, they can keep it. I think you can make their bagels and fillings on your own, much cheaper at home, but most importantly, you will have peace and you won't have to put up with shoddy and offensive behavior from rough-looking, cackling women. Pros: not much Cons: almost everything, including dirty tables. more

You don't go to a bagel shop for good customer service 3/23/2008

These are easily the best bagels in the Triangle. I lived in NY my whole life, so I was not interested in Bruegger's Bagels when we moved down. I wanted a NY Bagel Shop, complete with deli and knish. This is the place. Their bagels are tasty and delicious. Their desserts are also classically yummy. Typical of bagel shops, it's a small shop and the people behind the counter are probably mostly family of the owners. They're busy and scrambling to get out their orders quickly. I don't find them to be rude. They're just in a hurry. If you want good customer service, go to Panera Bread. But you're not gonna get bagels like these at Panera Bread! Pros: Cheap, delicious bagels Cons: Small and busy more

The rudest woman I;'ve ever met! 3/2/2008

The woman in charge, Joann, was incredibly rude! I have never been treated so badly! The Italian hero listing said nothing about mayo, and when she loaded the sandwich with it, instead of making a new one, or at least replacing the bread, instead she SCRAPED it off and gave it to us on burnt bread! How rude! Never again, will I set food in that nasty little Hell Whole! The whole time she was scraping off the mayo she was shaking her head and looking up at the Italian Hero listing, pretty much trying to make us feel like it was our fault! How rude! How inconsiderate! If you're reading this! I beg you! Do not give your hard earned money to that woman! Pros: Decent Bagels, Boars head meat Cons: Horrible service, Rude people, Tiny place, Kind of smelled more

Worst Customer Service Ever 12/11/2007

I eat at the restaurant twice this week and the service was slow. The ladies at the counter overcharged me both times I eat there...keep in mind that I ordered the same meal both times. The owner of the restaurant really needs to make it a policy to give every customer an itemized receipt, who knows how many other customers have over paid for their meal. The food seemed to be fine althought the ladie's at the counter kept forgetting what I ordered...they should write down on a piece of paper every order they take...might make it easier for the workers to remember everyones orders. Pros: The food was fine. Cons: The service was slow and the employees overcharged me twice. Really suggest an itemized receipt to be given out to every customer. more

The place for NY Style Bagels 12/3/2007

This place is nothing fancy, but the food is great. Fresh New York Style bagels, wide selection of cream cheeses, boars head deli meats and the egg salad & chicken salad are awesome. I highly recommend this place. Pros: Food Cons: ? more
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