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New Braunfels Veterinary Clnc

1868 Common St
New Braunfels, TX 78130
(830) 625-8591
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My parents to their animals to New Braunfels Veterinarian Clinic for many years. I followed in their footsteps and am very glad I did.\r \r Our beloved cat, Ringo, had a very u...


they didn't even let me accompany my puppy to see the dr. they just rushed her back, claimed to have completed her heartworm test, gave us a prescription, then collected the cash...

Thorough and Knowledgeable 8/7/2011

Although I had taken my dog to another vet in town, a friend's referral, Dr. Grantham was the one who diagnosed the problem, even after the other vet took X-rays. Not only did he diagnosed an ACL tear, he discovered that my dog had a heart murmur too. Of course, I will be using a specialist for the surgery, but at least I found out what the problem was. more

Dr. Grantham is Our Hero 6/24/2011

My parents to their animals to New Braunfels Veterinarian Clinic for many years. I followed in their footsteps and am very glad I did.\r \r Our beloved cat, Ringo, had a very unusual problem. Without getting into specifics, Dr. Grantham did everything he could surgically to remedy the problem. However, Ringo passed away after a hard fight.\r \r I received a card from the clinic and was really touched. They had told me how much they missed Ringo because of his laid back personality. He was the definition of a ""Cool Cat."" \r \r The front desk people, office manager and all of the doctors are terrific. If you prefer a male doctor, you can request Dr. Grantham or Dr. Doody. Dr. Pearson is also a terrific choice. She took care of my sweet lab, Phoebe, and was so gentle and loving.\r \r Bottom line, I've read some negative reviews of the clinic, but they all seem to be trivial. Do soem research of your own before you post it. And, also of importance is if you call 20 minutes before the clinic closes, you cannot expect a miracle. They don't have time to solve a problem and gave you good advice to go to another provider for your pet's health.\r \r LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CLINIC\r WOULDN'T THINK OF GOING ANYWHERE ELSE!!\r \r If you're new to the area, this clinic has a fine, longstanding reputation. That's why they usually are booked. Hats off to NBVC!! more

Pushed aside 6/13/2011

I recently called New Braunfels Veterinary Clinic about twenty minutes till closing on a weekday. I am fully aware that most vets are completely overwhelmed with many different pets and didn't mind being put on hold for so long at all. I believe that if an animal is in need and a customer has a few questions I should receive a little over the phone attention. Instead, I was asked over and over again about my last visit to their clinic and for my personal information. When the person over the phone finally pulled up my information her voice seemed to drop when she noticed I hadn't done business with them in awhile. I let her know what my cat's symptoms were and she immediately told me how busy the clinic was and how I should go to the Emergency Clinic in town and that they open at six. The person I dealt with may have just been following procedure, but honestly I felt as if I were just pushed aside. more

Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else 5/1/2011

I used another vet for 20 years and paid an arm and a leg for so-so care for my 4 dogs and 1 cat. A family member recommended NB Veterinary Clinic, so I drove the 26 miles to try them. I couldn't ask for better service from the front desk all the way through the payment process. I usually request Dr. Bjorn Doddy, he is a caring professional. He takes time to answer questions, gives very detailed exams and if there are any issues, you can tell he has the compassion as though it's his own pet. Dr. Pearson isn't a people person, but another awesome doctor for our little babies. Everything that is going to be done or that has been done is always explained in details as well and any questions are answered. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who cares about there furry babies. Also, for the cost of pet care, this clinic cannot be beat and as said before, the price does not reflect the care given by the entire staff. more

New Braunfels Best Vet! 10/23/2010

It sounds to me that there are a lot of people who seem to think they have more royal blood in them than others. New Braunfels Vet clinic has always been friendly, and courteous. They have taken very good care of our animals and have so for many years. They are the best priced vet in town because they have plenty of business and they don't overcharge you (unlike certain other vets). This vet is one where you get MORE than you pay for. ALL THOSE LOOKING for a NB vet, consider the comments carefully: How many of the comments are from people who went more than a couple of times? How many are from people who have lived in NB for years? My wife and her family have been taking their animals to NB vet for more than 20 years, and I've been going for more than 2 years. decide...? more

Cheap, but you get what you pay for 6/15/2010

If you want a vet that actually cares about your pet, stay clear of NB Vet Clinic. They rush through the exams, don't spend any additional time with you or make you feel like you can ask questions. Pros: Price Cons: Everything else more

I was disappointed 11/19/2009

they didn't even let me accompany my puppy to see the dr. they just rushed her back, claimed to have completed her heartworm test, gave us a prescription, then collected the cash. no personal feeling at all...they seemed robotic & all about the money. Pros: not sure Cons: just rushed us thru & collected their money more

Love this vet clnc!! 10/15/2009

BEST PRICE IN TOWN, i know this because i called around new braunfels. They are so nice and friendly! MY puppy loves going there for all the yummy treats!! i do recommend this vet clnc! Pros: cheapest in town! Cons: None so far more

Cannot Recommend 7/31/2009

I recently moved to this area and was looking for a good vet. It was time for an exam and vaccine boost for my three cats. I went to NB Vet Clinic hoping to find a caring vet that would get to know my cats and be a good source of information. We had been going to military vets overseas prior, so we were used to a pretty high standard of care. I feel like I should have looked into vaccine procedures beforehand, but I did not. Dr. Doody performed the vaccinations on all three cats, as well as examining them. The exam did not seem very thorough, especially considering one of my cats is around 10 years old. The teeth were ignored and no recommendations were made as far as senior food or questions about current state. The rabies, the crp and feline leukemia were given to all three. All vaccines were given between the shoulder blades, a practice that has been reported to be unsafe since 2002. I had no idea until after. The reason for this is that if a cat were to develop a cancer from the vaccine, it is virtually untreatable in the scruff of the neck. Also, it is a common practice to put vaccines in multiple areas, not all in the same place. The injection sites were not massaged, either. All of this is disturbing enough but there was unfortunately more. My oldest cat seemed pretty disturbed during the shots, which I thought was normal. I reached around to hold her from the front and I discovered that the needle the doctor had in her had poked through her skin and the vaccine was being dripped on her outside. I wasn't too alarmed, as I thought it was an honest mistake. He then just repoked her and used what was left in the needle without knowing what was lost. That actually bothered me quite a bit. The following night I noticed that all the hair about an inch around the injection site had fallen out. The skin in the area was scaly and disturbed. In the morning, I called the clinic. They sounded a little defensive, even then. I brought my kitty in and they took her back without me for the vet to see. When they brought her back they said that she did have a reaction but that I should call them if it doesn't get better within a month. That seemed like I being dismissed. I asked the receptionist if they thought that anything else would happen. They said that this would be the worst of it and I should not worry. Two days later, I called back because more hair was lost and the skin seemed more disturbed. The receptionist said that it was a reaction that wasn't common but also not serious. I told her that I felt like I wasn't being given any information. I complained that I was not even given the option to see the doctor and ask questions. She got defensive and said that they had not done anything wrong. I said that I did not want to offend her but that I needed to know that I was doing everything I need to do to care for my cat. She told me to put neosporin on the site and wait to see if it gets better. I hung up out of frustration at that point and will not go back. Since then I have found another vet who specializes in cats and will not be going back to this clinic. Pros: Small town clinic Cons: Defensive, non-caring clerical staff, uninformed vet more

Years of great animal care! 3/5/2009

We have been using this clinic for several years now, and would not consider going anywhere else with our fur kids. \r \r The newer vet, Dr. Bjorn Dooty (sp?) is a valuable addtion to the staff. He has been both friendly and kind with our fur kids, as well as knowlegable. He won't hesitate to explain the purpose and benefits of any procedures he feels are necessary. Dr. Grantham (God bless him!), has almost been like a family member. After a number of emergency deliveries over the years, the Miracle of Birth has created a bond. :-) Dr. Pearson is a friendly, familiar asset to this clinic, too!\r \r They have been available for us, day or night, which is very crucial when you own show dogs. This clinic has been instrumental to our success in the show ring, as well as with any breeding we've done. Their professional judgment has been superior 90% of the time. That's far more than I can say for any other clinic we've tried. I pray they don't change, and that they are around a very long time to come! more

I LOVE THIS CLINIC!!!! 11/14/2008

I have been going to this clinic for many many years....The service is exceptional!!! The Doctors are brilliant!!! I would recommend this clinic to ANYONE!!! more

Caring and compassionate Vets 9/27/2008

Drs. Grantham and Pearson have taken incredible care of 4 dogs of ours over a period of 14 years including all types of normal problems along with very serious situations. These are the most caring & compassionate vets I have ever had and one of the most reasonably priced clinics. I have had to put 3 dogs down in their clinic and they always took it almost as hard as my husband and I did. God willing we will get our new puppy in the Spring and on first day he will be taken for his first visit with these fine doctors. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough\r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r 1 more

For all of you looking for Dr. Long!! 9/13/2007

For all of you that are wondering where Dr. Long has gone, she has opened her own practice!! She is at 1928 S. Seguin Ste. 108. 830-626-2582. Dr. Long was at New Braunfels Vet. for 6 years and here clinic just opened!! There will be a big grand opening bash on Saturday Sept. 15th at 10:00 a.m. more

Anesthesia reaction 9/5/2007

To the person who lost their dog during surgery: I have been on both sides of this situation. When I was younger, I worked for a prominent vet in my city. I saw a similar case in that a perfectly healthy young dog was put under anesthesia for a routine surgery. The dog reacted the same way to the anesthesia...dead almost instantly. I know for a fact that the vet dosed the dog according to its correct weight, so it wasn't anything he had done wrong. Texas A&M even ran tests on all of the dog's vital organs and determined that it was simply an unfortunate reaction. Animals can have the same problems that people can with anesthesia. A&M said that there's no way it can be detected prior. I myself have lost a dog to anesthesia, but unlike you I would never have expected my vet to replace my dog. I understood the risks I was taking. Did your clinic have you sign an anesthesia release form? Did you approve bloodwork? more

great veterinary services 8/31/2007

That is so sad to hear that the lady's dog past away. Did they do bloodwork to see if anything was going on enternally to cause anesthesia to have that response?? I had a dog pass away at another vet clinic too and it was hard but that is the reason I try to tell all of my friends and family to do bloodwork before putting an animal under anesthesia for any reason. My dog had an undetected kidney problem that was the cause of the sudden death of my puppy. I pray that you are alright. I have been going to Dr. Grantham for almost 15 years and I love all of the work that he has performed on my dogs and numerous cats. I always feel compassion and care when I see him. more

My beautiful dog is dead. I year old during a simple neuter operation. 8/21/2007

It was supposed to be a simple neuter. My dog is dead from anesthesia. He was only 1 year old.\r They said sorry, but there was no compensation. No new puppy. My dog is just gone. My beautiful\r black lab is dead. Pros: Dr. Elizabeth Long was a good dr but she left the clinic. She saved my other dog's ilfe Cons: The dr that operated on my dog. I do not recommend. The dog was 1 year old. He shouldn't have died. more
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