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Nevoles Pizzeria

51 East 114th South (at State Street)
Sandy, UT 84092
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I never had Nevole's under Randy's management but I can assure you the pizza is very delicious. Forget Sbarros or The Villa, this place makes pizza like you'd get in NYC Pizzaria...


This used to be the best pizza place in Utah, hands down. The previous manager, Randy, has left, and they moved into a new space a few doors west of their old location. I have t...

Best Pizza since my last trip to NYC 5/21/2009

wanksta36 Provided by Partner
I never had Nevole's under Randy's management but I can assure you the pizza is very delicious. Forget Sbarros or The Villa, this place makes pizza like you'd get in NYC Pizzaria, not at a shopping center. The Pep is my personal favorite. I've never had ANY problems with any of the staff there. If anything, they're friendlier than most places I frequent. The prices aren't that much more than Pizza Hut and the upgrade is most definitely worth it. Honestly, 9/10 you won't get as good of a pizza as usual, but that's a far better track record as anywhere else. My only complaint is how early the place closes on weeknights. Pros: Great food, great ambience, great staff Cons: It's far from my house (can't really fault them for that) more

Looking for great NY style pizza, 12/25/2008

GreedyGus Provided by Partner
If you like pizza, I mean real pizza, then you will love Nevole's Pizzaria. Hands down best in Utah. It is a traditional version of NY style pizza that you would similarly get in the real "Big Apple". It is a thin crust, so all you Chicago style lovers might not enjoy. I love both, but then again I love most kinds of pizza. I am actually a long time regular customer of the original owner Randy Will, back when he had a shop out in West Valley City. The new owners have kept up the standards that Randy set years ago with a few improvements. The lunch buffet is where it is at, an improved salad bar and my favorite drink, apple beer. The new location is great! Sometimes the variety during the lunch hour buffet is a little limited, but I'm sure if you have a pizza in mind, they would consider it in the future. Pros: Great drink selection, good salad bar, & above all great pizza. Cons: Sometimes the pizza can be on the greasy side. more

Nevoles THE BEST 12/23/2008

alaskanarwal Provided by Partner
I just picked up a Nevole's pizza, took it home, ate and it was all I had dreamed about. I only order the cheese because I don't eat meat and because the cheese pizza is by far the best. When started eating at Nevoles when it first opened the owner whose name I don't remember told me that they use a special cheese for the cheese pizza. I believe this to be true because when I have eaten the buffet and tried other non meat pizzas such as the veggie, the cheese is not the same as on the cheese only pizza. To the "crust" guy. I never expect the pizza that I eat on scene to be the same as the pizza that is made and baked and then transported home. I have had Nevoles many times for buffet and at home and i agree that there is a difference and I attribute that to the on scene and take out difference. Yes, the on scene and take home will not be the same, but give a try to just cheese and you will see what I mean about pizza that you cannot find anyplace else in SLC and is magnificent. more

Don't dare order crispy crust! 10/6/2008

JTHetuck Provided by Partner
I really enjoy this pizza. HOWEVER, here is my beef! When you eat their pizza during their lunch buffett, the crust is thin and very crispy. This is how I LOVE pizza and why I like Nevoles. The problem I run into is when I order it for pick up! I ask for "crispy crust" or "extra crispy" and it comes to me all sloppy and not crispy at all. It's like they make it NOT crispy because I requested it. I had one manager at the old location say "well, I can burn it...." Which my response is, I don't want burnt pizza, just a crispy crust- GEEZ. It can't be that hard for them to do for delivery, since they actually make it perfect (in my opinion) during their lunch time. So, I don't know what the deal is, but it's average pizza and terrible customer service when picked up- and a hassle if you want that evasive "crispy crust,' vs. the non-crispy/sloppy crust - ya don't want to make the people making your pizza upset with you by ordering "crispy" after all. A+++++ for lunch buffett and C- if picked up! Pros: Perfect crispy crust when eating "in house" Cons: Can't EVER get crispy crust when ordering for pick up more

Best Pizza outside of New York. Nothing comes close.. 7/19/2008

sg01 Provided by Partner
I have been eating at Nevoles since they first opened and have had a hard time eating any other pizza since. The first Nevoles was a little cramped, so rarely did I try to dine in but since they have opened the new store I dine in every chance I get. They have Great service, lots of drinks on tap, Flat Screens on every wall and the Best Pizza in town. Nevoles is my Favorite place to kick back and watch a game with the family. Give Nevoles a Try, you won't regret it. Pros: Great Pizza, Lots of Drinks on Tap, Great Service. more

I crave it fourt-nightly!!! 7/16/2008

Tina1111 Provided by Partner
This is STILL the best pizza in town. In the old location, there was a huge need for more space. The intimacy was great, but the place had to grow to accomidate the huge word of mouth business it aquired. I went in and had a great experience, and I'm really glad to find that the pizza tastes EXACTLY the same as it used to. (Thank god!! this pizza is really to die for). I think the atmosphere is lovely, and I'm glad Randy's dream of adding beer has come to pass. Everyone needs to go eat here. I have never enjoyed regular pizza since. (A wize New Yorker once compared your average pizza to 'a ritz cracker with ketchup and cheeze wiz") When I worked there, 90% of our guests were eating there about 3 times a week. I'm sorry but this pizza is so good it's addicting. I'm drooling thinking about it. This is no exaggeration, if you think I'm bias. I miss all of the regulars. And by the way, the plain cheeze is the way to go, if you know about new york style pizza. Um, I think I need a pie!! Pros: Amazing pizza! Great buffet! Cons: I'd get fat if I ate there as much as I'd like!! more

The new store 7/11/2008

natefromnevoles Provided by Partner
I am the G.M. at Nevole's. I just recently got on here to see the feedback that I don't hear at the store. I see negativity that I would like to correct and ask the nay sayers to come try us again. We have added fresh basil to the Margherite pie since reading what was on here. Also in reply to some of the negativity: we have had high chairs the whole time. Booster seats too. The waitress that gave us negative response is no longer here. Also, some people have said that the quality went down. I ask those who say that to come try again. The 1st month of operation in the new store was rough, being we were severly understaffed and the new equipment took time to dial in and get used to. To the people that say we raised prices, the only raise was from $7.32 to $8.49 at our buffet thanks to fuel prices and flour prices skyrocketing. The price of the pies have not changed in over a year. We still use the same cheese, sauce, and toppings we did at the old store with Randy. I do wish Randy all the best of luck in Denver,NC with his new store. I did work with him for over 8 years and consider him a great friend and mentor and would never use the family name if I didn't mean to uphold it. If you never tried us, I encourage you to come in. If you are a regular now, I thank you for letting me be your choice for pizza. If you haven't been in for a while, come in and see me. I want your experience to be great. If you are a competeor and are on here just to slam us, sorry you have to use low tactics. Pros: Ambience, 4 beers on tap, great people & food more

Aviod...all the time 6/17/2008

MsCharli03 Provided by Partner
Wow. This place has gone down hill since Randy left. Service is rediculous, and now so does the food. They upped their prices and quality (something randy was VERY passionate about) took a huge dive. The new owners have taken this place and turned into a disaster. It comes to show that ma and pop places are the best. The second this place was sold to those money hungry people, it took a turn for the worst. It really is too bad. Don't fret though, The Will's have opened another TRUE Nevoles in Denver NC if you ever make it that way. Pros: They serve beer. Cons: poor service, quality decrease, no ambience. more

A margherita pizza actually has BASIL on it, not dried italian seasoning and pale unripe tomatoes 4/28/2008

blackdove0602 Provided by Partner
I ordered a margherita pizza, which by all accounts is a pizza with crushed tomato or tomato sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil. A little extra virgin olive oil may be added to finish it off. Fresh mozzarella should be used, but I am not that picky. Anyone with basic knowledge of Italian food knows what a margherita is as it is the national pizza of Italy and represents the Italian flag. I ordered a margherita pizza ($20) at Nevoles, and what came was a cheese pizza with pale, pink, and completely unripe tomato slices, and a sprinkling of italian seasoning. I do not understand how any restauranteur with any integrity offers such a product and then states that they use recipes that have been handed down through the generations. They are so close to Costco too...which offers ripe campari tomatoes almost year round. There is no excuse for using dried italian seasoning in place of fresh basil...NONE. Any Italian and any New Yorker would have been insulted. I was very dissapointed and felt bad for the owner. Got to Settebello (downtown) for authentic and delicious pizza. The price is about the same and the product is exceptional. Pros: Decent salad bar more

one word: YUM! 4/21/2008

hotrodguy1933 Provided by Partner
I took my family on a Tuesday night to their new location after looking at the reviews on this site. The low reviews couldn't be more wrong! We got a Margarita pizza on half and cheese on the other (for the kids). The amount of garlic was just right for my taste, the cheese was gooey and tasty. They even cut the cheese side smaller for my kids. The crust was good, but not so good in the microwave at home. Next time I'll try the oven. The staff was friendly and was decent paced. They've put a lot of effort and money into the design. Nice painting on the wall, marble tables, and a bathroom that my wife was jealous over (really). As far as the negative reviews go, they accomodated my kids, they had booster seats & high chairs, but not enough. They do need kids cups, but my waitress said they were "on order". I didn't see a "smug" person in the whole place, but the kid at the counter was a bit talkitive. A review said the price went up, but the kid at the counter said only the buffet went up a dollar. I haven't been able to get to the buffet, so I can't say if its pricey or not. But I will say they have my dinner business for sure. more

Good Calzones 4/6/2008

food4all Provided by Partner
My husband ordered a calzone and it was very big and packed with ingredients. I was not in the mood of pizza so I ordered a sandwich- bad idea. Not worth $7....the bread was falling apart and the sandwich wasn't served with anything else. Definitely not packed with ingredients like the calzone, very disappointing. I guess if you walk into a pizzaria that is all what they specialize in! Pros: great calzone, worth the money. Nice location- big place Cons: comparable prices for pizza, but expensive on everything else. Stay away from the sandwiches! more

Amazing Pizza, great service, awesome store 4/4/2008

reverend801 Provided by Partner
I decided to try out Nevole's on a recommendation. I'm glad I listened to my friend. FIrst off I was impressed by the quality of the cheese. It didn't have that typical Utah pizzeria taste (string cheese). The cheese itself had more flavor than most other pizza shops managed on a loaded pie. The crust was thin and just a little crispy - exactly how I remember from my time in NY. It was also quite refreshing to see the General Manager actually up front helping people out making sure everyone was taken care of. Most are happy enough to sit in an office and play minesweeper. The appearance of the restaurant was fantastic. I was expecting just another hole-in-the-wall pizza shop, but it was surprisingly nice. Marble tables, high-backed booths, and the bathrooms were a lot nicer than most restaurants. 4 big screen HDTVs (got to watch the Jazz win!) added rather nicely to the atmosphere. Lastly, I ended up feeding myself and 3 friends for under $30. I'd like to see anyone accomplish that anywhere else with similarly high quality of food. Pros: Taste and value Cons: No delivery, no downtown location more

Complete 180 4/2/2008

Ryan84043 Provided by Partner
As a transplant from New York, this USED to be the best pizza in Utah. Sadly, since the change in ownership and the recent move to a new location, the quality of the pie has dropped drastically and the service is awful. The pricing has increased "so the customers can fit" into the building. Bad, Bad, BAD, BAD move. The new owner is smug and his staff is too confident in its poor service. Lunch buffet used to be a great value - now at $9, it's just not worth it. Stay away from Nevoles - I would recommend Este in Sugarhouse if you're looking for NY style pizza- Pros: Good location (so was the last store) Cons: Everything else - Just not worth the money, time or effort! more

So sad to see it go 2/28/2008

jmaestri Provided by Partner
This used to be the best pizza place in Utah, hands down. The previous manager, Randy, has left, and they moved into a new space a few doors west of their old location. I have to say that the service and quality has gone downhill almost overnight. We've been there 4 times since they moved, but I've only eaten there twice. The first time, I ordered a pizza for pickup over the phone. They told me it would be 45 minutes. I called back about 15 minutes later to cancel it (the wife and kids were decidedly too hungry to wait that long) and they told me that the pizza was already in the oven and would be out in 10 minutes. Great! So, I went to pick up the pizza, I got there in 15 more minutes (5 minutes after the pizza was supposed to be done). They told me that it wasn't done and that I would just be a minute. After another 15 minutes, a woman came out of the back and told me that they hadn't started my order yet, and that it would be at least another 45 minutes (now already 45 minutes since I placed the order). I told her that I couldn't wait that long and just to cancel my order. She got really mad and was very rude to me, but eventually I got the order canceled and left without a pizza. The next time we went back, we ate there. The service was slow and the waiter kept getting our order wrong. He'd bring out wrong drinks, forget things, etc... The pizza was also not as good as it used to be. The next time we went back, it was the same. Then I went back last night. They had about half of the tables full, but there was no place to sit, as none of the empty tables had been bussed. That same girl from the first night was there, abusing the customers. I waited between 5-10 minutes for a table to be bussed, and it never happened. We left. I don't know if I'll ever go back. What a disappointment. This place used to be a five star pizza joint, our favorite in the state. We ate there at least twice a month. It makes me very sad to see them go. Pros: Not many anymore Cons: Abusive service, long waits, easy for customers to be forgotten. more

THE BEST IN UTAH or This side of NY!!!! 6/21/2006

zugmama Provided by Partner
I love this place! They make you feel like family and the food is amazing! And they have a live band every weekend that adds to the fun! I recomend the buffet for workdays... but in the evenings or weekends make sure you try some of the specialty pizzas and take the family, one size fits all ! try the scicilian or the garlic chicken is mouthwatering!!! you can go and relax and enjoy yourself... Everyone we send in becomes hooked! I know you wont be disapointed if you like a lot of flavor and are tired of the same old thing, then spice up your tastebuds and have fun! One word YUMMY! Pros: the place to be Cons: No cons!!! more

Best Pizza in Utah hands down! 6/15/2006

kbear1216 Provided by Partner
I'm from NY and ever since i moved to Utah i have searched high and low for a pizza parlor that even somewhat compared to what we had back home and nothing came close (and i went to a good amount of places). Everyone recommended the Pi but it was awful. Nevoles is the best. It feels like i am back home and the people that work there are so nice. Not sure what you want, they will recommend something that i'm sure you'll love or they will pretty much make anything you want! Plus you get this huge pizza for not a lot of money! If you are looking for a perfect NY style pizza Nevoles is the only one! more

Pizza that tastes like feet 10/27/2005

sharono011 Provided by Partner
Maybe I am a food snob since I hail from San Francisco but we tried this place twice an both times our pizza tasted like feet. I do not recommend it. Try the Pi. more

Man, that is some good pizza... 7/29/2005

stewdogg42 Provided by Partner
I had the all you can eat buffet: soda, salad bar, and pizza for $7.00. The pizza is thin crust, with a really good tomato sauce. The sauce tastes like tomatoes and doesn't taste like it was a powder to which water was added to make the sauce. When I make pizza at home I use canned tomatoes and Nevole's sauce tastes like what I make at home. The pizza comes out with only cheese or cheese plus one topping. It's nice because the pie isn't cluttered with all types of meats and toppings. Simpler is better in this case. I actually ate more of the plain cheese pie than any other. Try the "white" pie which is garlic, olive oil, and cheese. It is wonderful! I spoke with a man from Long Island, NY who said this was the best NY pie he has had since moving to UT. Pros: pizza sauce, pizza, prices Cons: crowded at lunch time, none, none more

Best Pizza 6/22/2005

ojimvi Provided by Partner
This place is the real thing. REAL NY pizza. Definitely has that taste you're looking for, if you know what real New York pizza tastes like. Highly recommend!!!! more

YUMMY New York Style 5/18/2005

valdaclown Provided by Partner
I am a Jersey girl who loves pizza but haven't found that perfect East Coast style until now. Nevole's has gotten it right! If you want great pizza go no further than Nevole's!!! more
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