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Neptune Diner - 38 Reviews - 3105 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY 11102-1134, Astoria, NY - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (718) 278-4853

Neptune Diner

3105 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY 11102-1134
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 278-4853
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Neptune Diner - Astoria, NY


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I normally don't write reviews, but I feel like this place gets a bad rap. After reading some of these reviews, I was almost afraid to go in this place, but alas, I stopped in fo...


All right, this diner used to be Best Diner in the City. It's right off the Triboro, everyone sees it, and it's not as good as you think. I used to sing it's praises, and then I...

Good food slow service 8/2/2011

I had a great breakfast here but the service was so slow, i definitely will come back but they have to improve customer service more

Great Food but Rude and Disrespectful Service! 6/26/2011

I went to this place today waiting for a bunch of my church friends to show up and i had gotten there early and no one else was there yet so i walked up to the counter and i asked if i could reserve a table of 4 and the fat bald guy with Glasses turned and looked at me and said yes i can what's your name he asked? So i told him my name and he wrote it down he then said if some one else comes in i have to seat them. I said ok sir thank you and then i asked what is your name? He rudely and disrespectfully replied i don't have to tell you my name! I said Wow really and i just walked away! I should have reported him or at least confronted him on his rude behavior! Also the night before i called up asking for directions The guy had such bad English the only thing he could say was Astoria Blvd . Not even waiting for me to finish asking him another question Because i couldn't understand his terrible broken english on where this place was. He Hung up the phone on me! These People are plain DIRT, SCUM, TRASH for treating me this way! more

The worst 6/2/2011

I don't know who they had to bribe for the claim that they're Newsday's best or whatever the sign they have on display says.. I am sure they must know someone for that. I went several times but gave up on the place. There's always a rude way of dealing with customers, they are good at this. Their frozen alcoholic drink had the wrong ingredients in it but of course that was a problem. There should never be lime juice in a daquiri. That's in margaritas. They keep in business because of its corner location by the subway plus it's 24 hours and there's a parking lot. Consider that much, your business is irrelevant to them. They act like they do fine without, even before the moment you've been seated. It's shamelessly obvious. Walk another block is my advice. They're not the only place in Queens; they act like they're the stonehenge with nothing to back it up. I've been a New Yorker all my life but I'm not paying these prices up the WAZOO to be abused, evolve people, EVOLVE. It's too damn expensive and when you treat your customers like garbage, you're going to get garbage reviews. That's life! OPA! more

Blatant Bigotry. 4/16/2011

I'm not usually one to invest time into writing reviews, but I was so bothered by the experience I had a few weeks ago, I just have to leave a print on this place. more

good! 2/21/2011

Is good, more

good! 2/21/2011

cynthiat1 Provided by Partner
Is good, more

Hit the Spot 11/28/2010

I normally don't write reviews, but I feel like this place gets a bad rap. After reading some of these reviews, I was almost afraid to go in this place, but alas, I stopped in for a late dinner on my way back from LaGuardia the other day. The waiter I had was friendly, I was seated promptly, the coffee I ordered was brought out promptly and refilled frequently, and of course most importantly, the food was great. I ordered pancakes and bacon, and I would say it's better than an average restaurant. Now I have only been here once, and maybe my experience was a fluke, but I had a great experience. more

The best Diner! 8/24/2010

""We were at the Neptune Diner last Saturday around 4:00 am. The place was very busy and the service excellent, our waitress was great ! We saw something strange though. The bus boy, named Carlito (as the manager called him) took money from her table and put it quickly in his pocket !!! We thought this should not happen. We were trying to talk to her but she was very busy so we had no chance. I am posting this now to let the management know this because this is morally wrong. She works really hard for her money. John D, Astoria"" more

Love this diner! wish i could have found it sooner 7/8/2010

So, my friend lives in astoria (i live in LI) and she had read the reviews and figured this place had to be crap. Anyway one night after the beer gardens we went there,(even though my friend was weary) and boy are we glad we did! The waiter, someone reference in another review, (bald with glasses) was actually JOKING when he said ""i dont care"" as he said that to me and my 3 friends also during our meal. Sum ppl just dont get jokes i guess. Anyway that same waiter that ""didnt care"" got all our orders exactly right, and and even did magic tricks! from pulling a quarter out of my ear to flipping my water glass completely upside down without spilling anything out of it. The food was farrrrr better and cheaper then any diner in LI and better then another diner we had gone to in astoria. SO inconclusion if ur not a little baby and can handle a few jokes, and want some good food, then go right ahead. And who ever posted a comment that they are racist should check themselves b/c the guy that opened the door for us (manger owner?) was black. sooo i dont get it. And for the record i am NOT greek nor do i work there. Pros: waiters that do magic tricks, and delicious food, and cheapp Cons: nothing really more

Don't really pay attention 5/15/2010

I went here one night to console a friend's breakup. I ordered a bagel with no butter, since I can't eat butter. The waiter repeated my order back to me, so I thought I was in the clear. 10 minutes later, they brought our food, my bagel had butter on it. When I notified the waiter that I had ordered it without butter, he looked at me like I was crazy and said, ""what?"" Hello? There are people in this world that cannot eat butter, and I especially figured you got this, since you repeated my order to me! Oy, if you're going to be a waiter, then be a waiter. I've done it, I know how it goes, you're not supposed to question, forget or ignore a customer's order. Pros: cheap food Cons: service sucks big time, food adequate more

Completely Condescending Service!!! 12/9/2009

I can only deduce that this place is owned and run by the mob considering that they have 55 year old greek waiters serving tables. Our server (for reference) was bald and wore glasses. At first he seemed perky and friendly and was talking to us about all kinds of random things like where he lived in Germany. When we tried to engage back with him he abruptly would speak over us and not let us say anything. Needless to say he had a god complex. Later in the meal another 3 guys came and sat down behind us and said to the waiter ""wtf is this?"" pointing to us. The waiter replied ""who knows"". Obviously these guys thought we were on their ""turf"" (didn't realize you could claim a diner as turf). The waiter became progressively more aggressive with us and condescending. The 3 guys behind us were talking about us and called my cousin a ""f*g"" since he has a little bit of a lisp when he speaks. The waiter gave us the check and said VERBATIM ""if there is anything else that you need I don't care!"" This place obviously does not care about their reputation and any good reviews you read about this diner are most likely posted by the restaurant themselves. Where else do you see 50 year old greek guys serving a diner bragging about sleeping with a 17 year old girl to customers?? Don't ever go there, unless of course it's your ""turf"". Pros: good food Cons: service was insulting more

The best in Queens. 5/21/2009

The portions are huge, the food is amazing, you need to remember that the waiters are not dogs, treat them with respect, tip them well and they will remember you...and they won't treat u like dogs! People think everyone should serve them like their mothers, hey they are doing a job.... Neptune diner is the best.... Pros: Food is Amazing..Go chicken lemonato Cons: a few but the food makes up for it more

Listen you idiots, this is a NY diner with no apologies 5/4/2009

I keep reading these reviews ""oh the staff at Neptune was so MEAN to us! How dare they!"" Get off your high horse and welcome to Queens, bitches. This is service with a sneer. ""Oh, the waiter seemed like he didn't even want to be there!"" Well, would you? Botttom line; this is a great diner, regardless of what these tourist beergarden dropouts (who are all probably from Long Island or Brooklyn) have to say about it. If you think the phrase ""I will take my business elsewhere"" has any effect on this diner, well, go away. And they have excellent muffins! Pros: Great food, timely and rude service; what more do you want more

The nastiest host in the continental free world 5/3/2009

i own a home in astoria because i like the friendly european environment. i have been to Neptune diner several times because it is within walking distance from my home. The host and wait staff never fail to be rude...but today was the last time. We waited forever. When we noticed that parties who arrived after us were being seated, i politely approached the host and asked if we were to be seated soon. there was confusion with ""the list"" and the host mistakenly crossed our names off and sat another party with the same name. rather than apologize for the confusion, he was rude and insulting. Never ever again will I go here!!!!! Pros: it is in america, which means you can choose NOT to go here! Cons: the host is the rudest man on the planet more

filthy dining environment 5/3/2009

After getting a table on a busy sunday morning, I was starving and the conditions of the place made me lose my appetite. There was food all over the floor, dirty booth, silverware looked unwashed and it left me so grossed out. I was starving and still left to go to a cafe on 30th. yuck. Not to mention the old guy taking names at the door was incredibly mean and crabby!!! not recommended!!! more

DO NOT EAT HERE 5/3/2009

I live a few blocks away and frequently ate at the Neptune diner. I overlooked the rude owner /staff and average diner food due to the convenient location. well no more. he treats the patrons (even regulars) like you are bothering him. he does not deserve the business. i would rather walk or drive for decent service. more

Good food,great service 4/3/2009

Over the years that I lived in Astoria and been to the neptune I have never been disappointed, the food is always good the service is almost always excellent and its the perfect place to go late at night, I would definitely recommend it. more

Best Delicious Diner Deal! 1/29/2009

I have been living in Astoria for about a year, and just recently my husband and I tried out the Neptune Diner. WOW! Not only is it open 24 hours but the servers are prompt and extremely friendly. We were seated right away and all of the food was delicious. I had the meatloaf which came with 2 vegetables (e.g. corn, baked potato) and soup or salad, it was like $9.95!!! Plus all of the home made bread we could eat. I returned tonight only to have the most amazing french toast comprised of two thick slices of home made bread with ham for under 7 bucks. Oh and the orange juice! Ridiculous. I think it was $1.30 and it was fresh squeezed! Pulpy and delicious! The menu is huge, so obviously I can't vouch for the whole thing, but I imagine you would not be disappointed! EAT THERE! Pros: open 24 hours, promptly served, friendly waitstaff, delicious food, excellent value, fair price Cons: Decour in the restaurant is a bit outdated, but who cares?! more

good eatery 12/11/2008

Good food, right near the train, service not always perfect. But overall I would recommend this place. Pros: cozy spot Cons: service more

Highly Dissappointed 11/5/2008

Have been going to Neptune diner for +20 yrs, Pros: waitstaff are greek Cons: high prices tiny portions, Mexican kitchen more
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