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Neighborhood Health Plan - 17 Reviews - 253 Summer St Fl 5, Boston, MA - Health Maintenance Organizations Reviews - Phone (617) 772-5500

Neighborhood Health Plan

253 Summer St Fl 5
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 772-5500
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I have had no trouble with this carrier. They have paid for everything I needed, and have been an awesome health insurance carrier. I had cancer in 2012 and all my bills were pai...


I'm sorry to say that I cannot give this plan even 1 star. Almost no primary care provider accepts this plan. The providers I found were mostly in inner city clinics, no where nea...

The absolute WORST insurance plan 7/24/2014

I'm sorry to say that I cannot give this plan even 1 star. Almost no primary care provider accepts this plan. The providers I found were mostly in inner city clinics, no where near me. They have been denying many claims and have very strict guidelines on prescriptions they will cover even when your Dr. writes a Rx, they will deny, forcing you to make many calls and run around trying to find a plan accepted alternative. I have never dealt w/ such a difficult plan before. I STRONLY urge everyone to stay out of this plan if you would like good health care. VERY frustrating for this recently diagnosed cancer patient. AVOID this plan! more

Will not cover needed physical therapy 6/4/2013

I had Neighborhood Health and lost the plan. I was going through physical therapy for my feet and had 11 visits when I lost the plan. When I was able to get new health insurance I again chose Neighborhood health because it was the only one my PC took. I injured myself and needed surgery and physical therapy (I never went back for my feet). I only had 9 visits and they denied me anymore. They said the limit was 20 visits and I had reached 20. THEY COUNTED THE 11 VISITS FROM MY OTHER PLAN. Now I'm going through the appeals process and I'm so mad. Now is the time I can change policies, but I love my PC provider. I'm only five weeks out of surgery. THEY STINK!!! I would not recommend them to ANYONE. more

I love NHP 4/19/2013

I have had no trouble with this carrier. They have paid for everything I needed, and have been an awesome health insurance carrier. I had cancer in 2012 and all my bills were paid. I have also had no trouble with any of my providers or prescriptions more

3rd world health insurer in Massachusetts 2/26/2013

NHPlan would not authorize brand name medication for a person after a light stroke, 2 weeks and counting ! They need extra time to "investigate" if the patient deserves it ! Apparently, they'd love to first get hold of the death certificate. That would simplify their business model. more

Stay away from NHP and their mental health contractor Beacon Health Strategies 8/28/2012

I would have rated NHP a big fat "zero" (0) should such rating was available. They are absolutely the worse insurance I have ever had. Especially their contractor - Beacon Health Strategies and their incompetent "intensive case managers" (glorified social workers). I switched to them recently and it has been a horrific experience. Their executives are useless. Beware that NHP is merging with Mass General Hospital. There was a recent public hearing I believe on August 12th regarding this merger. I hope the state of MA will not allow this to go forward although it appears to be a done deal already. Please write letters to your state reps to block this merger. I loved my Network Health previous insurance and regret the moment I ever switched to NHP. The worse has yet to come with many MGH doctors saying they accept NHP and then later they cancel your appointments because they only take the commercial NHP - not the Commonwealth Care NHP. In my opinion, the merger of MGH and NHP has a huge potential for conflict of interest. By the way, I had Network Health before NHP. I loved Network Health and had great respect for their Chief Medical Officer and the Pharmacy Manager / Customer Service reps. Great people indeed. more

These plans are great! 6/21/2012

Most of the people complaining about these plans either: a. Don't understand how their plan works, therefore are disappointed in their uneducated choice of their plans. b. Never worked with a broker to explain how the plans work and check the doctor's participation. c. Are on Mass Health (which is completely different from the stand-alone commercial plans) and don't understand how their plan works. The average person doesn't understand many things about how plans work (for example, a high-deductible, lower premium plan). If you work with a broker (which is free) they can help you through all of the confusion and misconceptions. These plans are the best value (most benefits for the lowest premium dollar) available. NHP is growing and getting better every day. It is one of the few carriers that offer affordable options to people struggling with healthcare costs. NHP has won awards, for crying out loud! Check their website more

Predatory 1/20/2012

I had this insurance for two years, at the end they decide I was not eligible to be in their plan and rescind all payments to doctors I saw for my coverage period. I am now left with thousands in medical bills I have no chance in paying. Their business tactics are predatory and customer service is horrid. more

The Best of the Best! 8/25/2011

I love NHP! No complains and my providers are also happy with NHP. They always try to work around your needs specially the Social Care Manager team...Love My SCM! more

Horrified 4/22/2011

Horrified!!! This health plan in print on Mass Health comparision chart, states when picking your plan cost for persciption is $1 dollar for generic and $3 dollar for non generic (they lie), If you go to their site and type the non generic name they do not cover it unless you try the generic 1ST, which i did try previously a couple yrs ago and didnt agree with me at all, but they say in in their rule book, Now I have to go to provider and have them do more unnecisary work to request I need the non generic. this is a farse, they are playing with our health and wasting our time and physician time. more

Stinks! 3/28/2011

I am from a providor's office and I cannot stand dealing with this carrier. They never authorize anything! They take forever to review medical requests! They are a horrible company. I feel badly for anyone who carries this coverage. more

Beyond a joke 3/16/2011

An emergency room visit for my infant with this plan cost me: $1935 for ambulance $482 for emergency room visit $150 for going to emergency room. And I have not received all the bills! Neighborhood health plan had to pay so for $17.82. Is this insurance? Or a rip off...... The plans costs $982 per month... more

Really? 3/14/2011

Just signed up after getting the old rectal exam by my existing provider, BCBS. Raised my premium $700. All of our doctors as well as our health facility accept NHP. We're a healthy family. Don't seem to have the problem the other reviewers have re: MD's. Maybe you all would be better off if you already had your MD's and were just looking to save some $$$. more

Horrible 3/1/2011

No good doctor wants to be a part of this plan. I have a tiered co-pay and no matter what I can never seem to find a doctor or medical service that is the lowest cost tier. Long waits for doctors that use their system. I wish I was in Canada. more

Neighborhood Health 11/4/2010

From the Information they give on their on their website, There is no way a reasonable person can estimate their total health insurance costs. They seam to be a discount Insurance Company that relies on negotiated fee's rather than the actual value of the claimants claims. more

cant find doctor 9/3/2010

This health plan is the WORST - I have spent the past 4 hours looking for a doctor as my primary care doesnt accept this sub-par insurance. They should not even be in business. I feel like I have been fooled into this insurance. Whats the point of insurance if you cant find a doctor????? more

Frustration 2/22/2010

this insurance co promises the world in terms of access. In real life that is hardly the case. None of the specialists I've worked with over the years on on this plan. At enrollment time I discussed this with the sales rep and was told that NHP is always trying to get new specialists, and I should just enroll and get my specialists on NHP's provider list. What they sold me was a very different product. Time and again, I try to see one of my providers, only to find out they have left the network. When I ask my providers why this is, they state they lost so much money trying to get re-imbursment from NHP, and got such a low service rate that they HAD to leave the NHP network to remain solvent. for just one example, I've been jumping through hoops for about 2 months now. I've had to ask both my PCP and my provider to do the same just to get an out-of -network approval for a service no other provider in my area offers. All i I get is more frustration and nickel and diming from NHP, and no resolution, while my provider gives me service free of charge till NHP makes a decision. I'd say spring for the few extra bucks and go for a better plan if you can afford it. NHP is just a very restrictive HMO posing to be something better. NHP provides another example of why we need President Obama's Health Care Plan. more

Good Luck 6/10/2009

I am fortunate that I live near primary care office that just signed on with the company. Have never had a more difficult time trying to find MD's or specialists that accept it. Many of the names I recieved from the data base were no longer accepting it or were in the process of dropping it from their practices. More hassle, dead ends, and circles, than help from reps. more
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