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Ned Devine's

250 Quincy Market Bldg (at Atlantic Avenue)
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 248-8800
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We were in Boston on the 4th of July whilst our ship was docked. We only had a few hours for a quick tour and we ended up at Quincy market--lovely place! We were hot & tired & in ...


My friends were all drinking upstairs in the bar after work when there was no cover charge. 3 hours later, two of them met me at the downstairs bar so I could find them. As we w...

We were very pleased 7/11/2011

We were in Boston on the 4th of July whilst our ship was docked. We only had a few hours for a quick tour and we ended up at Quincy market--lovely place! We were hot & tired & in need of a rest & food, so we stopped at Ned Devine's. We had a Cubano sandwich was was absolutely brilliant! And our waitress was so sweet. She saw that we had an empty water bottle with us & offered to fill it up before we left. We're old folks & believe you get what you give. Maybe she was nice to us because we were polite to her. Regardless, it was a wonderful stop on an exciting day. more

Biggest place in Gov't Center 2/8/2010

Ned Devine is probably the biggest bar/club in Gov't Center and gets pretty popular on the weekends. Though I don't really know what the deal with the music is, one time they had on a live rock band and one other time they played hip-hop dance music. I dont see them listed with the InstantNightlife website which is a shame... that way at least you could check what music is playing before heading out. Pros: BIG Cons: Non-diverse crowd more

college crowd, loud, hot and noisy 4/12/2009

i've been here several times and it seems to get worse each time! the crowd is younger, and as a result obnoxious and annoying. you will always have to pay a cover - $10 - which is ridiculous to me. the drinks are tiny and in little plastic cups. you'll wait forever to check your coat, and if you get there later, you'll wait forever to even get inside. they have live music which can be mediocre. if you like dressing up and meeting professional, good looking people - ned devine's is NOT the place to go. Pros: are there any? Cons: always a cover, uncomfortable atmosphere more

Do Not Go Here, Go Elsewhere 8/16/2008

This place loves to hire the rudest, most illiterate people. It's always a disappointing time and you're always treated like you've done something wrong whenever you approach the staff. Even just asking where the bathrooms are yields crass, curt answers. Here's one brief example for you - As I was nearing the bar, a belligerent girl (who looked underage) cut me off to stand at an open spot at the bar. I joked with her that she owed me a drink for cutting me. She turned around and yelled ""I work here, I can do whatever I want!"" Aside from the fact that being an employee she should never get in the way of paying customers, she then proceeded to engage in conversation with another employee, completely ignoring me and blocking me from the bar. As I tried to go by her to order my drink, she yelled ""What's your problem? Just tell me what you want and I'll have the bartender get it for you."" Still not understanding the need for the hostility, I told her the drink I wanted because she asked me. The bartender gave her the drink and she told him it was for me. The bartender proceeded to yell at me, saying that I must be too good to wait in line for a drink like everyone else and instead ask employees to order drinks for me. As I tried to explain how that was not the case at all (and that I had actually waited longer than everyone else), a bouncer came up from behind me and told me to take my drink and get lost. For the record, this was my second drink, so I was not drunk and this story is not exaggerated. What a horrible bar. Why pay exorbitant amounts of money at a place that always makes you feel like a low-life? It is a horrible establishment that does not deserve one penny of your hard-earned money. Pros: Decent entertainment Cons: Pretty much everything more

staff wasterribly unprofessional and rude, lost my credit card refused any wrong doing only to find it later that night after I canceled it. 3/3/2007

I went to ned devines to have dinner on a saturday night around 8 pm. We went early to avoid the ridiculous line and cover. On arrival we had to pay a 5 dollar cover charge to eat dinner. Is this bar that prestigious that it can charge you a fee to eat crappy pub food. the bar couldn't accomadate our whole party with a table so I decided to eat appetizers at the bar. After eating and ordering drinks and 2 hours sitting at the bar I tried to close my tab and the bartender had misplaced my card. He claimed that I never gave it to him and became belligerent. When we asked to speak to a manager we were yelled at and told there was nothing he could do and to ""figure it out for yourself"". The bartender wouldn't even look through the stack of cards, he claimed I was never put into the computer. Finally I was able to speak with who I think was the floor manager, he gave me the same story, offered to go upstairs to check the records only after he accused me of trying to pull a scam on the bar. After about an hour of run around he came to the conclusion that my card was given to someone else by mistake. The said there was nothing they could do and then ushered us out of the bar. The manager was unprofessional, crude, and treated us like belligerent lowlifes. it was unacceptable. I gave my information and was given a phone number where I could reach the manager the next day. I immediately canceled my card and left for home. We called later that night to further complain and learned that they had my card all along. So I canceled it for nothing. What an inconvenience, I will never go back to that place ever again. Pros: big bar lots of space Cons: terrible staff more

Great live music 7/25/2005

After reading the many negative reviews on this site I was pleasantly surprised. To be fair, Im not club connoisseur, but I had a very nice time. We were celebrating my cousins bachelorette party and thus my mom, who has never been to a club in her life, joined us. The bouncers joked with her and checked her I.D. twice. The live music was great. We didnt wait more than 5 minutes outside. (it was a Saturday night around 10:15) I would go again. more

Don't even go there! 5/7/2004

I seriously should have taken the other reviews to heart. I read them before going to Ned Devine's but obviously didn't listen to them! I stood outside from almost an hour and a half (in the cold--and it's May!) only to get inside, pay $10 and stand in another line to get upstairs! My friends got there a little earlier than me and were already inside. I couldn't wait anymore, and went back to the girl I paid to get in and made up some lie about needing to leave and got my $10 back. I swear to g-d you couldn't PAY ME to go back and wait in that line! I heard from the people leaving that it wasn't even FULL upstairs! What a waste of time and money--take it from me...go somewhere else! Cons: , un-needed cover more

Never Again 8/19/2003

There is always a long line to get into this place, so I figured it must be a good time. So, we got in line outside and waited for about 30 minutes. We finally got in, paid the high cover charge of $10 (NOT worth it!) and thought we were home free. Of course, once we got inside, we had to wait in ANOTHER LINE for about 30-45 more minutes. This line was downstairs at a conveniently placed bar. So, after waiting in 2 LINES and paying $10 we finally make it upstairs to find an almost empty bar. Throughout the whole night, the lines still stretched through Fanuiel Hall and the place still was not crowded. If you like waiting in line all night, this is your place. Otherwise, don't even waste your time. Ned Devine's was a big disaapointment. Pros: Girls, Service Cons: Long Line, rude bouncers, everything more

Great lunch choice 8/7/2003

Who cares if it's a place to party at night -- the lunch here is delightful (almost). Great atmosphere (imo, the quirky decor does all fit together and the table placement rocks). The Cubano sandwich was excellent -- much more ""oomph"" than other's I've had. The waitstaff was pleasant, but seemed like they were sleepwalking -- nice, but zero energy. Skip the trendy crowds at night and pop in for a nice, inexpensive lunch. Pros: Decor, Innovative Menu, Good value Cons: Sleepy Staff more

Waste of time 6/19/2003

This place has potential, but it is very cheesy. All set w/ the bridge & tunnel crowd, on top of the even cheesier college seniors spilling beer everywhere. Why are there lines here? Bartenders rush through your drink order (I know it's not a science but still, attention to detail). Saw a live cover band that played hip hop and rap. Oddly entertaining, but still corny. This place is full of meatballs, and I know I will never ever ever step foot here again. Pros: Potential Cons: Bad, bad music, Cheesy crowd, Ridic long lines more

Ned's Nightlife is Great 6/16/2003

I recently went to Ned Devine's on a Saturday night and was surprised by how large the bar is. What a nice change from the small, cramped Boston bars. There seems to be a room for everyone; dance room, irish pub room, trendy room...lots to choose from. The only strange thing is that when you get past the first line, you are then in another line in a small 'waiting room' before you get to the bar. Note; GET THERE EARLY. I do not know what their food is like but I highly recomend this as great nightlife. Pros: Location, Size, Atmosphere Cons: Long wait, Cover charge more

Honest Opinion 3/17/2003

This was my first time and it was a blast. The atmosphere was great, the music (band and DJ) kept people in a good mood. The people were beautiful but not intimidating. The value wasn't the best and some drinks were expensive but overall a good time. The negatives on the night were that the lines outside are make-believe. After waiting outside at 8:00 for about 20 mins there was enough room to fit an army once inside. However, after 9:30 its seems like it would be a struggle getting in. Also for some awful reason they only use Pepsi not Coke for the drinks. My Captain and Pepsi (Coke) was disgusting. Outside of that, worth every minute spent there. Definately a place I'll return to!! Pros: People (women), Music, Setup Cons: Drinks(Pepsi?), Lines Outside, Value more

Worst Food in Boston 3/8/2003

After waiting 2 hours to sit down to eat at this unimpressive typical Irish pub, we finally sat down at a table surrounded by drunk rowdies. Our waitress made several mistakes, but we were willing to forgive considering how hungry we were at this point. We finally got our food and we all came to the conclusion that the cook at Ned Devine's uses a salty brine for a marinade. Everything from the fries to the salmon to the chowder to the mashed potatoes was so salty that no one in my group could finish their meal. My gums were hurting and I couldn't drink enough water. The menu is so unimaginative and the presentation is worse than a 7th graders home-ec project. I am going to the doctors today to make sure that my blood pressure has not risen to a deadly level. This place will be gone soon. Cons: horrible food, poor service, overpriced more

Take it easy on the steep cover charge! 2/24/2003

My friends were all drinking upstairs in the bar after work when there was no cover charge. 3 hours later, two of them met me at the downstairs bar so I could find them. As we walked upstairs, they wanted $5 from all of us. My friends explained that they had been there all night drinking and just came down to meet me, but to no avail. We said ""screw you"" and went to another bar. Give me a break! $5 cover at 8pm? After paying for $4 drinks for 3 hours? I'll find a better place. more

Ridiculous 2/14/2003

I have tried three times to go to this bar to no avail. The last and final time I was yelled at by a bouncer for bending underneath their line belts when there was no one in line!! And he said because of that no one in my group would be allowed in!! I am all set. If Ned thinks he can treat people like this....he is wrong. There are a million other bars in that area with better service. Nothing is worth that treatment. Their reputation for being rude is going to ruin their business...and I am so glad! Cons: Line, rude staff more

it has no heart 2/9/2003

""45 minute line"". right. we got there at 9:33pm. the front of the line came at 11:02pm. it was about 15 degrees outside - the line only got longer and louder - full of people complaining that their hands would fall off. bouncers don't care. when we finally got upstairs we were so pissed that we waited that it took another 45 minutes to start enjoying ourselves. i know i'll go back in the summer - but not until then. Pros: comfortable couches, lots of space Cons: rediculous line, rediculous line, rediculous line more

this place rocks!!!!! 2/8/2003

One of the coolest Irish bars Ive ever been to. The place is really cool..........theres a great buzz about the place and the food and drink was great. Worth the wait for a table because of the atmosphere, friendly staff and great drinks more

Faneuil Hall Poison 2/1/2003

Don't go here. Who thought Faneuil Hall needed another Irish Bar? I showed up at 9:15 to an hour+ line that the obnoxious bouncers said was 15 minutes. I've been here before, so I know that once you get to the front of the line you pay $10 for nothing. I don't think there is any place in Boston worth that wait. If there's one bar in the world not worth any wait, it is Ned Devine's. Good work on the original name, too. Pros: Leaving Cons: Line, Cover Charge, Service more

A long way form Irish Hospitality 1/27/2003

If you did find a lottery ticket worth 6.8 million as in the movie ""Waking Ned Devine"" then the first thing I would do is buy out this establishment and give the people of Boston the ""Super Pub"" they deserve. The treatment you receive from the simple door men, to the upper level management at this establishment is a far cry from the friendliness portrayed in the tiny Irish village of Tullymore in the movie. I myself am from Ireland and I must say this establishment seriously misrepresents a ""Fine Irish Establishment"". I'll be honest all a place like this is going to do is make the rest of the world ""Anti-Irish pubs"" and charge $50 to get in on St Patricks day to drink green pints of Guinness. Pros: Central Location Cons: Rude Staff, Inexcusible Wait, OverPriced more

Dead Devined 1/27/2003

Worst place to go meet people,rudest staff,plastic paddy irish,crap. Never been seen here, never go out with your friends here. At no cost end up here, go to Biddy Earlys before you go here. more
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  • In Short
    In a part of town that's chock full of stuffy Irish bars, Ned Devine's stands out because of its sunny sidewalk patio. The interior's quaint, rustic touches--exposed brick walls,...

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