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Nation's 1st Office Repairs

1555 E. Flamingo Rd #202
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 518-7941
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Nation's 1st Office Repairs - Las Vegas, NV


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Wow, needed a quick fix to my computer with very sesnsitive data for work. Thankful I found them and they actually speak english!! I got tired of dealing the 1800 numbers with de...


If I could give it a - (That s minus) it would be -5 by Tell_The_Truth -\r 08/06/2013\r \r If I could give a - (that s minus) Star it would be a -5This repair service is a comp...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2013


If I could give it a - (That s minus) it would be -5 8/6/2013

If I could give it a - (That s minus) it would be -5 by Tell_The_Truth -\r 08/06/2013\r \r If I could give a - (that s minus) Star it would be a -5This repair service is a complete joke. A joke is being kind because at least with a joke you may walk away with a smile!This business is absurd! CAUTION!!!! Or better - DON t Take anything to them!The printer I took to them didn t get repaired after having it for 4 months. They gave it to me saying it was repaired but it now had other problems that they caused. Returned it. Here it is another 30 days later and they said they aren t going to fix it and to come pick it up. I must add that when I picked it up the first time I noticed they had scratched the case as well. They are INCOMPETENT. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! more

The Worst service you can get 11/1/2012

I got this repair service by internet and I sent my laptop because SUPPOSEDLY they can fix the video chip mother board (video chip reballing) but after a week a dude call me back and he said that a new mother board replacement was necessary.\r \r I told him that DO NOT replace the mother board and ship back my laptop as is without NO FIX (because it cost $250 so expensive )... however 2 weeks later I called this dude to know why my laptop didn't arrive to my home yet... however he told me that I NEED to pay $250 if I want my laptop back.. (pay for something that I NEVER requested) \r \r I was complaining about it because I NEVER requested a mother board replacement, but this dude just mocked me ... he was very prepotent and told me that If I want my laptop I should to pay.... \r \r They never shipped my computer back! (They stole it)\r \r In conclusion:\r 1 - National first laptop repair lies all the time, prior to send my laptop I wrote an email to a guy named Dean and he answered me th more

Either incompetent or liars 10/21/2012

had trouble printing with magenta toner. Charged me to install a dubious part; printer came back home only to find it still not fixed. Apparently they did not even print realistic test pages. Took it back. Told me my toner was counterfeit (was not, HP vetted it), insisted I buy another toner. Still not fixed. \r I found instructions on the net for them about dirt getting onto the mirrors that control toner distribution. Dean claimed his guy would take it apart and check this. He said that was not the problem, and that my motherboard was probably bad, but he felt that he so much wanted to help me, he would split the cost of an HP refurb for $900. I found identical deals online with same warranty for $400.\r \r I took the printer back, took to my favorite guys Technotronics in Salt Lake. They said they clean 5-6 printers like this every month, a piece of cake. It is fully working again.\r \r Dean is a liar and a rip-off. These guys are scum. more

Never recommend them 9/21/2012

I called and asked how much it would be for them to look at my home printer and I was told they could fix the whole thing for 39.00. I was so excited and felt this was reasonable. I paid my money and was told the tech would look at it either Sat or Mon. I never heard back so Monday evening I called and was told it was on the tech guys bench and he would call me Tuesday, Tuesday came and went and no call I gave them Wed. and no call. I called on Thursday and was told I needed a part that was 45.00. I agreed to get the part. He said he would call me when it was done. I got a call on Wed. of the following week saying it needed more work and I should buy a new one. I assumed they put the part he said he need in and it didn't work, when we called again he said he never ordered any part. I don't believe this is a honest and truthful company as the guy who was in front of me when I was picking up my printer said oh you got them too. Beware if you give these people money. I would never recomme more

Thanks guys, great work 2/22/2011

Wow, needed a quick fix to my computer with very sesnsitive data for work. Thankful I found them and they actually speak english!! I got tired of dealing the 1800 numbers with dell. Thought I would let everyone know they did a great job more

FixesI with no hassle. 6/25/2010

I have been getting my computers fixed here for years. I have 7 believe it or not. They have been giving me great service and helping out tremendously. I am not very computer savvy, but my husband is. He says the price is right, which is why we keep coming back. They actually take the time to help me with the computer basics. I am very pleased with the quick turnaround and pleasant atmosphere. more

Solid Work. Thanks 5/17/2010

Wow, great job guys. Thank you for the help. I took my laptop to a couple places. You were the only ones who wanted to attempt to fix it. Saved me money too, by not replacing the motherboard. I'll keep you guys in mind. Thanks again, more

Take your business elsewhere 4/24/2010

Shady business practice. They offer a FREE ESTIMATE. Oh and then mention either somewhere else or in fine print ... if you proceed with repairs. If you are there in person they say free estimate and forget to mention the $40 is non refundable. Make no mistake that visiting these folks costs $40, at a minimum. I am a computer engineer (a hardware DESIGNER, I designed chips and circuit boards for 10 year with Alcatel, Cray, Newbridge...). I knew exactly what was wrong with my computer and explained it to them (a sata chip has a couple of pins lifted which need to be soldered down, a 10 minute job with the right equipment). They told me they could fix it. They could not, so then they tell me the motherboard is toast (which is layman's term for one of the many chips on the motherboard isn't working). I had already told them that! Then they say I can pay 150 - 400 to get it fixed in CA but they don't guarantee that (New MB from dell +shipping etc all in == 500 full warantee....). Now they more

Great Service 3/30/2010

I am woman and I had no issues whatsoever. I have been coming here for years. I see lots of people walking in and out of the shop, so a couple complaints a year is really good. Even the best companies in the world have negative reviews. I've found the ones who love the service don't run to the computer to leave a review because they will come back again. Personal issues a customer has should not be brought upon to a company or publicized for the world. But, I guess that is how the internet works. I've ran into people with personal issues whether they be divorce, etc. and they take pleasure in trying to tear someone else down. This company has been around for a while and they are very ethical. more

Happy with the computer repairs 3/30/2010

They did a great job fixing my computer. It was a hard motherboard repair that 1 other shop could not fix. They fixed it within a week, and now I am up and running. I would come back again. I probably will have to come back with my copier, which is acting up. I guess they fix all kinds of small equipment. It was a god experience. Thanks techs! more


BEWARE. DO NOT GO HERE. My new laptop was brought in for repair due to the circuit board going out. They said for $40- it could be repaired. $400 and 5 wks later it was returned to me, non- repaired. My father is in comp repair for the govt. He looked at my laptop before I took it in, after the only thing changed was the battery pack. They said it was sent to California for a new board. The son of the owner admitted it was never sent out and no repair was made. The battery was changed to one that is not compatible with my comp. and they kept my good one.It had to go back a second time to have the board repaired. I paid the $400 to get my comp back and the info on it so the owner did not acces it.TO MAKE IT WORSE..THE OWNER DEAN HAS CONTINUED TO CALL AND SEXUALLY HARRASS ME FOR 6 MONTHS. I have asked him to leave me alone and that my number was for a repair on the business form. He leaves msgs with his cell # and asks you to call on there so it is a personal private call. He has no ri more

Was just fine for me. 2/23/2010

Ok, so I read the reviews, but because of location, I decided to try them out, and because I don't mind supporting the little guys. I also work in marketing, so I know most people who leave feedback are the upset ones. I had my laptop fixed and didn't really have any problems. I don't know what some of the fuss is all about, but I guess each to their own. It was a smooth transaction. They fixed my water spill, in about 3-4 days. more

Deceptive, Thieves, Liars & Con Artists! DON'T FALL FOR IT!! 2/9/2010

This "company" is the worst of the worst. They will agree to "diagnose" your item for $39.00, then call you back and tell you that it's going to cost some ridiculously high amount to repair, telling you that A, B & C are wrong with it. They get a verbal authorization to order parts and commence repairs, only to call you back a few days later and tell you that they had to do C, D & F to get it working. When you ask them why they didn't get authorizations from you to do C,F & F, they say they "were just trying to help you out" and get your computer working again. When you ask them to provide you with the "defective" parts, they give you both sabatoged original parts and parts that didn't even come out of your machine. Then they jack up the bill for all the extra work. But they'll give you Norton Antivirus for free!! Wow! Nice!\r \r Stay away from this scam artist company. And look out for "Dean". He's a real MF. He's a total con man, even looks like one. He'll lie to your face, then point more

Scam or poor ethics 1/23/2010

Yes, I think they are a scam or at least have poor ethics. They didn't stand behind their product, they promised one thing and did another thing, they gave me the run-around\r \r I suspect much of the positive feedback is fake. more

Nations First Office Repair Saved me for the holidays 12/28/2009

Wow they came in handy for the holidays. I was able to get my 2 computers and my printer fixed in time before my guests cam in town. It helped to keep the kids busy with games. I had no problems here and am very happy with their service. Thanks you guys, enjoy th holidays!! more

GREAT SERVICE!! 12/3/2009

They fixed my computer the next day. I had to pay $39.00 up front which I had no problem with considering other places told me $75, 50 , someone even quoted $100 just to look at it. I had no problems here at all. They credited my $39.00 when I got my laptop back. So they deducted 39 from the total. It worked out well for me, cuz money is tight for me right now, so paying some of it early and then a lil more after, worked for me. more

Nations First Office Repair Theives 11/19/2009

Nations First Office Repair is a very bad company with extremely poor Laptop repair service. I know from firsthand experience.This company has complaints from Nevada BBB and Ripoff reports and are also currently being investigated by the Internet Crime Center. This company has a website called and also Laptopmedic on The owner is Robert Harvey. Basically the company lures the consumer into paying a reasonable diagnostic fee. Once Nation First Office Repair receives your Laptop or PC there will usually be a damage report or a very high repair estimate and an inflated repair charge. One staff member to especially watch out for is a character named Dean. He is brash, overbearing and rude. He is the bait and switch guy. Let me just add he is a poor liar and a "wannabe con artist". If you value your money and personal property and want to continue to own them do not consider this company for anything. They will take parts from your computer and sell them on Ebay. more


WARNING! Beware when they ask you for the $39 down toward your repair when you bring in your laptop for a "FREE ESTIMATE." IT IS NOT FREE. After the initial estimate I wasn't satisfied with the way I had been treated on the phone, and decided that I wanted a second opinion before I paid $250 for a problem I wasn't sure should cost that much. When I mentioned the free estimate I was told that the $39 was non-refundable. Never mind that more than once prior to service I asked about the free estimate. I even called in and asked if they do free estimates and the man answered "all day every day." They have several signs all over that state *free estimate*. I have nothing to say about their actual repairs since I did not have the work done, but beware of a company that intentionally tries to decieve people by advertising a free estimate and then once they have your money you can forget about it being a FREE ESTIMATE. By the time I came in to pick up my laptop, they were telling me they could more


I went to 3 different places, and I wish I had gone here first. They were able to fix my problem that others couldn't even find! Great price and great service. They even offered free tech support afterwards. I also bought a used laptop from them that is still working great. Long story short, they know what they are doing. more
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