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National Parts Llc

11554 Davis Creek Ct
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 886-9962
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I called to order a part i was looking for that the dealer did not have and was very pricey (3rd brake lamp assy)\r they located a part and gave me estimated delivery within 2 da...


They lie and lie and lie.....they tried telling the BBB that they do not sell remanufactured products. Then when I brought up they did give me half my money back because they sent...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/2/2012

Do not do business with these clowns. I sent in a bcm which had only one thing wrong with it, and they ""repaired"" it and when I re-installed nothing the module does functioned anymore. I sent the unit back and they promised a new one would work and they would transfer the mileage from the original unit which reflected the low miles I had. They took two weeks to turn it and when I received it had 130,000 more miles on its indicator. They lied and would never return calls. Now I have to send this one back. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/17/2012

Liers !!!scammers!!! and thieves.. Dont Buy from them at all. I called the BBB also. Every one should file on them with the BBB and we should all get togeather and file a lawsuit against them also. more

Liars and Cheats 10/21/2011

They lie and lie and lie.....they tried telling the BBB that they do not sell remanufactured products. Then when I brought up they did give me half my money back because they sent me a used tranny rather then a rebuilt one they lied saying it was the right part. Then when I told them the bellhousing was wrong they said they never sold me the bellhousing just the tranny. They said I took my bellhousing off my truck put it on their tranny and then the bellhousing wouldn't fit back onto my in the heck does that make sense!!!! Cheats Crooks so many many awful things I could say about the people that work their.....DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! more

CHEAT!!!!! SCAM!!!!!! HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!! LIARS!!!!!! 10/7/2011

DON'T USE THIS COMPANY---BEWARE!!!!!!!---THIEVES MAKE SURE OTHERS KNOW NOT TO USE THEM !!!! THE SAD PART IS. THEY PROBABLY ROB OLD LADIES! SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shipped them a computer for my vehicle, to be tested and fixed (if needed). INSTEAD they said it tested functional but they did an update anyways AND ""RE-FLOWED THE SOLDER CONNECTIONS""????? (NICE WORDING) makes it sound like they actually did something. THEY DID NOT!!!! and the car still does not run. AND THEY KEPT ALL MY MONEY !!!!! THEY DID NOT EVEN REFUND THE PART OF THE PAYMENT THAT WAS FOR REBUILDING THE MODULE!!!! THEY ARE RUDE!!! and UNPROFESSIONAL !!!!!!!! more

Worst company in the parts business to deal with 7/6/2011

I agree with LI Smith. This company is terrible to deal with for parts. They have no knowledge of what parts are needed and just send you anything. Then when you return the part for credit you can't get your card credited. Don't even think they are worth your time. They never return calls or e-mails. Try and find someone local as I did finally. Do Not Do Business with the Company. more


DO NOT DO BUSINESS W/ This GROUP. They are all nice and will guarantee this that and the other, but when it comes time for them to deliver, you will get the RUN AROUND. They will draft monies from your account. More than you've agreed to. Its hard to get anyone to return your calls. This is what I experienced with them and I'm not pleased and will never do business with them again. I advise anyone searching for automotive parts to by pass them and try to find someone local if at all possible. One thing that can be guaranteed is that you'll be very disappointed. That's my advise to other consumers. more

Do Not Use This Company, EVER 5/15/2011

They should be put out of business, do not use, for every decent sale there are way too many nightmares I am sure. I was one of them, I sent them in a computer to be fixed, the last thing they ever did was fix it. What a joke, what a waste of $217 and 4 months of getting jerked off by these guys. more

Do not buy from these theives 4/28/2011

These are terrible people. They are not honest. Their products do not work. They don't understand customer service. If you buy something from them, they will not stand behind it when it doesn't work. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THIEVES! more

HORRIBLE!!!! RIPOFF!!!!! AVOID!!!!! SCAMMERS!!! 4/28/2011

They deserve negative stars. They are great during the sales process, building your confidence in them and their services. BUT after you buy their shoddy products and they have your money, good luck trying to get anything from them. They won't return your calls, they will blame you or your mechanic for not installing their parts right, and they WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE saying that they tried to reach you, or that they are working on your issue. Even their ""customer service manager"" won't return a call when you escalate because the ""partsologist"" (what a effing be a partsologist I guess you need to be schooled in the art of being a conman) is avoiding you. And the woman who answers the phone when you try to reach the customer service department is rude, like you are wasting her time when you call there. Sorry to take you away from filing your nails, wench. Avoid these SCAM artists. They try to sell you parts, and then say that they have a KIT that you need to buy from them in order for your part to work. If you decide to not buy their overpriced ripoff kit (which you don't need), they will send you a faulty part. When your try to return it and say that it didn't work, they will say that it's because you used parts that they didn't sell you. It's BULLSH*T. I am filing a complaint with the BBB. I hope these a$$holes get shut down. more

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! 2/5/2011

This company is a royal rip off. If I could give them zero stars, I would. I ordered a trans from Russ on Jan 20, 2011, for a 99 dodge ram van; gave them the VIN and still did not get the right trans. Called Russ and told him it would not change gears. He said he told me I needed to put a filter in it when I ordered it from him. I told him he did not tell me that, he told me I had to put a seal in the tail shaft. I run a legitimate auto repair shop and have never had to put a screen in a trans that I have purchased. I put the screen in and the pan wouldn't fit back on trans. There were no screws in the trans to hold the filter on, so, I had to find some screws that fit. Called Russ and told him. He told me to go back and make sure the dealer sold me the right filter. The dealer said that it was the right filter for that vehicle but the wrong trans for the vehicle. So, Russ told me he was going to talk to his technician to see what he could come up with to make that trans work and he would call me back that day. That was Friday, February 4, 2011; I haven't heard from him yet. That was the fourth time I had talked to him regarding this trans; I called a total of 7 times. I don't want to make a trans that is not the right trans 'work; I want the right trans or a refund. I guess they are trying to wait until the warranty period of 90 days is up. I have a customer waiting for his vehicle and I seem to be the only one with a sense of urgency. I am disputing the charge on my credit card and filing a complaint with BBB, consumer protection, attorney general of Florida, and any body else that needs to know. more

*criminal enterprise* LAWSUIT IS PENDING!!!email me 12/9/2010

I sent a car computer because they supposebly specialize in the diagnosis and rebuilding of modules.Dr.Tony,or at least that what he called himself,(no longer workes there) told be its beyond repair and upsold me $100 then sent a supposebly rebuilt module.The module was from a junk yard and did not work.They would not return my calls or send me my original module so the car would at least turn on.\r There was nothing wrong with my original module,they falsely diagnoss your modules.I am in contact with the Florida attorney general,the BBB,which both have recieved countless complainst against this criminal enterprise falsely scamming thousands of dollars from consumers.I have a lawsuit pending.You can email me @ motorcars517@aol more

fraud company 12/8/2010

i send a car computer for repair and gentleman on other side commit me to give me back within 3 days including shipping days i gave him extra money because my car was at mechanic shop and i told mechanic 4 days to get a computer back and i agreed to pay mechanic $50.00 extra for parking but national parts gentleman called me very next day he said my computer is not repairable and he has one rebuild computer but i have to pay $100.00 extra i was in emergency thats why i agreed to pay $100.00 extra only because he said he will send computer next day but he didnt i tried to call him but he didnt answer and my mechanic is calling me since its 4 days passed already i was expecting it back on wednesday so i waited till friday no body pick up the phone at national parts so i have to tow my car back and paid extra $125.00 next day saturday i started searching junkyards luckily i found a computer and programmed it from local mechanic monday my car started running than on tuesday i get a parcel from national parts they neither called me nor send me any email for tracking number as per their laws in the end i can say only stay away from that company more

They lie to get your money 10/6/2010

i orderer a remanufactured engine from national parts. they promised that it was flawless. i paid 2600 for the engine and 450 for a core deposit. I was told that the core deposit would be returned as soon as my core was sent to them. 3 weeks after i sent the core back to them and still not recieved my 450 dollars. anyway the engine was installed and was junk, its still at the ford dealership getting new everything. the dealership said that it was the worst remanufactured motor that they have ever seen. the warranty on the motor said that they would only pay 55 dollars per hour for labor but it costs 80. so im going to be out of my pocket 500 more dollars. national parts will not return my call after 20 messages. once they get your money then beware because you will never get them back on the phone.\r im going to contact the bbb on them. they are nothing but liars and thieves more

Possible Fraudulent Company 8/2/2010

I was charged by Nationla Parts Wholesale of FLORIDA (Chase did not give details of what city) on my credit card whcih I do not use. They attempted to charge it 3 times: $2100; $1900, and then $1800. All were declined and I had to close my account. I called the number listed in CITYSEARCH and it is a fax number. Be careful if dealing with this company. Cons: Warning more

Another person taken by this scam! 6/24/2010

I too have fallen victim to their scam. They had me bring in my computer to rebuild and was supposed to be done within a day or so, only to be called back 3 days later and told my ECM could not be rebuilt! And that I'd have to give them another 100 bucks to get a rebuild-able unit! WTF is that? So they offered refund less 85.00 bench test fee! It sounds like a scam: they take your part, tell you it's bad, get 100 bucks more, then they rebuild YOUR part and give it back, or they steal 85$ bench test fee! It's a win-win for them. Stay away from this company! Go to a reputable parts supplier like Advance or the dealer. Cons: Serious lack of communication and service ethics more


I heartily agree with the comments posted on their scam tactics. They'll sell you something you don't need because they'll tell you your part is bad, then charge you extra to adjust their part for your vehicle. I recommend you file complaints with the BBB so that no one else gets ripped off. They also go by the name National Parts out of Florida. They insult their customers, lie and do not return phone calls. Stay far away from this company. I know for a fact they do not have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau no matter what they tell you. Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 36 months: 260 in the last 12 months: 113 Selling Practices (21 complaints) 17 Resolved 4 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Service Issues (18 complaints) 17 Resolved 1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Customer Service Issues (4 complaints) 4 Resolved Credit or Billing Disputes (10 complaints) 7 Resolved 3 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Delivery Issues (26 complaints) 24 Resolved 2 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Refund Practices (69 complaints) 60 Resolved 9 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Product Quality (67 complaints) 51 Resolved 16 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Contract Disputes (4 complaints) 3 Resolved 1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Guarantee or Warranty Issues (35 complaints) 26 Resolved 9 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Repair Issues (6 complaints) 5 Resolved 1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Cons: Waste of time and money more

kudos, fast delivery for right parts 5/5/2010

I called to order a part i was looking for that the dealer did not have and was very pricey (3rd brake lamp assy)\r they located a part and gave me estimated delivery within 2 days for less than it would cost me in gas to drive to a wrecking yard and pull one myself. on the morning of the seconed day my parts Dr. called me to let me know my part had been lost by ups . confirmed by tracking number and a replacement would be sent out the same day. so i orderd an abs unit for my wifes car for less than $100 delivered. (dealer price was approx $1300 new. both parts arrived the following morning and were exactly what I ordered. other online or remote services I have used would leave me waiting untill I called to find out where my order was. They also allowed me to pay by check # being i do not use credit cards by phone or internet. I am impressed with service and will call again and reccomend.\r \r ASE master tech. Pat O.\r Pros: one phone call, parts were less than gas more


My husband ordered a motor for our explorer thru these people. They did not send what they said they were sending.. and did NOT send any ""Installation Instructions"". I heard my husband tell them THREE times our truck was an AUTOMATIC.. they sent a STRAIGHT SHIFT motor. They gave us an extended warranty to have the mechanic switch it over for us. That done, we got the truck back and within 40 miles, we could have used it for a mosquito screen! It was DUMPING OIL IN THREE Cylindars. Mechanic said he had never seen that before. Now they want to say our mechanic didn't following the instructions, so we have no warranty?? They are just crooks from word go. NEVER DO business with them.. We are hiring a lawyer and reporting them from the BBB. Cons: You will be screwed! more

DO NOT BUY FROM National Parts 1/8/2010

The reviews on here are completely true - THEY DON’T return phone calls. NEVER, EVER buy from National Parts unless you want to end up with a faulty product and have their crappy warranty department tell you it wasn't their fault. They will even try to blame it on your mechanic! I am making a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Jacksonville. Everyone should do this. Hey Walt, why don't you grow some Ethics and help out the people your company is screwing over right now!? Cons: You'll end up paying double and have a lot of headaches more

One Side of the Story 12/28/2009

It is easy to throw stones when you do not give your customer information so that we can tell our side of the story. For everyones information, having an A+ rating with BBB requires that you have no unresolved complaints and that you do not have a high complaint rate. The fact that we have an A+ rating with the BBB, and our competitors do not, should say something about us. We have a complaint rate of less than 1% over the more than 100,000 customers we have served. If the writer of a review does not give information that allows for our side of the story to be told, the review should not be considered credible. Pros: A+ Rating with BBB more
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