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National Fitness Center - 10 Reviews - 3030 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville, TN - Fitness Reviews - Phone (865) 687-6066

National Fitness Center

3030 Tazewell Pike
Knoxville, TN 37918
(865) 687-6066
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National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN
National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN
National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN
National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN
National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN
National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN
National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN
National Fitness Center - Knoxville, TN


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I recommend choosing another gym for your fitness needs. Last September my mother joined National Fitness Center for my father (he was the breadwinner of the fam ily, and she was...

Cares about contracts, not about customers 3/19/2012

I recommend choosing another gym for your fitness needs. Last September my mother joined National Fitness Center for my father (he was the breadwinner of the fam ily, and she was happy to take care of signing up for a gym membership). My father passed away last month, and when she took the death certificate in to the office to get the membership cancelled, they wouldn't accept it! Now she is having to pay for my deceased father's gym membership for the next year and a half - as if grieving isn't bad enough! more

Absolute Scum Of The Earth 2/21/2012

National Fitness Center is bad news, they need to be shut down! After getting screwed by them, because I moved to Florida, I was getting billed on my credit card after cancellation. I did some research and found out if you google them, it is a freakin horror story. They are the WORST place in the area to sign up with. Personally, with all the bad reviews, I am amazed that they are still in business. Please people let everyone know how they operate. I believe the owner is a person from the Soviet Union, but I could be wrong. They reek of a mafia/mob mentality, I personally believe they do not give any respect to the good hard working people who sign up with them.All I see is GREED! Please people lets investigate them and run them out of town. They have proven that they most certainly do not respect their customers.Sincerely national fitness center review dot com more

Terrible that a company can treat paying customers this way 2/14/2012

I would have gladly given 0 stars in regards to this company.Regarding the facility its always too busy to even have a good workout and the beach is a joke they have someone who comes around looking in your bag(YES IN YOUR BAG) to see if you brought outside food or drinks, taking away from their outrageously prices snack bar. I got the third degree for bringing goldfish for my 3 year old! I regretfully signed a 3 year contract and when my contract was coming to an end no one would meet with me to discuss how to end it. I tried for weeks to speak to the manager brian even in person 3 different times, while I could see him 100 feet away from me in his office, I was asked to leave a message because he was ""busy"" and never be called back and finally when I went and spoke to someone else they gave me the members services card and told me what i needed to do. I was told I needed 14 days written notice mailed via secured mail in order to cancel my EFT drafts. Well I called today to double check and I was told I would have one more draft because my letter wasnt post marked 30 days before my next draft was due to come out.... of course. I have never felt so mistreated as a customer. just because you give people a place to work out doesnt mean you can skimp on treating your customers right or at the very least pretend like you care.avoid this place. more

Worst gym in Knoxville 2/7/2011

Stay Away! Was a member for eight years and when I wanted to cancel my membership I got the biggest run-around. I paid my contract in full a year early but was still unknowingly charged after my contract was up. On top of that, they charged me a late fee for not making a payment when my contract had already expired. I have filed a complaint with the BBB so I will see how that turns out. I would avoid Court South and National Fitness Center at all cost. They do not care about their customers or their own reputation. They have a BBB rating of C- and all complaints concern membership contracts Stay Away! more


Note: This is about the North gym, but they are all controlled by the SAME corporate office. \r \r I am an Army Wife and have been treated extremely poorly by this gym. We could have gone to the YMCA for much cheaper, but decided to go to Court South due to all of the ""promises"" we were made. By the way, we just moved here at the end of March and I am unemployed and this gym still treats us like this. \r \r First of all, after I signed the contract and went to pay for the initial fees I was told at the register, ""Oh, by the way, there is a $40.00 processing fee."" They acted as if they forgot to tell me, I swallowed my pride and paid. \r \r We bought the Premier Package that included unlimited tanning and a half hour training session each month. After 3 months the trainer dropped us because Corporate was not paying him for our training sessions. He told us that someone would call us to switch trainers. No one called. We finally got a chance to speak with the Training Manager and she said that she would train us, but no one else could. My husband trained with her once and she had him do some sit ups and lunges (this is stuff we can easily do on our own). \r \r Next, I signed up for the Power of Six which was suppose to be a training and diet program with six people for six weeks. It was training for six weeks, but as far as the diet goes they just gave us a list of food to eat. They also were supposedly going to give us a work out plan for when we were on our own, but only gave us a list of things to do, all of which we had no idea what they were. While paying for the Power of Six, once again at the register I get to hear, ""Oh, by the way, there is a $40 processing fee."" Once again I just paid it. \r \r I did like the Power of Six training so I signed up to do it again. My husband and I were going to leave on our belated honeymoon and the gym requested that we pay for the Power of Six before leaving so that it would be in for the August month end. So we paid for it, and, yes, there was yet another $40 processing fee. Well, we got back from our honeymoon and the training was suppose to have started that night. No one contacted me and after a phone call I was informed that there weren't enough people to start now and we would just have to wait until we got 6 people total, even though I had already paid the $250. So the beginning of October rolls around and they still didn't have enough people; luckily they say they are going to refund our money. \r \r Lastly, when I signed the 3 year contract I was told by the salesperson that I could cancel the membership for a $195 penalty. I just called member services and was informed that I cannot cancel the membership unless we move more than 35 miles away. Once again, we were lied to about being able to cancel the membership. \r \r I hope my experiences will keep you away from this gym. I am unemployed still and these people are making me pay $110 a month for another 2 1/2 years. \r \r PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS GYM Pros: It's a gym Cons: THEY LIE!!! more

Dont sign this contract!!!! 9/8/2009

I got dooped from Bally's once. I went to National Fitness and when a family member got a 18 month contract. I was told they don't do 18 month contracts. I also asked several times if I wanted to sell the remaining membership to anyone I could. I was told yes..I then asked if I could sell it to anyone on the newspaper, craigslist, online etc? I was told yes, just as long as they signed the contract. I got ready to sell my contract to someone I found online and then was told it had to be a family member. WATCH OUT! Pros: 24 Hours Cons: Just about everything else more

Try somewhere else... 7/10/2009

The Court South health club (which is owned by National Fitness) has some dubious membership policies including an automatic renewal at the end of your contract. Judge for yourself but I'd stay away from this outfit. \r more

Worst gym I have ever experienced 1/3/2009

All they want is your money. This place is bad, bad, bad. Not recommended. From my experience, the people's well-being is NOT number one. I am not new to gym and the membership process. I have sold gym memberships before, worked out at numerous gym across the US, am a personal trainer and figure competitor. Bottom line, I wouldn't give them a PENNY of my money if it was the last gym on earth. I would rather spend 3 years working out in the dessert than step foot in this place for one day!!! People's overall health, not just physical well-being should be taken into consideration when selling memberships. However, this place could drive a person INSANE, in my opinion. There have been many times when I wanted to go to the gym and national fitness was the easier option for me, but I will go out of my way to go to a different gym!!! This is just my opinion and from the looks of it, I am not the only one who feels this way. HIGHLY dissatisfied. It is the worst service I have EVER experienced!!!! Before I found out that they had been charging me for a 3 yr. membership $50 a month (the whole time living in SC) I paid $50 while visiting family over Christmas last year. There is no doubt in my mind the people who let me buy the week membership knew I was already a member and failed to tell me, let me pay the $50 anyway. I later found out they had been charging me for the past two years while I lived in a different state!! These actions were dishonest, rude, and thoughtless. I even let them know I was moving, wrote them a letter, still nothing. Lucky for them they are richer now with less wear and tear to their gym.. Unfortunately, they left a bad impression on an impressionable person. I still have family here and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, anywhere. I believe that nice facilities are important, but not the most important aspect of a gym. As with anything in life, it is about the OVERALL well-being of people. more

Beware 9/22/2008

I joined the fitness center in Morristown Tn. The manager there is a sneaky little red headed man that you better watch out for when you sign a three year agreement. Which is all they will offer you.He will tell you anything to get your signature on paper. Trust me. I agree that this gym nickle and dimes you to death. If you add anything extra onto your contract (like a locker or add a family member) They will start your contract back to the very beginning evening if you have been paying on it two out of three years. I ask why, they said it was set up like a cellular phone company. Each time you make a change you start a new contract. Just like when you buy a new phone.How can you feel that they have you in thier best interest? I also had a trainer that did not write down a daily process sheet or keep up with my progress. Wasted money on training. It all starts with trouble when you sign a three year contract. Read your contract close. If they say it. Put it in written and lock it up in safe place because I bet that you will need it in the future, Pros: Lots of Equipment Cons: 3 year contract and beware of contract more

Great if you want someone to try to steal from you. 7/2/2008

They took over our local gym, and changed the contracts without consent. They removed features and are trying to sell them back. I paid in advance for 2 years (and expires in 2 weeks), and they bought this business, contracts and all. Now they are trying to nickle and dime the current members. The excuse they keep giving everyone is that the previous owners ALMOST went bankrupt, and that we wouldn't have a membership at all if they had not saved us by taking over the gym. When you purchase a company you buy it's assets and debts. If they want the place to stay in business, they need the current members to remain when their contracts expire. This town only has so many people interested going to the gym for any amount of time. Needless to say I'll be moving to another gym. Pros: Plenty of equipment, no waiting around Cons: They try to change the terms of your contract when you aren't looking, better have them write specifics on the paper and keep it in a safe more
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