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Nan Thai Fine Dining - 39 Reviews - 1350 Spring St Nw, Atlanta, GA 30309-2864, Atlanta, GA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (404) 870-9933

Nan Thai Fine Dining

1350 Spring St Nw, Atlanta, GA 30309-2864
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 870-9933
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Nan Thai Fine Dining - Atlanta, GA
Nan Thai Fine Dining - Atlanta, GA
Nan Thai Fine Dining - Atlanta, GA
Nan Thai Fine Dining - Atlanta, GA
Nan Thai Fine Dining - Atlanta, GA
Nan Thai Fine Dining - Atlanta, GA


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The service, food, and feel of the plave is all authentic Thai....and i mean this in a good way.\r Its like a ""Thai massage"", but for your palate!!


I took my family there to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. Food was fantastic, ambiance was great, the service was really disappointing that night.

Horrid customer service... 12/10/2011

My husband and I decided to have dinner at Nan's. What a disappointment! We got there about half an our before the restaurant opened. We were asked to wait at the bar. We went to the bar and ordered our drinks. Waited till about 5:05pm before I managed to get someone's attention to remind them we were waiting to be seated for dinner. Anyway, we were seated and my husband asked about our drinks; Should we go ahead and take them with us. The lady taking us to our table said they will be brought to us.  About 6mins later....our drinks were still at the bar. My husband got up and brought the drinks over to our table, the waiters all watched him do this (they were more interested in taking photos in the corner). The white family that came and were seated at least 10mins after us were being served and I had to get up and approach the photo taking waiters to  ask for a waiter.  Our waiter eventually came, my husband brought to his attention the fact that we had been there before the people in the next table and yet we had not been approached by anyone in the restaurant. The waiter gave us a weird look, as if to say ""whatever"". Anyway, my husband outlined our complaints and the waiter couldn't even apologize!! He just carried on as if we had not just complained about the service. We decided to speak to the manager, thinking this would make a difference. How wrong we were! The manager came over and he still didn't apologize! All he said was that he will speak to the waiter and asked if we wanted a different waiter! This was obviously NOT good enough. So we asked for the drink's bill and left. A lady ran out after us when we were waiting for our car to be brought by the Valet and asked if everything was okay, my husband explained what had happened and she said that next time...(at this point i walked off) lol! As if there will be a next time....they have lost us as customers. There is no way we will be going back there or recommending anyone. They may not think much of losing us but they have also lost our friends and family members that  mention Nan to us. We were extremely disappointed. more

Nan Thai Fine Dining is Non-Fine Dining 9/3/2011

Yesterday, for my mother's 60th birthday, my family decided on this restaurant based on a recommendation. My final assessment of the place was that it serves slightly above average thai food that is exorbitantly overpriced. Initially, I felt the service was not bad, although it was certainly not anything to rave about. It was typical of what you would expect for a restaurant trying desparately to offer up the guise of authenticity and ""fine dining."" Framed currency and pictures of random Asian people (who I suppose we are to assume were Thai royalty of yesteryear?) littered the walls. The fact that I was among those I loved compensated for the mediocre quality of the food and service. We ordered a decent bottle of wine, some appetizers, and finished with our entrees. While I felt that my braised lamb was mediocre at best, my family members enjoyed their respective meals. At the inception of our meal, we informed the staff that it was a milestone birthday for my mother, only to have to remind them once again at the end of the meal, at which point they brought out a consolation dessert item. \r \r Now, this is where the evening becomes eventful, and more specifically, the reason that I would urge no self-respecting individual to ever frequent this establishment. As I reviewed the bill, I noticed that our waitress had failed to charge for the bottle of wine. As I pride myself on being an ethical person (I am an attorney after all), I informed the waitress of her mistake. Surprisingly, all I received for being a good samaritan, was a half-hearted ""sorry,"" where the proper response would have been a simple ""thank you, I apologize for the inconvenience."" I always determine the amount of gratuity that I give based on an assessment of the quality of the food and service. In this instance, based on my assessment, I valued the food/service at a gratuity of around 13%. In fact, I thought this was a gracious tip given that the total of the bill would have been significantly less if I had not informed the waitress of her failure to include the cost of the bottle of wine in the bill. \r \r As we were leaving the restaurant, we received a series of artificial ""Namastes"" from people who probably had no understanding that they were offering the saluations to individuals who hail from the country from which the term originated. Even more ridiculous was the blond host educating my mother that the vehicle situated in the front of the restaurant (which she had ridden countless times as a child in India) was called a ""rickshaw."" Prior to leaving the restaurant, I made a quick visit to the restroom, and emerged to find one of the wait staff outside with my family with the bill in her hand. She was inquiring whether we felt there was something wrong with the service and ""informing"" us that the customary gratuity for ""fine dining"" is 18%. Rather than confront her at that moment in front of my family on a very special occassion for my mother, I increased the tip amount to 20% and threw the bill in her face. Later, however, the anger began to boil inside of me at the level of disrespect that myself and my family experienced at the hands of an incompetent and arrogant wait staff. So, because I cannot turn back time and express my feelings directly to that arrogant woman (who I should mention was a different individual from the waitress that served us most of the evening), I decided to write this review. In my opinion, if a restaurant expects a certain gratuity, they should include it in the bill themselves. Otherwise, they should expect to receive tip that is correlated to the customer's determination of the quality of the food and service. Last evening proved one thing to me - including the words ""fine dining"" in the name of your restaurant means, at least in the case of Nan Thai, that you will experience the exact opposite - arrogance, condescension, incompetence, and food of average quality. more

Best Thai in Atlanta 3/8/2011

The service, food, and feel of the plave is all authentic Thai....and i mean this in a good way.\r Its like a ""Thai massage"", but for your palate!! more

The best Thai (and calamari) in Atlanta 3/21/2010

I didn't think I'd find the best version of everyone's favorite fried appetizer at our most upscale Thai restaurant. But low-and-behold, at dinner at Nan, Atlanta's Thai jewel in Midtown, the appetizer was plopped down in front of me, looking like most calamari dishes. But it was absolutely perfect. The batter stuck tight to the squid, making the bites crispy and chewy at the same time. (Nothing worse than calamari who's batter is in the basket rather than on the critter.) There's a little bit of spice to them but it's just the right amount to make them different, but also make it hard to stop eating them. Between the elegant setting, the beautiful staff and food that's takes Thai to a new sophisticated level, there's a reason why the likes of Tiger Woods turns to Nan to prepare their important championship dinners. And the calamari really is that good. Pros: Incredible calamari... and well, everything else. Cons: It's not cheap more

Delicious! 2/27/2010

Went for a shared Birthday dinner with my best friends. The food was incredible. Tried things I had never even thought of eating and all of it was delicious and gorgeous to look at. The waitress was not appreciating our enthusiasm for the food and our celebration. It was a bit of a shame, but the food (and the bathroom) made up for it. Pros: Great food, great food, great food Cons: Barely tolerant wait staff more

great food, great ambiance, lack of great service 2/7/2010

I took my family there to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. Food was fantastic, ambiance was great, the service was really disappointing that night. more

Good food but ambience lacking 9/20/2008

We joined some of our friends for a Saturday evening meal on their recommendation, and indeed the food and service was excellent. The lavatories were also interesting. Our only complaint was that we could not hear each other. We were seated amidst two huge raucous parties, and conversation became strained. If we're going to drop a couple hundred bucks on a meal and an evening out, I'd like to be able to converse. Large parties should be confined to a specific area while small parties could keep in a more intimate setting. A little creativity would help here. Pros: Good food Cons: Lousy ambience more

Outstanding Thai, good service and the BEST bathroom I have ever been in. 6/20/2008

Ok... so I love thai food and I absolutely LOVE Nan thai. The food is delicious to start I love the poh pia (vegetarian basil roll and tamarind spring rolls) and the Tom kha kung is great........the kra pow pla ka pong (fried whole red snapper) is to die for... I absolutely can not get's definitely a must try. The service is good and the bathroom is out of this world... you will think that you have been teletransported to a spa location on some remote thai beach. I don't think I paid attention to bathrooms before this (besides cleanlinss of course) but my standards have definitely been raised ( I'm sure I wont find anything close in Atlanta but note to other need to up the anty).\r \r \r P.S. love the traditional thai attire worn by the staff more

My new favorite restaurant! 6/15/2008

It is not as expensive as everyone claims. I was a little surprised that my thai tea was $8.50 and I ordered two! I also had the beef curry with white rice which was so flavorful my mouth watered the entire time. The green tea creme broule was a little weird, but they happily replaced it with a thai tea creme broule which was pretty good. My meal was $35. The atmosphere is very inviting and neatly arranged. The staff was very attentive and personable. Pros: Great food, great service, great atmosphere Cons: Doesn't open until 5, no patio, no easy way to get there more

Amazing food and ambiance 6/10/2008

A co-worker and I went here on a whim and it was one of the most fantastic Thai restaurants I've ever been to. I'm from NYC and we have some great places, but this beat them all. The food was unbelievable, the decor authentic and the service was great too. There were no negatives about this place. The bathroom was even gorgeous! more

Nan's new menu same great taste! 5/1/2008

I've eaten at Nan's a few times over the past few years and I gotta tell you, I don't understand these negative comments left behind. I read the hat guy, really they don't allow hats in the dining room, I seriously doubt they, ""took your hat."" I doubt they were insulting you ""hat guy.""Service is stellar here, My meal is evenly paced and I don't feel rushed, I've never felt rushed here. Not to sound like Andy Roonie, but maybe these people with these bad experiences, maybe they were real jerks! I never find the hostess to be rude, infact shes quite accomodating, maybe you just failed to show up on time. And who needs more than an hour and a half to eat dinner. i don't think this family owned restaurant would treat their guests like that. The new chef Dee, walks around the floor, they way her mother used to do. Shes gracefull and elegant, like the dishes she is producing in the kitchen. By the way they have a new menu and its great. You can tell daughter has learned a lot from mother here and it shows. I know it can be difficult with restaurants, but I think that if you're a nice person you'll get good service. i've always had grreat service, Pros: New menu Cons: deciding between Tamarind seed or Nans more

Great food, bad service 1/26/2008

Nan has great thai food and a nice ambience, but the host @ the desk was rude! She told us we needed to leave in an hour and a half because there was another reservation, like who does that, ruined the nite! Pros: Food and ambience Cons: service more

Satisfied at every visits!!! 12/8/2007

Another congratulation to this great restaurant of Atlanta again, I have been a customer here for a few years now and always enjoy the food and services here at Nan! I think the staff are wonderful and knowledgeable. I enjoy good food and services from all over the world and this is one of my favorite restaurant and I will continue to come here as long as I'm in Atlanta. For those who enjoy a fine dining experience I highly recommend this restaurant. Pros: Staff and service more

Dont insult me and smile while you do it. At least be consistent. 12/7/2007

Excellent Food. Perfect servings for one person. Dont expect leftovers. more

Worst Customer Service- No service received 11/26/2007

My husband and I thought that Nan Thai fine dining would be a very nice place to have dinner. Reading all the reviews we thought it would be a great place. more

If you hav'nt been you need to go! 11/2/2007

My wife and I dine out at different restaurants very often but I've never been before moved to post a review. At Nan as soon as you walk in the decor and feel instantly takes you far from Spring & 17th. I took my wife there for her 20 something'th birthday with a group of about 15 friends. the reservations were no hassle with the regular cc# and comfirmation call. As soon as we were seated our wait staff was on hand providing stellar service and thats a understatment for the service we were given. The entree's were filling and tasted wonderful. Just before we were seated I breifed valet that I hid my wife's gift in the car there was no hic-up retreiving it ,and in a matter of minutes our extremly helpful hostess helped me plan the waitress bringing her gift out right after we finished our entrees with dessert . All while I sat there pretending to be clueless, it went off without a hitch. Great service, great food, price...let me say I'm not a rich man but in this case you get much more then you pay for. Pros: All of the above Cons: If your not up for tasting a bit of culture stick to Applebees more

Best $100 I ever spent on food! 10/1/2007

My husband and I dined here to celebrate my birthday and initially were worried about the $$$ it had next to it and all the reviews saying how expensive it was. From the moment we stepped into the foyer, we felt like we were transported to another time and place. We decided to enjoy ourselves and not worry about price so we indulged in the Chef's Blue Plate appetizer and a bottle of wine. The portions were tiny but the food was thoughtfully prepared. I would definitely only order the calamari and steamed dumplings the next time, they were the standouts. I ordered pad thai noodles full of large shrimp and he the r@ck of lamb. He was concerned about being hungry afterwards but that r@ck was like an entire steak, it was the best he ever had. Of course, on the way out we stopped by the restrooms and both exclaimed when we opened the door. That is the nicest potty Ive ever seen, I wanted to take it home with me! Pros: Complimentary Valet, Amazing Restroom, Great Thai Servers Cons: High Priced Apps with small portions more

Best Thai in Atlanta 9/2/2007

This is one of the best Thai places in the city. If you like Duck you cannot go wrong here ( Ped Masaman ). The Nan Martini is a great opener to your meal. If you cannot decide on an appetizer, I recommend the Chef's Blue Plate which has sample of the best. Pricey but worth every penny. My friends and I are hooked.\r Pros: Location, Service Cons: price more

Quite possible my favorite restaurant in Midtown. Exquis... 8/20/2007

Quite possible my favorite restaurant in Midtown. Exquisite thai food. Amazing service. Incredible wine... more

Quite possible my favorite restaurant in Midtown. Exquis... 8/20/2007

RichDeAugustinis Provided by Partner
Quite possible my favorite restaurant in Midtown. Exquisite thai food. Amazing service. Incredible wine list. Top notch. more
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    Anchoring a corner of 17th and Spring, Nan is not only the best Thai restaurant in Atlanta, it just might be the best overall restaurant in Atlanta. Rarely do you really see...

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