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N & S Towing

1719 S 83rd St
Milwaukee, WI 53214
(414) 476-8697
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when it comes down to N&S towing every1 is very helpful. they try their best to deal with customers. it is a family owned company so why talk about someone u don't even know. if...


Stay as far away from these guys as possible..... They are in league with the police. After the police hijack the car for them, these guys hold it ransom. $105 for a 3 block to...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2014

I am with all the people who do NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE FOR ANY KIND OF SERVICE! My daughter was in a serious accident a few days ago and she finally felt well enough to check out her vehicle. When my daughter and her boyfriend arrived, out of all the hungry hungry hippos, none acknowledged them! As some of the other people stated, it was dirty and the hippos behind the desk could care less, they answered the phones and acted like no one was there. My daughter's boyfriend was getting upset and decided to let my daughter handle the situation, there was no 'Hello how may I help you'? No "" How are you today"" NO NOTHING! My daughter said, it was the worst customer service she'd ever experienced, She will be calling the Police Department about this, and I myself will be calling the BBB because this was absolutely RIDICULOUS! How these tons of funs stay in business, I'lll never know! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/30/2013

Went to pick up my brothers 2002 Corvette and had concerns about it when they towed it and they damage the ground affect on the underneath of the front clip and trying to explain to him what they did and some lady working there that was in the 500 lbs. club kept telling the gentlemen to call the ""cops"" and then he told me to buy a screw to fix it and that was good advice because they can screw themselves and ever chance I get I will throw this wrecker company underneath bus and for the lady behind the counter eat another donut !!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/30/2013

I use them all the time over many years, no one want's to have their car towed by the city of West Allis but someone has to do it. I use them when my car is not running or needs to be brought back from the dealer, or from the auction. For the price it's a great service and the come right away. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/11/2013

Worst place ever to have your car towed! My daughter just recently had her car towed and the knocked her alignment out of whack! The office staff is rude and dirty! I once saw a staff member walking around the office with NO SHOES OR SOCKS ON! for the love of God! it's a tow lot! It's dirty, it's also a ""business"" - and I use the term loosely! No wonder everybody I know refers to it as ""Nick and Scratch Towing"" their kids run around and play there too! They could get seriously hurt! Never ever again more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/7/2013

I was in an accident and transported to a local hospital. The next day I was told by my insurance company , AAA to find out where the car was towed, get my belongings out and let the people there know that they should release the car to AAA. Before I went I googled the place and saw all the negative comments. I thought oh great just my luck. Wasn't surprised by the office as I watch a lot of repo shows on tv. I saw all the people up front and the little girl. I have to admit I had my guard up. Then as the little girl ran by she looked up at me and smiled. The thought came to my mind that this girl was happy and treated with love. I relaxed. A young man showed me to my car. He had to be freezing but stayed with me while I went through all the junk in my car. He even helped me carry my portable speaker system out of the yard to my car. This was a nice kid. Maybe others have a legitimate complaint and I'm not saying they didn't have a right to complain. Just saying that they were great with me and I think they deserve the benefit of doubt when you have to come to them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/22/2012

I recently needed a tow truck after my car broke down and I ended up stranded on my way to work. I happened to have their business card in my wallet (someone had given it to me a while back) so I called them. I have no complaints as far as the actual towing goes. They responded quickly (I think I waited less then fifteen minutes, which is great), the tow-truck driver was very nice and helpful, and they transported my car to where I asked them without damaging it, which is all you can ask for. The problems started when I tried to pay. They ran my credit card once and then told me that something was wrong with their machine and it hadn't worked, so they would have to run it again. When they ran it the second time, they told me it had been declined, which I knew was impossible because I had just been to the bank earlier that day and knew exactly how much money I had. They kept insisting it was being declined so I ended up paying in cash. It was $132, which was pretty much all of the cash I had. After I got home, the first thing I did was check my bank balance to see why my card was declined and lo-and-behold, they had charged my account! The reason the card was declined when they ran it the second time was because it had already been charged the first time, when they said it hadn't work. Basically, I had paid them twice, once with my credit card and once in cash. Still, that's not so bad, anyone can make a mistake, right? Well, here's the reason that I will never use them again and would not recommend this place to anyone: When I called to tell them that they had accidentally overcharged me, the woman I spoke to on the phone (her name was Deb or Debbie) was one of the rudest and most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. She insisted that my bank had made the error, not them, and that they didn't owe me any money, and she told me I would have to sort it out with the bank. I said to her, ""You guys charged my card. The bank statement says N&S Towing on it. How can you tell me you aren't responsible?"" I asked to speak to a manager and she said she was the manager. Then she told me it was my problem, not her's, and I would have to figure it out with my bank and hung up the phone on me. At that point I was late for work so I gave the phone to my mom and asked her to try talking to them. When my mom called, the woman denied having hung up on me (what a liar-too bad for her she was on speaker phone, so everyone had heard the whole thing.) After my mom argued with her for a while (and my fiance threatened to call the better business bureau) they became more cooperative. I still haven't gotten my money back but they claim that I will eventually. If I don't I'll be taking them to small claims court. (By the way, I never once got an apology, even after they admitted their mistake.) If you look at the reviews on this page, you'll notice that they only have one positive review, and it's from someone who works for them. All of the other reviews are negative. What does that tell you? more

Stay as far away from these guys as 3/7/2012

Stay as far away from these guys as possible..... They are in league with the police. After the police hijack the car for them, these guys hold it ransom. $105 for a 3 block tow.. $50 more each day for storage? more

I just have to say my car was towed 12/15/2011

I just have to say my car was towed here and I called up and asked if it was possible to get my car, they said no they were closed. So I asked if it was ok if I got some things out of my car that I needed. The girl said do you have proof that its your car, I said well I have my licnse she said do you have proof and I answered I have my husband its his car, she then said that is not proof like the Title. I said you need a title to pick up a car (Ive never done this before) She said listen I am only trying to help you and you are being a smart ass so forget it. I said excuse me Im being a smart ass what about you swearing she said ass is not a swear it is something you sit on, I said its in the dictionary as a swear. I said ok well Im going to get the title she said you are not thinking you are going to come get this stuff tonight and I replied you just told me if I got the title I could she then proceeded to tell me that I couldnt come get it because I was an ignorant bitch and that I would have to wait. This place is the worse place if somebody thinks they can talk to a customer like that! THis is after I told her about my ipod and other valuable items in the car, I cant wait to see them missing tmrw when I go get the car. THis place should be shut down!!!! And I plan on calling the Better Buisness Bureau! more

N&S towing, Never call this place. 8/30/2011

Do not call this place or do business here. We had the car towed to our residence, and we tried paying with a credit card over the phone. The receiver (N&S towing ) on the other end miss typed the cvs number on the back twice, one with each credit card, so the cards were declined each time he punched it in correctly the second time. And anyone who had a card knows, it will decline it a second time for security reason, so you need to try it a a third time for it to work. But according to their so called policy, they only try each card twice. So it was declined, so they towed the car all the way back to their store, which happened to be on the other side of town, and charged us for that tow as well. When we finally came to pick it up,.the place looked like a dump, the office was scattered with junk, and the seating in there was terrible. A bench covered in duck tape. My brother asked to see the manager, and they told us the manager wouldn't be in till about 2, and it was 9 A.M. when we arrived. So we tried talking to the guy who took our phone call and mistook the cvs number. He was less then pleasant to hear us out. He said that was our policy, and that he took the number right both times on each card even though earlier that morning he admitted he punched it in wrong. I told them they should have tried the card a third time, and it would have worked, and the lady in the back yelled at me, saying no, that doesn't work. I proceeded to argue with her saying, it did and she told me to leave. So as I stood outside, they told my brother he could no longer pay with a credit card but now had to pay with cash. he asked why not, and they said it was their policy. He asked to see a copy of this policy, and they replied ""We don't have a copy of the policy"". How do you not have a copy of the policy when your working in a business. ----This place is a scam.---- So we got the cash, and they drove the car out on a blown out tire ruining the rim and inner parts of the tire even more, when they had it on a lift in the first place. Everyone there smoked and had no courtesy. Do not do business with these people. I am currently filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I recommend everyone else with a complaint does the same. more

WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/1/2011

The reviews speak for themselves, but the issue is they actually work with the police, unreal... !!!!! UNREAL!!!! The police are seriously just as useless and this is what my tax dollars go to?????? What a JOKE, what a joke!!!!! I would never use these people if it were not for the snow, not in a million years. Their customer service is rude and obviously not trained to take calls!!! PLEASE PLEASE NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE HEAD, THEY SUCK IN ALL REGARDS!!!!!!!!!! AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!!! The only way they can get work is through a government contract..... WHAT A FRIGGING JOKE!!!! more

N & S Towing 5/23/2010

My friends car was towed to this lot in West Allis on saturday and the driver said we could pick up the car Sunday between 12:30-1pm, but to call first even though they are closed because the owner is there sometimes. We called and they said we could come by to pick up the car and it would be $110. When we looked at the bill they charged us an extra $25 because we were picking it up ""after hours"". Its not ""after hours"" on a Sunday when they are closed. We paid the extra money and got the car. Little did we know that when we got in it there was no gas to be found! Now I'm not pointing fingers but where does a half tank of gas disappear to? Hmmmmmm Entering into the building the occupants are less desirable to interact with. There were multiple animal sightings along with numerous children running about. They also had a ""donation"" box to help animals. hmmm....I wonder where that money goes. There were a bunch of people there too behind the counter just chillin watchin movies on some tv while an old man is yelling at his little girl. It was terrible, dont EVER use this place. THEY ARE CORRUPT!!! Pros: none what so ever Cons: illegal activity, ripping you off, syphoning gas more

Unprofessional and Unskilled workers - NOT RECOMMENDED 5/9/2010

Had an accident that was ins covered - sherrif recommended going through them for towing and I was able to retrieve items (CAR SEAT) when it gets to the yard. After calling them they said call back at 7 , call back at 7, they say call back at 8, then called back and said we are not able to pick up our son's much needed car seat for safety reasons by law and told to wait until they open the next day. I am a single mother who only had a ride at that moment and they were very rude and unprofessional in regards to safety with children only weighing 30 lbs that legally need to be in a car seat. I am trying to attend school and graduate yet I cannot get the books for school that I need as well. I will be fling a complaint with the Public Works Dept - they should not be receiving contracts that are out of their professional realm of law and standards. Never go there!! Cons: many more

Great towing company! 2/23/2010

I don't know why there are all of the bad reviews about N&S on here. I work at an insurance company, and I work with N&S everyday and send all of my customers there. I have not ever had any bad experiences with them, and I find the people to be friendly and helpful. When a snow storm hits and you're crawling your way into work in the morning, look at the side of the road, and it's N&S helping all those people out of ditches. You'll hardly ever see another tow truck in the Milwaukee area. more

Extremly poor driveing 2/7/2010

I was heading North bound, on the freeway on 2-08-10 at 8:45am. more

best company in wiscon 11/6/2008

when it comes down to N&S towing every1 is very helpful. they try their best to deal with customers. it is a family owned company so why talk about someone u don't even know. if i were you i would realize how much they do for everyone in the area. we go out of our way to do things that most towing company's wont do. so next time u think about saying anything just realize how much help we really are. we do so much stuff for people to get their cars back. but if there is a problem with a card that is not on us.maybe u should just think about what ur saying when u don't know the company more

Horrendous customer service 7/12/2008

I would recommend everyone to steer clear of N&S Towing. If you have ever been to their location, you'll see immediately how the business is run. Inside their cramped, dirty, smelly store, cats, dogs, and screaming children run amok. The employees are loud, rude, and disrespectful. The wait times are also ridiculous; I was in the store for 2 1/2 hours trying to get my car out of their lot and towed to where it should have been towed in the first place. I was also charged $160 more than I was supposed to be after they claimed that 3 separate credit cards of mine, all with available balances WELL over the cost of the towing, were ""declined"" and my car was towed to their impound lot. Whether or not those cards were even ran by them is currently under review by my banking institutions. Through my employment, I have sent N&S many customers, but after my personal experience, I will be sure to never do so again. Cons: customer service, rates, use of wreckers instead of flatbeds (can you say exhaust scrape?), shabby location, long wait times more

Check their rates 10/10/2007

N&S was called (not by me) to have a motorcycle moved after an accident, I contacted them to have the motorcycle moved to a dealer. They were rude and the price was unbelivably high. (over $400) Thank goodness for the dealer who accepted payment for the motorcycle tow or it would still be at N&S. more
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