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My Universal Mover - 14 Reviews - 14900 Avery Ranch Blvd Unit C, Austin, TX - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (512) 363-0030

My Universal Mover

14900 Avery Ranch Blvd Unit C
Austin, TX 78717
(512) 363-0030
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My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX
My Universal Mover - Austin, TX


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moving company provided excellent care and the most professional moving services i have ever seen. i was amazed by the movers skills and courtesy especially with the price being s...


This moving business is poor in customer care, these 5 reviews are all paid, and do not reflect the reality. The owner of the business is not serious, if you do not believe it try...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2013

Worst experience ever! It was a complete nightmare for me and my sister and we had a friend witness the entire experience too! Best to list all that went wrong and what went right.\r What went wrong:\r 1. Never confirmed my appointment day before or day of. I had to call.\r 2. Was an hour late. I had to call at set appointment time to find out where they are.\r 3. Presented me with many hidden charges and a fees.\r 4. Mustafa was one of the movers and he gave me attitude the entire two hours.\r 5. Both movers were slow. Walked slow. Moved slow. Slow slow slow and not the kind of slow that was meticulous either.\r 6. Damaged and scratched my furniture. Dented my washer and dryer - never covered the pieces on the dolly while moving it in and out of the truck! Took chunks of paint off the walls and corners of the walls moving furniture. Was told by Mustafa that they are the best and I didn't have to worry about anything!\r 7. Call Abdul Chambers, owner of the company and left him messages during the move explaining my disappointment and asking him to call me to discuss. He told the movers he didn't want to speak to me because I was upset. Nice way to treat paying customers!\r 8. Movers threatened me and my sister to pay cash or they would drive away with our furniture. We had our hands tied as they were holding our belongings hostage!!!\r What went right:\r 1. NOTHING!\r Take warning, do not hire this moving company ever! If you do, you will be sorry. Look at the reviews on this site and you will see that there are more unhappy people who had unhappy experiences that the happy ones. Please go elsewhere! Your money is too important to waste with My Universal Movers! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/24/2012

UNETHICAL AND SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS!!! I was recently helping my best friends move the other day when they hired this stupid company from a coupon found on Living Social. Unfortunately, it was a terrible idea because they apparently got what they paid for for various reasons. \r \r First, the movers were about 1 hour late and the business didn't even bother to call us to let us know they were coming late. We had to call the business to figure out when they were coming.\r \r Second, when they arrived, the movers stated that there would be additional charges that most legitimate moving companies would NOT charge. Apparently, there were extra hidden charges for moving normal items such as a washer and dryer. I never heard of this from other moving companies and I've moved all over throughout the world and continental US.\r \r Third, the movers slowly took their time in moving causing my friends to pay for an extra hour of service.\r \r Fourth, my friends were so upset with those extra charges that they wanted to speak with management / business owner, Abdul Bin Laden, about it during the move. They left several messages to call them back but the owner never returned the messages, however, they were returning the movers' phone calls. My friends then stated that they were not willing to pay until they spoke with management but the business owner texted the movers to not unload anything and to pack up everything up. Essentially, the business owner, Abdul Bin Laden, held my friends hostage by refusing to confront and discuss the issues with his customers and threatening to not give back their goods until they paid for everything.\r \r Fifth, the movers were very unprofessional and gave an attitude toward my friends. And I can't believe those movers expected a tip in the end.\r \r Overall, if the business owner, Abdul Bin Laden, had at least spoken with my friends to discuss the issues, then I think this online review would be at least better. But then again, after reading all the other reviews, I don't think the experience would have been any better because it looks like Abdul Bin Laden treats all his customers terribly. What else would you expect from a guy named Abdul? This was a horrible moving experience!\r \r Remember, the best form of advertising is word of mouth and this online review will certainly help bring down this business! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/24/2012

Never have I experienced such poor service and lack of professionalism. I feel like it's my duty to warn others not to fall into the same trap. This ""company"" is criminal and I had to take my complaint to the BBB because they would not respond to my phone calls or letter. \r This company compounded the stress associated with moving ten-fold and destroyed my things. If you call the owner (Abdul) to bring any matter to his attention, be prepared to be met with sarcasm, rudeness or just be hung up on. \r \r I am convinced that any customer (see Raj M below me) who wants to give others advice based on his 1 moving experience about contacting Abdul 2 weeks prior, and sending Abdul a reminder a few days in fact Adbul. This is clearly not a customer review...but a poor attempt by the owner at giving his own company a positive review. \r \r I'm going to summarize the multitude of things that went wrong: \r \r - They showed up 5 hours late to move my roommate. \r \r - Our belongings were stolen (iPhone charger that they asked to borrow and a bookshelf we never recovered) \r \r - Our belongings were damaged and destroyed beyond all repair. My leather couch was scratched and ripped on 3 sides, because they dragged it down the exterior wall of the apartment building. Holes in our boxspring, greasy nasty sweat stains on EVERYTHING, no exageration. They wiped their heads on my mattress.\r \r - Poor attitude, complained about stairs, heavy things...oblivious to the fact that this was obviously part of their job description. I kept them supplied with iced-water, and I moved a great deal of my own things as well, to speed up the process.\r \r - James and Charles took lengthy and frequent breaks. Which was unfortunate for me, because I had to pay them in 15 minute increments. I expect them to take short breaks here and there because the work is strenuous...but 20+ minute breaks and cigarette breaks every few trips up/down the stairs really start to add on to my total moving time.\r \r - They took no safety precautions - they discarded all the protective materials they have for actually ensuring people's things don't get damaged...They threw that on the floor outside the truck, because they were in the way. \r \r - They overcharged me for the floors (double...said I had to pay $10 per floor per mover, it was only supposed to be $10 per floor). They made up (yes!) a price for moving my washer.\r \r - They tried to charge me for fuel/transportation...when their website and agreement clearly states that that's included in the per hour rate.\r \r - I asked the movers, James and Charles, to write me a receipt so that I could have some sort of record of the transaction...they told me to WRITE IT MYSELF. \r \r - The 2 movers lied to the owner of the company on the phone, and tried to justify the damage to my couch by saying if they had used the protective sheets, the couch wouldn't have fit through the door (lol). We all know how thin a sheet is right? To say it would have impeded the passage through the door is beyond ridiculous.\r \r If you care about your posessions, and you want efficient professional service, then avoid this company at all costs. It was painfully obvious these movers were not professionals. They had never been trained on how to safely (or hygenically) move things, or manoeuver them down stairs or through tight places. They didn't know what the padding was for....\r \r I tried to contact the owner, Abdul Chambers, several times, my phone calls were never returned, and my email/letter was never replied to. Daylight robbery, complete criminals, pathetic hacks and liars trying to make a quick buck. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/4/2012

I am very happy with both the company's (Abdul's) promptness and the movers were excellent! I was a bit wary when I read the poor reviews before, but my experience was very positive. I set up the date 2 weeks in advance for a 4 hr period and Abdul confirmed the date and time of pick up. I told him that I need to move a 2 bed room apartment and he sent a big truck which was great. \r \r The movers called me 2 hrs before the scheduled pick up and said that they could come in early, which I was glad about, since I was ready. There were two movers, both very courteous, well behaved and professional. They took great care in moving all my stuff. A big thumbs up to the movers. They did a fantastic job and we were done 30 mins before time.\r \r From my personal experience, I would recommend Universal movers to everyone and suggest to do the following for a smooth moving:\r 1. Talk to Abdul in advance for reservation (at least 2 weeks).\r 2. If you have a 2 bedroom apartment, book for 4 hrs. Its just not possible to load, travel and unload all that stuff in 2 hrs. Be reasonable in your expectations. The movers are human beings not machines.\r 3. Send Abdul a reminder a day or two before the move in.\r \r Hope it helps! Happy moving!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2012

Yep...stay away is not even the word. Still have not received my so called contract. The movers came in and told me that there were extra charges when Abdul never told me about. Drops my frig and says it's because there was ice still at the bottom so that's the reason...really?! They don't listen to directions at all then get mad at you. After moving us, then proceeds to tell me that I had the option to sign up for insurance. Question...why was I not told about this until after the move. Well my husband who is actually alot nicer than me calls to find out what he needs to do to get the Frig fixed since they dropped it and he tells him that we should of signed up for the insurance even after he dropped fraud alert!! Also tells him well just make a claim with your renter's insurance and just say you dropped it in the move...again insurance fraud. Well after my husband was told that he decided to hang up on him I looked up their so called address, drove to two different locations to find out that it's actually a Post It office and Brake Specialist place. Well abdul...since you didn't want to talk to my husband or me, you will be hearing my lawyer because my friend what you said to him is against the law! You should've just dealt with my husband because again he is truly the nice one. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

STAY FAR FAR AWAY.The Manager Abdul is no help at all and he has the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. He even goes as low as to write a review about his own company and pretend to be a customer. He never can keep his story straight and wont give you the name or number of anyone else to talk to. Every other bad review is completely correct on the service I got. Anyone that had a good review about this company, was probably his friend. He took money from me, wont call back, yells on the phone, says he doesn't care about his customers or his service, and everything he says is a lie. Please read all the reviews before even considering this company, and then realize its not worth the trouble. If you call him and say you have any kind of problem you will see the kind of business this is. This place needs to be shut down and fined! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/23/2012

I too had a very bad experience with this company. I grabbed at the opportunity for the Groupon for their services because the previous year I had done purchased a Groupon for a different moving company. And last year, the other company did a great job! So I expected the same this year. NOT AT ALL WHAT I EXPECTED. The movers I got had a uhaul rental truck, not their own. And they charged me a $30 travel fee, stupid!! I could have rented the truck myself. Then they took their sweet a** time loading my things, tore my couches, and ruined my stair mantel with my couches. The guys were dressed in bagging, unprofessional clothing. One of them was on the phone with his baby momma. I was very disappointed. They didn't finish moving all my things from my old apartment because they were taking too long I didn't want them to charge me for an extra hour. They didn't stop the clock for travel time, even though they charged me separately for travel time. Then I helped them physically unload my furniture and belongings. ALL this and they still charged me an extra hour for going over 30 minutes!! I called to complain and was told they'd be written up but I never got my money back. All I wanted was money back for the extra hour because I felt they were purposely taking their time to move my things. Plus, the next day I had to return to my old place with family to move the rest of my things. What the previous company had done last year in two hours, this company took 4 hours and didn't finish the job!! Totally DISSATISFIED!!!! Had they refunded my extra hour charge I wouldn't have written this review, but I am so pissed off at thier lack of service, I see no other solution. more

Stay Away! 5/4/2012

I purchased a deal from this company on Living Social, and I really wish I never had! When I attempted to make my appointment, the owner/manager informed me that the only date and time available during my moving weekend was Friday, May 5th at 3. He told me that the next available appointment was 3 weeks later. Since I didn't buy my new home to not live in it for 3 weeks, I took the available time. Today at 3, no one was at the scheduled meeting point, and no one had called me, so I called. The manager told me he would call my truck and movers to determine their location. I never heard back, so I called again only to be informed that the movers were currently at their prior job, and would be on their way soon. At 3:40 the movers called me to let me know that they were on their way, from South Austin!! My location is in Georgetown, which is at least a 45 minute drive without traffic, and they were going to be driving near 5 o'clock on a Friday. I called the manager to see if we could reschedule for Saturday morning. He told me we could reschedule for 4 weeks from now, with a $75 reschedule fee. I then said I wanted to cancel the services and get my money back. He told me there would be a cancel fee, and I wouldn't get any money back because and I quote ""I already have your money, so I don't care, you'll have to get your money back from Living Social"". I then felt stuck because he made it sound like I would lose money regardless, so I told them to go ahead come to the appointment. I did inform him that I was unhappy with the service, and although I was calm throughout the conversation, he proceeded to yell at me for being indecisive and told me that it was my fault for making an appointment at 3 on a Friday (I was not informed at the time of the appointment that the prior appointment was in South Austin). The movers finally arrived at 5 pm (2 hours later than their scheduled time!!!). The movers were pleasant and did a decent job. I actually have no complaints about them, with the exception of the 2 hour time delay, which was not their fault, but rather their manager's scheduling error. At the end of the move, the manager informed his movers that I needed to pay a $25 service fee (not mentioned on the voucher). I ask him if he could wave the fee due to 1. the 2 hour delay and 2. his rude behavior. He told me no, and his movers told me they could not leave my house until I paid, so I did, mostly because I didn't want them to get in trouble. I've honestly never experienced such terrible customer service. Abdul (the manager) was so rude that by the end of conversation I was in tears. The movers were actually fine, but until the company gets rid of Abdul stay away! Even if it means carrying 500 pounds of stuff up 8 flights of stairs by yourself. Trust me. more

Don't do it!!! 4/5/2012

I try to stay away from writing reviews that are too negative because you never know if there is a real pattern or if someone was just having a bad day. However, my experience thus far has been so bad that I feel like others need to be warned. When I moved out of my last apartment I wasn't too sure where I wanted to live so I put almost everything in storage and moved into a much smaller place with just a sofa, mattress, TV, 2 lamps, some cooking gear and clothes. When I saw the voucher for this company on Living Social I grabbed it, figuring I'd use it when I decided where in Austin I wanted to move to permanently. I ended up getting a really neat work opportunity out of the state for the next year so I contacted them to see if I could use my voucher. They said that was fine. The plan was for them to collect the very few things that are in my apartment and move them to the storage facility that is, according to Map Quest, 5.23 miles away if you go the ""long"" way. So, barely any furniture and a drive of just over 5 miles, all in the same county (the Living Social voucher says the move must be in Williamson or Travis county and both my current apartment and the storage facility are in Williamson county. 5.23 miles apart). This is much easier than what they would normally be asked to do. Now they are telling me that they want to charge an extra $40 because the facility and my apartment have different zip codes. I pointed out that nowhere in the voucher does it say anything about this and that we are talking about a distance of just over 5 miles, all within the same county, as dictated by the voucher. He then tried to weasel around it, acting like they were doing me a favor by honoring the voucher at all?! I was polite the entire time but also firm - i am adhering to all the conditions of the voucher and I expect them to as well. But no, he expects me to just give him $40 or cart the furniture to the storage facility myself so his guys can unload it. Ridiculous. I've had several friends, including an attorney friend who does nothing BUT read boring contracts all day review the voucher and my conversation with the company and absolutley no one has any idea how they are justified in tacking on this additional fee. Usually I cave in because I don't really like confrontation and when it's small amounts of money like this, I figure it's easier to just let it go. But this has me really riled up since I am SO blatantly being stolen from and the owner is so dismissive of violating his own contract. Now I'm trying to work out something with LivingSocial (who of course really just wants me to forget about it) to get a refund and I'll just ask friends to help me out again. Stay away, give the extra money these guys would scam from you to a good charity instead. more

Movers are excellent 4/5/2012

moving company provided excellent care and the most professional moving services i have ever seen. i was amazed by the movers skills and courtesy especially with the price being so reasonable.. please! if you need movers contact my universal movers. They made my universal transformation smooth and affordable and i wish that on anyone needing the service done...Good work guys! more

Run away and don't look back! 3/21/2012

I bought the $99 Living Social deal and called the company for an appointment. A man named Abdul answered and scheduled a time. He was extremely abrupt and kept putting me on hold, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was just having an off day. I told him I needed some wardrobe boxes on the day of the move. On moving day, no boxes arrived and that's just the beginning of my horrible experience with Abdul. When the move was complete, the movers didn't know the proper amount to charge me so we called Abdul. He began yelling at me and telling me all the reasons why his mover was incompetent and should know the amount to charge. I had to calm him down and remind him that I was the customer and I simply needed to know the final amount. He gave it to me and the mover, and then I signed the credit card receipt. 11:00pm that evening, he called to inform me that he was charging my card more b/c I didn't pay enough. He was adding extra charges we had not discussed. I told him he could only charge for the amount I authorized. He then said, “I’ll do what I want to do and there is nothing you can do about it."" I told him I thought he was extremely rude and I asked to speak to his manager. He replied, ""I'm from New York. I don't have time to be nice and courteous; I have a business to run. And, I will not give my manager's information."" Needless to say, I was absolutely appalled. I explained the situation to my bank. My bank reimbursed me the extra charges and they filed a fraud claim on My Universal Movers. more

Never Showed Up 3/15/2012

I bought the $99 LivingSocial deal and booked an appointment with My Universal Movers for a Sunday at 9 am to move my one-bedroom apartment. The manager told me he needed a credit card to book my appointment, so I gave him my credit card number, which he then charged for $107.50. When I saw the charge on my statement, I called to ask why he'd charged me, since I'd already paid LivingSocial. He said that if the move did not go over the deal's promised two hours, he would refund the $99. We did not speak again until the moving day. On moving day, the crew did not show up by 9:15, so I called the manager. The manager, who continually forgot who I was and when my appointment was, told me that they were running late and would be at my apartment by 11 or 11:30. At 11:30, I called again. The manager said they were still running late. I said I had another appointment at 1 pm and asked if they would make it by then. He said they might not make it by 1 pm--he didn't know where they were--so I canceled the 1 pm appointment. As the crew still had not arrived by 5 pm, I called again. The manager told me the crew had rescheduled me. No one had called me to tell me I had been rescheduled. He said he would call the crew to see where they were and call me back. He did not. I called again at 6:30, at 7:30, and at 8:30 pm, and each time was told I might be next on the list. Finally, the manager said the crew was worn out and would not be able to move my things that day. He rescheduled for 8:30 am Monday and said they would have to rent a truck since theirs was down. When I expressed displeasure at being pushed 23.5 hours back from my original appointment, he said he hoped I appreciated that he was losing money on this transaction. At 9 am Monday, the crew called me. They said they had rented the truck, were on their way, and would be at my apartment in 45 minutes (an hour and 15 minutes after the promised time). At 9:55, they had not arrived, so I called them back, and they said something was wrong with the truck and they were waiting for a guy. As I was then two hours late for work, I told them I would leave both the old and new apartments unlocked, and asked them to just take my things over. When I spoke to my apartment complex manager, she recommended that I immediately cancel my reservation with this company and gave me the name of a reliable company. So I called the crew, and then the manager, to cancel. LivingSocial refunded my money immediately, and my credit card company has gotten me the $107.50. In summary: My Universal Movers charged me before they ever showed up, never called to tell me they were behind schedule, and rescheduled without telling me. The manager was disorganized and rude. Beware this company. more


horrible expirence. they where 4 hrs late. tore my bed, damaged my headboard. Dropped other thinks out of the truck and just kept moving along. talking on their cell phones using up my time. then after all said and done. the insurance money i paid for to repair or replace damaged stuff. they said was not covered. What is the purpose of insurance if they are not going to cover my stuff. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Rip off. more

Hidden fees 11/15/2011

The movers were later than even promised when they gave me a status call at the promised time. (Arrival time was 3:40, but at the promised time of 3pm they said 25 mins.) This isn't what upset me, as I reserved the afternoon, and I know other moves delay timelines.\r \r The movers were on thier phone off an on with personal calls the entire time. This isn't what upset me, as they got the job done in the time promised.\r \r What upset me was the surprise $25 to use a credit card fee. This fee was added on AFTER the original charge on my card was processed. When I reserved the movers they required a credit card to hold the time. Not unusual, but if there was a fee to use the card to pay, I should have been told. I asked if I could use the card on file for payment, and the movers said he'd have to make a carbon of the card. No problem, but I should have been told about the fee. \r \r They were willing to haggle the price and beat the competition by a fair bit, but made it up in the end with this fee. more

Universal Mover 9/28/2011

My univerals mover is good company for a move.They mover me and one thing i can say about them they good when mover. I dont have anything bad to say about this company. If i ever move they will be the frist people i will call. more

Be careful 8/21/2011

This moving business is poor in customer care, these 5 reviews are all paid, and do not reflect the reality. The owner of the business is not serious, if you do not believe it try it at your own expenses. At least it would be good for you to try and know on your own. more

Great guys, better service 1/23/2011

These guys were fantastic. Not only were they courteous and friendly, but they were quick and professional. The price was better than I could find from anyone else in town (Austin), and they got all my stuff there without any problems. Highly recommended, this is how moving companies should be. more

I recommend these guys 9/24/2010

I recently needed to move, and needed to move fast. Setting the appointment was easy, and the movers were very prompt and professional. Thanks My Universal Movers! more

Need a mover? 9/24/2010

My Universal Movers offers great rates and excellent service more

Just Moved In.... 7/23/2010

I called around to a few movers and end up choosing Universal Movers because they made me feel like I'm taken care of. I talk to the owner directly and got the best price. They were honest and careful. I will recommend to anyone and everyone I know. A+ SERVICE Pros: Professional more
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