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My Sweet Body Endermologie - 30 Reviews - 4150 Riverside Dr . #206, Burbank, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (310) 251-7655
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My Sweet Body Endermologie

4150 Riverside Dr . #206 (at between Rose and Pass Ave.)
Burbank, CA 91505
(310) 251-7655
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My Sweet Body Endermologie - Burbank, CA
My Sweet Body Endermologie - Burbank, CA
My Sweet Body Endermologie - Burbank, CA


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I cannot say enough about Leesah's service! I was skeptical I would see fast results at 47 years old... I could not have been more wrong! At Leesah's advise I followed a health...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 9/2/2012

I Love Leesah! She is amazing...the endermologie treatment is both invigorating and relaxing. I am hooked! more

I cannot say enough about Leesah's 6/7/2012

I cannot say enough about Leesah's service! I was skeptical I would see fast results at 47 years old... I could not have been more wrong! At Leesah's advise I followed a healthy diet, worked out 5 days a week, and saw her twice a week. In 4 months I have dropped 40.5 inches. I know the Endemologie is a huge part of this because the last time I was this size I was 20 pounds lighter. Adding Endermologie allowed me to reduce my size quickly without strarving. I am so happy to be back to a size 4 - Leesah is my hero! more

Wonderful! 11/11/2011

Loved the experience & the result! I workout and eat right, however there were areas that I simply could not seem to get rid of cellulite & fat. I saw great results from endermology! Leesah is terrific! I can not recommend her services enough! more

A Hidden Gem... 11/2/2011

I found My Sweet Body Endermologie online after talking with a friend about the benefits of endermologie. I called Leesah and she clearly informed me about the process, information about the treatments and what I can expect from endermologie. I met with her and it has been one of the best decisions I have made for my body. Her office is small, clean and inviting, yet very relaxing and private to allow you to talk to her about anything you wish. Leesah is very informative about nutrition, so that was helpful to gain some insight on how I can expedite the results of my workouts as well as the treatments. Not only do I love what endermolgie has done on my body (I feel slimmer, tigher, lighter and fit) I adore the relationship I've formed with Leesah as well. She's welcoming and sincere and will give it to you straight! Thank you so much for helping me get closer to my health goals! Give her a call if you're curious and she'll answer all your questions! more

The Best! 6/24/2011

I loved my experience with Leesha at My Sweet Body. I have suffered with a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for over 10 years; after being an elite swimmer since the age of five. After years of intense training, I had no circulation pulsing through my left arm, a consequence that ended my swimming career. After years of reaching out for help from Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, physical therapists, and eastern medicine practitioners... Nothing helped with the return of the circulation to my arm like the feeling I was consequated with after treatments with Leesha! I truly believe in the pulsating machine that is used during the endermologie session, and also the warm spirit of Leesha, to help heal the body and ease the mind. And, I love that Leesha's kindness and keen knowledge of films has eased my mind during treatment, and expanded my film collection. :) I truly had a great experience here :) more

It works 3/28/2011

I love Leesah! I went to her for endermologie and I was blown away by the results I saw and felt after the first session. I am what I call a ""fat skinny person,"" meaning I am slim but it seems to be all fat and no muscle, despite the fact that I take ballet three to four times a week. She explained how endermologie could help me with this issue by working on my sluggish lymphatic system. The treatment itself feels great, like a rolling massage. After the first session, I felt amazing. Until then, I hadn't realized how stiff and achy I am all the time, until after the session when I realized I was totally pain free. My ballet class seemed effortless that night and my muscles felt loose and limber. I really didn't expect to feel better or healthier. I was just going to her to tone up, but now I see what a difference her treatments have made in my overall health. And now I feel good in a bikini too! I highly recommend her. more

Truly Transformative 3/21/2011

As a former beauty writer/lab-rat for the likes of Allure, In Style, Shape, Glamour, etc., I have endured quite literally every kind of body treatment out there. In fact, a few years ago I had a full course of endermologie with one of the ""best"" endermologist in Los Angeles followed by another full course of ""Velasmooth"" or ""Amerismooth"" (They keep shadily changing the name.) Neither proved especially effective. But still, I thought the treatments has potential when executed properly. Briefly: Years later and I'm getting married soon and need a quick tune-up. A colleague recommends Leesah. I'm skeptical. I go anyway. My life is changed forever. You will likely think me hyperbolic. Understand, I retired from beauty writing. But I am beyond compelled in this case. And I am writing from the heart. Via Leesah's exemplary talents, I have lost numerous inches, tons of water weight and tons of fat weight and all kinds of weight I didn't know I could lose. It's almost hilarious. It just shed. She...evaporated me. In a good way. (My engagement ring doesn't fit anymore. Woops.) What's also amazing? The lymphatic drainage/detox/flushing. I am an ex-marathon runner and current triathlete. I am blown away by how effective Leesah is at aiding recovery. I used to be sore 24/7 despite endless yoga and massage. I am never sore anymore. I feel Leesah has given me back years of my life. On a slightly sillier note, she is a brilliant fixer of hangovers. I show up puffed and dumb and leave lithe and smart. It's boderline sorcery. She knows what she's doing. Trust me. Really. This woman is gifted. She will make you better in every way. more

LEESAH ROCKS!!! 2/7/2011

I had never heard of endermologie until I came to LA. When I found Leesah I was blown away with her knowlegde of the human body. I have been an athlete my entire life and thankfully have never had a problem with cellulite. However, I have had a problem with water retention. I had a very important photo shoot to get ready for and I went to Leesah and I must say I looked fabulous for my shoot. I was cut and glowing. Endermologie is amazing. It does more then just rid cellulite, it truly flushes your system and feels amazing while having it done. more

Thank you Leesah! 1/27/2011

When I first decided to try endermologie I went to see Leesah (owner) without a full understanding of the treatment and results. Leesah sat and explained the treatment process, the expected results, the time frame in which to see the results and my part in the overall process. more

Hope for women everywhere! 9/7/2010

My Sweet Body has been a savior for me this summer! I'm 29 and my legs had always been a source of pride for me, so when they started to show signs of age, albeit natural, I was eager to find a solution. I found out about endermologie after doing research online for natural cellulite remedies. Leesah, MSB's owner, had the best reviews on various online sources, so I decided to give her a call. From our first conversation, she was upfront about endermologie's strengths, realistic about the process' limitations if not combined with healthy life choices, and she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable with the investment. I have been doing endermologie all summer and my legs are back! The slight dimpling behind my knees when I bend them is gone and my backside is where it used to be (cue thankful sigh of relief). I have also benefited from a significantly increased energy level which I attribute to the process. Here's my advice: If you're looking for a natural way to battle cellulite that will also greatly improve your quality of life, then endermologie is a good bet. It's an investment, but well worth it. If you're looking for a trustworthy endermologist who will listen to your concerns and respect you enough to be honest, then Leesah is right for you. I'm so glad I found her! more

More than just a cellulite treatment! 7/12/2009

I have never really trusted any of the cellulite products and services out there. Cellulite was just something I would learn to live with. But this year, my husband could barely touch my arms because it was hurting so much. I knew it was the lymph. I had heard of different lymph drainage techniques so I started my research. I thoroughly searched internet to read reviews on different machines, techniques and products. When I discovered My Sweet Body and read its perfect ratings, I decided to give it a try. And I am happy I did! And no wonder she gets perfect ratings: Not only were my arms already not hurting after the first treatment but after my third one, I can already see some results and above all feel different results in my life: my appetite has improved, I breathe better, I have more energy, my cravings are gone, I wake up earlier and feel energized and ready for my day... and yes, I already see some results with cellulite. Though cellulite was not my first reason to try this, I am now looking forward to see what would be the end result! Now, Leesah is the power behind these miracles. She has a massage therapy background so she knows the body. She works from a body-mind-soul perspective and is so interested in her clients. Talk about someone who has found her passion and purpose in life! Pros: Improves your entire health overall, great results more

Sweet Leesah & sweet body 6/7/2009

I have always had problem with cellulite on my legs, depite the fact being an active person and dancer i could not get rid of them, I found Leesah by chance and i saw the results after 5 sessions, it was amazing and i could not believe my eyes, i went on vacation with a very good self confidence about my body and fit into the bikini,,,, wow ! not only i got addicted to Endermologie but also found Leesah a loving and caring woman, cant thank her enough. Pros: Visible results, relaxation, improved circulation, Cons: NONE i can think of more

I am addicted 3/16/2009

I love going to see Leesah. Not only does it feel great, I have seen a drastic reduction in the appearance of cellulite on my legs. For the first time in years I can wear shorts or my bikini without feeling uncomfortable. I am completely addicted to endermologie! Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

One of the most healthy things you can do for your body! 1/5/2009

I originally went to Leesah because I wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the backs of my legs. I am half way through the initial treatments and what I have really discovered are the huge health benefits. Not only is the cellulite becoming less of an issue but my skin looks better, my digestion has gotten better, and my overall feeling of well being has really increased. The machine revs up your lymphatic system helping it to clean your body...I feel like I've been getting a gentle detox. I highly recommend Leesah and these treatments whether its for cellulite or for a more detoxifying effect. more

Changed the appearance of my legs 9/13/2008

I encourage any woman that needs/wants to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of cellulite to start seeing Leesah. I just finished my endermologie package and I'm just amazed with the results!!! The appearance of cellulite is almost completely gone. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm getting into a bikini next week and I won't need to wear a cover up - the first time since I was 13. If you've got questions you should definitely call Leesah. Or better yet - pay her a visit. Her studio reminds me of a very comfortable bedroom. I never want to leave. Plus the treatments feel really you're getting a massage. Try it out for yourself - trust me, you'll love it. Pros: Feels great, tons of free parking, excellent service more

Do this for yourself! 8/14/2008

This is LA, the land of 'you can always be better'. Needles, creams, and a boatload of promises. more

Wish I found My Sweet Body earlier..couldn't be happier 7/3/2008

I have tried numerous diets and exercise and have never been 100% happy with my legs. I was afraid to try lipo-dissolve or lipo suction as I have many friends that have had terrible side effects. Leesa told me her machine actually fixes lipo mistakes and not to do it. From the first meeting, I was hooked. Leesa is EXTREMELY knowledgeable in nutrition and weight loss. She makes you feel very comfortable and her establishment is private and classy. The endermologie feels like a deep tissue massage and I hate when it's over! The results are incredible, you feel tighter immediately and as you progress your body just keeps responding and getting better. Endermologie, done correctly, like at ""My Sweet Body"" along with healthy diet and exercise can give you the results you always wanted. Thanks Leesa. Pros: all thumbs up!! Cons: You just want to keep doing it forever! more

Changed my Life 3/25/2008

My sweet body endermologie has changed my life...I'm not kidding. I'm a short ex-ballet dancer when I first came to my sweet body I was concerned about the muscle mass of my legs and how tough they were. I was always too self conscious to wear shorts because of my over legs and the layer of cellulite on my butt and thighs. After the first session not only did I see a difference but I felt it too.The muscles in my legs started getting long and lean, the cellulite on my bum started going away. It has been a year now that I have been getting treatments at my sweet body and it has been the best investment for my body. Today I am wearing the same size in jeans that I did my junior year in high school and for the first time since childhood I buy shorts and skirts and like to show off my muscular legs and carves. I can now buy tall boots were before I couldn't even zip them up over my calves. My bum is toned and even when I flex i have no cellulite, I can't explain in words how much these sessions have effected my self confidence and health. I travel frequently for my job and have gone to different endermologie businesses in three different states and My Sweet Body is by far the most advanced and progressive. The service is amazing and personalized but don't be late because it will cutt into your session. Along with exercise and a healthy diet these sessions will make a difference that you will gradly pay for. Pros: relaxing, great if you are sore from working out, Cons: come early to park, more

My Sweet Body is AMAZING!!! 12/2/2007

After reading the reviews on this site I thought I'd give it a try. I was planning for my wedding in August '07. I had been doing my diet and exercise, but I wanted to smooth things out before our Homeymoon in Hawaii. The first time I me Leesa, I was so at ease. She is very knowledgable and clear about what engermology does for you. I live with Hashimotos's Disease (Auto Immune Disease), so we were careful not to over stimulate my Thyroid. Not only was this process safe for me, it left me with so much energy! Moving the fluid and toxins made such a difference in the way I felt day-to-day. I myself, had several sessions with Leesa. After I had great results in cellulite reduction with the Endermology process. The perks are great energy, cellulite reduction, and an amaaaazing full body massage! I definately reccomend Leesa and My Sweet Body. She is a wonderful person, great technician and a wonderful source of information. Thank you so much Leesa!!! more

Amazing Results! 10/26/2007

""My Sweet Body"" is just what I'm saying as a result of Leesah's endermology treatments. I'm nearly 50 years old Pros: Everything... it's easy and it works! Cons: none! more
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Endermologie isn't just for cellulite reduction, it can reduce stress too!

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  • My Sweet Body Endermologie is located in Toluca Lake, CA & is proud to serve the San Fernando Valley, the West Side & surrounding Los Angeles areas. Endermologie is based on one of the oldest forms of massage called skin rolling or "Chua K'a". It's said that skin rolling was used on Genghis Khans warriors after battle so that the body could recover faster. At My Sweet Body we use Endermologie to keep the body healthy and beautiful by flushing trapped fat (cellulite) out of our systems, pushing lactic acid out of our muscles, pumping up our circulation & increasing lymphatic flow. At My Sweet Body our technicians are certified & use the CelluM6 machine to give you the most effective & customized treatment for your body. Enjoy benefits such as; skin exfoliation, released toxins, softening of scar tissue & lose inches!

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