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Mutt Hutt Inc - 29 Reviews - 1212 W Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (312) 243-3647
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Mutt Hutt Inc

1212 W Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 243-3647
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Mutt Hutt is amazing! We thankfully stumbled into it last year when we needed a place for our dog then 13 years to stay at for almost 8 weeks while we traveled to Egypt to visit f...


I used this facility over the holidays. I was in a hurry and didnt go in for a tour before my day of service. Which was my fault. I was very disapointed that my dog was ""crat...

Your dogs home away from home! 7/26/2010

Mutt Hutt is amazing! We thankfully stumbled into it last year when we needed a place for our dog then 13 years to stay at for almost 8 weeks while we traveled to Egypt to visit family. My daughter and I walked into the place and everyone was caring and friendly and eager to learn about our dear dog. They took wonderful care of him , he lived in an apartment above the shop in the evening, played with a variety of dogs during the day , napped at rest time . WHat more could anyone want...ANd they sent us email updates on about Samir and photos too since we could not get acess to the webcam. When we returned Samir was happy and healthy! We then brought him back @ three weeks later..all the staff were thrilled to have him back but the most comforting thing was Samir pulled his way into MuttHutt and eagerly enterd and easily left our site. He was back at his second home! We call it Camp! Samir has been luck to go to Mutt Hutt many times since last year sometimes for a short 2 day visit or for a week. Everyone knows him and we feel happy they understand his weird eating habits, recognize his bed and we know the friendly caring staff. I have recommened MuttHutt to many and all are pleased! Don't hesitate Call! Pros: awesome people that care about your dog Cons: N/A more

Mutt Hutt - What a wonderful place! 12/26/2009

I found Mutt Hutt about 6 months ago, after having a dog walker who was not very responsible or dependable to walk my 3 month old puppy - who had a broken leg. After getting in touch with Mutt Hutt, and letting them know about my circumstances, the owner called me back and said she would personally take care of Maxx. Because Maxx could not walk at the time, she would carry him to and from a dog run and then play with him in my home. At the end of every day, I would find a wonderful note letting me know how Maxx was doing - with lots of details. Once the cast and brace were removed, Maxx really has had a wonderful time walking the neighborhood, playing with other dogs and still I get this great note at the end of the day - knowing exactly what he did and who he saw on his walks. To add variety, Mutt Hutt has a great dog day care service. I know that while Maxx is there he is having a great time, playing with all the dogs, and watched with loving care by the Mutt Hutt Team. As an added treat, Mutt Hutt has opened a store right next door, where you can purchase dog and cat food - with special diets, toys, clothing, accessories, whatever your pets needs are and with a staff that is extremely knowledgable and friendly. Mutt Hutt is a diamond in the ""ruff"" find!!!!!!! Pros: Convenient, Clean, Friendly and Loving to your Pet!!!!! Cons: Don't think there are any!!!! more

The Best Cat Sitters Ever! Ever!!! 12/7/2008

I've used their cat sitting service since they opened for spans of 4 days to three weeks. Sometimes one of our cats would require medication. They have always been superb. They feed and change the water, clean the cat box, pill the cats and play with them. Charming and extensive notes document every visit. Once, the lock on our front door was broken (it just spun around and around) - they called me on my cell in Africa, got approval to hire a locksmith to fix the lock and everything was fine. I could not ask for better service, and recommend them without reservation. Pros: Superb service, happy cats Cons: nothing more

Kind and caring staff 11/18/2008

We recently boarded our puppy at Hutt Mutt based on a referral from when we adopted her. Since she was new to us we were nervous to leave her. The staff was very kind and caring when we made the reservation and dropped her off. Our puppy was so excited to play with all the other dogs she probably didn't even miss us =( I would highly recommend using Mutt Hutt for day care or boarding. It is obvious that the staff loves dogs! more

Your dog will LOVE it here!! 11/11/2008

I have nothing but good things to say about Mutt Hutt, including Donna, the owner, and the rest of the caring staff. My husband and I adopted our pup after he had been rescued from a puppy mill that was raided and shut down by the authorities. He had been badly mistreated by the wretched owner of the puppy mill. Needless to say?he had some issues. Donna, the owner of Mutt Hutt, knows a LOT about dogs, and made room for him at Mutt Hutt immediately. I would also like to mention that she fosters several dogs at Mutt Hutt until they can find a permanent home, so it?s clear that she really cares. \r The whole staff has been so great with our pup and really helped to socialize him and make him happy. And he LOVES the Mutt Hutt! When we drop him off, his tail is wagging so hard his whole butt shakes!\r We also use Mutt Hutt for dogwalking. I found their rates to be better than many other places, and Matt and Rebecca are so great with our pup. He can be very resistant and downright stubborn, but they have shown tremendous patience and love towards him.\r Lastly, as if our poor pup hasn?t had a hard enough life, he has seizures. When his condition first developed, I called Donna to inform her of the situation. She held a staff meeting to make sure everyone knew about his condition, which I thought was just wonderful and made me feel so much better. Our pup has also stayed overnight with Donna at her house for personalized boarding when we were out of town, so I knew that he would receive his medication on time. She was so understanding, especially when I called multiple times a day to check up ;)\r \r In summary, great daycare facility, caring and knowledgeable staff, wonderful dogwalkers?your dog will love it there!!!\r more

Great Personal Attention and Caring Staff 10/22/2008

I have been taking my dog Maximus to Mutt Hutt for over a year now and have nothing but great experiences. I am always greeted with a smile, and the personal attention and care that is given by all staff members is unmatched. You can really tell everyone that works there loves the dogs and the dogs love them.\r \r My dog has SEVERE separation anxiety that I thought had no solution. I can't leave him at home alone because he destroys my place. I was to the point where I thought I would have to find him a new home because nothing was working. When he first started going to Mutt Hutt he would pull at his leash and cry, trying with all his might to stay by my side. Now he sprints into the facitlity when I hand the leash over to the staff member that greets me at the door. I never thought that could happen but with the help of the Mutt Hutt staff and owners it finally did.\r \r I would highly recommend using Mutt Hutt for your next day care or boarding! Pros: Great personal attention and a staff that knows the animals and can be trusted with them. Cons: Can't really think of any. more

BEST PET CARE EVER!!!!!! 8/7/2008

This staff really loves and cares for pets. I have a small dog that has separation anxiety, so getting him to stay somewhere without me was impossible. He loves it here! All of the staff members know him by name, and he gets so excited to see them (kissing & wagging his tail)! I had tried other day care facilities in the past and have had some rather unpleasant experiences. So, I had become extremely cautious. Now, I have found a place that I trust 100%. Donna, Corey, & Cassie keep a close eye on my pet so that I can relax knowing that he is in good hands. There is a back area for dogs to play & a front area for those that are smaller or inactive. Plus, now my dog comes home & doesn't make a mad dash to his water bowl-so I know they are keeping him well hydrated (unlike other places). Recently my little guy had to have surgery & I was afraid that because of his new impairments he would be too much trouble for day care. Not True. ""It's what we do"" was Donna's reply. And believe me-they do it so very well! **My Highest Recommendation** Pros: Experts in Dog Care, Friendly, & Reliable more

The best of the best! 7/17/2008

I LOVE MUTT HUTT! They are truly amazing. The entire staff is thoughtful and truly love dogs. My dog is extremely anxious and anti-social so boarding and daycare can be stressful for everyone, but she loves Mutt Hutt and they love her. The first time I boarded her, they offered a free day of daycare so my dog could experience being dropped off and picked up before I left for my trip. Their trainer, Tillman, is also amazing and very talented. He has helped my dog enormously to become less aggressive towards other dogs and has worked with me to continue training. Trust me, I've paid the extra $$ for Pooch Hotel and my dog came a home a nervous wreck for two weeks. Mutt Hutt really cares for their dogs and treats them like their own. When my dog is at Mutt Hutt I never worry because I trust them entirely and that kind of peace of mind is invaluable. Pros: Friendly, knowledgable staff more

Wonderful Care!!! 3/24/2008

I have 2 english bulldogs a puppy who is very active and an older dog who is shy and not very social with other dogs. I have been so scared to board my dogs in the past as they need specialized care. Donna and Corey have been so wonderful from the day I first started bringing my dogs to the Mutt Hutt They let Daisy (the older one) lounge watch TV and hang out with the old bitties (even letting her sleep in the apartment above the kennel) while Chunk gets to play with other dogs. Chunk being a puppy can be nudgy with other dogs and they put him in a play group that fits his energy leve and personality! I would highly recommend the Mutt Hutt. It is a small homey place where the dogs get lots of attention and everybody knows their names when you walk in the door!!!! Pros: Small, Close to Downtown more

The Bestest Doggy Daycare Ever 3/19/2008

Mutt Hutt is great! I had been taking my pup to a swanky, high-end Lincoln Park daycare facility before I found Mutt Hutt. He had only been at the LP facility about 12 times but had contracted parasites twice as well as severe bronchitis while there. After that traumatizing and extremely upsetting experience, I found Mutt Hutt and my pup and I have been very happy ever since. I've been very pleased and feel totally comfortable with having him there every day during the week. The staff is fabulous and so friendly, and they are always able to tell me in great detail what my pup was up to each day. They also have a great option for overnight boarding where one of the staff members will take your pup home with them at the end of each day. I wish that most daycare facilities in the city were more like Mutt Hutt, but it seems that even the pricey, high-end ones are not. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way but I guess my horrible experience at the LP facility helps me appreciate the Mutt Hutt even more. Wally dog says, ""Thanks guys!"" Pros: Extremely caring and trustworthy staff more

Poor Service 1/21/2008

I tried checking this place out once last week, over the weekend and again today and the webcams neverwork. I called them and spoke to a young grl who didnt really seem to have any answer for it. When I further asked her about the services she again didnt seem to know what the dogs daily routine was for boarding. They just seem inexperienced. Done with this one. Pros: Good location to downtown Cons: Webcamera consistantly doesnt work, young & unprofessional people running it. more

Disapointed Boarding Services 12/15/2007

I used this facility over the holidays. I was in a hurry and didnt go in for a tour before my day of service. Which was my fault. I was very disapointed that my dog was ""crated"" in a wire cage which barely allowed my dog to stand up and turn around. Luckily it was only a short stay and the owner assurred me he would get pleantly of time out of his cage. I was just disapointed in the set-up. Its just not cutting edge and after further investigating other options for Christmas, there are so many other good places with better accomodations maybe a little more dollars, but hey, you get what you pay for. Pros: Convient to downtown Cons: difficult parking and sleeping arrangements are very dated. more

Kind and Caring and Communicative 11/12/2007

We were so lucky to find Mutt Hutt for our troubled adopted standard poodle. Alex is 2-1/2 and has been with us for five months, but the behaviorist tells us he was never socialized, and he is a shy, anxious dog; when he came to us he did not know how to climb steps, for Pete's sake. He has totally bonded to me, clings to my side everywhere, has learned to play ball ... but has only slowly learned to accept other pedestrians on the street, guests in the house. He retreats and fear pees, even from my gentle husband. I crated him twice when we first got him, but he almost went nuts in the crate, so the question of where to board him when we travel was acute. Fortunately we had been living near Mutt Hutt when we acquired Alex and the one afternoon when I could not have him near me, I had put him into day care there. Alex has spent five days at Mutt Hutt recently, and anyone who answered the phone at Mutt Hutt knew Alex, knew how he had been behaving, was happy to spend lots of time telling me how he was doing. They accommodated his fears, paid attention to workers he bonded with; they were beyond wonderful. It's worth the 30 mile drive to take him there! They are helping me to save my dog. Pros: Attentive, kindly pet care. Cons: None. more

Warm and wonderful environment! 10/9/2007

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mutt Hutt. My dog, Priscilla, never wants to leave when I arrive to pick her up at the end of the day. She always wants to play more! Donna and her staff are terrific, caring and conscientious. Priscilla has a lot of unfortunate eye problems, and they always keep a careful watch on her eyes and let me know immediately if things don't look right. I have referred friends here and their dogs are happy and excited to go to daycare everyday. I trust them implicitly with my baby girl as I know they care as much about her as I do. Pros: Caring people, warm environment, conscientious, trustworthy more

A dog day at Mutt Hutt!! 9/17/2007

We have tried many places before, but no one compares to the passionate people at Mutt Hutt. Donna got to know the dogs on a personal level and was very warm to my husband and I when we went to check the place out. When we call to get our pups, Finlay and Savannah, in for boarding, the folks there always remember my special ""scottish police patrolman""! They genuinely love the dogs and it shows...Donna and staff are great and I would not put them anywhere else!!! Thanks for keeping our minds at ease when we are away from our kids!\r Pros: The people more

The only doggie day care we feel completely comfortable with 7/1/2007

We've taken our dog to four different day cares, partly because we've moved around, and in one case, because we no longer felt comfortable taking her to a large, rather dirty facility in the West Loop. We were so happy to find Mutt Hutt! It is small, and, like the video says, it's all about individualized care. Donna and the staff know our dog like she is their own and are always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent care. We couldn't be more pleased. I would highly recommend Mutt Hutt to anyone who wants TLC for their dog. more

Best pet care 5/26/2007

I am very particular in the care of my three shih tzus, Harley, Webster and, the latest addition, Daisy. Daisy was my mom's baby, and when she lost her battle with cancer, Daisy became part of my family.\r \r They made special arrangements according to my needs in taking care of my three ""children"", were especially sensitive to the requirements of the new pup and gained my confidence quickly. They returned phone calls, questions and concerns promptly and showed up on time to meet the pups. But, here is how they went above and beyond the calal of duty:\r \r This story is unique: I was to leave for vacation on a Fri. Wed., Jesse came to meet the pups and review the details with me. I saw Jesse approach, and opened the door, anxious for him to meet the pups. As I was waiting, Daisy escaped out of the front door, saw another dog across the street and took off. She was hurt, but it could have been a lot worse. Jesse saw this as he was approaching my door from another direction, and was there to take us to the emergency room. Not only was he calm and constantly reassuring me that she would be ok, but understood how important Daisy had become to me. Since, the whole team has rallied around Daisy and followed up with concern and offered help. How could anyone go anywhere else for more responsible and loving care than the Mutt Hutt? They genuinelyl love animals and have more than earned my trust! They are THE BEST!!!!! Pros: on-time, responsive, caring, do more than expected more

The Best dog walker in town. 5/10/2007

Jesse the dog walker at Mutt Hutt is amazing with my dog. I recently found out from the security guard at the entrance of my building that the dog walker has come back at times to walk my dog a second time when he didn't go potty on his scheduled walk. He also leave cute little notes which give me the impression that he really cares about Simon. Great dog walking service. more

Whats better than eating, sleeping and pooping all day? Being at the Mutt Hutt! 4/17/2007

My name is Michelle and I started bringing my dog Lady Bird to the Mutt Hutt a few months ago. I've taken my dog to other daycares and mutt hutt is the only place that I can take her off the leash before she is brought inside. She stands by all the doors until they are opened and she dashes in excited, knowing whats to come. When i first brought lady she was very timid and scared to be there, but I was so surprised after spending the entire day in the office with Donna the owner, she seemed to calm down and enjoy the place. For the first week or so, Lady stayed in the office, until she upgraded into the daycare room. Also whats better than being able to watch your dog playing all day on a web cam? Most of my co-workers watch little lady play all day and it gets hard to get work done. Mutt Hutt is the place to be and Donna has become an extended family member. When i board lady, she goes home with Donna or one of the other workers. Honestly to anyone looking for a great doggy daycare, Mutt Hutt is an awesome place. I'm looking forward to your two new locations, hopefully I won't have to travel so far anymore. more

Super Personal Care!! 2/1/2007

I went to Mutt Hutt because I liked the idea that this daycare facility is smaller and has tons of staff there. I feel like there are many eyes on my dog all the time. They know so much about my Bella and I have been going there for less than 5 months. They are very in tune to her normal (and abnormal) behavior. The staff knows her habits and the owner even calls me everytime after Bella stays overnight to see how she's doing after she gets home. They call when Bella is the slightest bit under the weather. The place is always clean-it even smells fresh! There is an easy going atmosphere, not pretentious like the last place we went to or dark and dingy like a couple we visited before we decided on Mutt Hutt. Everyone who works there remembered me and my husband by name since our first visit, which by the way was free! By just talking to the people who work there I could tell they really love dogs. I think the best way to describe the Mutt Hutt is it is accomodating in every way. Pros: Tons of attention, good hours, many options to choose from to suit your dog, knowledgable friendly staff, super clean Cons: Could be better parking (but there is a loading zone and they will come out and get your dog) more
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  • Welcome to Mutt Hutt, Inc. and Mutt Hutt Inc.- Cats, Cutts & Chow

    We?re located in Chicago, IL and we look forward to taking good care of your furry friend! Mutt Hutt is dedicated to quality care for cats and canines. Whether you can?t bring your pet on vacation or you feel uncomfortable leaving them home alone all day, our enthusiastic staff has the answer for you.

    Mutt Hutt?s staff loves pets as much as you do and we?ll always work our hardest to ensure their safety and happiness. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome! We offer a variety of great pet care services, including:

    â?¢ Daycare
    â?¢ Boarding
    â?¢ Dog walking
    â?¢ Grooming
    â?¢ Cat care
    â?¢ Training
    â?¢ Sleepovers
    â?¢ And so much more!

    Visit us online and see your pet playing on our webcam.

    Our intimate facility is a great place for your pet to hang out, make some friends, and get lots of love and attention.

    We now have a second location, stop in and visit our retail store and new grooming salon at 1216 W. Grand, one storefront west of our original location!

    Call us today to sign up your pup! Feel free to visit our website, located at the top of this profile, for more information.

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  • This long-running pet daycare facility specializes in small, nervous, senior and handicapped dogs.

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