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Muscle Mechanics: The Gym for Personal Training - 36 Reviews - 3334 Edloe St., Houston, TX - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (713) 963-0899
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Muscle Mechanics: The Gym for Personal Training

3334 Edloe St.
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 963-0899
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Muscle Mechanics: The Gym for Personal Training - Houston, TX


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The entire team at Muscle Mechanics is fabulous.\r They are very knowledgable, professional, patient and helpful. If you are considering working out and don't know how to go abo...


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Definitely worth visiting if you are want personal trainer 3/19/2012

The entire team at Muscle Mechanics is fabulous.\r They are very knowledgable, professional, patient and helpful. If you are considering working out and don't know how to go about setting up a routine, they will get you started. I promise you will see results if you follow their instructions and commit to a regular sessions of at least 2 to 3 times a week. The staff will also provide guidance regarding nutrition, diet, etc.\r I look forward to my workouts, not only because I am getting my body into better shape but also for relieving work related stress. If I could afford to work out for at least 5 days, I would go. I LOVE IT THERE AND YOU WILL TOO - especially if you want ALL the ATTENTION to be on you alone during your 30 min or 1 hour session with a trainer.\r This is a small facility, where your appointment time is adhered to but they will accomodate you if you need to reschedule, provided notice is given. \r \r The only issue I have is one guy in particular seems to always leave the toilet seat up. The shower is clean but ladies, bring your own soap and shampoo if you are high maintenance with your products as their stuff is basic. There are ample towels if you need to shower. One last thing, there is no high pressured sales pitch, so don't let that be a reason for not visiting. The payment options can be flexible as well. more

Muscle Mechanics 8/21/2011

This was my first time working with a personal trainer and I have to say, I had a good experience! Most of my training sessions were with David and he was extremely knowledgeable on various exercises. The sessions were tailored to my specific goals and I did see results I wanted :). I would highly recommend visiting this gym!! The entire team is great and motivating! more

Excellent Personal Training Experience 8/17/2011

This was my first time working with a personal trainer and my experience was wonderful. I worked out with Dave for about nine months and enjoyed each and every one of my sessions. He was extremely knowledgeable about all of the exercises and knew how to adjust the machines in order to maximize my results and accommodate various levels of performance. He was very patient and encouraging with me and if I ever had problems performing an exercise due to an existing shoulder complication, he worked with me in adjusting the movement to a level that I was able to complete. Everyone at Muscle Mechanics was very helpful and friendly at all times. The facilitates were clean and the machines were well maintained and easy to use. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who is interested in a custom tailored exercise regime with quality results. \r \r more

A Great Gym 8/15/2011

I've been working out with Dave for over a year now and still look forward to every session. They have great equipment and Dave always finds new and inventive ways to use each and every machine. I'm always surprised at how he can isolate each and every muscle. He's also done a wonderful job at working me through a couple of non gym related injuries.\r \r All in all, it's been a great experience. Thanks. more

Best experience in personal training 8/8/2011

I've been with Muscle Mechanics for going on three months now, and they have exceeded my expectations. This is a first class personal training gym with up to date equipment, well qualified trainers, and a clean/nice atmosphere for getting your workout. My trainer (Dave) keeps a recorded ledger on each workout and adjusts my routine, form and weight limits constantly which has given me very satisfying results. Although I go there for a great work-out, the time seems to go by very quickly with great conversations and background music during my sessions. I highly recommend Muscle Mechanics more

Muscle Mechanics 6/1/2010

I have worked out most of my life, but due to a couple of health related breaks in my routine, I was having a very hard time getting back to exercise. The regularly scheduled times with John AAron have helped me do that.\r He has had to really individualize my workout due to my age and old injuries. He's been great at that. I look forward to my exercise now and can feel myself getting back into some reasonable shape. Thanks Muscle Mechanics. Pros: Individual attention Cons: None that I can see. more

Great Training Studio 1/4/2010

I have been a client for almost 10 years. Muscle Mechanics helped me meet my fitness objectives. My current trainer is David. He provides great workouts targeted to my specific objectives. I would recommend Muscle Mechanics to anyone who needs some additional structure and attention to meet their goals. Pros: Individual Attention, Fitness Knowlege more

Great Trainers 1/4/2010

I've been training with David at MM for 3 months. I've worked with two trainers before and neither experience (though both good) were even close to my experience at MM. David is always prepared, completely competent and professional, has a clear plan for me, holds me accountable, and is constantly changing my workouts as my cardio and strength improves. Everyone I've met at MM is incredibly customer service driven (an absolute rarity unfortunately in society today) and the trainers are top notch (most, maybe all are degreed in some aspect of physcial education and/or nutrition). This place is a real find in Houston and I've been thrilled with my experience thus far. Pros: Organization, Professionalism, Customer Service more

The perfect gym 11/24/2009

I have been attending this gym for 6 months and absolutely love it. The trainers are wonderful and easy going. They really care about you as a person and about assisting you in meeting your goals...whatever that may be. The training sessions are never boring and you will see the results!!! So, if you are ready to kick start your fitness routine, need a little motivation and want to feel your best...give them a is worth it. Pros: The customized program and one on one attention more

Don't wait to lose the weight 11/11/2009

As a restaurant manager I was surrounded by healthy and unhealthy options; I was “veggie averse” and often chose the latter. My typical daily menu consisted of following items: Breakfast – 1 Belgian waffle, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, a biscuit with gravy and hash browns; Lunch – a hamburger, a slice of pizza, and French fries drizzled with ranch and ketchup; Dinner – anything I could eat on my way home, or frozen dinners. Needless to say, I was more ashamed than surprised when I tipped the scaled at 350 lbs in 2007. I then realized a change needed to happen, I stopped eating the large breakfasts and lunches and limited my trips to buffets. Without exercise, this change in diet contributed to my loss of 20 lbs in a year and a half, but it was not enough. I joined a gym, bought a Wii fit, and lost another 12 lbs in about 5 months. At this point, I thought “I know how to work out and it’s still not working, what else can I do?” That’s when my wife and I decided to join Muscle Mechanics for 3 months. We threw out all unhealthy foods and introduced ourselves to a new low calorie diet. Muscle Mechanics provided us with a nutrition program that tracks your calorie intake and offers healthy menu options for your favorite foods, supportive trainers who developed a training program tailored to my specific needs, and someone to be accountable to when you think about cheating on your diet. The 30 minute Quick-Fit workouts coupled with an hour of cardio 5 days a week allowed me to lose an additional 30 lbs in 3 months with Muscle Mechanics. My trainers Jerrald & Brandon, John, and the rest of the staff were always great and supportive of me in my efforts to lose a total of 70-80 lbs. I would recommend Muscle Mechanics to anyone who wants to shed a few extra pounds and/or begin a healthy lifestyle. Pros: THEY ACTUALLY CARE!!!! more

Great Results 4/23/2009

I origianlly joined Muscle Mechanics in 2005. I had been involved in various sports most of my life, and worked out at the gym fairly regularly. I had reached a plateau and was not able to get past it. John was very good at determining what results I was looking for and set me up to train with David. At that time, I worked out with David 2 days a week. He helped me with a routine to work out on my own also. I was very satisfied with the reuslts I saw. \r \r Unfortunatley, once I got the results I wanted, I thought I could keep it up myself. I was able to for a while, and then life got in the way. After I had lost muscle mass, and put on more pounds that I like to discuss, I hung my head, and went back.\r \r I have been training with David again for about 2 months now and am once again very happy with the results. They are good at pushing you towards your goals and testing your limits. All of the trainers there are very friendly, and make going there an enjoyable time. Pros: Persanalized service, great location more

Keeps the personal in personal training 4/15/2009

I started at Muscle Mechanics because it is very close to my office and time is my biggest problem. I have been training there for 2 months and can say that while proximity brought me there, the excellent staff and friendly and supportive envirnoment will keep me coming back. My trainer Jerrald, makes sure I am working towards my goals but keeps the sessions interesting and fun. John and the rest of the staff are encouraging and welcoming. Overally, a great place to train! Pros: location, friendly environoment, skilled trainers more

A great place to work out 4/13/2009

great cardio training with free weight training! Always mixing up the exercises to fool the body! I work as hard running my 3-4miles as I do with personal training! Pros: really helpful Cons: time frame more

All the results in half the time 3/24/2009

I've been going to Muscle Mechanics since Christmas, and only wish that I'd made the decision to start sooner. With a hectic job and a baby girl, I was struggling to find the time to work off the last few pregnancy pounds.\r \r With Jerrald as my trainer, I've actually cut the amount of time that I spend working out, but still lost pounds, lost body fat, and increased muscle. Jerrald makes sure that we vary the workouts so that I'm always trying something new, which keeps it interesting and fun. The staff are friendly and upbeat, and John works hard to keep clients motivated with personal notes and attention. This is a great place for people at all different stages of fitness--and especially for people like me, who want to make progress but with a limited amount of free time. Pros: Who knew that lifting weights could be fun? more

great gym and trainers 3/16/2009

Can't brag enough about Muscle Mechanics and their trainers. Been going there since Jan. 09 I just love it! Everyone is so friendly from the staff to the clients. Brandon is awesome! Even though it hasen't been that long since Iv been going I can already see great result. \r I strongley recommend the gym and any of the trainers. more

Best Kept Gym Experience in Houston 3/12/2009

I have always been skeptical about having a personal trainer. I joined Muscle Mechanics after the Christmas holiday's because I knew at the age of 44 I needed to get in shape. The approah that the trainers and staff take are so different from what I expected. It is not just about working out, it is about nutrition and excercise. The trainers are phenomenal and they build a program specific to what you are trying to accomplish versus traditional gyms which deliver the same cookie cutter programs that are given to all their clients. \r \r In a little over two months, I have seen major changes in my physique as well as improved my eating habits at home. The program is all about the whole person and all the trainers not only understand what you need to do physically but also coach me on what to do nutritionally. If you want to work out in a professional environment with knowledgeable caring staff with your best interest at heart and who are going to push you to go to the next level than Muscle Mechanics is the place for you. \r \r David Ooi, Sean and Travis are all wonderful trainers and provide a personalized experience that meets the individual person's needs. \r Pros: Professional, Knowledgeable Staff more

Best Gym for Personal Training in Houston 2/9/2009

In the two years I've been working out at Muscle Mechanics, I've learned a lot about myself and living a healthy lifestyle. I've learned that you can balance your crazy hectic life with time at the gym and that it doesn't take hours a week to feel better about yourself. I've learned that I can do things I never thought I could (like running a half marathon a month ago!). John and his staff are super supportive and truly happy to do what they do that you can't help but feel great when you walk in the door. The gym offers personal training for all fitness levels, which was great for me two years ago. I had never worked out a day in my life and after turning 32, I could see that I wasn't one of those people blessed with a ""great metabolism""...I couldn't eat and drink what I wanted and continue to lay on my couch every night. I started off strong and saw some great results in just a few months, but when my progress seemed to taper off and my motivation petered out, my trainer and I discussed including more cardio in my sessions and we talked about diet a lot. All of these things are a part of what you get at Muscle Mechanics. It really is a 'personal' personal training experience and I feel that the owner John has created a place where everyone can get fit! more

Muscle Mechanics 1/25/2009

As an executive professional and attempting to keep an effective role in my career, family, friends, and being healthy has been a great challenge. Through the years I gained weight and became de-conditioned by going to many business luncheons, late dinner meetings, and not exercising. With that, Muscle Mechanics helped me get back on track by providing a professional personal trainer that is knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and very supportive in my development. In the last six months, I dropped my body fat by 9%, increased muscle mass, increased my flexibility, and overall body conditioning. The customized professional experience has been paramount to meeting my overall performance in life.\r Thank you Muscle Mechanics and Brandon Kessler, Personal Trainer? \r PLTorres Pros: Close to Work: Greenway Plaza, Knowledgeable Trainers, Overal positive experience Cons: Limited in Shower Facilities... more

Best Private Gym 1/21/2009

I've been a satisfied client of Muscle Mechanics since it opened over 12 years ago. It combines the best features of having a personal trainer and a private gym: Personal, professional service in an unhurried, uncrowded atmosphere. The proprietor strives to match client with trainer, and each trainer I've had over the years has taught me something new and different enough to keep me interested in keeping up a personal fitness regimen. Pros: Professional, accessible, and private more

Nobody Does it Better! 1/14/2009

Back in the Fall of 2001, I hesitatingly came to Muscle Mechanics to try to get myself in a little better shape before reaching the tender age of 50. My ""take"" on exercise was 'anything that hurts can't be good for you'. Up until that time, I had never done any kind of physical exercise on a regular basis. My plan was to learn which exercises to do, how to do them, and then do them at home, not at the gym!\r \r To my surprise, I had completely changed that plan after the first couple of sessions with you! It was obvious to me that you had a tremendous amount of knowledge about fitness and that your approach was to effect change through correct form. I quickly realized that I needed someone watching over me so that I could progress at a good rate of speed without the fear of injury. You, and every other trainer at Muscle Mechanics, continue to impress me with your genuine concern for my well-being and the detailed work-out plans you have devised specific to my body type.\r \r I really enjoy the facilities at Muscle Mechanics. It is an inviting space that is small enough in which to feel at home, and with state-of-the-art equipment to challenge even the body builder. Having worked with several trainers over the past 8 years, I have found them all to be personable, caring, encouraging, and truly interested in my success.\r \r The surprise benefit to me has been how much energy I now have on a daily basis. As choral director at HSPVA and Bering Memorial UMC, I put in an average of 60-70 hours per week. People ask me all the time ""Where do you get all your energy?"" The answer is simple: exercise. When I work out consistently, I have energy to burn. If I miss a session, I begin to feel dull and sluggish. I have to admit, I now enjoy and look forward to my workouts each week - a far cry from my attitude eight years ago!\r more
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