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Munoz Jr, Ricardo, Md - Riverwalk Ob/Gyn

525 Oak Centre Dr # 300
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 402-6022
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I started reading some of the other comments about Riverwalk OB/GYN at Stone Oak and could not believe that people have had negative experiences there. I noticed that there is a ...


I had a great experience with Riverwalk OB-Gyn for two years. I couldn't have been happier with my OB and his personal staff. Dr. Munoz was nothing but wonderful. Unfortunately h...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/25/2014

I only went for my first visit and decided not to go back. I waited for an hour and 15 minutes before I was seen. When the nurse was taking my info she left me at least 3 times to do other things and would then come back and ask the same questions she just asked. I called multiple times prior to my appointment to know the cost and never got a call back and the staff was rude and uncaring. I finally called back and was pushy and was given an answer that it would be 100% covered. (I got my $200 bill in the mail last week). Dr. Williams was great and very nice. I left and made my next appointment. When they called to confirm my appointment they had me with a Dr I had never heard of. I told them I was supposed to be with Dr. Williams. They asked me why I was switching when I had seen a different Dr last time....which I hadn't. So I moved my appointment. Then started calling and never got a call back. I finally just cancelled and decided to go elsewhere after reading other reviews and realizing it wasn't going to get any better. I have been much happier with my new practice. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2013

My first appointment with this office took me over a month to get in. They cancelled it last minute and rescheduled it a week out. Ok, fine. When I arrived for my 9:15 appointment on the scheduled day the nurse took me back and took my vitals and history. I wish I knew her name because she was very nice. She told me that Dr. Ayra had not arrived yet and there were 4 patients ahead of me and asked me to go back to the waiting area in the lobby and wait to be called. By this time it is 10:00 am. I finally get called and she leads me back to the exam room where I am told to disrobe and cover up with the paper sheets. And I sit and wait for another 20 minutes. Then another nurse comes in and tells me that she put me under the wrong doctor and that I would need to get dressed again and go BACK to the lobby waiting area and that Dr. Ayra has still not arrived. So now it is going on 10:30, she has FOUR patients ahead of me and I have been waiting for an hour and 15 minutes. The lack of efficiency and consideration is appalling. When I went to leave the receptionist asked where I was going and I told her that I've been waiting for an hour and 15 minutes and the doctor STILL has not arrived at the office and has four people scheduled ahead of me and I was leaving. She had the gall to snicker. Really? How professional. I wouldn't trust this practice with my dogs healthcare let alone my own. Stay away!! \r more

I would NEVER reccomend RiverWalk OBGYN!!! 1/12/2012

If you like waiting and have nothing better to do with you day; then this place may not seem so bad to you. However, if you are a working pregnant mom and feel you should be seen by your doctor within at least 30-40 minutes - this place is definitely not the place for you. I have never had so many problems with any other practice and the experience I have had here at River Walk leaves me completely frustrated and in tears every time I leave, because I have been there for almost three hours. The staff has no common courtesy; with the exception of a few - not all of them are completely terrible. If I wasn't so far along I would have changed OB's a long time ago. My husband is not even able to go with me to my appointment because we never know if # 1 how long the wait is going to be and #2 if the Doctor is even going to be there because they had something else to tend to. Don't waste your time with this practice and find a smaller practice that doesn't have so many scheduling issues. I hope this helps viewers - if I would have read some of the comments on here 20+ weeks ago I would have gone somewhere else for sure! more

If I could give a ""zero star"" rating... 10/3/2011

If I could give a ""zero star"" rating this would be the place! I have been going here since late 2006 and this practice was really good in the beginning but has gone down the tubes very fast! Dr. Simpson is a really good doctor but that is only if you can get an appointment and if you get an appointment be fore will have to wait at least an hour after your scheduled appointment time to see her and sometimes, YES, you will have your appointment cancelled and rescheduled due to other ""emergencies"" or at least that is what the office staff will tell you. As for other issues, I have had the office staff check me under another patient! I know this for fact because I was addressed as the other patient in the exam room. Imagine being seen for a medical procedure and the doctor is reviewing another patient's chart...SCARY STUFF!!! And I always loved it when I would get an U.T.I. and have to call the office just to be told the next appointment open is in three weeks! Sure let me stay in agony for three weeks...I don't think so!!! I was also over charged by $200.00 which I had to pay out of pocket and it took 10 plus weeks of repeated phone calls to their accounts people to get my money back. The last straw was when I was scheduled for a medical procedure in 2011, which took me three months to get, and when I got to the office I was informed the doctor was running late which was not surprising. I was assured I would still have my procedure done. However, I was informed about a couple of hours later that I would have to be rescheduled! This was very disappointing/frustrating and when I decided that I have to find a new practice! The lack of respect shown from the medical team here is very depressing. Wake up guys...if you have patients take time off of work and confirmed their appointment the day before they should be seen no matter what!!! more

Sorry I had to leave... 8/4/2011

I had a great experience with Riverwalk OB-Gyn for two years. I couldn't have been happier with my OB and his personal staff. Dr. Munoz was nothing but wonderful. Unfortunately he was unavailable to care for me when I became pregnant again. I switched to Dr. Van because supposedly she was so great. I waited hours to see her for a few brusque minutes for 3 prenatals. The final straw was being left in an exam room so long that the CLEANING LADY found me there. The entire staff had gone home and forgotten me. I should have gotten up long before but I told myself maybe she had an emergency etc... I never received an explanation or apology for that incident. It was the final nail in the coffin for my relationship with Riverwalk. It was hard to leave after such wonderful care from Dr. Munoz but I learned the hard way that the individual doctors and their personal staffs vary in professionalism and quality of care. more

Most unprofessional experience with a physician 3/24/2011

I am still in disbelief of the experience I had yesterday. I have going to this group for over 2 years and I have NEVER been seen within an hour. Most visits have been 1 1/2 hours or more. Last year on one of my visits, I had the first appt. of the day and even arrived before the doors opened. I was told over an hour later that the dr. had a delivery and was running late. The professional thing to do was to alert me to that when I arrived so I could make a decision to re-schedule or wait it out. I ended up rescheduling. \r Last month I had an appt. After waiting an hour, I asked what was taking so long and the receptionist clumsily said that she forgot to enter me into the system! OK...I rescheduled. Came back and still waited approx an hour before being seen. At that time I scheduled a diagnostic test that required me to come into the office at a specific time with a full bladder and strong urge to go....and so I did, but was made to wait in the waiting room. After 20 minutes of waiting, I could not hold it any longer and had to visit the ladies room. It was explained to me then that the diagnostic person was running behind. AGAIN...couldn't someone alert me to that??? Drink more water and 40 minutes later I get seen (yes, another hour passed from when my appt. was scheduled to when I was actually seen.)\r Follow up to that testing was yesterday. I arrive 5 minutes late, wait in the waiting area for approx 40 minutes, then moved into examining room. After a few minutes there, I hear a woman having a very animated, angry conversation. First I think it's with someone in the office, but realize she is on the phone complaining about her child's school-related issue to someone and she is in a HIGHLY emotional state (I could actually tell all the details of the event, that's how loud and clearly I could hear) . The rant goes on for longer than 20 minutes and I realize it's my dr in her office. Then the conversation volume gets lower, so I think she's wrapping it up and coming in. NOPE.\r An hour and 40 minutes after I arrive, I walk out to the check out, take my papers that are sitting in the box outside my examining room door and confirm that yes, that was my dr I could hear. I 'fired' my doctor and asked to be seen by someone else, who of course I had to reschedule with next week.\r \r I'm sorry to say, none of this is embellished or made up...I couldn't make up such dysfunction in what should be a professional setting. more

Riverwalk OB-GYN Stone Oak 8/13/2009

First off I will preface this by saying, I have read all the reviews of both locations and have to say attitude is everything. \r \r My wife has been going to Riverwalk OB-GYN since our first child almost 6 yrs ago. The doctors there are all fantastic, patient, listen to their patients, and run a good organization. Dr. Van Wingerdon and the other doctors are amazing. Dr. Simpson and Dr. Jones had the opportunity to deliver our first two kids and Dr. Van finally delivered our last. \r \r Never have we had to call for lab results, heard the office staff complain, talk about patients, etc. and we have had appts. at various hours including a couple that went after 6pm. The waits can be long, but is expected when Drs. have to go into delivery. \r \r Additionally, I like that the office staff will make confirmation calls to ensure that the appt. is kept. if you need to make a change it is possible to do that at that time. Additionally, the other doctors always make themselves available if needed. \r \r Good Job.. Pros: Doctors are very good Cons: Long waits more

terrible staff...long waits 2/19/2009

Just like the other reviewers said, the doctors are great, but the staff members are very rude.\r I too have heard them make comments on patients; forget about leaving a message for the doctors because they will not get it, or will get it incorrectly. This place really needs to clean house with their staff...they're very unprofessional, and it's unacceptable!!!\r One more thing...take a pillow w/ you because your gonna take a long 2hr+ nap waiting.. Pros: great doctors. Cons: staff unprofessional, and wait it toooooo long. more

I've never had a bad experience 11/19/2008

I started reading some of the other comments about Riverwalk OB/GYN at Stone Oak and could not believe that people have had negative experiences there. I noticed that there is a Riverwalk office downtown and wonder if maybe some are confusing the two. I started going there with my second pregnancy after dropping a previous doctor. Dr. Jones was one of the best. Now with my third pregnancy I am seeing Dr. WIlliams and she is just as good. I have never been there and seenor heard any of the office staff gossiping of speaking of private matters in public. Never have I been asked to get my own lab results. It is rare that there is a long wait to see the doctor. I love the fact that they are family friendly so my kids are allowed. My daughter loves seeing pictures (ultrasound) of the new baby. Everyone there is always in a good mood. It shows that they all enjoy what they do and where they work. I live on the other side of New Braunfels and drive 40 miles one way for my appointments. Even when I have to go once a week at the end of my pregnancy, it is still worth it. I 100 % recommend Riverwalk OB/GYN located at Stone Oak!!! Pros: Everything from the time you walk in to the office until you leave Cons: The 40 mile drive and all the traffic on Stone Oak. more

Riverwalk OBGYN 7/28/2008

Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN RiverRiverwalk OBGYN walk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Riverwalk OBGYN Pros: Quick elevators provide for easy departure after frustrating experience Cons: Everything else... Especially the wait time! more

Great experiences 6/19/2008

I am reviewing the Stone Oak Office. I went for my first ob appoingment yesterday, and found everyone to be very friendly and helpful. I see Dr. Williams. She and her nurse were friendly and professional. Even the front office were friendly. I heard no gossiping, and didn't meet a rude person there. I think the difference is that if you go in with a good attitude, you will get great service. If you go in with a bad attitude and give people a hard time, you will get the same back. But really, that is anywhere. I have a friend that saw Dr. Williams for her OB and absolutely loved her and the entire office. I definately recommend Riverwalk to my friends and family :o) Pros: Physicians, friendly office staff. Cons: I don't live anywhere near the stone oak area more

ditto to the above review 6/3/2008

I am reviewing the downtown office. While the dr is fantastic, the office staff leaves a lot to be desired. The wait is entirely too long, the waiting area is hot and old, the waits are WAY WAY too long. the office staff is SO incredibly unprofessional. I would be ashamed to associate myself with this team if I were a physician. They never answer the telephone and they do not call back in a timely manner. RUN to another office! more

Unprofessional office staff 2/15/2008

I am new to the area and have generally found the companies in San Antonio to be less customer service oriented than what I am used to in the Midwest.\r \r Although I like my physician at Riverwalk I have have issues pretty much every time with the unprofessioanl and lazy office staff at the Stone Oak location. Some examples include: while waiting for appointments the entire waiting room can hear staff workers discussing others private patient issues and staff personal issues. Messages are not returned by the administrative staff. The office staff requests patients to pick up or call to get their own lab results. I visit my physician weekly and yet every time his personal administrative assistant mispronounces my first name several times during the same appointment (even after corrected). There is a posted policy of not bringing children to appointments yet most times I have an appointment there are children in the waiting room and I have hired a sitter. I am by no means and expert on Texas medical office etiquette in Texas but I do expect a certain level of professionalism, respect and politeness which is currently not being adhered to at Riverwalk ObGyn. Pros: Physician is experienced and smart. Cons: Unprofessional office staff more
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