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Mr Tire Auto Service Centers

2505 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 522-1166
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I had a bit of a unique experience with the people at Mr. Tire. Due to some weird temperatures, my back window blew out when they pulled my car into the shop. I thought I was go...


Even though I only live a few blocks away, there's no way I'm returning to this place. I don't have the expertise to judge the quality of their work, and my car hasn't needed maj...

Sexist incompetent service 11/22/2014

My mother-in-law. Just got ripped off royally by these clowns. She went to have an oil change and walked out spending $2100 on their finance plan, which will cost her almost double for a simple service. These guys are criminal in the way they charge and take advantage of people especially women. more

Sexist, Incompetent Mechanics 6/10/2009

I purchased new tires at Mr. Tire one month ago. The tires were not balanced correctly, so I brought the car back in. They assured me that the tires were balanced and that I'd have no more problems. However, when I got on the freeway I discovered that the tires were still not balanced. Today, I brought the car back in for a third time. Hopefully it is right this time. In addition to their mechanical incapability, the employees were rude and sexist every time I went in there. The first time I was there, the guy told me I did a "good job" pulling the car into the parking lot. The second time I was there, the guy said that if backing the car out was "too tough" for me he can do it. I was willing to let these two comments go, as their sexist tone was apparent, but subtle. However, the third time I was there (today), I looked at my receipt and saw that they listed my address as "Princess" Street. My actual street name does not sound at all like "Princess," so it is in no way a mistake. I called the corporate headquarters and they said they'd look into it, but I am still unsatisfied. Perhaps if these mechanics put more energy into their job and less energy into harassing their female clients, they'd be able to retain their client base. I will never go there again! more

Mr. Tire needs Mr. Brain 4/30/2009

This place tried to charge me $1100 for fluid replacements and electrical checks I did not need before even looking at the vehicle. They kept pointing to the form I filled out for the night drop box the evening before: "You wrote you have dirty fluids. You wrote you have a gas leak. We will replace all the fluids and charge you $1100 before checking the oil, or engine, or gas leak, or running any diagnostics." You should read my full review here (but it isn't complete because I had to cut out a third to meet the space restrictions on Google) Basically, they did not want to work on my truck because they do not know what they are doing. I had it towed today to another shop and was sooo relieved when the new mechanic actually asked me what happened when the truck broke down (medical analogy being a doctor asks about symptoms before charging you for a treatment for your own diagnosis, a treatment that may or may not work). The new guy said, "Well, the first thing is to get it started." Yes! Exactly! Let's get it started instead of having the sales guy charge me off a list for the largest possible amount before the mechanics even look at it! And the mechanics didn't want to work on it. They don't even know what a fuel pump or air filter is. My friend has used this place for oil changes, but if you take your car in for maintenance and expect an honest summation of other emerging problems, look again. I won't even say they will invent a problem, I just think they honestly do not understand cars or really work on them. So you may have a problem that they can't figure out, which will leave you stuck later. And their prices...$112 an hour when I can get $75 an hour with free diagnostics in Falls Church?! Plus they have poor attitudes so contrary to the natural mechanical nature. more

**Sexist mechanics** 11/12/2008

I took my car there to get new tires which were 1/2 of another place. They called to tell me my headlight was out and said it would be $20 for the bulb and $45 for the labor. That sounded WAY too high, so I declined the service but bought the bulb. When I walked in Derik (the manager?) actually said: "Oh look, here's the little lady who thinks she's going to install the headlight herself. You have someone else to do it for you, don't you?" I was appalled. Women beware- this guy thinks we're easy targets. more

I found them to be dishonest 6/10/2007

Even though I only live a few blocks away, there's no way I'm returning to this place. I don't have the expertise to judge the quality of their work, and my car hasn't needed major repairs, but I guess Mr. Tire is an ok place to go if you know you need to get specific things done. But I would be very wary when they start recommending other work on your car, which they've done everytime I took in my car. Sometimes I let them do the work and sometimes I declined. My last visit, I took my car in for a simple oil change. When I went to pick it up, they said that my car needed, among other things, a transmission flush, because the fluid looked brown and needed to be green, and a power steering flush, because the fluid was dirty. I was surprised and told the guy I had gotten these things done at the very same Mr. Tire only 6 months ago. When he checked the database and saw that I was correct, he backpedeled and apologized and said that it was their mistake. He made some lame excuse that they had made those recommendations because my car had reached the service mileage mark. But that doesn't change the fact that he had described the various car fluids as being dirty. Since I've only driven my car 3000 miles in the last 6 months, I'm left to think that they either did a really shoddy job last time or that they were trying to pull a fast one over me. There were actually one or two things on their list of recommendations that I hadn't gotten done before, but surprise, surprise, they were no longer necessary. To be fair, I did have them check my brakes last year, and they told me that they were fine. They could have easily taken advantage of me then, but they didn't. Perhaps they're only dishonest when they're having trouble meeting their quota? Whatever their reasons, their actions are inexcusable. It's a shame they can't treat their customers with more respect. And to the people of Mr. Tire: If you're going to scam your customers, at least be smart about it. How hard is it to check your records first? more

Great service & very honest people! 1/24/2007

I had a bit of a unique experience with the people at Mr. Tire. Due to some weird temperatures, my back window blew out when they pulled my car into the shop. I thought I was going to have to pay for the whole thing myself, but Mr. Tire graciously offered to pay $250 to help replace the window. They did a great job on my tires, too! I will definitely go back to them whenever I need work done on my car. more

Honest work 7/27/2006

I have had my cars serviced at this location for four years and have found the guys here to be exceptionally honest in assessing what work needs and doesn't need to be done to my car. They always do a quality job at a reasonable price. more

Quick honest service 8/19/2005

My husband and I rely soley on Mr. Tire for all our tire needs. The staff accurately estimate how long service will take, and are honest about presenting options. Not too long ago, I went in with a flat, thinking I might have to buy a new tire. They examined the tire, found a small pin-hole leak, and recommended a plug instead, suggesting I wait to until both front tires need replacing to ensure even wear. The plug has worked fine, but I'll be heading back to Mr. Tire when it's time for new tires! more
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